FalconStor Protection + Recovery solutions enable you to
recover a file, a system, or an entire data center with the
most comprehensive automated solution available.





• Protect an environment where critical data is being

• Business data and critical systems are continuously

created daily

• Remove the risk of prolonged downtime of business data
• Prevent failures to local systems, services, and

• Provide rapid recovery in the event of a disaster
• Enable remote site recovery for local data


• A single solution capable of providing local or remote data
protection for physical or virtual servers

• Replicate key data offsite without the need for additional
bandwidth or identical hardware

• Automatically recover a failed system to a virtual
environment or different hardware

• Test a disaster recovery plan without impacting business

• Protect appliances and data without impacting servers
or the SAN


FalconStor technology provides the freedom to recover individual files or entire systems in an automated fashion. systems. or entire sites is automated with FalconStor’s local and remote recovery solutions. . Protecting the business from unforeseen downtime or disaster is achievable with FalconStor Protection + Recovery solutions. REMOTE RECOVERY LOCAL RECOVERY FalconStor Protection + Recovery solutions enable organizations that are required to provide a secondary or disaster recovery site the freedom to meet that requirement using less hardware and less administrative time and effort.PROTECTION + RECOVERY Recovery of files.

Qol Co. By installing FalconStor CDP. Suitable for virtual or physical settings Storage Appliance All-in-one appliance to remove the risk of downtime and provide automated recovery of critical services.PROTECTION + RECOVERY FalconStor Protection + Recovery solutions are available in multiple formats to suit virtually every type of environment. we have given ourselves peace-of-mind that we can easily recover from those inevitable hardware and software errors. and automated disaster recovery. FalconStor CDP enables us to give our patients top-notch care with peace-of-mind by protecting their data through integrated backup. HOW WE DELIVER Software Only Provides the flexibility to choose the hardware and configuration appropriate for the level of protection and recovery required Virtual Appliance Ideal for smaller environments and remote or branch offices.. — Hisanobu Futami. — Cheng Liu. It also relieves the backup window headaches that plagued our IT staff. Ltd ” Gateway For larger organizations looking to put existing storage to better use. Beijing Cancer Hospital “ ” Ideally we would do without backups. helping our IT staff to prevent data loss and reduce system downtime. and sites SUCCESS SPEAKS FOR ITSELF “ FalconStor CDP is a cost-effective solution that offers instant recovery. Sega Toys ” “ The earthquake in Japan confirmed that we need to ensure continuity of our services especially in disaster-afflicted areas where they are needed the most. applications. gateway deployments provide consistent capabilities across multiple types of storage . but of course they are necessary because people make mistakes and machines break. — Yasuo Karasawa. efficient replication.

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