Dear Mr.

I am submitting an application for an open position at InnoGames.
I have spent the last 3 years and 4 months working full time as an Actionscript Developer and
Dev Lead at a company that is developing casual multiplayer web games. During that time I was
exposed to every aspect involved in successfully designing, planning, developing and releasing a game.
I was part of games that were already published, and my responsibilities increased with time, going far
beyond my job description. Also I was part of the creative concepting process and building a game
from the ground up, team where I had a lead position.
I have worked in multicultural and dynamic teams, following dynamic processes. During this
time I got a deep understanding of what it takes and what it means to make a game. I have an excellent
ability to withstand pressure and keep deadlines, and I possess great social and soft skills.
As a developer I was involved in critical areas of the production and development process,
having to implement and maintain features and frameworks throughout multiple products. I was
involved in refactoring and optimization of multiple products. As a lead I had to coordinate 7
developers with various departments and team requirements. I was planning the sprints, validating the
technical feasibility of the given game design documents, communicating with external departments
while making sure that all the code standards are being kept. I put a lot of work into improving
communication, both between developers but also between developers and other inter team entities,
like quality management, art, UX. Also I made sure that we have a great level of transparency between
the management layer and the team.
I am a developer for 14 years now. I have started with C, and that gave me a really strong
foundation I built upon all these years. I am fluent in a vast array of programming languages, and for
me at this point it's only a matter of grasping the syntax and best practices before I can work
professionally with any of them.
What I do is my passion. I am not looking for just a job, I need a challenge. I want to be given
problems impossible to fix. I can only think outside the box, and find it difficult to work on mundane
tasks for long periods of time.
Because I am able to motivate and push myself, I thrive amongst dynamic and smart people. I
am always looking to learn new things and improve on what I already know.
One of the most valuable lessons I learned in the last years is the fact that without passion and
sacrifice nothing incredible can be produced. I feel that given the chance I could become an valuable
asset for your company.
I have attached my resume, where I list my technical and personal skills. Thank you for your
time and I am looking forward meeting you, and getting to know InnoGames.

Vlad-Alexandru Dindeal