Industrial Engineering Project Examples
Automotive OEM’s
DaimlerChrysler SHAP

DaimlerChrysler JNAP

DaimlerChrysler BAP

Body Shop, Paint Shop and TCF Engineering support for
the 2007 JS Program at DCX SHAP.
Industrial Engineering support includes; material flow
optimization from truck docks to line side, FactoryFlow
simulations, indirect and direct manpower analysis,
process scrolling and station readiness support
Body Shop, Paint Shop and TCF Manufacturing and
Process Engineering Support for the 1998 WJ Program.
TCF Engineering Support for the 2004 WK/XK
Program. Industrial Engineering services included
process scrolling and station readiness support.

CKGP/PW working with DCX Indirect Industrial
Engineering Personnel, analyzed Belvidere Assembly
Plants skilled trades maintenance activities as they were
listed in the TMS (Total Maintenance System). The goal
of this analysis was to validate all required maintenance
activities in the Body, Paint and TCF departments.


CKGP/PW is currently contracted to provide
Engineering and Process Management
support for the 2007 JS Program at DCX
SHAP. Cost savings and process
improvements are TBD.
Based on lessons learned from WJ, CKGP
proposed a station readiness approach to
reduce the amount of station modifications on
future programs resulting in a $ 1,500,000
cost savings on the WK launch. Station
Readiness methods initiated by CKGP are
now being used on all DCX programs.
Note: CKGP/PW produced 16.8 Million in
SCORE Savings on the WJ Program and were
one of five companies in DCX supplier
network to be awarded a Most Valuable
Participant (MVP) award for our efforts.
CKGP/PW reviewed the findings with DCX
Corporate Indirect Industrial Engineering
personnel and Belvidere maintenance
personnel for each area. This exercise
resulted in a 36% reduction in maintenance
labor allocations in the TMS system.

Industrial Engineering Project Examples
Automotive OEM’s
Audi AG

Developed a manufacturing planning tool for various
CKD (Completely Knocked Down) and SKD (SemiKnocked Down) process models. This “Tool Box” gives
Audi the ability to quickly evaluate production volumes
from 1-20JPH. CKGP/PW provided, processing, site
plans, logistics analysis, production mix scenarios, direct
and indirect manpower requirements and appropriation
cost estimates.

General Motors Doraville

Reprocessing of Underbody and Body Side areas.
Ergonomic analysis of work cells and tooling
specifications development.


Ford Vehicle Operations

This CKD/SKD “Tool Box” gives Audi AG
the ability to quickly evaluate various
manufacturing options in a fraction of the
time they used to spend on manufacturing
planning analysis.

7.5% reduction in manpower representing
$800,000 in annual savings. Additional
benefits, although difficult to document, can
be attributed to vastly improved ergonomics.
Project management and design responsibility for Ford
ILVS was a huge success for Ford. It has
Corporate ILVS (In Line Vehicle Sequencing) Program. attributed to substantial reductions in WIP
This Program encompassed 11 North American
(Work in Process) and vast improvements in
Assembly Plants. Automated Storage and Retrieval
throughput. Ford is now able to provide a
Systems (ASRS) were designed and installed in each of
firm 5-day broadcast to local and nonthe 11 Assembly Plants. The stackers are the backbone of localized suppliers. This program
the ILVS Process.
conservatively saves $2,000,000 per facility,
annually. We continue to be Ford’s source
for updating and preparing miscellaneous
studies and scenarios for all of their ILVS
CKGP/PW provides Industrial Engineering support to
The result of providing 5S, time studies and
Ford Vehicle Operations for MODAPTS (Modular
line rebalancing is difficult to calculate.
Application of Pre-Determined Time Studies), direct and However, a typical project at Ford Dearborn
indirect manpower analysis, 5S and work cell
Assembly Plant resulted in a head count
optimization on an on-going basis.
reduction from 1200 to 1080 and a throughput
increase of 3 jobs/shift.

Industrial Engineering Project Examples
Automotive Suppliers
Johnson Controls

Lear Corporation

Tower Automotive

Provided Industrial Engineering and Materials
Management support for a JIT (Just-In-Time) Seat
Sequencing facility supporting production at DCX JNAP.
CKGP/PW evaluated work requirements, monitored
performance levels, and conducted operational
assessments to improve throughput at the Taylor, MI
Provided Industrial Engineering for a JIT Seat
Sequencing facility supporting production at Ford
Wixom. Our goal was to improve the overall efficiency
and throughput at the Romulus, MI facility. This
included a process flow simulation and a complete
rebalance of the Assembly Operations. CKGP/PW also
provide the framework for a product costing and
estimating database.
CKGP/PW provided Program Management, Industrial
Engineering, Materials Management and had Master
Schedule and Layout control for a temporary Brownfield
and a new Greenfield facility in Lansing, MI.


Seat deliveries to JNAP were improved.
Note: CKGP/PW was involved with the
design of the Automated Seat and I.P.
Load/Unload station, which to our
knowledge, was the first implemented in a
DCX facility.
Eliminated four operators per shift as a result
of the rebalancing activity. Shipments to
Ford Wixom were improved and the Lessons
Learned were implemented into new

Our initial contract was to provide a process
simulation of Tower’s preliminary process.
Our scope changed once Tower realized the
additional value added support we could
provide. Based on our building and
equipment specifications and contract award
support, CKGP/PW saved $1,200,000 in
innovative process, equipment and building
design approaches.

