MSO/DS2000A Series

Digital Oscilloscope

Bandwidth up to 300MHz, standard with 50Ω input
Lower noise floor, Wider vertical range: 500uV/div ~ 10V/div
Max. Sample Rate: Analog channel up to 2G Sa/s ,Digital
channel up to 1G Sa/s(MSO)
Memory Depth :Analog channel up to14Mpts
/56Mpts(Opt.),Digital channel up to 14Mpts/28Mpts(Opt.)
Innovative "UltraVision" technology
Waveform capture rate up to 50,000 wfs/s
Up to 256 Levels intensity grading waveform display
Up to 65,000 frames Hardware based Real Time waveform,
Record, Replay & Analysis functions(Std.)
A variety of trigger and serial bus decoding functions
Built-in 2 Ch Waveform generator (MSO/DS2000A-S)
Complete connectivity: USB Host& Device, LAN(LXI), AUX
8 inch TFT (800x480) WVGA

MSO/DS2000A Series is the new mainstream digital scope to
meet the customer's applications with its innovative technology.
MSO2000A Series has 2+16channels, target for the embedded
design and test market with its industry leading specifications,
powerful trigger functions and broad analysis capabilities.

Memory Depth Digital channel: 7 Mpts(16 CH) / 14 Mpts(8 CH) std. Max.Replay & Analysis (Up to 65. 14 Mpts(16 CH) / 28 Mpts(8 CH) opt.6 mm×130. 000 wfms/s Real Time waveform Record. 1 GSa/s dual channel. Max.8 mm Weight: 3.000 frames) Multi-level Intensity Grading Display (Up to 256 Levels) Models and Key Specifications Model Number   Analog BW Analog Channels Digital Channel(MSO) DS2072A DS2072A-S DS2102A DS2102A-S DS2202A DS2202A-S DS2302A DS2302A-S MSO2072A MSO2072A-S MSO2102A MSO2102A-S MSO2202A MSO2202A-S MSO2302A MSO2302A-S 70 MHz 100MHz 200 MHz 300 MHz 2 16 Analog Channel: Max.6 mm×179. 000 Frames(LA Channel turn off) Replay and Analysis function Up to 32.5 kg(Without Package) Innovative UltraVision technology(Analog Channel) Deeper Memory Depth (Up to 56Mpts) Higher Waveform Capture Rate (Up to 50. Max. Waveform Capture rate 50. Probes RP3300A 350MHz BW Passive Probe:2 sets;1 set RPL2316 LA Probe(MSO only) Built-in 2Ch 25MHz Source No Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes 1 RIGOL .. Up to 65. 500MSa/s(16 CH) Analog channel: 7 Mpts(2 CH) / 14 Mpts( 1 CH) std.. 000 Frames(LA Channel turn on) Std..MSO/DS2000A Series Digital Oscilloscope RUN/STOP/SINGLE Source Waveform record&replay Independent control 16 Digital channels(MSO) for each channel Decoding Product Dimensions: Width X Height X Depth=361.000 wfms/s) Realtime Waveform Record.9 kg ± 0. Sample rate Digital Channel: 1GSa/s(8 CH). 28 Mpts(2 CH) / 56 Mpts( 1 CH) opt. 2 GSa/s single channel.

) UltraVision: Deeper Memory with Multi-Level intensity grading display(Up to 256 levels) Serial bus Trigger&Decoding functions (RS232.14Mpts.SPI.56Mpts) UltraVision: Up to 50.Lower noise floor.Opt.CAN) Versatile Trigger Functions(Runt.Wider Vertical range(500uV/div~10V/div ).replay.I2C. Better for small signal capturing Built-in 2CH Source (MSO/DS2000A-S) UltraVision: Deeper memory(Std. Nth Edge.000 wfms/s Waveform capture rate UltraVision:Realtime waveform record.Setup/Hold …) RIGOL 2 .analysis function (std.

