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3 of Dream Interpreter, Lisa Kohut’s, Most Popular Newsletter Articles:

• 7 Steps to Interpreting Dreams

• The Secret Power behind Dream Interpretation and Spiritual Gifts
• 8 Steps to Journaling your dreams
7 Steps to Interpreting Dreams
By: Lisa M. Kohut-“Godly dream interpreter”

Having dreams and visions that you would love to understand and
interpret yourself? Are you tired of depending upon others to help you
interpret your dreams and symbols? You’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to Godly dreamers. Although dream interpretation is quite

complex, it can be broken down into steps for beginners that are ready to
begin taking on the challenge of interpreting their own dreams. I hope that
after you read this article, you feel much more confident in taking the
necessary steps to understanding your dreams and visions. Make sure you
read all steps and begin applying them.

1. Record Your Dreams in a Dream Journal

This step is very important because obviously if you don’t remember
your dream, you have nothing to interpret or to be interpreted. I keep a
dream journal and a pen on my dresser next to my bed to be prepared to
write down my dreams as soon as I wake up. Often, we remember our
dreams and more details when we wake up and as the day goes on and
time passes by, specific details begin to fade. Details are important in
dream interpretation, so record your dreams.

2. Familiarize Yourself with the Common Dream Symbols

There are thousands and perhaps even millions of dream symbols, so I’m
not suggesting that you memorize them all, but definitely become
familiar with some of the more common symbols that come up in
dreams. For example, House usually symbolizes the person whose home
it is, in other words if you dream about your house, it is symbolic of your
soul or you, Vehicles are often symbolic of ministries; Storms are
typically symbolic of spiritual warfare; Flying is typically symbolic of a
person’s capacity to rise above circumstances, depending on who is
flying in the dream and the circumstances; Teeth are symbolic of
wisdom that is either missing or being added; Death is symbolic of
something in your life that is leaving or departing from your life, it could
be fleshly desires or bondage etc….; and Dreams of Birth are often
symbolic of new seasons of purpose. I could go on and on, but I wanted
to give you a general picture of some of the more common symbols and
their meanings. Symbols include colors and numbers, which are also very
important, so please don’t ignore these symbols.
3. Familiarize yourself with your personal dream language
Although there are specific Biblical dream symbols, which I mentioned
above, there is no specific formula or one symbol fits all, therefore, it is
very important to become familiar with the specific symbols that God
uses in your dreams to communicate with you. For example, a dove is
symbolic of the Holy Spirit, but so is an invisible face, however, one lady
mentioned that God used little boys in her dreams to symbolize the Holy
Spirit. God often personalizes his communication with us, so be ready.

4. Develop and nurture an intimate relationship with the Holy

The Holy Spirit is Our Counselor and Our Guide, Our Teacher and Our
Comforter. I rely heavily upon the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit when I’m
interpreting dreams and I couldn’t imagine doing it without the Holy
Spirit. However, before I began relying on the Holy Spirit to help me
interpret dreams, I developed a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit,
where I communicated with the Holy Spirit regarding everyday issues
and concerns in my life. I got to know the voice and wisdom of the Holy
Spirit and became comfortable with listening and knowing. James 1:5
says “Now if any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives
generously and without criticizing, and it will be given to him”. Apply
this scripture to request wisdom when beginning to interpret your
dreams. Before interpreting any dream ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom
by saying “Thank you Heavenly Father for your Word in James 1:5, that
says that I can ask for wisdom and you will give it to me generously. I
ask you and thank you for wisdom for the interpretation of this dream in
the Name of Jesus”. Once you have spoken this prayer, have Faith and
believe that you have understanding of your dream as James 1:6 states
“But let him ask in Faith without doubting. For the doubter is like the
surging sea, driven and tossed by the wind”. In other words, even if you
don’t feel like you have the interpretation, believe that the Holy Spirit has
revealed the mystery to you.

5. Break down the dream into parts

Due to the fact that dreams are often filled with symbols and are very
complex, it is important to break them down before attempting to
interpret them. This is especially true in the beginning. How do you
break it down? One category is the setting- you always want to ask
where the dream took place; another category is people- who is in your
dream and what is their relationship to you; third is activities- what are
the individuals in your dream doing? What do these activities represent to
the dreamer? What symbols are present- objects, colors, numbers,
animals, etc…; what feelings or emotions did the dreamer feel during and
after the dream etc… These are some examples of ways to break the
dream down and simplify parts of it before bringing it all together as a

6. Attend to the big picture and possible themes

After breaking the dream apart, look at the dream and themes as a whole.
Now it’s time to put it all together, pray for guidance, and have Faith as
you interpret the dream.

