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November 6, 2014
To: All Pastors, Elders, Leaders and Church Members
Sincere Christian greetings!
Please see important dates, events and communication from the East Jamaica Conference of
Seventh-day Adventists below.
(1) Letter to the Church From the President - Re Camp Meeting 2014
November 3, 2014
To All Pastors, Elders & Church Clerks
East Jamaica Conference
Dear Brethren:
Warm Christian greetings.
God has indeed been faithful in keeping us together, in spite of the many challenges we have had to
face on our Christian journey. We are certain we will overcome through His unfailing grace.
I am pleased to inform you that our annual Camp Meeting is scheduled for December 17 – 20, 2014 at
the Kencot Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Camp Meeting this year promises to be spiritually charged yet different, in that we will have five of
the Conference presidents across Jamaica, including our Union President, sharing the word of God
under the theme :- “Digging Deeper, Reaching Higher, Serving Wider.”
This is your special invitation to attend. Remember Camp Meeting is for every member of the Church.
We are therefore encouraging you to promote this important event in your church. We anticipate your
full support as together we recharge our spiritual batteries to do greater work for the Lord.
We are requesting two delegates from your church. We have a great programme line up with
interesting seminar topics and presentations prepared for you. Please plan to be there.
Attached are application forms with the cost associated for each delegate. You will notice that the
financial plans remain the same as last year. This is because we are aware of the financial challenges of
our members and want to ensure that every church sends their two delegates. Please fill out and
return, with the relevant fees, to the President’s Office on or before December 1, 2014.
Wishing you the Lord’s blessings, I remain
Sincerely yours,
Eric Nathan, D.Min., J.P.

NB. For a printable copy of this letter please follow this link . Click here.
(2) Notice from the Jamaica Union
Letter from Pastor Everett Brown, President - Jamaica Union Conference:
Dear Field Leaders,
Warmest Greetings. There is a special invitation from the Governor General to all the Churches
in Jamaica to "call the nation to prayer" on November 8 & 9, 2014, and that we include the
following: Chic V, Ebola, the Church in Huston Texas, and Christians in Iraq, Syria and other
areas that are being prosecuted.
The Seventh-day Adventist Church joins in this initiative, and although in many churches
prayers are now being offered for these and other situations, we would like to place these
issues before the Lord in a concerted way. Coincidentally, Sabbath, November 8th is the end of
our Annual Week of Prayer, and so we ask that our congregations be deliberate in praying for
these individuals and situations on that day.
2. The Jamaica Union invites all members to Symposium 2014 Sabbath November 8, 2014
under the theme “Looking back…reaching forward with Christ.” Guest speaker will be Dr.
Donald King – President of the Atlantic Union Conference.

(3) Notice from the Ministerial Department

Recognizing the value and the importance of prayer, the Apostle Paul admonishes us to pray
without ceasing. We are further admonished in scripture to pray one for the other and to pray
also for those in authority.
The East Jamaica Conference joins with the Jamaica Union Conference in observing forty days
of special prayer and devotion under the theme : "Transforming lives through the Power of
We invite every member of the church to capitalize on this opportunity continue to pray for the
Holy Spirit to take full control of our lives.
Follow this link to see prayer schedule . Look for "JAMU 40 Days Prayer and Devotion"
at this link. Click Here.

(4) Notice from the Stewardship, Wills and Trust Dpt.

1.) The Stewardship and Trust Services Department of the East Jamaica Conference will be
hosting a Seminar/Workshop at the East Jamaica Conference Board Room on Sunday,
November 9, 2014 at 9:30am. The theme of this special forum will be: "Secrets to Increased
Blessings and Rewards." Read more

2. ) November 15, 2014 will be the launch of the Comprehensive Care Plan (CCP) {also
known as the Comprehensive Growth Plan (CGP)} in all churches in the constituency. At the
heart of this initiative, is a drive to get every member of the church to fall in love again with
our loving Saviour as we spend time in prayer, daily study of the word and full participation in
the mission of the church by using our talents and gifts to win others to His kingdom. Careful
attention to our stewardship to God and members of our church family are pivotal to the
success of this plan.
Listen out for more information from your pastor on this Christ centered plan to prepare us for
his soon coming.