000wfms/s) Real Time waveform record & replay(Up to 65. you could get more from MSO2000A with: 16 Digital channels Sample rate of Digital channel up to 1 GSa/s Memory depth of Digital channel up to 28Mpts Waveform capture rate of Digital channel up to 50. up to 65.MSO2000A Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Besides the powerful functions of DS2000A.000 frames Triggering and Decoding across Analog and Digital channels Easy to be grouped for digital channels Support a variety of logic levels Time correlation display for both analog and digital signals Innovative UltraVision technology(Digital Channel) Deeper Memory Depth( Up to 28Mpts ) Higher Waveform capture rate(Up to 50.000wfms/s Real Time Waveform Record. Replay and analysis functions.000 frames) Multi-level intensity grading display Mixed Signal Analysis with analog and digital channels Easy to be grouped and labeled for digital channels Serial bus triggering and decoding on digital channels Support a variety of logic levels 3 RIGOL .

Voltage ≤ 1400Vpp Compatibility: All RIGOL Scopes. CATII 1500 V(DC+AC) Compatibility: All RIGOL Scopes.RIGOL Probes supported by MSO/DS2000A Series: RIGOL Passive Probes Model Number Type RIGOL Active & Current Probes Description Model Number Type Description Current Probe BW:DC~300kHz.DC:±100A. AC:sine wave <=7KVrms Compatibility: All RIGOL Scopes. Current Probe RP1005C BW:DC~10MHz. RP1001C RP2200 10X:DC~350MHz High Z Compatibility: Probe All RIGOL Scopes. AC P-P:140A. High Voltage Differential Probe BW:100MHz. Max. Max. Must order RP1000P Power supply. High Voltage Differential Probe BW:50MHz. 300 A peak (Noncontinuous).RP1004C. 500 A peak (@pulse width <=30 ms) Compatibility: All RIGOL Scopes. Max. DC~150MHz DC+AC Peak:18KV CAT II AC RMS : 12KVrms CAT II Compatibility: All RIGOL Scopes.DC:±70A. Must order RP1000P Power supply.AC RMS:70A Compatibility:All RIGOL Scopes. High Voltage Differential Probe BW:25MHz. AC P-P:200A. RP1000P RP1025D RP1018H RP1050D Logic analysis Probe Logic analysis (For MSO4000 & Probe MSO2000A) RPL2316 RP1100D RIGOL 4 . Max. Max. RP1002C RP3300A DC~500MHz High Z Compatibility: Probe All RIGOL Scopes. RP3500A High Voltage Probe DC~300MHz CATI 2000V(DC+AC). Max.150 A rms. Power Supply Power supply for RP1003C. Current Probe RP1003C BW:DC~50MHz. support 4 channels. Current Probe RP1004C BW:DC~100MHz.AC RMS:50A Compatibility: All RIGOL Scopes.AC:pulse <=20KVp-p. Must order RP1000P Power supply. RP1300H High Voltage Probe RP1010H High Voltage Probe DC~50MHz DC:0~10KV DC. Voltage ≤ 7000Vpp Compatibility: All RIGOL Scopes. AC Peak:50A(Noncontinuous) Compatibility: All RIGOL Scopes. Max.AC RMS:30A AC Peak:50A(Noncontinuous) Compatibility: All RIGOL Scopes. Current Probe BW:DC~1MHz. Max.RP1005C. AC RMS:30A. Voltage ≤ 7000Vpp Compatibility: All RIGOL scopes 1X: DC~7MHz High Z 10X:DC~150MHz Probe Compatibility: All RIGOL Scopes.

