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Sinteso – the new dimension in fire protection.

Answers for infrastructure.

Protection of people and
assets, reliable fire detection –
with Sinteso
Sinteso™ is the result of Siemens’ decades of accumulated
fire protection expertise. This expertise supports you throughout the life cycle of your system, starting with a thorough risk
analysis and extending all the way to fast, reliable service.
Thanks to modern technology Sinteso provides the best possible protection against all fire hazards. Full network capability
and easy expandability on an open-ended technology platform
ensure the highest degree of investment protection. Sinteso
provides a clear increase in safety through innovative functions
as well – including integrated video surveillance, redundant
detector sensors, operation, and degrade mode and standby
functionality of the control panels.


That increases safety. and the use of a room can change: Such changes often entail modifications to a fire detection system. assets and processes against fire. high availability. you can easily modify S-LINE fire detectors by changing the parameter set. maintenance or other services. You are in control of the individual services you use. If you change the function of a room. security personnel can operate the fire protection system from a central location – together with other integrated systems such as for intrusion detection or access control. whether for life-cycle management. As a result. In this way. the control panels are secured through degrade mode and standby functionality. Highlights ■ Customized safety against all type of fires ■ Reliability of the most experienced solution provider in the field of fire safety ■ Open-ended solution for the future thanks to a far-sighted technology platform design ■ All functions for fire. It’s a good thing that Sinteso is flexible and scalable. smoke and heat detection ■ Solutions and services for all applications whether simple or complex ■ Easy to change and extend ■ Communication with other safety systems ■ Efficient modernization possibilities for existing fire detection systems 3 . ■ Totally safe – through reliable detection.Everything you need – from simple to complex ■ From detectors to control panels – it is all one family Safety is a deep-rooted. for example. your investments are kept to a moderate level – and operations can continue without interruption. there are other situations when you must protect your personnel. It can be easily adapted to new conditions and grows along with your requirements. control panels. ■ From fire management detection to overall danger management In addition to fire risk. existing detectors and control panels can be replaced individually to bring them up to the latest state of the art. expert consulting. ■ Flexible modernization solutions With Sinteso. And no matter what happens in the future. and transparent operation Innovative functions optimize safety. And the Sinteso system can be expanded without interrupting your operations. Redundant sensors boost the availability of the detectors – and turbo isolators and loop installation boost the availability of the floor repeater terminals if a line is disconnected or a short circuit occurs. but so is our service – to precisely meet your needs. crossplant Siemens Danger Management System. you can modernize existing Siemens fire detection systems as well – without having to replace everything immediately: Thanks to the compatibility of the detectors and the modular FC2030 and FC2060 fire control panels. The video fire controller enables visual verification of events. smoke and carbon monoxide play such a crucial role: Sinteso comprises a comprehensive range of products from fire detectors with maximum reliability and immunity to deception. for example. terminals and floor repeaters. Sinteso is designed so that it can be integrated easily via BACnet in a comprehensive. a complete range of peripheral devices including various special detectors. fundamental need. ■ A forward-looking solution for every need Buildings are expanded. This is completely optimal for your budget and requirements. This complete portfolio always guarantees optimum interaction between all components. That’s why solutions that reliably protect people. Sinteso can always easily adapt. Not only are our products flexible. buildings and assets.

That is why it is critical for a fire detection system to be easy to operate and for everything to be clearly displayed. And numerous fire detectors and peripheral devices can be connected to each control panel.Providing fire protection that sets the standards – the control panels. Like the Sinteso fire control panels: Among other things. The navigation keys conveniently guide personnel through all menu levels 4 ■ Fire terminals for remote operations The fire terminals perfectly enhance the Sinteso fire control panels. All FCnet stations display information in a standardized manner . they create transparency and enable standardized system operation. control panels can be remotely viewed from any location via Ethernet. Since they show the same information on their displays as the control panels.512 devices for each FC2060 control panel. e. up to 1. for example. intervention can be faster. they feature clear function key assignments. The company’s own Ethernet. can be used to connect them. comprehensive scroll lists and user-friendly menu navigation. and stress-free in the event of disturbances and alarms.g. As a result. Everything in view – and under control. it is possible to isolate fire detectors. In addition to state-of-the-art communications technology. acknowledge events and read off the identified location of events quickly and easily from the control panels. Programmable intervention texts with instructions serve to facilitate correct responses. This is especially important for adding further fire terminals in different buildings that are some distance away from the control panels. As a result. Providing optimum protection even for extensive building complexes. safer. with Sinteso ■ Ease of handling guarantees correct responses In the event of an alarm there are usually just a few seconds to make the right decision. switch modes. ■ A comprehensive fire detection system on a single technology platform Sinteso control panels are distinct because they can be used to meet any need and they offer you the option of expanding your protection in the future. Up to 32 stations can be interconnected via the FCnet.

