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Growing Vitality in a Volunteering Community
Nov / Dec 2014 Issue 52
Tena Koutou,
With International Volunteer Managers’ Day celebrated this week and looking forward to celebrating
International Volunteer Day on 5th December, we would like to acknowledge the extraordinary contribution of people working in the voluntary sector, it is through your generosity that our community organisations continue to provide and support services that enrich and improve the lives of so many others. Without your continued support these organisations would not be able to survive. We are fortunate
to live in a city with a strong volunteer ethic, people are prepared to roll up their sleeves and help out in
many ways.
International Volunteer Day is a timely reminder to recognise volunteers and their contribution. We encourage community groups to nominate someone from their group to receive recognition at the IVD
event we will host on 5th December. This year, we are combining with Tairawhiti Community Voice and
will be presenting the Nan Evans Awards for Community Involvement. This award is presented for
strength of spirit and dedicated work in the community. is intended to acknowledge voluntary action,
teamwork or inspirational leadership.
If you would like to nominate someone, forms are available from our office or via email, please let us
know if you have any one you want to nominate.
I would like to thank Kay, Sophia, Rosemary, Jane P, Alice, Steve, and Martin who have all contributed
their time to the Centre throughout the year either in the office or at events, and our Board members,
Fleur, Tim, Dawn, Brian, Hans, Stephanie and new members, Diane, Monique and Grant, who have provided good governance and a hand at events. We appreciate the contribution of you all and realize we
are a richer place because of you.
Nāku i roto i ngā mihi, nā

Making the Connections...
Throughout the year, we have been
connecting volunteers to help organisations deliver services, we
have also been connecting groups
to work together. One recent project was connecting students from
Gisborne Girls High School and
members of Cameron Road Nursery to work on a gardening project
to establish a garden at GGHS.
The groups are busy working together to clear the section ready for
planting. We look forward to seeing
the outcome.
2nd level, 74 Grey St, Gisborne, Ph 8684522, email: info@gisbornevolunteercentre.org.nz website: gisbornevolunteercentre.org.nz


Jane Says:
We say it every year, around this time “how quick the months have flown by” and we reflect on the
highs and lows of the year, by now most of us are ready for the long holiday break and we muster up our
last burst of energy for the final push to the end goal -a long holiday break, Sounding familiar?
Does it have to be like this every year? How has your health been this year?, were there times when you
struggled into work ,coughing and sneezing a box of tissues under one arm and a pocket full of throat
sweets, because the thought of taking a few days of sick to recover was more complicated than a year 12
math paper, why is that?
Why is it so hard to take sick leave? As a leader of people you find it easy to send home sick staff, you
manage the gap they leave, call upon help from others and or get stuck in yourself; the service manages
for a few days, it does not collapse and disasters don’t happen. So why is it so different when you the
manager is unwell? It’s because the service falls apart, as there is no one to fill your shoes, no one can
pick up and tidy loose ends for a few day whilst you recover after all no one understands your role, it
cannot be shared nor tasks delegated out amongst the team.
Who are you kidding?
If your organisation falls down every time you are absent then some serious sustainability planning is required. You are a manager of people, you can guide, instruct, support and value the contribution and
skills each of those people that work with you have. Where is the value if you truly feel that they are not
capable of managing in your absence for a few days? No excuses they will know the reason why you are
dragging yourself into work and this will surely affect their willingness to support you and the organisation.
So how about starting the New Year off believing that you are not indispensable, Train up and support
one or two of your staff members on the work topics which keep you awake at night in preparation for
when the winter cold strikes next year.
Make burn out a thing of the past in your organisation, accept we all get sick, no one likes a martyr but
team member’s respect and value an honest and realistic leader.
Enjoy and have a safe and very happy Christmas and holidays .

Regards Jane
Think About It...
Do you appreciate your volunteers?
Comments from volunteers
Volunteers want to be informed

They would like to be included

They would like to learn new skills

They don’t want payment, they volunteered !

They want respect.

They would like to be listened to, they have some good ideas.
Don’t forget volunteers are the voice of your organisation, if you aren’t treating them with respect, they aren’t
going to respect you! They may love what they are doing, but if they feel they are not included or not listened
to, they will tell others!