5 ns MSO/DS2072A/2072A-S:5 ns ±2% full scale .000 ns/div to 1. 4. 32. 16. Roll 1 path 50.01X to 1000X. N can be 2. 128. X-Y. 14k pts. 2048. Transient Overvoltage 1000 Vpk with RP2200 10:1 probe: CAT II 300 Vrms with RP3300A 10:1 probe: CAT II 300 Vrms with RP3500A 10:1 probe: CAT II 300 Vrms with RP5600A 10:1 probe: CAT II 300 Vrms Digital channel: CAT I 40 Vrms.2ns MSO/DS2202A/2202A-S:1. 256. 12 bits of resolution when ≥5 μs/div @ 1 GSa/s (or ≥10 μs/div @ 500 MSa/s).000 ns/div to 1. 7M pts and 28M pts (option) are available Digital channel: 7Mpts(16 CH). 2 ns (maximum) 1 ns –1000 s 14 Mpts per channel ≤ ±25 ppm ≤ ±5 ppm/year negative delay: ≥1 screen width positive delay: 1 s to 100. in 1-2-5 step Analog channel: CAT I 300 Vrms. Digital channel: 5 ns Analog channel: single-channel: Auto. 14Mpts(8 CH) std. CAT II 100 Vrms. 8. 14M pts and 56M pts (option) are available dual-channel: Auto.14Mpts(16 CH).000 ks/div MSO/DS2202A/2202A-S: 2. Sample Sample Mode Maximum Sample Rate Peak Detect Averaging High Resolution Minimum Detectable Pulse Width Memory Depth Real-time Sample Analog channel: 2 GSa/s (single-channel).4M pts. 7k pts.000 s Y-T.8 ns MSO/DS2102A/2102A-S:3. 1 ns (dual-channel) Digital channel: 1ns(8 CH).. 28Mpts(8 CH) opt. 2ns(16CH) After all the channels finish N samples at the same time. 64. 4096 or 8192. transient overvoltage 800 Vpk Horizontal Time Base Scale Channel-to-Channel Skew Time-base Range Maximum Record Length Time Base Accuracy[1] Time Base Drift Delay Range Time Base Mode Number of X-Ys Waveform Capture Rate[2] MSO/DS2302A/2302A-S: 1 ns/div to 1.000 ks/div 1 ns (typical). 1 GSa/s (dual-channel) Digital channel: 1GSa/s(8CH). 500MSa/s(16CH) Analog channel: 500 ps (single-channel).5% Digital channel: (101 kΩ±1%) || (9 pF±1 pF) Analog channel: 0.Specifications All the specifications are guaranteed except the parameters marked with “Typical” and the oscilloscope needs to operate for more than 30 minutes under the specified operation temperature. 1. 512. Input Number of Channels Input Coupling Input Impedance Probe Attenuation Coefficient Maximum Input Voltage (1MΩ) MSO2XX2A/2XX2A-S: 2-analog-channel + 16-digital-channel DS2XX2A/2XX2A-S: 2-analog-channel DC.000 ks/div MSO/DS2102A/2102A-S/2072A/2072A-S: 5. AC or GND Analog channel: (1 MΩ±1%) || (16 pF±3 pF) or 50 Ω±1. 140k pts.000 wfms/s (dots display) Vertical Bandwidth (-3dB) Single Bandwidth Vertical Resolution Vertical Scale Offset Range Bandwidth Limit[1] Low Frequency Response (AC Coupling -3dB) Calculated Rise Time[1] DC Gain Accuracy 5 RIGOL MSO/DS2302A/2302A-S:DC 至 300 MHz MSO/DS2202A/2202A-S:DC 至 200 MHz MSO/DS2102A/2102A-S:DC 至 100 MHz MSO/DS2072A/2072A-S:DC 至 70 MHz MSO/DS2302A/2302A-S:DC 至 300 MHz MSO/DS2202A/2202A-S:DC 至 200 MHz MSO/DS2102A/2102A-S:DC 至 100 MHz MSO/DS2072A/2072A-S:DC 至 70 MHz Analog channel: 8 bits Digital channel: 1 bit 500 μV/div to 1 V/div(50 Ω) 500 μV/div to 10 V/div(1 MΩ) 500 μV /div to 50 mV/div:±2 V 51 mV/div to 200 mV/div:±10 V 205 mV/div to 2 V/div:±50 V 2. 1024.05 V/div to 10 V/div:±100 V MSO/DS2302A/2302A-S/2202A/2202A-S : 20 MHz/100 MHz MSO/DS2102A/2102A-S/2072A/2072A-S : 20 MHz ≤ 5 Hz (on BNC) MSO/DS2302A/2302A-S:1. 70k pts. 700k pts.

