All companies have unexploited resources and assets that will provide the company with growth
and profitability. One approach to fully reach the potential of such resources is to embrace the
concept of intrapreneurship.
Intrapreneurship is short for intracorporate entrepreneurship. It is a process where a person or team,
who called intrapreneur, within a large organization takes direct responsibility for the development
of an idea into a profitable product or service through risk-taking and innovation. It is also
instrumental to involve both the entire organization and exploitation of existing resources and
assets in business development in order to achieve organic growth.
Intrapreneurship has been around since 3M developed Post-It notes back in 1977 and is even more
popular today as companies encourage their employees to innovate and stay competitive in the
marketplace. Intrapreneurship is not a job title, it doesn’t matter whether you’re the lowest in the
pyramid or you’re some levels up. Intrapreneurship is neither a task nor a technical skill, it’s a
mindset and an attitude which in fact, are easy to learn. Intrapreneurs like to push the envelope of
the status quo and always put their entrepreneurial instincts to work within the business
environment they are employed in.
In this topic, my focus is whether the pharmaceutical company in Indonesia has become an
intrapreneurial organization or not. The main reason I am interested in this specific research
question is most of pharmaceutical companies in Indonesia are multinational company which the
parent company mostly located in Europe or US. This group company doesn’t has their own
research department nor the operation system because they have to follow the request or comply
the rules of the parent company. So, it might be very little chance the company could apply
intrapreneurship culture. If the research shows negative result, I would like to know what
alternative ways to solve the challenges that the group company may be facing to be more
My first step in the actual work is doing more research about the intrapreneurship itself, include
the benefit of intrapreneurship, how to be an intrapreneur or intrapreneurial organization, what are
the challenges and how to solve it. In the meantime, I will do some interview to my friends,
focusing on 1 or 2 multinational pharmaceutical company in Indonesia. I will using the
Entrepreneurial Audit - Self Assessment from surveygizmo website as my tool. It is a 10 questions
survey that enables you to rate your company on specific activities that support and encourage
intrapreneurship. After that, I will ask more about what they think about intrapreneurship and its
component in their company.