2nd level, 74 Grey St, Gisborne, Ph 8684522, email: info@gisbornevolunteercentre.org.nz website: gisbornevolunteercentre.org.nz


Volunteering New Zealand facilitates this celebration so New Zealand’s volunteers can be recognised and acknowledged for their invaluable work done in our communities.
The theme for IV Day in 2014 is:
“Ma tini ma mano ka rapa te whai.”

“By many, by thousands, the work will be accomplished.”
Without the ongoing support from many volunteers who give their time to their community, the volunteer sector
simply wouldn't be able to provide the services they do.
IV Day is an opportunity for volunteer involving organisations to promote the work they do at a local, national and
international level. Helping to build stronger communities is something that all New Zealanders should be proud
of, especially the thousands of dedicated volunteers who support worthy causes every year.
Help us inspire the next generation of volunteers. Join in the celebrations and promote the day in your community

LIFE Unlimited is a not-for-profit, community focused organisation founded in Hamilton
32 years ago. LIFE Unlimited works to the vision of “Living Independence for Everyone” In keeping with the strategic plan the all new Your local Life Unlimited Store in
Gisborne was launched in June 2012. This new site allows us high visibility and our centre is more accessible to the wider community for people with either health, disability
or age related impairments, their whanau/family or the general public.
Be assured that you don’t need to have a disability to visit our store — we have something for everyone!

The Gisborne Team invite you to visit : 101 Wainui Road
MJ Bloem and Michelle, together with NASC’s Tracy Hewson and Andrea Haisman, and our volunteers, as well as
our Hearing Therapist Cheryl Scott, are all available to assist in any way they can.
“So many products and services in one location”.
Opening hours for Information and Equipment for sale or hire: Monday to Friday 9.00am—5pm
NASC available by phone from 8.30am
2nd level, 74 Grey St, Gisborne, Ph 8684522, email: info@gisbornevolunteercentre.org.nz website: gisbornevolunteercentre.org.nz


Community Notices
Sport Gisborne Volunteer of the

Tairawhiti Environment Centre Workshops

To nominate a star sports volunteer
from your club or team, visit our website: http://

Saturday 15th November -

Our Volunteer of the Month receives a $25 voucher from Peppers Beachfront, Sport Maker merchandise, and a volunteer discount card.
Lotto Volunteer Sports Maker

Lets talk about bees and how to set up your own
12-1pm. 56 Balance Street. Cost: $5.
Saturday 22nd November - Biointensive Compost Workshop. 12-2pm. Cost: $5.
Please wear suitable footwear and bring gloves.

People can show their appreciation for sport volunteers who
blow a whistle, coach, balance the books or help cook the sausages for the fundraising BBQ, by sending a thank you e-card at:

Saturday 29th November - Companion Planting
with SuperGrans. Cost $5.

People who receive a thank you e-card will then be entered into
a monthly draw to win $500 worth of merchandise for them or
their team, including balls, team medical kits, cones, or clothing. There are two winners from Gisborne every month.

Cost: Free

Saturday 6th December - Wormfarm Workshop

For more information on any of the above workshops please contact TEC on 8674708.

SGT Prize-giving Presentations
Sport Gisborne Tairawhiti would like to attend your Sports prize
giving and present an award/prize to your Volunteer of the
Year. Please contact Carl Newman on 06 868 9943 ext. 719 if
you have a special sporting volunteer who deserves to be recognised.
For further information please contact:
Carl Newman Community Sport Adviser - Sport Gisborne
Phone: (06) 8689943 Ext 719

24 hour Walk for Cancer (Fundraiser
14-15 March 2015 at the Showground

Te Ara Tika Trust is a Kaupapa Maori Gamble Free service. If you need help, support or just need to talk to
someone please ring or text Roimata Waihi
027 4545 938 or Mata Lemon 027 4545 934.
Our service is free and confidential.

Never doubt that a small group of concerned citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever
has. - Margaret Mead

Think about getting your teams together now. Registration only $20 per person then fundraise to support
locals through their cancer journey. Contact Cancer
Ph 867 1795 for more information
Locals supporting locals.
3 3
2nd level, 74 Grey St, Gisborne, Ph 8684522, email: info@gisbornevolunteercentre.org.nz website: gisbornevolunteercentre.org.nz


GVC Notices
Funding Sustainability / Community
Fundraising Hot Tips Workshop

Volunteer Coordinators Support Group
and the Field Officers Network Group

26th February, 2015 , time to be confirmed at
the Red Cross Rooms .

