Character Profile Actress: Zoe Greenway

Character Name: Amy
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Features: Blonde hair, blue eyes, 5’7, freckles
Representation: Zoe is an individual who is down to earth and upfront, and is very
easy going. She is a bubbly individual who is fairly sociable. Zoe is a lesbian in
reality, which is perfect for my production as she will be able to deliver a clear
persona on set without feeling uncomfortable. Throughout the film, I aim to illustrate
a clear representation of Zoe’s identity through the use of different microelements.
For example, spoken dialogue will be a prime factor of my representation. When
conversing with her girlfriend after revealing her face from under the duvet, terms
such as ‘baby’ and ‘back to bed’ will make the relationship between both females
clearer. As well as this, although Zoe will be a homosexual character, she will not be
represented stereotypically. For example, in film, gay female characters are often
expected to have short hair, piercings, wear male clothing, illustrated in The new
orange is black. Zoe’s has long blonde hair, will wear pink/purple coloured clothing,
making it more interesting for the audience as her identity will be less obvious.
Therefore, the fact that Zoe is homosexual will support the development of female
representation in contemporary film. Zoe will be positioned under the bed covers,
shown through the use of a medium shot, in order to help hide her identity, relating
to Roland Barthes narrative theory, as the audience will be left wondering who is
under the duvet. Mise-en-scene will also be incorporated to present emotion and to
set each scene during the film. For example, I will use extreme close up shots during
both Zoe and Ebony talking to each other as this will emphasize on their emotions
during the moment as well as making it clear to the audience what the topic of their
conversation is.
Film Influences: Whilst researching different films focusing on female
representation, I came across ‘Bend It Like Beckham’. This is because, whilst
analysing this film, I realised that they use a diverse representation of women and
the protagonist herself is an Asian female who loves to play football. The fact that
she is an Asian female who plays football, defies the stereotype of what an audience
would expect to see as a ‘typical’ female footballer when referring to women in film.
This relates to my representation of Zoe’s character as she contrasts the expected
representation of a gay female. Another influence was Orange is the new black. This
is because, my short film will be illustrating the opposite representation of Orange is
the new black as both characters are not costumed like a stereotyped lesbian, and
their surrounding environment is more comforting rather than being in prison.
Character influences: I decided to create my character’s representation, focusing in
relation to Bend it like Beckham’s female lesbian protagonist ‘Juliet’. Zoe is a
footballer, which made it easier for me to relate her character to Juliet
from bend it like beckham, as they are fairly similar.

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