Saltwater Café

Lunch Menu

Garlic Bread -



Garlic Parmesan Bread

Oysters (sourced locally from Wapengo)
½ dozen $14.00
½ dozen $16.00


Dozen $23.00
Dozen $25.00

Homemade Mini Spring Rolls
Chicken or Vegetable (V) served with sweet chilli sauce


Prawns on a bed of lettuce (GF), served with seafood sauce


Thai Fish Cakes
3 Tai fish cakes served on a cucumber salad with dipping sauce


Occy Salad - Char grilled baby octopus on a roasted capsicum, fetta salad
with balsamic dressing (GF)


Smoked Salmon – Smoked NZ King Salmon on an avocado salad, topped
with fried capers (GF)


All Burgers Served with Chips
Grilled Fish Burger- A Piece of grilled fish, salad & Aioli on a lightly
toasted Turkish roll


Satay Chicken Wrap – Lettuce, cucumber, onion & toasted peanuts


Deluxe Vegie Burger – Homemade roasted vegetable cumin seed pattie,
served on Turkish bread with salad & Zucchini relish


Saltwater Beef Burger – Bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, beetroot
& caramelised onion


Bowl Chips with tomato sauce (small bowl) (GF, V)
Bowl Wedges – with sweet chilli & sour cream (GF, V)
Greek Salad (GF, V)


GF = Gluten Free, V = Vegetarian

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Saltwater Café

Lunch Menu

Seafood Platter - Fish, prawns, scallops, calamari, chilli cheese
Mussels, oysters, Salad & Chips (battered or grilled (GF))

for 2 - $63.00
for 1 - $35.00

Salt & Pepper Squid – Scored, seasoned & lightly fried served
On a greek salad


Herb Coated Calamari – Lightly fried calamari on a parmesan salad
With Aioli & Balsamic reduction


Fish of the Day – Choice of local fish grilled(GF), crumbed or Battered
With chips & salad


Fish & Chips – Crispy battered local fish fillet served with
beer batter chip & tartare sauce


Vegi Quiche (V) – served with caramelised onion, chips & salad


Fishermans Catch – A selection of crispy battered prawns, scallops,
fish, calamari, chips and tartare sauce


Grilled Seafood Delight – Grilled Fish, prawns & scallops with chips
& salad with creamy dill sauce (GF)


Grilled Atlantic Salmon – Salmon grilled topped with baby spinach &
hollandaise sauce, served with salad


Grilled Scallops – 8 Scallops grilled in a garlic butter served on
a Parmesan salad (GF)


Chicken Caesar Salad – Mixed lettuce, shaved parmesan, crispy bacon,
Egg, croutons & anchovies


Chicken Parmi – Chicken Schnitzel topped garlic tomato sauce, crispy bacon,
3 cheeses served with wedges
KIDS – All $8.50 (only for children)
Fish & Chips (battered, grilled (GF), crumbed)
Chicken Nuggets (breast) & Chips
Cheesy beef burger & fries
Spaghetti bolognaise

GF = Gluten Free, V = Vegetarian

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