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Car Rental Business – An Overview

Structure of Car Rental Operations

Tally.ERP 9 for Car Rental Business

Business Process Flow

Primary Requirement

Tally.ERP 9 – Fitment

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Structure of Car Rental Operations

Vehicle & Price

Car Rental


Accounts &

Vehicle Booking
& Allocation


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Pending duty slip · Payr oll ESI PF MIS REPORTS · Monthly sale/tr ip summar y · Vehicle wise expenses · Booking r epor ts · Duty slip r epor ts · Placar d pr inting based on duty slip · Employee payr oll and cost tr acking · SMS to par ty as r eminder · Reminder letter s · Pr icing r epor ts · SMS to par ty on booking confir mation · Cor por ate cr edit management · Car -wise pr ofit · E-mail duty slip details to customer · Br anch-wise r epor ts · Pr int dr iver r epor ting addr ess · Pending duty-slip r epor t · Sales r egister with duty slip details · Cor por ate contr acts · Customer flight and tr ain details for pickup .Complimentar y · Reser vations with advance payments · Package tr ips · Reminder slips · Pr ice list r epor t and pr inting · Tr ip with additional discounts · Booking summar y · Cor por ate booking summar y · Cor por ate or der management .Hir ed dr iver · Vehicle expenses r epor t · Fuel mileage filter s · Reminder s for vehicle insur ance.Discounts.Ser vice tax r egister .Over due contr acts · Commissions for booking agents © Tally Solutions Pvt.Duty slip r egister · Dr iver assignment · Tr ip conditions pr inting on invoice · Duty slip r epor ts ACCOUNTS & PAYROLL · Booking pr e-closur e .Executed duty slip .Dr iver bata .Own vehicle . · Tr ip configur ation as multiple packages · Unique tar iff ID · Booked by and tr avelled by details . All Rights Reserved 4 .Car Rental Business – An Overview CAR RENTAL SOLUTION ON TALLY.Car -wise .Complete closur e . PUC etc.ERP 9 VEHICLE & PRICE MANAGEMENT VEHICLE BOOKING & ALLOCATION · Vehicle allocation VEHICLE & DRIVER TRIP & PRICE · Vehicle models and details · Vehicle supplier details · Dr iver database · Manage vehicle .Reser vation .Customer -wise .Extr a char ges · Contr act tr acking · Defining tr ip pr ices · Statutor y r egister .Completed · Day-wise r epor ts · Contr act-wise pr ofit-loss r epor ts · Multiple payment options · Billing r epor ts · Fuel mileage r epor ts · Cost center wise P&L · Cost center wise Balance sheet · Employee per for mance · Vehicle pr oductivity · Budgeting and var iance · Stor e management · Multiple r epor ting offices in city · Billing r egister · Outstanding r epor t .Hir ed vehicle .Momentar y closur e .Date-wise · Vehicle gr oups DUTY-SLIP MANAGEMENT .Cancelled .Own dr iver .TDS r egister · Booking r epor ts .Booking .Night allowance · Cur r ent r eser vations for the day · Duty slip closur e management .Out-station r ates . Ltd. tolls .Missed duty slips .

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Car Rental Business – Vehicle & Price Management VEHICLE & PRICE MANAGEMENT Pr ice · Pr icing based on kilometer /mile · Tr ip specific pr icing · Pr icing based on vehicle type · Dr iver costs · Cor por ate pr ices · Gener al public pr ices · Pr ice levels and pr ice list Vehicle · Vehicle model · Chassis number · Engine number Dr iver Tr ip · Own/hir ed dr iver details · Tr ip vehicle details · Dr iver payments · Tr ip fuel expenses · Dr iver database · Tr ip dr iver details · Dr iver license · Tr ip other expenses · Assigned vehicle · Tr ip cost · Dr iver fines · Tr ip status · PUC due date · Dr iver advances · Cor por ate tr ips · Fuel expense · Duty-slip author izations · Insur ance details · Fitness cer tificate · Author ization details · State per mit details · RTO due date · Rental vehicle company details © Tally Solutions Pvt. All Rights Reserved 6 . Ltd.