This could be to a Siemens Danger Management Station or to other programmed control panels or fire terminals. detector sensitivity can be set to a higher level when no one is present. ■ Modernization of existing fire detection systems Existing fire detection systems can be modernized with the two FC2030 and FC2060 modular control panels. In case connection to this management station is lost. menu-driven operation ■ Redundant operating options – for additional safety ■ Fire terminals and floor repeater terminal for additional. This can also be done via remote access. you can still operate the fire detection system from a central location – via a fire terminal programmed as a standby operating unit or a control panel. ■ Everything on the screen. remote system user interfaces. Sinteso can be integrated into a Siemens Danger Management System. which can replace numerous existing Siemens control panels. Highlights ■ A comprehensive and homogenous system for fire protection ■ Simple networking of up to 32 control panels and fire terminals ■ Standardized.■ Fast system availability through auto configuration For simple applications. which ensures reliable on-site service and fast troubleshooting. ensuring that alarm messages of connected FDnet devices are forwarded via the FCnet all the same. The detectors of these lines can then be replaced by Sinteso detectors at any time. For more complex installations. each network station can be configured and easily controlled via a central access point. For instance. Sinteso permits rapid switching between the “manned” and “unmanned” modes – an ideal way to automatically adapt alarm signaling. such as in the security monitoring room or the reception area ■ Safety in the event of a failure of a control panel or the Danger Management System through standby functionality ■ Compatibility with previous generations of detectors 5 . intervention sequences. everything under control – in every situation If a control panel should fail due to a fire or as a result of construction work. and detector sensitivity to the specific situation. the auto configuration function of the control panels is all you need to activate the Sinteso fire detection system. ■ Fast system configuration optimizes safety Because different requirements are placed on the system depending on the time of operation. the control panel’s degrade mode is automatically activated. The corresponding line cards can be used in the two Sinteso control panels for connecting existing addressable and collective detector lines. These then automatically take over the display and user interface functions of the failed control panel.

Real-time interpretation and the dynamic influence of the algorithms enable a very quick and highly accurate assessment of whether a fire is developing. ■ Individual setting – maximum protection in every environment ASAtechnology™ (Advanced Signal Analysis) means that safety can be customized to every environment. this is a clear safety advantage because person- nel can therefore respond that much earlier to the situation. Always the right solution: Whether in harsh environments with frequent deceptive environmental phenomena …. False alarms caused by deceptive environmental phenomena such as steam. buildings are deserted at night or when the deceptive phenomena are changing. the S-LINE offers unsurpassed detection reliability for all types of fire together with immunity to deception. ASA parameter sets can be switched according to the time or process. The ASA parameter sets are adjusted precisely to the types of fire and deceptive phenomena expected. exhaust gases or electromagnetic disturbances are virtually eliminated. when for example. … in moderate environments with occasional deceptive environmental phenomena … … in clean environments with no deceptive environmental phenomena . heat detectors or neural fire detectors: S-LINE fire detectors offer unsurpassed features thanks to intelligent signal processing. ■ Compatibility – for modernization Existing Siemens fire detectors can be replaced quickly and efficiently with the FDOOT241 multiprotocol series. If in addition multiple detectors can be included in the alarm decision if needed. All in all.Reliable detection – free from deception. The existing wiring is simply taken over. with Sinteso ■ Extreme vigilance – critical for early intervention Whether smoke detectors. down times and costs caused by false alarms are a central concern for any facility. We stand by it with our Genuine Alarm Guarantee. Thanks to the combination of innovative sensor technology and the unique ASAtechnology. 6 ■ Genuine Alarm Guarantee – thanks to ASAtechnology When it comes to investing in the right fire detection technology.

