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The so-called "Christmas spirit"

Christmas. A period of joy, happiness, solidarity, and expressing our
most beautiful human feelings. At least this is what our parents tried
to teach us during our childhood, under the moral principles and
values that the Christian tradition necessitated. But, how much
have we been deflected today, regarding both our conception for
the real Christmas Spirit, and the way in which we express this
Designedly the question is twofold, since the truth of Christmas lies
hiding in very deep values and a principle which we have as
societies worldwide jostled for the latest years, replacing it with
overconsuming that reaches mental illness.
In passed times, when wealth had to do with the social elites and
not the broad masses of the people, the people celebrated these
days with delicacies, with the most honest smiles, regardless
relation or connection.
Although wealth has again to do with the proportionate social elites
(we dont have to mention names, and affect someones reputation)
but it is an indisputable fact that the people has not merely deflected, but has drawn away from those times and
has any more adopted an adulterated conception of the Christmas Spirit, that of overconsuming. Instead of
expressing our gratitude and love towards friends and family in words and smiles, we regard that, in order to be
consistent to our celebrating obligations, we have to spend a very big amount of money in order to buy gifts for
everyone. We fight over whos going to buy the biggest tree (dont get me started on the shameful trees cutting
from so many people, which find themselves being thrown in the garbage three weeks later), who has the finest
adornments, whos bought the most expensive gifts, even if theyre useless to their receivers, and our souls are
full of hatred, malice, rivalry and, in times, bolshevism, not in its political but the moral meaning.
In any event, gifts represent the slightest movement for expressing our feelings, but the deal is not going far. Gifts
are given to show our feelings, not replace them!
Firstly, I have to clear that I personally do not endorse Christianity as a religious doctrine, as a jewish
massifications creation for its followers all around the globe, exploiting mans inherent need to believe in the
existence of some higher power and its worship.
This human faith is a virtue which when freed, without doctrinal limits, elevates the human in a being that
respects nature itself, its creations and is led only by the instinct of creation, hushing the barbarian
instincts of survival, those that impose the end of a winner and a loser follower-slave.
This exact thing is the deeper meaning of Christmas: loving our fellow citizens, compassion to those in need, the

happiness of enjoying the creativity and its outcomes. And its certainly not about the birth of a baby thousands of
years ago, but life itself and everything constituent. In short, lifes exaltation, and a homage to everything great
that nature and human have to demonstrate.
The same respect that results from this gratitude and has to lead our steps, not only during the
celebrating days of Christmas, but every day on the calendar, in every chance we get and every reason,
since we ourselves have to make opportunities and reasons happen.
So, Merry Christmas, for another year, with more gifts, more plasticity and more hypocrisy. From our own people,
and society itself...
Elina GK

Article Source: National-Socialist Workers Association