Trip configuration Several different travel packages and plans are used by rental companies. management decisions. overtime etc. based on distance. It is very important to be able to change these configurations at anytime during the year. Prices also keep changing with fuel rates. © Tally Solutions Pvt.Primary Requirement – Vehicle & Price Management Category / Module Vehicle and Price Management Major Requirement Explanation Price management Vehicle trip prices vary between corporate to corporate. Vehicle details like engine. Vehicle management Vehicles used in car rental company are usually a mix of company owned vehicles. corporate customers. drivers and hired vehicles. fines. address. city and contract. GPS(Geo Positioning System). All Rights Reserved 7 . Ltd. Car rental company needs to define prices for different trips. repairs. model type. A/C availability can be stored for easier tracking. tourist. vehicle types. Driver license details. contact details need to be stored Supplier configuration Car rental companies use hired vehicles from vehicle suppliers. Driver management Driver database is necessary for corporates and collecting background information is vital. registration details. toll charges. It is important to keep the details of multiple suppliers with multiple rates needs to be tracked. based on the contracts. The pricing would involve several factors like additional charges like driver bata. interstate.

Ltd.ERP 9 Part of Solution Contd.Tally.) Yes 2 Vehicle creation Yes 3 Vehicle creation with details with pictures Yes 4 Configure tariff plans for vehicles Yes 5 Customer defined tariff Yes 6 Supplier defined tariff Yes 7 Define minimum kilometers and hours Yes 8 Contract based tariff plans Yes 9 Define outstation rates Yes 10 Define rates per kilometer Yes 11 Define minimum kilometer Yes 12 Define driver allowance Yes © Tally Solutions Pvt. 8 . Requirement 1 Vehicle group creation (eg: Tata..ERP 9 Fitment – Vehicle & Price Management SL No. All Rights Reserved Part of Tally. Mahindra or A/C etc.

Requirement Part of Tally. All Rights Reserved 9 . Music systems. A/C etc. Yes 15 Hired and own vehicles Yes 16 Hired and own driver categorization Yes 17 Driver details with license information Yes 18 Driver language details Yes 19 Vehicle grouping using vehicle types Yes 20 Multiple suppliers Yes 21 Customer specific price lists Yes 22 Customer specific trip plans Yes 23 Customer specific vehicles Yes 24 Reminders on PUC(Pollution under control).Tally.ERP 9 Fitment – Vehicle & Price Management SL No.ERP 9 Part of Solution 13 Vehicle details : Insurance and registration details Yes 14 Vehicle details : GPS. Ltd. fitness test Yes © Tally Solutions Pvt.

Car Rental Business – Vehicle Booking & Allocation Vehicle & Price Management Car Rental MIS Reports Accounts & Payroll Vehicle Booking & Allocation Duty-Slip Management © Tally Solutions Pvt. All Rights Reserved 10 . Ltd.

Log is made of the inter action Does customer agr ee for pr ice and vehicle ? Repr esentative collects tr avel agents details and the tr ip details Customer logs in the website to book for a tr ip Cor por ate office books the tr ip Fir st time customer r egister ed with phone number . Ltd. Fir st time customer r egister ed with phone number . booked for and payment details ar e collected by the customer Cor por ate booking details ar e stor ed Confir mation of booking along with booking ID is pr ovided thr ough phone/SMS/eMail/ website Customer pays the advance amount and booking status is confir med. email ID. Booking char ges ar e accounted © Tally Solutions Pvt. name. name No Customer is not inter ested and booking is not done. All Rights Reserved 11 .Vehicle Booking VEHICLE BOOKING Customer calls the agency to enquir e and book Tr avel agent books the tr ip on behalf of customer Repr esentative speaks to the customer and explains tr ip r ates and vehicle types.Process Flow . city Repr esentative collects the company and tr ip details Booking office r eceives customer r equir ements Repr esentative checks the cor por ate r ates and infor ms the tr avel desk Cor por ate contr act details ar e r etr ieved Yes No Vehicles available for pickup time? Yes Unavailability infor mation is given to customer . Inter action is logged Cor por ate Details Booked by.