If the use of a building or room changes. which has a greater potential for deceptive phenomena. Both types of detectors can be combined on the same FDnet loop. schools. the ASAtechnology can also be used fully with existing Siemens fire control panels. flexible programmability. temperature or both simultaneously – into mathematical gradients and then evaluate them according to preset values. ■ Comprehensive safety – including faster. it offers even faster detection at high immunity to deception thanks to the evaluation of three fire criteria – smoke. For example. ■ The right combination – S-LINE and C-LINE on the same bus system Frequently. office buildings or movie theaters. As a result. C-LINE detectors can be replaced with S-LINE detectors at any time. heat. They convert the signals recorded by a sensor – smoke density. It provides maximum detection reliability and immunity to deception in all types of fires and areas of uses due to multisensor detectors. the right “security mix” is the perfect solution. which also supplies power to them. ASAtechnology. ■ High reliability – in all standard applications Whether in hotels. It offers a wide range of detectors to meet any requirement – and ensured compatibility with future developments.Providing fire protection that sets the standards – the fire detectors. and automatic changing of parameters. you can use C-LINE detectors in an office building and S-LINE detectors for the kitchen of a restaurant connected to the building. ■ Even faster detection – thanks to multisensor detectors The ideal S-LINE fire detector for any application is the FDOOTC241 ASA neural fire detector. more reliable fume detection Safety thanks to the S-LINE means the highest detector availability through the use of redundant sensors. there are different requirements for fire detection reliability and immunity to deception in one building – or even on the same floor. Sinteso C-LINE fire detectors are the first choice in normal environments where only occasional deceptive phenomena occur. and carbon monoxide. which combines the unique ASAtechnology with CO detection. without new cabling. In this case. With two optical and two thermal sensors plus an electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor. Their reliable detection behavior is based on the newly developed detection algorithms (DA). Highlights ■ Maximum fire detection reliability ■ Immunity to deception thanks to ASAtechnology – we stand by it with our Genuine Alarm Guarantee ■ Fast adjustment to environmental conditions according to time or process ■ Excellent detection response to all types of fire ■ Simple modernization options – Sinteso detectors can also be connected to existing generations of control panels ■ Continued use of existing line networks ■ Combination of C-LINE and S-LINE fire detectors on one bus system to meet the fire detection requirements for specific applications 7 .

A special advantage is its use of this communication circuit to simultaneously supply the devices with power. alarms and video fire controllers. such as fire detectors. While alarms. Sinteso also delivers information simply and clearly on-site. for example directly on a hospital ward. and provides detailed information for further action – without requiring personnel to enter the danger area. ■ Simply play it safe – by video Reliable verification. identification. reliable communication between the FDnet devices. confident response – at low cost With the FT2010 floor repeater terminal and FT2011 floor repeater display. In the event of an alarm. the floor repeater terminals can be programmed so they display alarms from the entire system. The placement on the FDnet enhances safety: Both devices also function reliably if a line is interrupted or a short circuit The FT2010 floor repeater terminal – for reading and operating alarms and messages. That saves cable. and the fire control panel. The FT2011 floor repeater display – for displaying messages from the monitoring zone . and response: The video fire controller provides increased security. faults.Fire protection that sets standards – peripheral devices. it enables event verification as well as a better assessment of the situation using live images. In addition. quick reaction – with Sinteso ■ A network that supplies everything The FDnet is a multifunctional bus system for fast. the floor repeater terminal also allows events to be acknowledged and reset. ■ Simple communication. In addition. it’s also easy to incorporate existing installations and cables. for example in the case of vandalism. and shutdowns can be read clearly via the floor repeater display. operation is possible with a key only 8 occurs. Sharpest perception. An FDnet loop can incorporate up to 126 FDnet devices.

