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For Immediate Release: 11/6/14

City Manager strikes deal over cable transfer
Comcast commits to call center, local news
Worcester, MA – City Manager Edward Augustus announced today that he will approve Comcast Corporation’s
application to take over the city’s cable franchise after the company made several commitments that will protect
Worcester jobs and valuable local news programming.
After a series of discussions with Augustus, Comcast has agreed to maintain the Worcester call center – which is
currently operated by Charter and employs more than 150 people -- and has pledged to continue to provide
locally-produced news.
“These assurances – above and beyond the city’s contract with its current provider – show Comcast has heard the
community’s concerns and is taking its role in Worcester seriously,” Augustus said. “The agreement we are
announcing today protects Worcester jobs and ensures we continue to enjoy a quality local television news and
sports presence.”
Once the cable license is transferred, Comcast will be bound by all the obligations of the city’s current contract
with Charter, which extends until 2023. The agreements announced today go above and beyond Comcast’s legal
obligations under the current contract.
“We are delighted to have reached an agreement with the City of Worcester that will benefit local residents and
businesses alike,” said Nick Leuci, Vice President of Government and Regulatory Affairs for Comcast’s
Northeast Division. “We appreciate the thorough review and thoughtful discussions with City officials, and look
forward to serving the Worcester community and delivering our innovative products and services to its residents.”
Comcast will maintain the Worcester call center for at least the next three years. The company has no plans to
close the call center in three years’ time. In the event a decision should be made to close the center after three
years, Comcast must provide the city manager with at least six months’ notice.
The facility employs more than 150 highly-trained workers. Charter is currently under no obligation to maintain
the Worcester location for any length of time.
Augustus also expressed concern about Comcast’s commitment to continuing to provide locally produced news,
sports and other programming, including the Mayor’s Forum. Comcast has committed to continue a nightly news
program, The Mayor’s Forum and coverage of local sports equivalent to what is currently offered. In the event
Comcast wants to transition these programs in the future, it will be required to meet with the City Manager and
offer suitable, mutually-agreeable alternatives to ensure Worcester continues to have a strong local news presence.
Worcester is the 53rd and final community in Massachusetts to approve a franchise transfer from Charter to

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