(5) Notices from the Children’s and Adolescence Ministries Department

EJC Bible Spell-a-thon finals will be held on November 8, 2014 @ the Kingsway School
beginning @ 3:30 p.m. sharp. All participants are expected to be on time.


For Children’s story on Sabbath November 15, 2015 kindly complement the Stewardship
Department of EJC Comprehensive Care Plan with a story about sharing.


All CM Directors of Zone 4 are asked to attend a joint F/L, WM seminar at the Morant
Bay SDA Church on Sunday, November 16, 2014, from 9 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Kindly
confirm your attendance by Friday, November 7, 2014, so that we can adequately cater for
seating and meals. Come share your vision with President Nathan and the team.


An awards exercise for our missionaries and Bible Spell-a-thon finalists will be held on
December 15, 2015.
Failure keeps you humble. Success keeps you glowing. But only God can keep you faithful. Affirm the positive.

(6) Notices from the Family Life Department

November 29, 2014 is International Singles’ Day. Remember to plan a special program
of affirmation for all our singles. A program guide is provided. Main venue will be the
Constant Spring Church. Kindly send us the name of a male and a female on or before
November 18, 2014 to be affirmed on that day.


F/L Directors, kindly send us the full names and date of marriage of all the members of
your church by December 30, 2014. This data is needed by GC, JAMU and EJC. More
information will follow re the couples’ convocation to be held at NCU Gymnasium on
February 7, 2015.


The Family Life theme for 2015 is ‘Making Home a Place of Peace and Healing’. Let’s
work at making this a reality in every family.


You are invited to the pre-marital counseling clinic conducted by Dr. Eric Nathan,
President and Family Life Specialist, every Tuesday @ 5:30 p.m. Venue – EJC.


Zone 4 your seminar for directors of Family Life, Women & Children will be held at the
Morant Bay SDA Church on Sunday, November 16, 2014, from 9 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Kindly confirm your attendance by Friday, November 7, 2014, so that we can adequately
cater for seating and meals. Come share your vision with President Nathan and the F/L


A meeting of all volunteer personnel in counseling, mediation, social work, reception
skills, etc. from zones 1-4 will be held on November 22, 2014 @ EJC from 3 p.m. to 4:30
p.m. @ EJC. Kindly confirm your attendance so that we can cater for your physical needs.
Kindly call / email7811565 or email cgenas@ejcsda.com to confirm your attendance.


All churches are asked to send the names of two males (under 16 & over 17) with
leadership qualities, sanctioned by your Church Board to be trained as BEAMS
representatives for your church immediately. We need this core group to help plan for the
2015 BEAMS Junior Convention. We commend those churches that have already

Everyone has different needs related to how they stay happy. Exercising, praying, spending time with
friends/family, and learning something new. Sometimes you need to do some things alone.

(7) Notices from the Women’s Ministries Department





(IDEVAW). The material has been circulated for you to share with your church.
MOMS in Touch: For the month of November let’s pray for our singles. Focus for Week
1- Health and wisdom; Week 2- Love for mission
HEART NTA Soft Skills Graduation will be held on Sunday December 28, 2014 in the
EJC Boardroom.
All WM Directors of Zone 4 are asked to attend a joint F/L, CM seminar at the Morant
Bay SDA Church on Sunday, November 16, 2014, from 9 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Kindly
confirm your attendance by Friday, November 7, 2014, so that we can adequately cater for
seating and meals. Come share your vision with President Nathan and the team.