as a stand-alone unit it independently triggers automatic extinguishing in its protection area and transmits all relevant data to the connected Sinteso fire control panel. the alarm is signaled acoustically or both acoustically and optically at the same time. Based on its high flexibility.Thanks to the recorded film material. Depending on the device model. corridors. flaps. ■ Everything integrated – even the extinguishing Extinguishing control equipment can be integrated into the FDnet. In an emergency. Highlights ■ Efficient installation and operation – all peripheral devices are powered via FDnet ■ No need for additional cabling to the control panel – thanks to the direct connection to the FDnet communications bus ■ Floor-specific view and operation of messages possible ■ Event verification and analysis based on recorded monitoring images ■ Connection and control of fire extinguishing equipment in individual zones ■ Various options for acoustic and optical alarm signaling 9 . in areas with loud ambient noise or hearing-impaired persons. for example in order to visually verify or to identify arson. the video fire controller supports event analysis at a later time. and persons. ■ See and hear alarms everywhere Sinteso alarm sounders ensure that signals are generated loudly and clearly in halls. the FDS229 alarm sounder with beacon is the right choice: In an emergency it generates both an optical signal (red or yellow) and an acoustic signal. in the event of a fire. For example. intentional triggering of false alarms. the XC10 can be combined with all types of automatic extinguishing systems. rooms. ventilation systems etc. elevators. and stairways when there is a fire. Other devices permit the monitored connection of conventional detector lines and alarm signaling devices or the control of LEDs on a display. ■ Automatic display and action in an emergency Additional peripheral devices provide functions such as status monitoring or on-site control of fire doors. such as the XC10 extinguishing control unit.

With Sinteso. can easily be integrated into the new system. Existing cables. ■ Continual operation – virtually without disruptions Minimum interruptions and maximum system availability – your staff and operations will hardly be affected by modernization carried out in stages. you only have to replace the ones that really need replacing. and protection of persons and assets are the major factors that shape your fire protection strategy. As you upgrade. And your options for implementing the necessary modernizations are also customized. and is backed by our comprehensive service. legal requirements and thus your fire protection needs change: Your fire protection strategy is always individually tailored to your needs because it takes into account the various factors that can change from year to year. for example. you can stagger your investments and calculate them better in accordance with your investment plan. Siemens has tailored solutions for all your needs. infrastructure. Modernize individually for better fire protection – with Sinteso ■ Flexible solutions – because requirements use to change Regardless of how your building usage. Their importance changes depending on the type of building and the environmental conditions. ■ Investment security – today and tomorrow Because you can modernize in phases. processes. It will keep your system state-of-the-art while ensuring compliance with all legal and insurance requirements. Thanks to the compatibility of the components. 10 ■ Tailor-made modernization – step by step Siemens has the perfect solution for every area of application. you extend the life cycle of your system – because Sinteso is based on technology that will remain viable into the future. This helps lower your start-up costs and distribute your investments – and it helps to safeguard your investments over the long term. . ■ More reliable detection – protection against false alarms Bring your fire detection to a new level of security: Deceptive phenomena.Modernize move by move – and remain optimally protected. the environment.

Sinteso S-LINE fire detectors can communicate with a control panel. What’s behind it is highly complex. operational redundancy thanks to the standby functionality. Since the intelligence – the foolproof ASAtechnology – is integrated in the detector itself. ■ Switch quickly from detector to detector The Sinteso S-LINE multiprotocol detectors makes it possible to quickly and efficiently replace your existing detectors. such as additional line capacities. You can easily replace individual detectors or the entire line of detectors with little time and effort. and connection to a Siemens Danger Management System. ■ Two control panels for efficient modernization Existing control panels from Siemens can be replaced with the modular Sinteso FC2030 and FC2060 control panels – already existing lines can be connected to them with no problem.Modernize with the most advanced fire detection technology – with Sinteso ■ Foolproof fire detectors optimize your system As multiprotocol detectors. If you replace the control panel at the end of the process. you can also take full advantage of their features with your existing fire control panel. The signals detected by the sensor are broken into mathematical components. the detectors will automatically switch to the new protocol. ■ Genuine Alarm Guarantee for maximum reliability The unique ASAtechnology is guaranteed to prevent false alarms. And you can continue to use the existing cabling. We back that claim with our Genuine Alarm Guarantee. In addition. ■ FC2030 – for small systems The Sinteso FC2030 control panel has two integrated FDnet loops for up to 252 FDnet devices. The “ASA” in ASAtechnology patented by Siemens stands for “advanced signal analysis”. Simply incorporate this step in your scheduled maintenance appointments. you can use two line cards (addressable and/or collective) for connecting previous generations of detectors. This allows you to benefit from the intuitive. analyzed with the programmed algorithms. simple user interface. It also opens up new options for you. 11 . the variety of programming modules and the remote functions. unsurpassed signal analysis based on algorithm technology that was invented by Siemens and has been significantly advanced. and then compared with the values stored in the detector.

