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I am submitting this resume to you company to express my interest for applying for any Full-Time job
position/role pertinent with Urban Planning Industry. I offer sound technical competency and a strong
commitment to present outstanding performance that would defiantly contribute in prospective growth of your
enterprise. The details of my professional qualifications and past work experience is embedded in this resume
for your review.


Masters of Urban and Regional Planning.
University of Sydney, Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Design, Sydney (NSW), Australia.
(Finished with overall 77%)
Bachelors of City and Regional Planning (B.CRP).
Department of City and Regional Planning (DCRP),
Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET), Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan.
(Finished with overall 79%)

ArcGIS for Urban Policy Analysis
Policy Preparation for Sustainable Urban Development
Policy Development for Sustainable Transport System
Planning & Heritage Law
Development Assessment for Multiple Land Uses

Over 10 years of solid professional work experience delivering high quality urban planning service
(local & international).

Expertise in understanding local planning system; proficient in preparing local urban policy and
urban design codes for all type of developments.

Expertise in developing planning strategies for ecological sustainable development.

Strong research and analytical skills

Advanced user of ArcGIS software; expertise in analysing urban policy issue and spatial analysis by
using various land evaluation models.

Keen ability to evaluate and assess commercial, residential and mixed use development proposals

Capacity to use independent judgment and to manage confidential information in accordance with
legislative and organisational procedures.

Solid ability to work effectively with service users, staff and other professionals in a high-intensity

Good interpersonal and communication skills, very strong organizational skills.

Tutor, School of Global Studies, Social Science and Planning, RMIT University,
Melbourne, Australia
Course: Strategic Planning
Postgraduate Work Experience (Australia)
Urban & Regional Planner

Development Assessment Officer (Contract Role), Marrickville Council, NSW, Australia
Planning & Heritage Assessment Officer (Contract Role), Woollahra Municipal Council
Planning & Heritage Assessment Officer (Contract Role), Liverpool City Council (NSW)
Research Assistant,

Academic 2002. Government of Sindh. Pakistan. Pakistan'. Gained certification for Internal Quality Audit training. Engineering Associates (EA). curriculum and extra curriculum based activities.Sep-Dec University of Western Sydney In collaboration with Great Lakes Council. Pakistan.Present Projects (a) Principal Planner . Bulahdelah By-Pass Economic Impact Study Work Experience Pakistan Urban & Regional Planner 2013 Senior Urban Planner-1. (b) Arthur . Contributed in the preparation of the 2003-2023 Mithi City Development Plan.Larkana City. Government of Sindh.' District Disaster Risk Management Plan . (b) Senior GIS Specialist . Hyderabad. Sindh. Developed annual quality objectives and action plans for administrative and education quality improvement by organizing seminars. A critical study of public transport Karachi CBD.'Urban Development Strategy. Government of Sindh. Hunter Region (NSW) Pacific Highway (Sydney-Brisbane). Pakistan' Project Carried out in collaboration with Directorate of Strategic Planning & Urban Policy. DCRP. Conducted Internal/External Quality Audits for quality assurance and worked as special mentor for physical stock assessment and verification committees. 2002-2004 Project Supervisor (Contract Role): Department of Town Planning. Ministry of Planning & Development. MUET Undergraduate Thesis: ‘ A study of busy road junctions at Hyderabad City Pakistan (I-II). Ministry of Planning & Development. Pakistan Jul. A study of parking facilities at busy commercial areas.muet. 5 year solid experience of successfully implementing the ‘System operating procedures’ (SOP’s) and ‘Quality Systems Procedures’ (QSP’s) in administrative environment. Pakistan' Project Carried out in collaboration with Directorate of Strategic Planning & Urban Policy.muet. Administration 2005 Quality Coordinator for ISO 9000: DCRP. Hyderabad. Pakistan. MUET http://www. Pakistan & Asian Development Bank (ADB).' Development of GIS Based Database . files and office register documents. Evaluation with reference to housing’ Project Supervisor Undergraduate Thesis Projects: 2009 2009 2008 2007 2006 2004 2003 A study of slum improvement strategies Qasimabad City. Sindh. Karachi. Pakistan. Project Carried out in collaboration with Directorate of Strategic Planning & Urban Policy. Ministry of Planning & Development. Hyderabad. A study on Public Transport of Hyderabad City. MUET enhancement-cell • • • • • http://www. Government of Sindh. Pakistan & Asian Development Bank (ADB). Larkana City. Maintained stock registers.Larkana City. Pakistan. RESEARCH EXPEDITIONS Australia 2010 Pakistan 2000 University of Sydney Planning Report Masters-Dissertation: ‘Which urban form is more sustainable and consumes less transport energy?’ DCRP. A study of parking provisions in front of Institutional buildings Hyderabad City. Development Plan 2003-2023. Mirpur Bathoro. Pakistan. Traffic congestion in the Hyderabad City and its impacts upon the social behaviour of the people. 2 . Pakistan & Asian Development Bank (ADB).edu.2009 Lecturer.

Work Ready Essentials Workshops. Mithi (Part-2): An updated development plan 2002 -2023. Spatial Development. Economy. Drainage and Sewerage. Pakistan. Traffic and Transportation. Sindh. Faculty Development Scholarship (four years). Sydney Talent. (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) REFERENCES Interpersonal communication in the workplace Working in a team Planning and organisational skills Making an impact through networking and presentations Self-awareness for lifelong learning Will be provided on request 3 . University of Sydney. Sindh. Sindh. TRAININGS 2009 Trainee. MUET. Housing and Water Supply. Population. Higher Education Commission Pakistan.2002 Mithi (Part-1): An updated development plan 2002 -2023. Pakistan. PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS Pakistan Council of Architects and Town Planners PCATP (Since-2002) AWARDS & HONORS 2001 2007 Gold Medallist and faculty top student. Mithi (Part-3): An updated development plan 2002 -2023. Social Development. DCRP. Pakistan.