Mbande Nzinga was born in 1583 and deceased in December 17th 1663, she was born as a

princess and later became the queen of Ndongo and Matamba Kingdoms known today as Angola.
I would describe her personality as strong, fearless and honourable. She only wanted to bring
freedom to her kingdom and she resisted Portuguese domination. Unlike many of the other rulers at
the time, she was determined into preventing the Portuguese from taking control of her land and
people. She was also a smart ruler, many of her intelligent military strategies aimed to prevent the
colonization of Portuguese and attacks from surrounding nations.
Mbande Nzinga faced many challenges throughout her life, not only did she try to resist the
colonization of the Portuguese and attacks from neighbouring African nations in Angola, but she
tried to resolve the issue of slavery. The Portuguese also aimed at using the Angolan people as
slaves to further prosper their economic power. Mbande tried hard to prevent her people from
becoming captive slaves. She provided refugee places for many of the runaway slaves. Nzinga
dedicated her life to fighting for the freedom of her people.
Nzinga made many contributions in the history of her nation. First of all, unlike many of the rulers
before her, she fought strategically and did not give in to the Portuguese colonization. Angola at the
time was under attack by Portuguese and the neighbouring African nations. She managed to ally
herself with the Portuguese and together they fought against the neighbouring enemy nations.
However, the Portuguese betrayed her and she was to flee her nation. However, she still did not
give up. She later became the ruler of a nearby kingdom also known as Mataba. She fought very
hard to develop an economically strong nation and she also resisted for a long time Portuguese
colonization. As visible, Nzinga contributed heavily to the history of her nation.
Another challenge she faced was being a female ruler during the time where that was uncommon
and unwanted. Many traditions such as that of Mbunda prohibited women as being rulers. She did
not let this stop her, in fact she fought very hard to prove that women in society can be effective and
good leaders.
Today, she is highly remembered and respected by European and Portuguese countries because of
her political contributions and her intelligent military strategies. Angola has named a major street
after her and a statue was created in dedication of Mbande. Couples often get married next to the
statue of Nzinga. She is inspiring to many women and shows how women can be strong, intelligent
and great leaders.