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power generation diversity and a heightened focus on efficiency. There are new challenges such as the need for increased renewable energy provision. our team works with customers and Alstom companies worldwide to offer advice and consultancy on developing the best possible solution for each situation. transportation. oil & gas and mining & metals to meet these growing energy demands and challenges. metering transformers. we are able to offer our customers complete ‘turnkey’ solutions. including equipment breakdown. AC and DC auxiliary power and control systems. reliability and capacity for power grids around the world. and earthquakes. floods. tailored and competitive solutions. more efficient and environmentally friendly electricity grids worldwide. AIS or Hybrid). o3 . A mobile substation is a self-contained trailer or container equipped with the necessary high and medium voltage components of a full substation. So what happens if a substation goes ‘off-line’? Disruption can be caused by a range of events outside of the control of utilities. Madrid. grid operators and industries. Mobile substation units have been delivered and energised for national electric companies. ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18000. As one of the global players in electrical transmission. Alstom has over 125 years of experience. network interconnections. surge arresters. more stable. protection and control equipment. With an increased demand for energy worldwide. We have a proven track record and depth of expertise backed by international quality certification. as well as operational requirements such as maintenance and refurbishment. a centre of excellence worldwide The Alstom centre of excellence for the design and manufacturing of mobile substations is based in Madrid.To help utilities and large electro-intensive industries such as railways. and consumption forecasts predicting energy generation increases of around 80% between 2006 and 2030. Other equipment can be supplied to meet clients‘ specific requirements. Alstom’s dedicated teams combine their skills to deliver customer-valued solutions to build smarter. our technologies and expertise have always ensured higher levels of safety. our market-oriented R&D teams work hand-inhand with our customers to develop pioneering. With our expertise and experience. including ISO 9001-2000. Alstom mobile substations can bridge the gap left by these events. utilities and end-users around the world. As a centre of excellence. reliability and environment-friendliness. including the power transformer. helping to keep the grid operational and safe. so we are perfectly positioned to meet the energy challenges of today and tomorrow. natural events such as lightning strikes. switchgear and disconnectors (GIS. Advanced engineering ready for rapid deployment Mobile substations – providing a crucial flexible link in the electrical grid Substations play a crucial role in the transmission and distribution of electrical power throughout the grid.Welcome to Alstom Providing the most advanced electrical grid solutions to meet world electricity demand. including commissioning services. energising and training to ensure the most flexible and effective solution.

Optimised mobile substations The right configuration – anywhere you need it What is a mobile substation? Mobile substations are autonomous systems that offer maximum mobility and flexibility. power transformer. They can be prepared. The mobile substations are delivered ‘ready to go’. HV/MV cable and reels and system control equipment • Assembly and testing at our factory. blackouts or weather events • Temporary supply for seasonal loads. upgrade or planned maintenance • Ensuring continuity of service during contingencies such as fires. adapted to the specific requirements of each customer. protection and control panels. These contingencies could include events such as: Classification Turnkey solutions for our customers • Temporary supply during periods of main substation refurbishment. so that the mobile substation is ready to be energised as soon as it arrives at its operational location Key benefits of Alstom mobile substations Can be transported without special traffic authorisation Have to be transported with special traffic authorisation • No civil works cost • Reduced maintenance costs • Maximum utilisation and return on investment • Maximum mobility and flexibility • Can be rapidly on site and available for service • Maximum reliability through customised design • Optimisation of space equipment • Reduced or minimal dismantling cost Other ratings are available.substation in a single trailer/container or several units (modular designs can allow the possibility of independent working of each unit) • Exact equipment specification of each vehicle/container/substation including one or more of the following key components: HV/MV switchgear. Some of the key variables we advise on as part of our project management process are: • Containers . depending on client requirements and local traffic regulations: REGULAR TRAILERS SPECIAL TRAILERS Mobile substations are designed by Alstom as a turnkey solution. or additional consumption in neighbourhoods. in specific situations There are several possible configurations for mobile substations. 04 05 . so they can be connected into the grid and provide a rapid solution to short or longer-term requirements. auxiliary AC&DC services. making mobile substations the ideal solutions for addressing a range of contingencies that utilities may face. Each project is unique and our project management team works closely with our customers to make sure that the huge range of possibilities are focused to the ideal customised solution. industrial plants or remote locations • Option to provide a permanent or semi-permanent installation. events. transported and operational in a very short space of time. sabotage.

Our team of experts work closely with our customers through clearly defined stages. They can include heating and cooling equipment to allow for operation in more hostile environments.Offering diverse solutions Working closely with our customers Alstom offers our industry customers a flexible. helping to keep their business at peak efficiency. • Emergency requirements to maintain production in energy intensive manufacturing industries – avoiding lost-production costs Alstom has extensive expertise in developing specific mobile substations for industry customers. while the ability to link together containers makes it possible to set up multi-bay configurations in very confined spaces. highly-customisable solution which can be rapidly deployed. Mobile substations in industrial applications Mobile substation technology is a perfect solution for ‘special applications’. such as: • Changing or undefined access points for energy consumption • Temporary and short-term power requirements • Multiple service requirements. ensuring perfect project delivery through collaboration. such as changing power needs. such as industry power requirements for specific projects or locations. different voltages etc. The units are adapted to include the components that may be required for our customers’ specific needs and could include: • Diesel generator (with fuel tanks and smoke exit system) • Motors softstarters and frequency variators (MV & FV) • Motor control centre (MCC) • Power transformers for special applications • Capacitor banks • Facilities to accommodate maintenance and operational people Removable cable entry Removable roof Communication antenna Door maintenance Telescopic mast GPS antenna SF6 gas handling A/A deflector Stair railings Store Our project teams use the latest 3D CAD tools to help plan and design sophisticated. space-efficient mobile substations. 06 07 . Industrial customers can deploy mobile substations in a range of situations and conditions. These custom units can be deployed as mobile units (on trailers) or containerised.