Negative 2 ns to 4 s Windows Type Trigger Position Windows Time Rising. lower than. Invert Start. within specific interval) 10 ns to 1 s Pulse Trigger Runt Trigger Windows Trigger (Option) Nth Edge Trigger (Option) Slope Trigger Time Setting Video Trigger (HDTV Option) Signal Standard Pattern Trigger NTSC.3 V CMOS (+1. 9600 bps. 1.4 V) 5. Single 100 ns to 10 s 75 kHz 75 kHz 1 div (below 10 mV or noise rejection is enabled) 0.7 V) LVDS (+1. within specific interval) Negative Pulse Width (greater than. Falling 16 ns to 4 s 1 to 65535 Slope Condition Positive Slope (greater than. Time 16 ns to 4 s Edge Type Idle Time Number of Edges Rising. >< 2 ns to 4 s Edge Type Timeout time Rising. Falling H. <. Falling. within specific interval) 2 ns to 4 s Pulse Condition Pulse Polarity Pulse Range None.DC Offset Accuracy Channel to Channel Isolation ±0. Falling. <. Falling. 38400 bps. 19200 bps.1 div ± 2 mV ± 1% offset value DC to maximum bandwidth: >40 dB Vertical (Digital Channel) Threshold LevelType Threshold range Threshold accuracy Dynamic range Min Voltage Swing Input Impedance Probe Loading Vertical resolution 1 group with 8 channels adjustable threshold TTL (1.2 V) 0V User ±20. Rising/Falling Enter. Normal. Exit. Data 2400 bps. L. L 2 ns to 1 s 2 ns to 1 s Polarity Trigger Condition Baud Normal. Rising/Falling Pulse Condition Pulse Width Range Positive Pulse Width (greater than. 720P. in 10 mV step ±(100 mV + 3% of threshold setting) ±10 V + threshold 500 mVpp //101 KΩ ≈ 8 pF 1 bit Trigger Trigger Level Range Trigger Mode Holdoff Range High Frequency Rejection[1] Low Frequency Rejection[1] Trigger Sensitivity Edge Trigger Internal ±5 div from center of the screen EXT ±4 V Auto.65 V) 2. lower than. Rising/Falling 16 ns to 4 s Pattern Setting Trigger Condition H. PAL/SECAM.9 V) ECL (-1.8 V CMOS (+0. X >.3 V) PECL (+3. 576P (option). <. Error. <>. Check Error. 480P.3 div (above 10 mV and noise rejection is disabled) Edge Type Rising. <> 2 ns to 4 s Edge Type Data Type Setup Time Hold Time Rising.5 V). lower than.25 V). Rising Edge. 57600 bps. <> Positive.0 V CMOS (+2.5 V CMOS (+1.0 V. within specific interval) Negative Slope (greater than. 1080P and 1080I (option) Pattern Setting H. User Delay Trigger (Option) TimeOut Trigger (Option) Duration Trigger (Option) Duration Time Setup/Hold Trigger RS232/UART Trigger RIGOL 6 . Falling >. Falling Edge Edge Type Delay Type Delay Time Rising. X. >. 115200 bps. L. lower than. 3. 4800 bps.