use of existing cabling.Sinteso fire detectors with ASAtechnology – unsurpassed detection with maximum immunity to deception ■ FC2060 – for large systems The FC2060 delivers everything you need for large applications such as industrial plants or conference centers. Your system can thus incorporate up to 1. for addressable and collective line cards for connecting existing detector lines.g.512 FDnet devices once you have completed the modernization. The control panel allows four independent alarm concepts for up to eight fire protection areas. e. elevators. open-ended technology ■ Maximum detection reliability and immunity to deception with Genuine Alarm Guarantee thanks to ASAtechnology ■ Faster and less expensive device replacement without interrupting operations ■ Latest control panel technology with intuitive user interface and innovative functions. and flexible. you can easily replace additional module bus cards for the modular FC2060 without interruption of normal operations. Furthermore. you can simply transfer your existing detector group numbers along with the Sinteso control panels. you can also continue and even expand your alarm concepts. you can also reduce costs by continuing to use existing cables to control fire doors. It has four integrated FDnet loops for connecting up to 504 FDnet devices. with the FC2060. With the FC2060. ■ Replacement during ongoing operation You can replace your fire detectors connected to the Sinteso control panel with Sinteso detectors quickly and easily without having to shut down the entire control panel. ■ Use existing information as much as possible Thanks to the freely selectable zone numbers. You can also use FDnet line cards for a maximum of 252 FDnet devices per card. It also provides room for up to five module bus cards. ventilation systems etc. such as standby functionality 12 . Thanks to insertable I/O cards. for example during servicing. Highlights ■ Greater system reliability and performance – better protection of people and assets ■ High efficiency – thanks to small incremental investments.

because you need additional line capacity. install a new control panel and integrate it with the existing one. And finally. and finally the panel. Advantages: – The cost of investment steps is low in comparison with a complete replacement – Immediate benefit from the newest detection technology – Employees and operations remain largely undisturbed by stepwise modernization 1 2 3 ■ Comfortable – modernize the fire control panel first In this modernization the panel has first priority. rather than with the panel as before. Manual call points can follow later. So you need to modernize your fire detection system all at once. for example. The panel is replaced first and connected to the existing periphery. Then replace the detector lines one by one and connect them to the new control panel. remove the old control panel. since modernization occurs alongside other renovations 13 . For example you can first replace automatic fire detectors. Advantages: – Immediate benefit from the panel’s greater ease of use – Integration of other security and building automation systems is possible – The periphery is replaced as necessary in accordance with your investment plan 1 2 3 ■ Classic – direct to the target Let’s say you’re changing the purpose or use of a building. This could be. First. Steps are arranged according to your individual requirements. which no longer conform to the local risk profile. Advantages: – Your state-of-the-art system is rapidly in place with no interruptions – Fewer disturbances arise.You set the pace 1 2 3 ■ Revolutionary – modernize the detectors first This revolutionary modernization solution begins in the periphery with single neural fire detectors. The periphery can be replaced line-by-line as necessary.

