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Week 10 Previews

10: Daddys Team (0-9) V. 4: Bushy Man-Things (5-4)

Every bone in my body is telling me that the Man-Things are going to pull this one out, but my heart is
telling me something else.granted my heart is 0-9 in picking games and my head is much betterbut
whatever. Peyton is going to play like shit, Julio like shit, Bush, West, Thomas, Maclin.ALL SHIT!!
All of them! Meanwhile, Russell Wilson, Calvin and the rest of the gang are going to set it off in this
mother if you know what Im saying, Daddy has to get a win at some point, and by golly Ill be predicting
it when it happens (if it happens). God willing it will happen, because no one will go undefeated in this
league, and no one will go a full season without a win! #predictoneuntilhewinsone #itsgoingdown
#imyellingtimber #thatjusthappened #ihashtaggedkeshajustnow #daddywins #orheloses
Pappy- 105
Courteland- 100

3: Ay-Ay Ron (9-0) V. 7: Never Say Die (1-8)

With his 9th win in a row I think this can essentially be setup as the team with the best luck, vs. the team
with the worst luck. But here is the thing, the luck is changing; although Brandon is 1-1 in the last 2
weeks he still averaged 127 points. I feel like Roethlisberger isnt going to slow down this week, against a
terrible Jets pass defense I think he will continue his rampage.maybe not 6 more touchdowns, but 4
wouldnt surprise me one bit. With that being said it is still Aaron Rodgers, Marshawn Lynch and co. so I
am not going to go as far to say that the streak is going to end this week, but its possible. If
Roethlisberger can throw together another dominant performance then I could see it happening but for
now, Im going chalk and rolling with the favoriteyou know what, no Im not Brandons matchups are
as good as any team has ever had this week (anytime it features: Jets, Bucs, Titans, Raiders, Jags youre
in business), so Im going upset on this one considering Calvin is back making Tate not as good, Hilton is
on a bye and Ben Tate has struggled as of late, Im taking the risk.
#streakbreaker- 112

2: The First Rounders (8-1) V. 8: The Sanchize (4-5)

The Sanchize comes into this game with multiple players on a bye, upon making a few trades this year it
would appear that Trey was not thinking ahead to week 10. Trading for Phillip Rivers and Keenan Allen
who are both sitting out this week, to go along with Arian Foster who is also on his bye, this team looks
significantly different from a normal week. Although Sanchize is without a few players, they are not the
only ones who are missing top talent this week as Rob Gronkowski (#1 TE) is on a bye this week for the
First Rounders. But even after all of that, and a few tough matchups (Brees vs. SF and Charles @ Buf) I
still think that this one will eventually go the way of the First Rounders.
1 Loss but not in 1st place- 124
Sanchez is starting for someone elses team- 96

9: Graham Crackers (3-6) V. 1: Sankey Pank (7-2)

Im not saying this is a must win situation for the fighting Jimmy Grahams but at 3-6 and on the outside
looking in, it would be great to get a win. The good news is even if you dont get a win it isnt that bad
because the two teams in front of you play each other and one of them has to lose, plus you play them
both in your next two matchups. With that being said it is unfortunate that you are running squarely into a
buzz saw this week with a matchup against the most consistent team in the league. Even without Andrew
Luck this week it will be tough sledding, Luck accounts for 22% of their scoring (30.9 of 134.7) so youre
benefiting there, but the rest of the team is still very good. Some matchups are definitely going your way
this week with Cam vs. Philadelphia and Lacy vs. Chicago, but youre going to need a season high to pull
it off this week unfortunately, or atleast over 127 (Jacob has scored 127+ in 8/9 games). Give me Sankey
to win this one, but I think the Graham Crackers are going to make him sweat a little bit before it is all
said and done.
S.P.- 125
Smores- 122

6: Hells Bells (4-5) V. 5: Jordy Green Bryant (4-5)

A tie for 2nd place in the AFC, this game has so many more things on the line than just this one matchup.
So far in the division Brad has the tie breaker because he won their first meeting 105.5-78 while AJ sat
the bench and Nick Foles got a whopping 3. But this time Brad wont have Phillip Rivers to drop 33, he
instead will have Mark Sanchez, who may or may not be a great play this week. The Carolina defense
played very well against Drew Brees last week and I think we can agree that Sanchez isnt Brees, but he
did have a good game last week and this offense is high powered so who knows what will happen. AJ
Green is back, Romo should be back for Dallas and Jordy Nelson is backfrom a bye week. This game
will be a good one as both teams trot out solid lineups this week, but even with Tom Brady on a bye I still
feel that the JGB will find a way to squeeze out a narrow victory. My prediction, Jeremy Hill and AJ
Green light up the Browns to lead off this matchup as the JGB heads into Sunday with a 35-0 cushion. If
they can manage that then I see a JGB victory, if not then it may be headed the other way.
KGBI mean JGB- 121
The Sanchize- 114