(8) Letter to the Church from the Education Director Re Special Offering for Kingsway
November 4, 2014
To: All Pastors, First Elders, Treasurers, Education Directors
Dear Brethren:
RE: Collection of Special Offering for Kingsway High and Preparatory School on
Sabbath, Nov. 29, 2014
Sincere Christian Greetings!
We take this opportunity to register our profound gratitude for your support towards the cause
of Adventist Christian Education since the existence of Kingsway High and Preparatory
School seventy one (71) years ago. In retrospect, the school has graduated outstanding men
and women who have excelled in their various field of studies and are making significant
contribution to nation building not just here in Jamaica, but across the world.
In recent years, the school has shown steady improvement in academic performance with one
hundred passes in at least seven subject areas over the past 2 - 5 years but our student

enrollment over the past two years has seen significant decline mainly due to the
discontinuation of acceptance of GNAT ( Grade Nine Achievement Test) students.
In 2012, Kingsway High School boasted an enrollment of 384 while today the student
population stands at 265. This drop in student enrollment has significantly affected our cash
flows and our ability to meet some of our statutory commitments which have fallen in arrears.
Kingsway wants to continue its role of providing Christian Education at the highest standard
but needs your support. The school is no longer able to support itself and needs your prayers
and financial assistance as we chart a course out of our financial dilemma.
As the Conference moves forward, one of the pillars that it recognizes is that of ownership of
all its institutions by the entire constituency. Thus we invite you to help us in keeping the
doors of Kingsway opened.
On Sabbath November 29, 2014 during the Divine Hour, we are requesting that a special
offering be collected by each church for the Kingsway High and Preparatory School. In order
to achieve maximum impact, we request that this promotion be done by the pastor or first
elder where possible. The funds collected should be lodged at First Caribbean Bank to account
name Kingsway High School and account number A/C #0065206111. Checks may also be
made out to Kingsway High School and delivered to the Treasury Department at the East
Jamaica Conference Office.
We thank you in advance for your generous contribution as together we work at securing a
brighter future for our children and Christian Education.
In the book Education, the servant of the Lord Ellen G. White stated that "Education and
redemption are one." We will continue to do strive to give our students the best education
while advancing the rich Adventist philosophy and heritage that the Lord has entrusted to us.
Respectfully Yours.
Dr. Eric Nathan

Dr. Donna Brown
Education Director

NB. For a printable copy of this letter please follow this link . Click here.
"Children need appreciation, sympathy, and encouragement, but care should be taken not to
foster in them a love of praise." Education Page 200
(9) Notice from the Sab. School, Personal Ministries & Comm. Services Dpt.

Bro. Iva Charles Foresythe, late caretaker at the Good Samaritan Inn, died on Friday,

Nov. 9 at 10

24, 2014. Funeral Service will be at the Heroes Circle SDA Church, Sunday,
Interment will be at the May Pen Cemetery. (he was 64 yrs. old).


All Community Services Leaders in Zones 1, 2 and 3 are invited to an extraordinary
Community Services Federation meeting to be held on Sunday, Nov. 23, 2014 at East
Jamaica Conference office.


Lay Evangelism Association meeting will be on Nov. 13 at 6 p.m. - East Ja.Conference


An emergency meeting of the EJC Evangelism Council will be held on Monday, Nov.
2014 at 6 p.m.

The Inter-American Division is asking that each church select an officer to be in charge
persons with special needs (known as disabilities). We would like to have such
attending a meeting at the Conference office to form an association on
Thursday, Nov.
27, 2014.at 6 p.m. More information will be given at this meeting.
(10) Notices from the Youth Department
November 6, 2014
To be read in all Churches
My Brothers and Sisters:
I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ – Our Leader who is forever young.
As Week of Prayer culminates, let us pray for our leaders in training – Pathfinders – who will
sit Examinations on Sunday, November 9, 2014. With your prayers and their diligent
preparation, I believe they will do tremendously well as they make themselves ready to
advance the mission of Christ.
I pray that everybody everywhere is getting ready to celebrate with our Pathfinders across the
conference as we have a massive Pathfinder Festival on Sunday, November 23, 2014 at 8:30
a.m. to 5: 30 pm at the V.H. Percy Centre and Kencot Grounds. If you want to be educated
about the Pathfinder Programme, and if you want undiluted clean Christian fun this is the event
to attend. Activities include, but are not limited to:
Knots relay
Catch the train
Fire building
Law race
Drill & march