A Service Agreement provides you with many advantages. Sophisticated authentication and authorization procedures and modern encryption technologies ensure that only authorized service technicians are granted access to your system. you can also benefit from our revision service for your fire detectors. and with consistent quality of service. As a result. resulting in fewer operational disturbances – Early detection of deviations before they become problems All diagnosis data such as error messages and event logs from your fire detection system are accessed remotely and checked. with Siemens ■ Customized services We offer you a complete service program for your fire protection system as part of AdvantageTM Services from Siemens. safety. such as: – Protection of lives and assets – Compliance with all rules and regulations – Prolonging of system lifetime – Predictability of budget and reduction of avoidable costs – Prevention of business disruptions and productivity losses – Peace of mind 14 ■ Siemens Remote Service – every minute counts Our Remote Service provides you with the following advantages: – Easier error detection – Faster repair time – Increased system reliability – More effective on-site service visits. The established Siemens Remote Service Platform ensures maximum data security. we can tailor the scope and type of services precisely to your needs – around the world. Proactive system checks allow deviations to be recognized before they can affect system integrity. you can use your fire detectors at full capacity for a considerably longer period. so we inspect and replace them regularly. ■ Service Agreements – individually tailored We work together with you to determine which service contract you need and define everything in a tailored agreement. And fewer failures mean fewer unscheduled interruptions and greater system reliability – which means better fire protection for you. This internationally proven technology from Siemens protects your system against all dangers. . The reliability of your fire detection system rises and falls with the condition of the detectors. Thanks to the modular service concept. We guarantee optimum operation.Supporting all your needs – from risk analysis to service. from viruses to access by unauthorized persons. and added value throughout the entire life cycle of your plant. Plan together – for a long-term relationship. ■ Detector Revision – extends the life of your system As part of the maintenance program.

and business processes – through our monitoring centers ■ High operational safety – using our services of experts such as application experience. ■ Other possibilities – upon request We’d be happy to advice you in detail on these and other services related to fire protection and your fire detection system. and business processes: If you desire. 15 . operator training etc. In addition. assets. we retrain your employees very quickly on Sinteso and provide you with practical tools for system management and operation. ■ Services of experts – use information Naturally. Highlights ■ Individually agreed services – at consistently high quality around the world ■ Greater system reliability – thanks to faster response through Remote Service ■ Longer life cycle of the system – based on Detector Revision ■ Greater safety for employees.■ Monitoring centers – a safe bet Greater safety for your employees. and suitable products or country-specific regulations. Either 24 hours a day or just at night – as needed. for example. you also benefit from our expertise: We make our many years of experience and our comprehensive knowledge of fire protection available to you with respect to your applications. assets. our monitoring centers will look after your event and fire alarms quickly and competently according to a defined action plan.

warnings. messages can be automatically forwarded to security personnel. stored action descriptions. ■ New horizons via remote operation As Internet. 16 ■ Beyond the FCnet to a central management system Sinteso can be conveniently integrated into a Siemens Danger Management System via the BACnet interface.Look forward – strike a new path. With access control. With a standard PC. Sinteso control panels offer you a wide variety of control options from a remote workstation. but they can also use other integrated security systems for fire protection. which facilitates later analysis. check the system status and open fire doors. ■ Trend-setting synergies for fire protection Integration of Sinteso into a Siemens Danger Management System means that security personnel can not only operate the fire detection technology more conveniently.and network-capable fire control panels. e-mail or fax. This means that several FCnet networks and fire detection systems can be monitored from a central location – clearly and conveniently thanks to the large PC monitor. Events are archived. with Siemens ■ Flexible for future expansions The network capability of the Sinteso control panels permits comprehensive fire monitoring that can be expanded at any time: up to 32 fire control panels or terminals can be networked together via the FCnet. Video surveillance makes it easy to keep an eye on a danger zone. you can view messages. and graphics guide users through predefined procedures. escape routes can be checked and doors can be opened or closed quickly. the range can even be up to 15 km. During event handling. alarms or past events. In addition. . And different networks can also be implemented via the Ethernet connection of the control panels.000 m – if fiber-optic cables are used. such as via text message. The distance between two control panels can be up to 1. Siemens is a global provider backed by regional support – we’re sure to have an office near you. and more. intervention plans.