Industrial Engineering Project Examples
Automotive Suppliers
Magna Steyr

Lenawee Stamping

Mayflower Mfg.

Keiper Recaro

Developed several niche vehicle manufacturing concepts
that included cost estimates, direct and indirect
manpower requirements and Greenfield layouts of the
proposed facilities.
Complete Reprocessing of a Stamping Plant in Tecumseh
MI. This included auditing and updating the process
database; MODAPTS time studies of each process were
conducted. Value-added content, material flow and
workcell layouts were optimized.
At the Request of Ford’s STA (Supplier Technical
Assistance) group, CKGP/PW assisted Mayflower
Manufacturing (Body Supplier of the Ford GT) with
delivery and quality issues. Our services included a root
cause and material flow analysis of their manufacturing
and assembly processes. Based on recommendations and
on-site support of CKGP/PW Industrial Engineers, the
root cause of the problem was identified and corrected.
Preventive measures were put in place i.e., Standardized
Work procedures and Error and Mistake Proofing to
improve first run quality and throughput.
Developed Corporate Standardized Work Procedures for
their seat assembly facility in Battle Creek, MI.
Additional Industrial Engineering services included, time
studies, ergonomic assessment and process flow


These manufacturing studies were a critical
element in the business cases that Magna
Steyr analyzed and presented to management.
The result of this project equated to a 33%
reduction in manpower and a 29% increase in
As a result of this project Mayflower
experienced a 300% increase in throughput
with only a 25% increase in manpower.

Based on the results of this project, Keiper
Recaro was able to increase throughput by
30% without adding any additional

Industrial Engineering Project Examples
Logistics Companies
Penske Corporation


Android Industries LLC

Ryder Corporation

Provided Project Management, Industrial Engineering
and Materials Management Support for the design of two
LOC’s (Logistics Optimization Centers) to support
production for two GM Truck Programs.

Plants launched on time and within budget.
Cost savings on this program were not
documented. This was the first major LOC
that was awarded to Penske from General
Motors. As a result of the initial success of
this launch, Penske has become a major
Logistics partner with General Motors.
CKGP/PW has been providing Industrial
Engineering Support to Penske for the past 8
Four Week Industrial Engineering Study to determine the GM was pleased with the process, delivery
root cause of delivery and quality issues experienced by
and quality improvements. TDS is a major
General Motors. Our analysis included error proofing
logistics provider to General Motors and other
the picking and sorting processes, modifications and
OEM’s throughout North America.
corrections made to standardized work elements and the
CKGP/PW continues to provide Industrial
definition of predictive maintenance procedures.
Engineering services to TDS on an as
required basis.
Provided Project Management, Industrial Engineering
Android was contracted to provide
and Materials Management Support for the design of a
subassemblies, repacking and kitting to
temporary and a Greenfield LOC to support production
General Motors Truck Group. CKGP/PW
for two GM Programs.
provided key personnel and Industrial
Engineering support which, per GM, resulted
in one of their best LOC launches.
Provided Project Management, Industrial Engineering
Plant launched on time. CKGP/PW continues
and Materials Management support for the design of a
to provide Ryder with Project Management
2,500 part LOC to support General Motors Hamtramck
and Industrial Engineering support on an as
Assembly Plant. Industrial Engineering services
required basis.
included; PFEP Studies, FactoryFlow simulations,
indirect and direct manpower requirements, facility
layout and master schedule responsibility.

Industrial Engineering Project Examples
Non Automotive
Frigidaire Corporation

Provided a team of six Industrial Engineers to work onsite at the Greenville, MI. facility to conduct time studies
and provide plans for improvements in the overall
efficiency of the plant.

Gehl Corporation

Manufacturing Master Planning of Five Manufacturing
and Assembly Operations. Gehl was a vertically
integrated company. We conducted cost analysis studies
on various sub assembly processes and provided
recommendations on a component out-sourcing strategy
for the corporation.
Material flow analysis and simulations of Meridian’s
Fruitport MI facility. Meridian is an Office Equipment
Manufacturer. Our services were expanded to include an
analysis of their shipping and logistics routes.

Meridian Incorporated

Pulte Homes
Samsung Electronics

Provided Time Studies and Value Stream Mapping.
Rebalanced workload to increase throughput without
increasing labor requirements.
CKGP/PW Provided Industrial Engineering support to
re-process Samsung Electronics’ Television
Manufacturing facility from a batch build process to a
mixed model process. Services included equipment
cycle time analysis, re-processing and re balancing the
assembly lines, process flow simulations to validate the
process, milestone schedule and layout development.


A 54% improvement in stamping die set-up
time was achieved. The reprocessing of the
assembly operations eliminated a total of 34
operators and material handlers out of the
process. Ergonomic improvements were also
Based on the findings and results of this
study, Gehl outsourced the sub assemblies
that were not profitable. The results of this
strategy freed up enough plant floor space to
eliminate two of the five manufacturing
facilities via consolidation.
Located and eliminated process bottlenecks
and provided recommendations to improve
the shipment of products. Suggested
implementing a Powder Coat process for file
goods finishing which was eventually
64% increase in throughput with no additional
We were the first company Samsung ever
hired to help them with Industrial Engineering
and Processing as well as the first American
company. Based on the Engineering support
and Program Management tools we provided,
Samsung was able to quickly change the
manufacturing process with minimal loss of