Process Flow . All Rights Reserved 12 .Vehicle Allocation VEHICLE ALLOCATION Booking office checks for bookings for the day Vehicle Infor mation Supplier Infor mation Based on time vehicles availability is checked Ar e own vehicle & dr iver available? No Check with multiple supplier s for the vehicle specified Is vehicle for hir e available? Yes Yes Dr iver Infor mation Vehicle and dr iver ar e booked for slot and status updated Duty-slip is gener ated No Yes Is customer ok with alter nate vehicle? No Booking office infor ms customer about vehicle unavailability with r egr et Advance amount. booking amount is r efunded and tr ansaction is logged Notification is sent to the customer and dr iver about the tr ip in SMS/eMail/Call © Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

paying for the trip. there should be a provision to capture the details of person(s) booking. Booking confirmation It is desirable to send SMS confirmation to customer automatically on successful booking and vehicle allocation. Separate receivable details are needed to track for the settling monthly bills. minimum kilometer and minimum duration to address the enquiries faster. © Tally Solutions Pvt. Vehicle and driver availability Booking agent should have access to company owned vehicle and hired vehicle database for availability information. All Rights Reserved 13 . It is very important to apply these rates to individual corporate bills. Ltd. Booked by. Also it is useful to track which driver is in what trip. travelled by. Tariff plans availability Booking agent should have the access to information of different plans and rates.Primary Requirement – Vehicle Booking & Allocation Category / Module Vehicle Booking & Allocation Major Requirement Explanation Corporate booking Car rental company generally has contracts with several corporates with separate contracts and agreed rates. The corporate advances need to be tracked under separate management report. Advance management Advance paid during booking should be tracked in the final bill. travelling. paid by As the person booking need not travel or travelled person need not pay.

Tally. 14 . driver language Yes 11 Advance payment management 12 Tariff plan details while booking © Tally Solutions Pvt. Requirement Part of Tally. A/C. All Rights Reserved Yes Yes Contd.ERP 9 Part of Solution 1 Corporate booking Yes 2 General public booking Yes 3 Corporate contracts management Yes 4 Driver availability report Yes 5 Vehicle availability report Yes 6 Multiple corporates and payment terms Yes 7 Booking party particulars Yes 8 Travelling party particulars Yes 9 Paying party(s) particulars Yes 10 Vehicle filters based on GPS.. Ltd.ERP 9 Fitment – Vehicle Booking & Allocation SL No.

Requirement Part of Tally. All Rights Reserved Yes Yes Yes 15 .Tally.ERP 9 Fitment – Vehicle Booking & Allocation SL No.ERP 9 Part of Solution 13 SMS reminders 14 Automated SMS notification on successful booking Yes 15 Automated SMS notification on vehicle allocation Yes 16 Automated SMS notification on vehicle change Yes 17 Allocate driver and vehicles Yes 18 Re-allocate driver and vehicles Yes 19 Booking agent details Yes 20 Collect train and flight details in booking slip Yes 21 Vehicle start and end kilometers Yes 22 Unique booking reference number Yes 23 Booking comments 24 Trip reminders to parties © Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Ltd.Car Rental Business – Duty Slip Management Vehicle & Price Management Car Rental MIS Reports Accounts & Payroll Vehicle Booking & Allocation Duty-Slip Management © Tally Solutions Pvt. All Rights Reserved 16 .

All Rights Reserved Dr iver infor ms about the tr ip completion status to booking office Booking office sends. thank you message to customer as eMail or as SMS Duty-slip is marked as complete Trip feedback is taken from driver and customer Pending payment for supplier s/ hir ed dr iver s.Process Flow – Duty Slip Management DUTY SLIP MANAGEMENT Dr iver r eceives the duty-slip with pick-up location and time details Booking office contacts the customer . Infor ms about the tr ip details though SMS or call Dr iver contacts the customer and infor ms him befor e the pickup time Customer changes the addr ess and time No Does customer confir m pickup time & location? Yes Dr iver r ecor ds tr ip details: star ting time and kilometer s ar e r ecor ded in the system Dr iver infor ms the booking office about change in the tr ip and system is updated Dr iver r ecor ds tr ip details: star ting time and kilometer s ar e r ecor ded in the system Tr ip is completed. additional char ges ar e adjusted in bill Dr iver collects the fee as per bill and additional char ges after the tr ip completion © Tally Solutions Pvt. is r ecor ded mar ked as to be paid in month end 17 . Ltd.