Our dense service network ensures you extremely fast supply and support any time. ■ Maximum protection for your investments An investment is safe if a solution can grow in every direction. number 20/05. too According to a current study. day or night. Sinteso delivers maximum flexibility. global service network 17 . Over 500 BT branch offices in more than 50 countries Over 130 distribution centers Over 10 production sites Highlights ■ Expandability for future growth – thanks to extensive networking of the control panels ■ Support with system operation and system diagnosis – through remote operation ■ Greater transparency and ease of operation related to fire protection – due to integration in Siemens Danger Management Systems ■ Additional security functions – in combination with other security systems ■ Worldwide expertise in solutions and services at a consistently high level – thanks to our presence in over 50 countries ■ Extremely fast supply and support any time. over 70% of companies hit by a major fire were forced to discontinue their business within three years. ■ We support you wherever you need us International solution and service expertise: Thanks to our presence in over 50 countries. you can take advantage of our services wherever you are – in Europe.Safety that goes further – throughout your building. day or night – due to our very dense. or whether you want to upgrade your fire protection solution to a higher level of convenience – as a fully scalable and networkable system. This is a clear reason for improving fire safety (“BRANDAKTUELL” magazine. Regardless of whether you want to expand a building or add another floor. The most frequently cited reason was the interruption in operations. ■ Fire protection means security for the future. through which valuable customers were lost. the United States or Asia. issued by the trade association for roof-lights and smoke/heat extractors (FVLR)). change the use.

alarm signaling and control: Sinteso From advanced detector technology to comprehensive network capability. The following is an overview of the system components: Remote access with SintesoView Siemens Danger Management System BACnet/IP Fire control panel FC2020 Fire control panel FC2020 Fire terminal FT2040 Fire control panel FC2060 Alarm sounder FDS221 FCnet/ SAFEDLINK FDnet Sounder base FDSB291 Alarm transmission Alarm transmission Fault transmission FCnet/Ethernet Fault transmission Floor repeater terminal FT2010 ASA neural fire detector FDOOTC241 Input module FDCI222 Floor repeater display FT2011 ASA wide-spectrum smoke detector FDO241 FDnet Combined sounder beacon FDS229-R Collective detector Radio smoke detector DOW1171 LaserFOCUS VLF-500 Radio gateway FDCW221 Video fire controller FDV241 Electrical manual actuator 18 FDnet Collective detector DA wide-spectrum smoke detector FDO221 Extinguishing valve Stub line ASA flame detector FDF241-9 ASA linear smoke detector FDL241-9 CCTV camera Manual call point FDM223 ASA neural fire detector FDOOT241-9 Fire control panel FC2040 ASA neural fire detector FDOOT241-9 Input/output module FDCIO222 Extinguishing control unit XC10 ASA heat detector FDT241 Input/output module “transponder” FDCIO223 Mimic display driver FT2001-A1 . the Sinteso fire detection system satisfies all fire safety requirements.Your new family for fire detection.

All fire detectors and peripheral devices are networked with the control panel and simultaneously supplied with power via the FDnet. Line separator The FDnet-powered mimic display driver controls LEDs on a customer-specific display. Mimic display driver The XC10 extinguishing control unit can be integrated in the FDnet with the FDCIO222 input/output module – all relevant events are routed to the connected Sinteso fire control panel. such as nursing stations can be displayed via the FT2011 floor repeater display with the same event text as displayed at the control panel and even operated with the floor repeater terminal FT2010. The FDCL221 line separator ensures that multiple stubs do not fail in the event of a short circuit. FCnet / SAFEDLINK FDnet Up to 32 fire control panels and terminals can be networked together via the FCnet.Fire control panels Floor repeater displays and terminals Messages from clearly defined monitoring zones. Input/output modules Line separators are already integrated in all FDnet devices. Fire terminals Alarming devices There are two alarm sounders for acoustic alarm signaling. triggering alarm signals and complex control processes. Video fire controller XC10 extinguishing control unit In case of an alarm. For the FC2060 only: The FDnet line card is used to set up additional FDnet loops and the I/O card to connect central input and outputs. heat. . since the floor repeater terminals are placed directly on the FDnet detector bus and even work without interruption in case of an open or short circuit. thermal and combined fire detector. The extinguishing control unit is already preconfigured in the SintesoWorks engineering tool. the FDS221 and the FDSB291 which is integrated in the fire detector. and carbon monoxide. The FT2040 fire terminal permits remote operation in parallel with the control panels. elevators or ventilation systems in case of fire. Cards for the FC2030 and FC2060: Addressable MS9i detectors can be connected to the MS9i line card – detectors with the collective Siemens standard to the collective line card. for example for controlling machines. there are four different models of control panels: FC2020. the video fire controller enables direct assessment of the situation on the basis of live images from a connected surveillance camera – and supports a later analysis of the event with recorded film footage with pre. The combined sounder strobe FDS229 provides acoustic and optical alarm signaling. Module bus cards Fire detectors S-LINE detectors with ASAtechnology for sophisticated applications – C-LINE detectors with detection algorithms (DA) for standard applications: Both series include an optical. wireless smoke detectors and devices for explosion-protected zones complete this product range. Because requirements vary depending on the building and application. FC2030. for taking over radial line wiring from collective systems. This makes it easy to implement extinguishing in compliance with EN54. It is used wherever multiple stubs are branched off from the FDnet in parallel. In addition.and post-alarm sequence. System networks The FDCI222 input modules are used for status monitoring whereas FDCIO222 input/output modules permit decentralized control of fire doors and flaps. FC2040 and FC2060. Sinteso control panels process all messages generated by the system. for example. alarm signaling devices and devices in explosion-protected zones. the transponder FDCIO223 permits the monitored connection of conventional detector lines. either locally or by remote access. Special detectors such as flame detectors. The FCnet features fast data transfer and a redundant network node for maximum fault tolerance. It can also mirror the display at the control panels anywhere in the entire system with which it communicates via the FCnet. They meet the strictest safety requirements. The extremely simple user interface with user prompting texts lets you check the system status quickly. the S-LINE also has a multisensor fire detector for smoke.

