Maersk Supply Service, 16 October 2014
Maersk Supply Service orders six new large Anchor Handling Tug Supply
Maersk Supply Service has signed a new-building contract with Kleven Maritime A/S for
six Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels with options for four additional vessels. All the
vessels are of SALT Ship Design.
This new order brings the total number of new-buildings for Maersk Supply Service to 12
with the order book already including five Subsea Support Vessels and one Anchor
Handling Tug Supply vessel to be delivered from shipyards in Romania, China and Chile.
“With this contract, Maersk Supply Service is once again placing a new building order in
Norway, and with this we have taken the next step in our extensive new-building
programme renewing our fleet with focus on large Anchor Handling Tug Supply and
Subsea Support Vessels. The contract now concluded with Kleven is an important part of
the realisation of our ambitious growth strategy” says CEO in Maersk Supply Service,
Carsten Plougmann Andersen.
Providing customers with state-of-the-art tonnage
The quest for energy is becoming more complicated and raising new challenges for oil
companies. Maersk Supply Service is taking this into account in their ambitious
investment in new-buildings:
“With the many advanced, high-end new-buildings being delivered over the years to
come, we want our customers to remain confident that we are prepared to deliver on
their demands and provide premium service in terms of reliability, safety and uptime. In
our new-building project with Kleven, we have carefully designed the entire vessel with
this in mind. An example is the installation of the most fuel efficient and flexible hybrid
propulsion system with fixed pitch on all side thrusters, providing high reliability and
back-up system, good fuel economy, low emissions and excellent station keeping,” says
Carsten Plougmann Andersen.

punctuality and price. 4. 822 sqm open deck area  DP: Class 2  BHP: 23.000  Bollard pull: min 230 tonnes . “This proves that Kleven is competitive world wide.hansen@maersk. May 2013 (Harald Valderhaug) For further information. We look forward to working closely with Maersk Supply Service on this large and important project. please contact: Communication Manager Tine Østergaard Hansen Email: tine. to ensure it is a success for all parties involved.Vessels being built at yard in Norway Kleven Maritime A/S is located in Ulsteinvik. Delivery of the first vessels is expected in the fourth quarter of Phone: +4522171300 Main specifications for the new Anchor Handling Tug Supply vessels:  Length: 95 metres  Beam: 25 metres  Deadweight: Approx. “We are proud of the fact that Maersk Supply Service has chosen Kleven to build their new range of anchor handlers. Norway. based on our quality. Kleven Verft. CEO of Kleven.ostergaard.” The vessels are built for deep water operations and potential customers are international oil companies and construction companies worldwide.” says Ståle Rasmussen.500 tonnes  Free deck: 944 sqm deck area in total. Norway and the vessels will be built at Kleven Verft in Ulsteinvik and Myklebust Verft in Gursken.

. Maersk Tankers and Svitzer. safe and efficient marine services to the global oil and gas industry. with a 3 drum configuration Configured to accommodate 52 persons in single cabins ROV garage Design: Salt 200 About Maersk Supply Service Maersk Supply Service provides reliable. and has both the vessels and the people to assist customers with any offshore task or challenge. Maersk Supply Service's industry leading training programmes have guaranteed that the company's trusted crews are competent and proficient to provide the ideal support for the customers' operations. Maersk Supply Service is the market leader in deep-water services.    Winch: 500 tonnes. Maersk Supply Service has more than 2000 offshore and 250 onshore employees and for close to five decades. Maersk Supply Service is part of the Maersk Group which employs more than 89. In 2013 Maersk Supply Service had a revenue of USD 930 million and delivered a result of USD 235 million. Maersk Supply Service belongs to the Group's fifth core business. APM Shipping Services.000 people and operates in more than 130 countries. which apart from Maersk Supply Service consists of Damco.