Primary Requirement – Duty Slip Management Category / Module Duty Slip Management Major Requirement Explanation Duty slip generation Duty slip is generated based on successful allocation of vehicle and driver. When there are several corporate bookings or several bookings by a client. This helps in getting a pending report on a particular day for the booking office. Changes in drivers or vehicle can also be notified to customer. Payment management Payment against duty slip needs to be made. All Rights Reserved 18 . pick up time and pickup location. Ltd. There should be a provision for closing duty slip momentarily and completely. Momentary closure/ Complete closure Few of the duty slips need to be closed for a short period and reopened. Duty slip notifications Automated SMS or email notifications are sent to customer on duty slip generation. open. © Tally Solutions Pvt. Cash payments for non-corporate trips are also to be accounted. Tracking duty slip Duty slip needs to be updated with the status like closed. it becomes hard to track what payment is for which duty slip. This will reduce manual work and confusion. missed. Driver is also notified with trip details through SMS. unassigned. closed. Unique duty slip number is used for reference . momentary close. with driver details.

Tally. All Rights Reserved Contd. customer.. Requirement Part of Tally. Ltd.ERP 9 Part of Solution 1 Unique duty slip generation Yes 2 Duty slip: modify tariff plan Yes 3 Duty slip : kilometer details Yes 4 Vehicle details on duty slip Yes 5 Additional rate details in duty slip Yes 6 Momentary close of duty slip Yes 7 Complete close of duty slip Yes 8 Driver.ERP 9 Fitment – Duty Slip Management SL No. 19 . supplier info from duty slip screen Yes 9 Billing association with duty slip Yes 10 Missed duty slip report Yes 11 Modify duty slips (eg: customer changes location/time) Yes 12 Duty slip vouchers Yes © Tally Solutions Pvt.

receipt voucher security Yes 21 Duty slip cancellation Yes 22 Unaddressed/missed duty slip handling Yes 23 Pending duty slip report Yes 24 Sales register with duty slip details Yes © Tally Solutions Pvt.ERP 9 Part of Solution 13 Columnar report of duty slips Yes 14 SMS notification to customer with driver details Yes 15 Customer details in SMS to driver on allocation Yes 16 Placard printing for driver Yes 17 Pickup address details with the duty slip Yes 18 Reminders with the duty slip Yes 19 Payment. receipt voucher security 20 Advanced payment.Tally. All Rights Reserved Yes 20 . Ltd. Requirement Part of Tally.ERP 9 Fitment – Duty Slip Management SL No.

Car Rental Business – Accounts & Payroll Vehicle & Price Management Car Rental MIS Reports Accounts & Payroll Vehicle Booking & Allocation Duty-Slip Management © Tally Solutions Pvt. All Rights Reserved 21 . Ltd.

it is important to track the profitability individually and as group. pay head configuration. trial balance are needed for the management to track the profitability and expenses. attendance tracking makes salary payment a challenging task.Primary Requirement – Accounts & Payroll Category / Module Accounts & Payroll Major Requirement Explanation Statement of accounts Balance sheet. booking agents. at anytime. profit and loss statements in schedule VI format. staff. Branch Management More than one branches are found in a city. Service tax register Service tax need to be tracked for compliance of statutory rules. Payroll management Driver. Trip details should be retrievable from mobile phones. Car rental companies need to get the service tax paid. assets declared. Tracking service tax paid for each trip and total service tax becomes challenging task. Remote access and SMS All the company details can be accessed from anywhere. TDS register is an important element used for tracking the tax paid in these engagements. Auditing – direct and remote Annual auditing is an important factor for every business. TDS register The car rental company uses hired vehicles and drivers from several suppliers. All Rights Reserved 22 . Ltd. call center employees database with different levels. TDS paid and other details audited by CA. © Tally Solutions Pvt.

ERP 9 Part of Solution 1 Balance sheet – Schedule VI Yes 2 Profit and loss statement – Schedule VI Yes 3 Daily receipts and payments Yes 4 Multiple payment mode handling Yes 5 Stock summery report Yes 6 Branch wise vehicle summary Yes 7 Branch transfer reports Yes 8 Outstanding receivable and payable Yes 9 Trial balance Yes 10 Multiple cheque payment option Yes 11 Reminder letter. e-mails Yes 12 Staff database handling Yes © Tally Solutions Pvt.Tally. All Rights Reserved Contd. Ltd. 23 . Requirement Part of Tally..ERP 9 Fitment – Accounts & Payroll SL No.

