Planificare Lectiile 1-8

Lesson 1 (pg 4-5)
General questions
Teacher’s secret language
Book- Fun with Starters
Rooms in a school: library, computer lab, classroom, art room, gym, music room

Where is Kim?


She is in the gym.


Where is Dan?


He is in the art room.


Where are you?


I am in the music room.

Feed- back-Colours + classroom objects (I can see, I have, My …. is ….)
Verbs: Climb, cut, eat, jump, paint, play, read, run, sing, sit, sleep, swim, talk, touch, work, write
Vb- ing + I/ He/She/They/We: What is he doing? He is writing on the whiteboard.
Game: Mime (vb – ing)
Lesson 2 (pg 6-7)
Feed-back: I, you, he, she, where and what questions, school places, colours + classroom objects, activities in ing,
general questions and greetings
Listen and read the story: “A monkey at school”
Can you remember what the story is about?
Unknown words- pet, rule, mess, obey, climb
Vb- ing: The monkey is reading.
Activity: Who is speaking?

singular and plural Yellow and blue make green.back. what. What is he/ she doing? Listen and number (track 7.Colours(writing). monkey More Imperatives/ Classroom language: besides the book Don’t paint on the table! Don’t write on the chair! Game: Mime –action verbs Singular and plural I am playing – we are playing You are playing He is playing – they are playing She is playing – they are playing It is playing – they are playing Vb. where.“This is my pet monkey. ing + I/ He/She/They/We: She is playing the piano in the music room. pg 9) Lesson 4 (pg 10-11) Mixing paint Feed. the story: reading and vocabulary Listen and sing the song: Monkey. who. where. Don’t jump on the bed! . Point to the red and blue paint. what questions.” Who is speaking? Imperatives/ Classroom language: Don’t paint on the table! Don’t write on the chair! Also positive imperatives Lesson 3 (pg 8-9) Feed-back: who. positive and negative imperatives.

Numbers 1-20 – how many pink balloons can you see? How many white chairs can you see in the classroom? How many little fingers do you have? Etc 1 is for head. Homework: Make a school Lesson 6 (pg 14-15) Feed.back : Make a I’m painting. What are you doing? Look at picture 1 ( pg 14) What are the children doing? Memory game What are you doing in the kitchen / bedroom / living room / bathroom / garden today? Verb dictation Feed. etc Listen and number track 9 (pg 11) What is he/ she doing? Lesson 5 (pg12-13) Let’s remember “The alphabet song” Listen and sing the song track 10 How do you spell your name? My name is (Alex) A-L-E-X What colour starts with…? What number starts with…? What school room starts with …? B – guess the colour. vb TO BE . He is singing. 2 is for eyes. Game ( FAZAN in English) – using the Alphabet Feed-back: TO BE: - Where is Kim? She is in the gym. conversation Vb. Action chain: I’m reading.back vb –ing. - What is she doing? She is reading. the number and the….

Adjectives: amazing. face to face: reading. They are ducks. school rooms. big. It lives in the circle. what. It can swim. greetings. They can’t fly. Alphabet. school-activities. Lesson 8 – Revision 2 (pg 18-19) – To be sg and plural. eat fish) This is a cow. Vb. short. What can it do? It can run. different activities Dolphins are special Read and listen the story about dolphins. To be) Animals VbTO BE: It’s a horse. general questions.tall. Reading Comprehension. No it isn’t. rooms of the house activities.thin. imperatives +. live in the ocean. It’s big.fisa Lesson 9 TEST:writing. Is it a cow? Yes it is. spelling. where. Numbers 1-20. grey. fat. school objects (Colours. classroom language. Dolphins can swim. It’s brown. colours. alphabet. Baby animals: What’s a baby cow called? . listening Questions about the story ( do dolphins live in the ocean?) Can/ Can’t Hangman Game: Dolphin ( Ask what they know about: can swim. speaking Lesson 10: test discussion.Game: I spy with my little eye something that starts with letter C Unit 2 Lesson 7 – Revision 1(pg 16-17) Feedback Unit 1 who. That is a goat.