General dimensions: 13. Control and protection equipment is included. MV motorised cable reels included in another trailer. No special permits needed for transportation. Alstom has a strong presence in all regions. on a single trailer.5 kV GIS switchgear. The protection and control equipment needed to operate the bays is integrated in the containers. The protection and control and auxiliary services equipment to operate the bays is integrated as part of the trailer. including 36 kV and 13. Mounted in a transportable sea container.5 m.5 m. A second trailer with 13. including one trailer with 110 kV GIS switchgear and 27 MVA power transformer.5 m. Protection.5 kV 35 MVA 4 GIS Bays F35-132/66 kV.8 kV switchgear. control and communication equipment needed to operate the bay is integrated. GIS bays 110/13.4 m x 2. Mobile substation integrating a single platform 132-66 kV GIS switchgear (double ratio for choice) and 25-10-15 kV MV switchgear (three ratios for choice). 09 . The container is fully prepared to ensure the optimal working conditions including thermal and fireproofing of the equipment. No special permits needed for transportation. Two module mobile substation.8 kV 27 MVA 36/13. and the necessary equipment to properly operate and control the bay.5 m. control and communication equipment needed to operate the bay is fully integrated. including one special trailer for 35 MVA power transformer and two transportable containers for 170 kV and 52. General dimensions: 13. measuring transformers. 08 GAS NATURAL FENOSA (SPAIN) EON (SPAIN) EON (SWEDEN) 132/66 kV 4 GIS bays 55-30/12 kV 20 MVA 170/52.A global partner With a customer-focused approach A record of worldwide success REE (SPAIN) SEC (SAUDI ARABIA) IBERDROLA (SPAIN) 220 kV. Single trailer medium voltage mobile substation. General dimensions: 11 m x 2. 20 MVA power transformer and 12 kV switchgear.6 m x 2.8 m.8 kV switchgear.8 kV 15 MVA Complete 220 kV indoor GIS bay on a trailer. wherever they are. PDVSA (VENEZUELA) ENDESA (SPAIN) UTE CUETO SOLUCIONES (ANGOLA) 115-69/13.6 m x 2. disconnectors. This enables our team in Madrid to work closely with Alstom colleagues virtually anywhere in the world. this bay includes: automatic breaker. including on a single platform: 55-30 kV hybrid switchgear (double ratio for choice).8 kV switchgear. Mobile substation. These global resources help ensure rapid development and commissioning of mobile substations with the help of local knowledge and resources to deliver our solutions in an efficient and responsive manner. 15 MVA power transformer and motorised MV cable reels included. Three module substation. Protection. No special permits needed for transportation. General dimensions of 14. power transformer up to 42 MVA and 13. We can be close to our customers. control and protection equipment and HV and MV cable reels included.8 kV 42 MVA 132-66/25-10-15 kV 66 kV GIS single bay Complete substation on a single platform including 115-69 kV HYpact module. General dimensions: 22 m x 3. As a company.

We build the Smart Grid as a real-time bi-directional network of energy and information. nuclear. with a focus on smart grids. These energy-efficient highways allow the integration of new power sources (wind. During standby periods or while in use on site. including hydro. then advise and apply preventive and corrective actions. with solutions for both Alstom and third-party equipment. Power generation Alstom builds the fastest train and the highest capacity automated metro in the world. low-voltage panels integrity. protection & control and network management solutions. etc. gas. operations & maintenance. provides turnkey integrated power plant solutions and associated services for a wide variety of energy sources. Rail transport 10 . the Alstom Technical Institute offers a full range of comprehensive training related to use of mobile substations. including: electrical safety. temporary substation capacity increase. Alstom provides a full range of services. Alstom is a global leader in the world of power generation. We provide integrated and customised turnkey solutions or stand-alone products up to ultra high voltage (UHV) air. for electrical utilities and industries. solar.) to supply clean energy to the final consumer. Whatever the requirements of your mobile substation. To ensure we provide a solution that is always ready to go. Alstom Grid develops the systems that transform the grid into a smarter grid. forced outage repair and other natural or dramatic event. which improves the reliability and performance of the electrical grid. quality of the fluids and their sealing for oil or SF6. Electrical grid engineering Electrical grid Alstom Grid is a world-leading provider of engineered solutions and products for smart and conventional power grids. power transmission and rail infrastructure and sets the benchmark for innovative and environmentally friendly technologies. and it offers a wide range of solutions for power transmission. including 24/7 emergency service centre assistance. Alstom Grid also plays a leading role in the development of the Supergrids. dielectric health via PD monitoring. alternative asset during planned maintenance. from the wheel of the trailer to the top of the bushings. a high-efficiency power grid which interconnects national networks across regions and continents. Alstom offers long-term operations and maintenance agreements. increase return on investment. such as the mechanical health of the solicited joints and mechanisms.and gas-insulated substations for alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) projects. the key factors to ensure the substation is always on duty are availability and reliability. Alstom Grid offers high-quality services to accompany the optimisation of electrical infrastructure. Alstom technical institute All around the world. to respond to all energy transmission and distribution demands and constraints. coal and wind. and prolong asset lifecycle.Service and support Alstom Your asset management partner Alstom is committed to bringing you the support you need throughout the lifespan of your mobile substation. our teams can assess the condition of the equipment. gas handling. To maximise your asset performance and to reduce possible intervention delays due to administrative constraints.

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