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November 6, 2014
To Whom It May Concern:
The Spokane City Council writes this letter to let you know that your company or
government agency should be excited about the prospect of Scott Chesney working for
you. We are elected leaders of all political stripes but citizens of Spokane above all
else. We highly recommend Scott Chesney for any position that involves planning,
forward thinking and/or teamwork.
Scott worked for the City of Spokane from 2011 to 2014. During that time he turned the
Planning Department into a cohesive team working to balance smart growth, political
whims, neighborhood NIMBYism, and a city culture resistant to change and new ideas.
He turned a culture of "no" into a culture of "yes, we can do better." We all believe he
was moving Spokane forward and regret to see him leave City employment.
We are not the only ones with high recommendations of Scott. Jim Frank, the developer
of Kendall Yards, which is the most successful infill housing development in Spokane in
the last 40 years, had this to say about Mr. Chesney: “In my 35 years of working in
Spokane there has not been a more competent and challenging person in his position. I
can tell you, from our experience over the past five years, the Kendall Yards you see
today would not be possible without his leadership.”
Scott Chesney is a leader in the field of planning and collaboration. He simply makes
projects happen. We have unprecedented growth and Spokane is on the move. You
would be fortunate to have him as a member of your team.
Ben Stuckart
President, Spokane City Council

Mike Allen
Spokane City Council, District 2

Amber Waldref
Spokane City Council, District 1

Jon Snyder
Spokane City Council, District 2

Mike Fagan
Spokane City Council, District 1

Candace Mumm
Spokane City Council, District 3

Karen Stratton
Spokane City Council, District 3