Have finished meeting for this year. The groups
will begin again February 2015 . Dates to follow

This informative workshop will be presented by
James Austin, FINZ

We welcome new organisations:

Put it in your dairy

Growing vitality in a volunteering community

If you belong to a community group
and would like to join the Gisborne Volunteer Centre,
please let us know.
Registration forms for organisations and people
wanting to volunteer are available on our website:

Volunteer Positions
Christmas Gift Wrappers
Get into the Christmas spirit !
Do you like wrapping gifts, meeting
people, and having fun? Join

Tairawhiti Community Law Centre are looking
for a volunteer person who has the time, skills,
knowledge and experience necessary to prepare
funding applications and accountability returns to
assist the Manager.

Gisborne Volunteer Centre with our
Christmas gift wrapping service at The Warehouse.
Don’t forget to get
your gifts wrapped
by us !

The Cancer Society are seeking volunteers to help
with the sorting of the donated goods for their
Garage sales. Sorting takes place Tuesday morning's can you help?
Relay for Life, March 2015—
We are seeking volunteers who would like to help
out at next years Relay for life.
Currently we have a variety of positions for before,
during and after the event in March 2015.

The Blind Foundation is seeking volunteers to
support many of their activities and programmes.
Could you help out with serving afternoon tea, befriending and socialising with participants.?
If you think you could we would love to hear from

For more information on any of the above contact : info@gisbornevolunteercentre.org.nz
We currently have 60 volunteer positions available, check out our website:
www.gisbornevolunteer centre.org.nz
and follow us on Facebook

2nd level, 74 Grey St, Gisborne, Ph 8684522, email: info@gisbornevolunteercentre.org.nz website: gisbornevolunteercentre.org.nz


to all the volunteers who have
given their time and collected
for many organisations this year.

2nd level, 74 Grey St, Gisborne, Ph 8684522, email: info@gisbornevolunteercentre.org.nz website: gisbornevolunteercentre.org.nz


Our Mission is to:
Strengthen our community by providing a
climate that encourages volunteering

Thank you to the following funders for continuing
to provide funding throughout the year.

Board Members
Fleur Paenga–
Diane Carter _ Secretary
Brian Cochrane— Treasurer
Monique Carlyle—Youth representative
Grant MacDonald
Office Staff
Jenny Greaves -Manager
Jane Kibble – coordinator
Kay Clarke—Office Support
Jane Putnam—Designer
Office hours:

J N Williams Memorial Trust

9:00– 2.00 pm Week days

Street Address: Level 2, River Oaks Mews,
74 Grey St
Postal Address: P O Box 105, Gisborne

(06) 8684522

Check out our website:

Thanks also to the following businesses who
have kindly helped us and supported us

Like us on:

Member of Volunteering NZ

Summer is gradually coming, but the festive season seems to be coming faster.
Before you wind down for the holiday season, remember your volunteers and
think about how your organisation can acknowledge their contribution, a perfect opportunity will be on International Volunteer Day coming up on 5th December. Remember also to take care of yourselves and enjoy the season.

Meri Kirihimete ki a koe me te whanau
Merry Christmas to you and your family
2nd level, 74 Grey St, Gisborne, Ph 8684522, email: info@gisbornevolunteercentre.org.nz website: gisbornevolunteercentre.org.nz


Core Functions of a Volunteer Centre

Raise the profile and promote volunteering
Facilitate community connections
Provide information, advice and support on volunteering
Work with volunteering organisations to develop volunteering opportunities
Promote and advocate for the interests of volunteers
Work with organisations to develop volunteer opportunities
Work with organisations to develop and maintain standards
Promote management of volunteers as a profession
Honour the Treaty of Waitangi

P O Box 105

Growing Vitality in a Volunteering Community...
Please let us know ….

If your details have changed.

If you have changed your address,

If you don’t want to continue receiving our news letter:

Phone 8684522 or
Email: info@gisbornevolunteercentre.org.nz
Thank you

Happy Volunteering!

E noho ràā

2nd level, 74 Grey St, Gisborne, Ph 8684522, email: info@gisbornevolunteercentre.org.nz website: gisbornevolunteercentre.org.nz


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