Water relay
Come, as we continue to support our young people. Let us continue to encourage them as we
celebrate Youth in Leadership Month.
God bless you forever and always,

Dane Al Fletcher
NB. For a printable copy of this letter please follow this link . Click here.
2. Youth Congressoree will be on December 12 - 14, 2014, with services and activities to
strengthen, enrich, inspire, and de-stress, every youth of EJC and beyond. Come as we
celebrate the dedication of the youth, and youth leaders who keep the flame of Youth
Ministries in East Jamaica Conference. Be ready to celebrate God's goodness as we worship
Him through rich music, and heartfelt praise and adoration.
3. Let us give thanks for our young people who are more eager to serve, and who may very
well be more committed than we would imagine. As best as possible let us keep them involved
with the operations of church as each department mentors our youth as we groom them for
4. Please read letter from the Youth Ministries Director Re: Youth in Leadership Month,
and Training of Youth in all Departments of Church by clicking on this link.
(11) Notices From Public Affairs and Religious Liberty Department
I share with you an interesting article from the Adventist Review of the story of a man who
was awarded US$ 31, 025.00 for Sabbath Dismissal. This story should encourage those who
lost their job because of faithfulness to the Lord or if you are facing pressure at work for
being a Seventh-day Adventist.

New Zealander Awarded $31,025 for Sabbath Dismissal
ANew Zealand company has been ordered to pay lost wages to a Seventh-day Adventist man
who was fired for refusing to work on Sabbath.
Click here to read more
(12) Notices From The Communication Department
(1) Preparation For Live Streaming of Camp Meeting 2014

The Communication Department of our Conference, plans to stream via the internet all of the
Camp Meeting 2014 sermon presentations, so that members of our church across the country,
can benefit from the messages that will be preached. This you would be able to access from
the East Jamaica Conference website at www.ejcsda.com.
While we expect to see maximum turnout at the Camp Meeting venue, we know that many of
our brethren will not be able to attend but would want to see and hear live, the activities
taking place at the meetings. This is where proper forward planning and technology can be of
benefit to our brethren, especially those who live out of town and / or do not have the
wherewithal to attend these meetings.
Please follow this link to view complete letter to Pastors Elders and Communication
Leaders on the subject above Click Here
(2) Photo Update of recent IAD Graduation ceremony at Andrews SDA Church
Photo Highlights of the recent graduation exercise held at the Andrews SDA Church on
October 25, 2015 has been updated to include The Sabbath Teachers and Elders. Click here to
(13) Notices from the constituency
1. The Stony Hill SDA church will be having its Youth Week of Prayer November 1-8, 2014
under the theme “Christ Methods Alone” as well as a Youth’s day celebration November 22,
2014. Please see flyers below.

(14) Schedule of Upcoming Conference Dates and Events
Nov 8
Nov 8
Nov 8
Nov 9
Nov 10
Nov 15
Nov 22
Nov 23
Nov 29
Nov 29 - Dec 7
Dec 7

Trust Services Day
EJC Bible Spell-a-thon
Symposium 2014 (JAMU) See Poster Below
Stewardship & Trust Seminar
A Leaders Conference (JAMU) See Posters Below
Launch of Comprehensive Care Plan
Beams Junior Convention (Postponed)
Pathfinder Festival
International Singles Day
Stewardship Week
Leaders' Summit

Dec 12 - 14
Dec 17 - 20

Youth Congressoree,
Camp Meeting

Mandeville SDA Church
EJC Board Room
Mandeville SDA Church
All Churches
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Kencot SDA Church

Phillip E. L. Castell
Communication Director