Proiectul Naţional Olimpiadele Cunoaşterii

A. Read the following text and answer the questions below:
British or American, the language is basically the same, and its global
stature is backed up by massive English-language training programmes, an
international business that in textbooks, language courses, tape cassettes,
video programmes and computerized instruction – is worth hundreds of
millions of pounds or dollars to the economies of the US and the UK. The
English language is now one of Britain’s most reliable exports. In the ironic
words of the novelist Malcolm Bradbury, it is an ideal British product,
‘needing no workers and no work, no assembly lines and no assembly, no
spare parts and very little servicing, it is used for the most intimate and
the most public services everywhere. We call it the English language ...‘Dr
Robert Burchfield, former Chief Editor of the Oxford English Dictionary, has
remarked that ‘any literate, educated person on the face of the globe is
deprived if he does not know English’.
The first level of the global sway of English is to be found in those
countries, formerly British colonies, in which English as a second language
has become accepted as a fact of cultural life that cannot be washed away.
In Nigeria, it is an official language; in Zambia, it is recognized as one of
the state languages; in Singapore, it is the major language of government,
the legal system and education.
1. What does the author say about English language teaching?
a) it is profitable
b) it is dying
c) it is not widely spread
d) it is a back business
e) it teaches economy
2. What is the difference between the English language and
traditional industry?
a) It does not produce
b) It does not need people
c) They do not need tools
d) It has small needs but gives a lot
e) Needs and products are the same
3. What can you say about Dr. R. Burchfield?
a) he dislikes non-British people
b) he wrote a dictionary
c) people who are sick do not know him
d) he is a strong supporter of English teaching
e) he dislikes stupid people

4. The English Language………
a) is taught in the UK and USA countries.
b) is not a good source of money for UK and USA.
c) is spoken by former colonies lately.
d) is expensive to learn.
e) is exported abroad.
5. The English Language……….
a) has been accepted in the British colonies as common.
b) has become obsolete in the British colonies.
c) is an official language in Zambia and Singapore.
d) is dirty in the British colonies.
e) is always the second language in a row.
6. “The global sway of English” is closest in meaning to:
a) coming and going
b) a controlling influence
c) the playfulness of language
d) the disappearance of language
e) people’s desire to be silent

7. What can you say about Malcolm Bradbury?
a) He is an ironic guy.
b) He worked for the OED.
c) He wrote the OED.
d) He is an ideal British product.
e) He is a novelist.
B. Find a word or phrase in the text which, in context, is
similar in meaning to:
8. Essentially: …………….. .
a) global
b) massive
c) basically

d) backed up

9. That can be trusted: ………….. .
a) worth
b) reliable
c) ideal

d) intimate

10. supported:………………………..
a) reliable
b) trusted
d) intimate
e) worth

Limba Engleză - Subiecte de concurs - ediţia a VII-a, etapa a II -a

e) mainly

e) backed up

c) backed up


Write an article for that school magazine expressing your opinion on the topic..she didn’t like it.Subiecte de concurs . a) green b) blue c) red d) white e) purple 19. She went out……………the rain. a) would be b) were c) had been d) am e) will be 14.ediţia a VII-a. …….………………. a) Though b) Although c) Even d) Despite of c) In spite of 13.yellow and blue..…. Limba Engleză ...I get back. etapa a II -a 2 . If you…. Use about 150–180 words. They caught the thief ……. A school magazine is running a competition for the best article on the importance English Language has in today’s world. a) until b) why c) whereas d) meanwhile 16. I enjoyed it a lot. If you have a lot of work to do. If I ….handed. you are as busy as a …………. a) will mix b) would mix c) would have mixed d) mix e) will be missing 15. a) in spite b) despite d) even e) even if c) although 12. I was a) However b) But c) Although d) Yet e) then e) For 17.. Complete the sentences with the best word from the ones below: 11. I managed to finish the work. Wait here………. you get green.. a) bat b) beaver c) bull d) dog e) bee 18. I would tell him straight away.Proiectul Naţional Olimpiadele Cunoaşterii C.

etapa a II -a 3 .Subiecte de concurs .ediţia a VII-a.Proiectul Naţional Olimpiadele Cunoaşterii Limba Engleză .