800 kbps. Restart.3 kbps. Period. Frame Error 10 kbps. RS232 (option). 50 kbps. 20 s. EOP. XOR Intg. 500 kbps. Period. I2C (option) . Exit Suspend Measure Cursor Manual Mode Auto Measurement Number of Measurements Measurement Range Measurement Statistic Frequency Counter Voltage Deviation between Cursors ( △ V) Time Deviation between Cursors ( △ T) Reciprocal of △ T (Hz) (1/ △ T) Voltage and Time Values of the Waveform Point Allow to display cursors during auto measurement Track Mode Auto Mode Analog channel: Measurements of Maximum. Delay 12 . Tx. Suspend. Delay 12 . Vectors Time and Date (user adjustable) Signal Source (MSO2000A-S/DS2000A-S) Channels Sample Rate Vertical Resolution Max. Sine.Data Bits 5 bit. Phase 12 . Ramp. Frame Type. Over Load Bit Fill. Phase 12 Digital channel: Frequency. Lorentz. Positive Duty Cycle. Fall Time. Top Value. OR. Pulse. 500 ms. Differential SOF. Average. A-B. Full Screen Vrms. Phase 12 . Gauss. Rise Time. Infinite Dots. Positive Pulse Width. CAN (option) Display Display Type Display Resolution Display Color Persistence Time Display Type Real-time Clock 8. 10 bit 0 to 127. Bottom Value. Negative Duty Cycle. Delay 12 . Noise. 20 kbps. Address. 5 s. 250 kbps. Frequency. 0 to 1023 1 to 5 Signal Type Trigger Condition Baud Rx. Error. Area. User 5% to 95% Data. 1 Mbps. 100 ms. 8 bit. Standard Deviation. Amplitude. Cosine. RC. Editable Advanced Operation. Diff. 7 bit. Positive Pulse Width. Delay 12 . 1 s.000 Color (TFT) Min. Tangent 2 Parallel (standard). A&D 7 bit. FFT. 62. Frequency Standard Waveform Built-in Waveform Sine 7 RIGOL 2 200 MSa/s 14 bits 25 MHz Sine. Period Area.0 inches (203 mm) TFT LCD display 800 Horizontal ×RGB×480 Vertical Pixel 160. Negative Duty Cycle. 125 kbps. 100 kbps. Overshoot. Average. X Low Speed. dB AND. Exponential Fall. 10 s. Number of Measurements Hardware 6 bits frequency counter (channels are selectable) Math Operation Waveform Operation FFT Window FFT Display FFT Vertical Scale Logic Operation Math Function Number of Buses for Decoding Decoding Type A+B. Full Speed SOP. EOF. 33. CAN_L. Max. Answer Error. Format Error. Peak-Peak Value. 6 bit. Screen Region or Cursor Region Current. Remote. Pre-shoot. ECG. Negative Pulse Width. Square. CAN_H. Exponential Rise. Sqrt. Logic Operation Rectangle.5 kbps. Haversine Frequency Range 100 mHz to 1 MHz Flatness ±0. Minimum. Random Error I2C Trigger CAN Trigger (Option) Sample Point Frame Type Error Type USB Trigger (Option) Signal Speed Trigger condition Timeout 100 ns to 1 s 4 bit to 32 bit H. Blackman. Lg. Min. Negative Pulse Width. o to 255.5 dB (relative to 1 kHz) Harmonic Distortion -40 dBc Stray(Non-harmonic) -40 dBc Total Harmonic Distortion 1% S/N Ratio 40 dB . Hamming Split. A×B. A÷B. 8 bit Trigger Condition Address Bits Address Range Byte Length SPI Trigger Trigger Condition Timeout Value Data Bits Data Setting Start. 2 s. Stop. L. Missing ACK. Hanning. Exp. Phase 12 Display 5 measurements at the same time. 200 ms. Positive Duty Cycle. DC Sinc. NOT. Check Error. Data. Mean Square Root. 83. 50 ms. SPI (option).3 kbps.

the larger of the two Offset setting Value±2% I/O Standard Ports Printer Compatibility USB HOST (support USB-GPIB).5 V.9 kg ± 0.5 Vpp. dots display. IEC 61010-1:2001 Note[1]: Typical value. knob height included. EN 61010-1:2001. peak-peak 1 kHz Power Voltage Power Fuse 100 V to 240 V.000 meters Non-operating: under 15. the larger of the two 2% (1 kHz) ±2.5 kg ± 0. Note[3]: Supporting legs and handle folded.Square/Pulse Frequency Range Rise/Fall Time Overshoot Duty Cycle Frequency Duty Cycle Resolution Min. the larger of the two 20 mVpp to 5 Vpp. Aux Output (TrigOut/PassFail) PictBridge General Specifications Probe Compensation Output Output Voltage[1] Frequency[1] About 3 V.5 kg Package Included 4. Note[2]: Maximum value. 20ns. Regulatory Information Electromagnetic Compatibility Safety 2004/108/EC Execution standard EN 61326-1:2006 EN 61326-2-1:2006 UL 61010-1:2004.8 mm Package Excluded 3. T Degree. RIGOL 8 . CAN/CSA-C22. 45 Hz to 440 Hz Maximum 50 W 2 A. 250 V Temperature Range Operating: 0 ℃ to +50 ℃ Non-operating: -40 ℃ to +70 ℃ Fan cooling 0℃ to +30℃ : ≤ 95% Relative Humidity +30℃ to +40℃ : ≤ 75% Relative Humidity +40℃ to +50℃ : ≤ 45% Relative Humidity Operating: under 3. 50 Ω 100 μV or 3 bits.25 V. LAN. single-channel mode. 61010-1-2004.2 NO. 50 Ω 100 μV or 3 bits. auto memory depth. Note[4]: Standard configuration.6 mm×130. HighZ ±1. Pulse Width Pulse Width Resolution Jitter Frequency Range Linearity Symmetry Bandwidth Frequency Range Frequency Range Waveform Length Internal Storage Location Accuracy Amplitude Resolution Output Range DC Offset Resolution Accuracy Range Modulation Resolution Accuracy AM.6 mm× 179.000 meters Power Environment Cooling Method Humidity Range Altitude Physical Characteristics [3] Size Weight[4] Calibration Interval Width×Height×Depth = 361.5 kg The recommended calibration interval is one year. HighZ 10 mVpp to 2. USB DEVICE. FM Ramp Noise Built-in Waveform Arbitrary Waveform Square: 100 mHz to 15 MHz Pulse: 100 mHz to 1 MHz <15 ns <5% Square: 50% Pulse: 10% to 90% (user adjustable) 1% or 10 ns (the larger of the two) 20 ns 10 ns or 5 bits (the larger of the two) 500 ps 100 mHz to 100 kHz 1% 0 to 100% 25 MHz (typical) 100 mHz to 1 MHz 100 mHz to 10 MHz 2 to 16k points 10 100 ppm (lower than 10 kHz) 50 ppm (higher than 10 kHz) 100 mHz or 4 bits.