Tally.ERP 9 Fitment – Accounts & Payroll SL No.ERP 9 Part of Solution 13 Payroll management for company drivers and staff Yes 14 TDS.. bonus. PF. All Rights Reserved Yes Contd. ESI. Ltd. Requirement Part of Tally. for employee Yes 15 Employee attendance and leaves Yes 16 Employee cost tracking Yes 17 Employee income tax and e-return Yes 18 Branch transfer management Yes 19 Branch synchronization Yes 20 Branch-wise revenue management Yes 21 Branch-wise cost tracking Yes 22 Driver-wise booking report Yes 23 Contract-wise profit and loss Yes 24 Company grouping © Tally Solutions Pvt. 24 .

All Rights Reserved Part of Solution Yes 25 . fund flow statements Yes 26 Ageing analysis of receivables.Tally. debtor wise Yes 27 Scenario management Yes 28 Ratio analysis Yes 29 Statutory compliance: Service tax. Requirement Part of Tally.ERP 9 Fitment – Accounts & Payroll SL No. Ltd.ERP 9 25 Cash flow. TDS Yes 30 Interest calculation Yes 31 Remote auditing Yes 32 Foreign currency handling Yes 33 Budget and variance Yes 34 Bank reconciliation Yes 35 Remote access Yes 36 Corporate credit management © Tally Solutions Pvt.

Ltd.Car Rental Business – Accounts & Payroll Vehicle & Price Management Car Rental MIS Reports Accounts & Payroll Vehicle Booking & Allocation Duty-Slip Management © Tally Solutions Pvt. All Rights Reserved 26 .

Based on these reports additional vehicles. how employees are performing and how vehicle groups are performing.Primary Requirement – MIS Reports Category / Module MIS Reports Major Requirement Explanation Monthly trip summary. Ltd. earnings and expenditures. contracts. customer and supplier registers Detailed customer and supplier details for management. Excel integration and data migration Ability to migrate data from the existing systems to excel. showing bookings. This helps in understanding how a branch is performing. Corporate. XML format is very important without interruption to business. Cost center-wise balance sheet and P&L By defining employees or vehicles as cost centers one can get profit and loss details. Performance reports for drivers and vehicles Management would be interested in knowing the business by each car/vehicle and each vehicle group. where they can see receivable and trip summary for corporates. suppliers. Expenses by vehicle For tracking costs incurred and to buy new vehicles. mileage information would be useful for vehicles and vehicle groups. © Tally Solutions Pvt. eases price related decisions for management. Duty slip and booking reports Management needs to have a summary report for the business done in a particular period. All Rights Reserved 27 . Fuel mileage reports. customers. Price lists Summary sheet showing all the different plans and prices offered. pricing decisions can be taken.

vehicle wise.) Yes 3 Duty slip report (Date wise. party wise. party wise. cancelled etc. 28 . vehicle wise. Requirement Part of Tally. Ltd. booked by. used by etc..Tally. All Rights Reserved Contd.ERP 9 Fitment – MIS Reports SL No.) Yes 4 Sales bill register Yes 5 Fuel mileage report Yes 6 Price list report Yes 7 Vehicle availability report Yes 8 Business done by vehicle report Yes 9 Vehicle productivity report Yes 10 Vehicle due dates report Yes 11 Driver performance report Yes 12 Driver availability report Yes © Tally Solutions Pvt.ERP 9 Part of Solution 1 Summary report with all the details Yes 2 Booking summary report (Date wise.

ERP 9 Fitment – MIS Reports SL No. All Rights Reserved Yes Yes 29 . Requirement Part of Tally.Tally.ERP 9 Part of Solution 13 Driver payment details report Yes 14 Outstanding report Yes 15 Party-wise outstanding report Yes 16 Customer register Yes 17 Supplier register showing vehicle details Yes 18 Supplier bills report Yes 19 Vehicle monthly summary report Yes 20 Cost center wise P&L Yes 21 Cost center wise balance sheet Yes 22 Unique client ID for tracking the customer Yes 23 Excel integration 24 Data import/migration © Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

com/website/html/solutions/segment-vertical-solutions.Thank You For any queries. write to us : team.com To find out more. Ltd.tallysolutions. All Rights Reserved 30 . visit : http://www.ti@tallysolutions.php © Tally Solutions Pvt.