bars.000 m2 of retail space under one roof – and in total. The Building Technologies Division from Siemens puts together a “single-source” solution including fire protection. And a life-cycle concept that takes into account the optimization of the technical systems over the entire life cycle of the building. and recreational facilities on over 150. restaurants. ■ Sinteso detectors for the Mövenpick Hotel Frankfurt City The four-star business and conference hotel with 288 modern rooms is situated in the new European Quarter in downtown Frankfurt. The high detection reliability and speed of the detectors combined with immunity to deception ensures that business. it will accommodate retail stores. They work on the basis of automatic risk analysis. building automation. 20 . At the conclusion of the project. guests. Secured by the unique Siemens Genuine Alarm Guarantee. The Building Technologies Division from Siemens is supplying not only the publicaddress and voice alarm system. The challenge: Installation of a fire detection and alarm system with maximum reliability and the certainty that no false alarms will be triggered.000 m2. and hotel staff will not be disturbed by false alarms at the Mövenpick Hotel Frankfurt City. The aim is to avoid costly interruptions for tenants and disturbances for visitors. which has already especially proven its worth in the three-level underground garage of the shopping center – a demanding environment with a constant supply of fumes from fuels and exhaust. An integral part is a fire detection system with 1. installation technology – and the option to assume full responsibility for maintenance and services.6 billion project. cafes. the complex will measure over 186. Germany.000 Sinteso detectors are currently being installed. Once completed. The challenge: Elimination of the typical knowledge base distinctions between electrical engineering and building automation in favor of a complete package at a more economical price. power supply. but also the fire detection system: 5. the system will provide unprecedented detection reliability throughout the entire Westfield London center thanks to ASAtechnology.200 Sinteso fire detectors and the Siemens Genuine Alarm Guarantee.Great success stories with Sinteso ■ Sinteso detectors for Westfield London Westfield London will be Europe’s largest downtown shopping center – a £1. access control.

intelligent solutions and value-added services from Siemens offer you complete fire protection – for everything that is valuable to you. systems and solutions for the protection of people and assets. That’s why countless customers around the world place their trust in Siemens. ■ Safety Innovative products. migrations and upgrades can be continuously made over a period of years. 21 . no matter which type of building or how high the risks. Siemens is an established and reliable partner. technologies and inventions that enable us to improve the reliability of our products. System expansions. you are in the very best of hands: Backed by a history of over a hundred years. which ensures your investment for the future.Welcome to the world of innovative thinking ■ Innovation Siemens invests a great deal in both manpower and research and development. systems. This results in a steady stream of new insights. ■ Reliability With Siemens. Siemens is at the leading edge of progress in this field and continues to redefine both current and future technologies. tomorrow and for decades to come. Relying on the highest standard of automatic production processes contributes a great deal to the environment protection. Today.

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