Delay. Sha He Town. 4 82178 Puchheim. Headquarter RIGOL TECHNOLOGIES.Suite N Oakwood Village OH 44146.Ordering Information Model  Standard Accessories Optional Accessories Deep Memory Option Advanced trigger functions Decoding Options Description DS2072A(70MHz,2CH) DS2072A-S(70MHz,2CH + 2 CH Source) MSO2072A(70MHz,2+16 MSO) MSO2072A-S(70MHz,2+16 MSO + 2 CH Source) DS2102A(100MHz,2CH) DS2102A-S(100MHz,2CH + 2 CH Source) MSO2102A(100MHz,2+16 MSO) MSO2102A-S(100MHz,2+16 MSO + 2 CH Source) DS2202A(200MHz,2CH) DS2202A-S(200MHz,2CH + 2 CH Source) MSO2202A(200MHz,2+16 MSO) MSO2202A-S(200MHz,2+16 MSO + 2 CH Source) DS2302A(300MHz,2CH) DS2302A-S(300MHz,2CH + 2 CH Source) MSO2302A(300MHz,2+16 MSO) MSO2302A-S(300MHz,2+16 MSO + 2 CH Source) Power Cord conforming to the standard of the country USB Data Cable 2 Passive Probes (350 MHz) 1 Set LA probe(MSO only) Quick Guide Resource CD (User’s Guide and Application Software) Rack Mount Kit Analog channel and Digital channel(MSO) memory Depth upgraded upto 24Mpts Windows.excluding probes and accessories.INC.SPI Decoding Kit CAN Analysis kit(Trigger+Decoding) Order Number DS2072A DS2072A-S MSO2072A MSO2072A-S DS2102A DS2102A-S MSO2102A MSO2102A-S DS2202A DS2202A-S MSO2202A MSO2202A-S DS2302A DS2302A-S MSO2302A MSO2302A-S CB-USBA-USBB-FF-150 RP3300A RPL2316 RM-DS2000A MEM-DS2000A AT-DS2000A SD-DS2000A CAN-DS2000A Warranty Three-year warranty.USA Tel/Fax: 440-232-4488x111 Toll free: 877-4-RIGOL-1x111 Email: info@rigol. 7401 First Place. 102206 P. Germany Tel: +49(0)89-8941895-0 Email: info-europe@rigol. Chang Ping District. Product information in this document subject to update without Europe RIGOL TECHNOLOGIES V01-14 .R. Beijing. USB USA RIGOL TECHNOLOGIES USA. please contact local RIGOL office or access RIGOL official website: www. Nth Edge. RIGOL® is the registered trademark of RIGOL Technologies.156.Cai He Village. Time Out. Inc. No. applications and services. For the latest information about RIGOL's products. INC.China Tel:+86-10-80706688 Fax:+86-10-80705070 Email: support@rigol. GmbH Lindbergh str.