Knights of The Round Table

History :
The Round table, which symbolize peace, equality and brotherhood, has been a legend in King Arthur
History, only the best Knights took places around it and earned the right to attend the meetings. The
table has no head, so whoever sits at the table, he is as equal as the others. The legend has been
developed during centuries. The adventure is the principal thing in this history, Knights fought to
prove their virtue and their courage. All of them had a seat around the table with their name on it.
Moreover their principal quest was the Graal, and the only person who could sits on the “perilous
seat” was the person who found The Graal and had the most pure heart. As long as nobody found
the Graal, the seat was maintened to remember Judas. If a person decided to research The Graal,
even in vain, they knew that they were going to be buried.
First author:
The fisrt time The Round table has been mention in a book was in eleven fifty-five by an author
Anglo-Norman, Wace. In Roman de Brut (14 866 vers) he explains that Arthur created The Round
Table, because it wasn’t possible to get a precedence around the table
According to the authors, the names and the numbers of chairs had changed. For Chrétien de Troyes
there were thirty Knights, whereas Layamon thought about a thousand and six hundred Knights.
In the thirteenth century, Layamon who has translated in English Roman de Brut (16 000 vers) of
Wace told King Arthur that he was afraid by the quarrels among his barons. He went to Cornouailles
to order a round table with one thousand and six hundreds seats.
In nineteen fifty five, Richard Thorpe directed a movie named Les Chevaliers de la Table.
Ten years later, a Disney cartoon named The Sword in the Stone has been created by Wolfgang
Reitherman, the story is about Arthur, an orphan who will be brought up by Merlin.
In nineteen sixty seven, Joshua Logan directed Camelot, a story when Arthur is a grown-up
In nineteen eighty one, John Boorman has create Excalibur a movie which tell the story when Arthur,
illegitimate son of Uter, was the only person who could take the mythical sword.
In nineteen nighty-five, Jerry Zucker directed a movie named First Knight which tell the history of
Lancelot, the famous Knight who have a seat at the round table.
The movie the King Arthur was created by Antoine Fuqua in two thousand and four. This movie was
seen in France approximately one million and six hundreds thousand.
Finally, Alexandre Astier, Alain Kappauf and Jean-Yves Robien have create a humourus serie named
Kaamelot which told about the everyday life about Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.