Daniela M.

Medina Hoyos
ENC 3331
Professor Wright
Pet Adoptions: Reaching Hispanic Communities
The issue regarding the discrepancy between the amounts of purchased animals versus
rescued ones is one of interest to many animal lovers. As such, it’s important to create awareness
of the roles of rescues, costs, and benefits associated with them. This should be information
available to all but is currently only offered in English and geared towards American society. In
order to increase adoption rates, it’s important to include Hispanics as apart of the audience.
They make up a large portion of Central Florida’s population. Throughout this project, I would
like to investigate the different tactics that could be implemented to approach this section of the
market and why it’s important to do so.

Project Details
In order to support my claims, I will need to provide quantitative data. I will do this
through online and onsite surveys. They will be written in Spanish to ensure accuracy. The
online survey will be posted on social media sites. The onsite questionnaire will require me to
travel to a Hispanic establishment to try and gather different perspectives on the subject and a
wider age range. A sample of the questions I will be asking and their format will be as follows:

 Do you currently own a dog or a cat?
o If yes, was it adopted or purchased?
o If no, where would you go to get one?
 How familiar are you with the concept of adoption? (1 – 5 scale)
 How likely are you to adopt in the future? (1 – 5 scale)
o If lower than 3, what’s your hesitation?
 How familiar are you with concepts such as spay/neuter?
 Would you approve of this procedure for your pet?
 Where would you go to have it done?
 Are you familiar with the cost? Y or N
 Can you recall seeing an advertisement from a shelter/rescue in Spanish?
o If yes, what caught your attention (negative/positive)?
o What would you change?
 What type of advertisement would motivate you to donate/rescue?
 What is your primary motivation for having a pet?
 Do you believe Hispanics are good pet caretakers?
 Would you be interested in learning more about the services provided by

As showcased above, the survey will focus on the characteristics of the Hispanic
population within Central Florida as related to their likelihood of having pets. It will also attempt
to understand the extent of their knowledge regarding the adoption option and procedures. The
last section is very important since it will dictate the type of information that needs to be
provided in the marketing campaign. If the public is completely unaware, I will need to develop
advertisements that cater to a more informational approach. If the public is slightly aware, I can
then capture their attention through more humorous and unique creations to create brand
For the success of this project, I will attempt to interview the marketing/advertisement
managers at the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando (previously known as the SPCA of Orlando),

Orange County Animal Center, and Osceola County Animal Center. During the interviews, I
would like to find out what their current marketing initiatives consist of and why they are taking
this approach. Additionally, I will ask them about previous or current attempts to reach the
Hispanic community. Since I will also be volunteering in the facility, I will attempt to gather
insight from volunteers to understand what type of issues need to be addressed. This knowledge
will be essential when creating my own mock sample marketing campaign with the
advertisements/communication initiatives geared towards Hispanics. I say mock from a reserved
perspective, as the implementation of the campaign is dependent upon the openness from the
As far as researching the type of communication strategies to creates, it will be important
to research other shelters and rescues in heavily diverse communities in the United States. This
includes locations such as New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, Phoenix, Dallas, San
Antonio, El Paso, San Diego, and Miami. It will be interesting to find out what worked, what
didn’t work, and how to improve their efforts. This will enable me to have a firm idea of what
type of approach to take. The insights will be gathered through my own analysis and an attempt
to contact the top shelters/rescues through email and phone if necessary in these locations.
Additionally, I will attempt to stay true to the Hispanic culture. I will search for different
rescue organizations within each of the countries as seen in print, online, and outdoor
advertisements. I will then create a list of possible ideas that could be implemented within the
United States. I believe that being a Hispanic myself will give me the ability to connect with the
audience rather than have a stereotypical approach. I will focus on major nationalities in Central
Florida: Colombians, Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, and Dominican.

At the end of the project, I plan to have a photo-shoot session with my own cat to
illustrate the different messages to be discussed. They will have captions and sayings
emphasizing the cultural aspect of each image. My goal is to focus on creating posters and
potential outdoor posters in order to give more exposure to the animals. Depending on the
cooperation from the shelter and/or rescue, I will use their animals in order to make a larger
campaign and have it potentially be used. My end goal is to develop different methods and ideas
that could be used by these organizations to raise pet adoption awareness amongst Hispanics in
Central Florida.

The idea for my research project will require extensive research and execution time. The
pressure from meeting the deadlines for each of the assignments will also come into play, as it
will dictate the pace at which the project must be completed.


September 15th – September 24th

September 25th – October 1st


Turn in draft of Project Proposal (9/17)
Meet with professor for proposal approval
Finish up final details
Turn in final Project Proposal (9/24)

Make appointment to meet with marketing/
advertisement manager
Attend Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando open house
Research statistics on Hispanics in Central Florida
Research adoption rates

October 2 – October 8th

October 9 – October 15th

October 16th – October 22nd

October 23rd – October 29th

October 30th – November 5th

Research Hispanics and pet relationships
Research/ Survey Hispanic knowledge of rescue
option and process
Research current marketing initiatives by Pet Alliance
and Orange/Osceola Animal Services
Meet with marketing/adv. manager
Meet with marketing/adv. manager
Research previous Hispanic advertisements within the
United States
Develop and turn in draft of Analysis Paper (10/15)
Complete changes according to feedback
Perform individual searches according to each
individual nationality
Begin sketching mock ideas for
marketing/communication initiatives

Turn in final Analysis Paper (10/29)

Continue developing ideas regarding awareness for the
Hispanic community
Begin volunteering at the Pet Alliance
Talk to the volunteers about what they believe would
help connect with potential adopters

Speak with manager about using the animals for my
mock initiative
Decide on which ideas to showcase for the project
Begin creating backgrounds and set up for my cats’

November 13th – November 19th

Write Action Plan
Begin editing photographs
Begin creating any additional material
Turn in draft of Plan of Action (11/19)

November 20th – November 26th

Complete all editing and creation
Revise Plan of Action according to feedback

November 27th – December 3rd

Turn in final Plan of Action (12/3)

November 6th – November 12th