7. Make sure the interpretation aligns with God’s Word

Finally, you have come up with an interpretation, that should give you
wisdom about yourself or another person or situation. It’s time to test it
to see if it lines up with the Word of God. In other words, if the dream
instructs you to do something, it shouldn’t be anything that does not line
up with God’s Word. If you are unsure of the interpretation or if it isn’t
clicking with your Spirit, ask for confirmation.

I hope you enjoy this newsletter and the information is helpful. Feedback is
always appreciated. Thank you for subscribing to Godly dreamers.

Happy Interpreting!!!
By: Lisa M. Kohut
The Secret Power behind Dream Interpretation and Spiritual Gifts
By: Lisa M. Kohut-“Godly dream interpreter”

1 Corinthians 13:1-3 “If I speak the languages of men and of angels, but do
not have love, I am a sounding gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have the gift
of prophecy, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and If I have
all faith, so that I can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing.
And if I donate all my goods to feed the poor, and if I give my body to be
burned, but do not have love, I gain nothing”

Sometimes we are so intrigued and mesmerized by the development

of our spiritual gifts, as we watch them grow that we forget about one of the
most basic, yet most critical parts of our gifts, which is love. Sometimes we
get so caught up seeking and expressing gifts that we forget about the impact
that our words and actions are having on our loved ones. Love, expressed in
our relationships with others is the foundation of every gift that we could
ever hope to manifest. Our relationship with others is a reflection of the
depth of our love for ourselves. If we don’t have self-love, it is less likely
that we will treat others with love. The Bible says “love your neighbor as

Unfortunately, as powerful as it is, the love component of our spiritual

gifts is often excluded when we are being taught about how to use our gifts.
I want to take some time to discuss the importance of love before, during,
and after the use of our gifts. As stated in 1 Corinthians 13: 1-3, we can
have the most powerful manifestations of the gifts of the spirit and the power
will fade and eventually be meaningless if we don’t operate in love. In other
words, our gifts will be that much more powerful and will have more impact
on those that we minister to when we live a life that has a testimony of love.
We will also have many more opportunities to utilize our gifts because
people want to receive insight, wisdom, and direction from people that they
sense love them and are non-judgmental towards them.

How Does the Power or Force of love get activated?

If you’ve been asking yourself the question why aren’t my gifts growing? Or
how can I continue to develop the gifts that God gave me? Or what am I
doing wrong? The answer could be that your love-walk needs to be
developed more. In other words, if your family, friends or co-workers see
you as judgmental and unapproachable, you may be walking down the
wrong road to demonstrate and activate your love walk. Are your friends,
family and/or co-workers more likely to describe you as a comforter or an
accuser? As someone that is more likely to condemn and blame or forgive?
Are you merciful or adversarial and argumentative? Would they describe
you as a gossiper that talks negatively about people or an encourager that
builds people up and edifies people? This doesn’t mean that we have to be
perfect, but we ought to have the desire to be like Jesus, who was and is
Love. Our first ministry is to our family and loved ones, when we pass this
test, He will entrust us with more. The Holy Spirit made it very clear to me
that in order to use my spiritual gifts, I had to use and exercise the eyes of
my heart. The eyes of my heart are my spiritual eyes, the eyes that see
beyond the physical, and that allow me to see others in the same light that
God sees them- flawless. God doesn’t view us as physical beings, but as
spiritual beings. In the Spirit, we are perfect in His sight. If we penetrate
and get to know people beyond the surface, or ask God to help us to use the
eyes of our hearts to see people, instead of the eyes of our flesh, you will
begin to experience growth in the spirit and in your spiritual gifts. The
eyes of our hearts are tender and they have sensors of compassion, love,
truth, and light. This is where God stores wisdom and mysteries, so that
when we are exercising the true power and seeing others with love and
compassion, He reveals mysteries and revelation to us. When I’m allowing
the Holy Spirit to use me to interpret dreams, I am not using my physical
eyes to discern what their dream means, instead, I am using the eyes of my
heart, which reveals mysteries and secrets that my physical eyes can’t see.
Let’s make this a better place to dwell and begin using the eyes of our hearts
to see, interact, and relate to others, as we see our gifts being activated and
developed out of love.

I hope you enjoy this newsletter and the information is helpful. Feedback is
always appreciated. Thank you for subscribing to Godly dreamers.

Happy Interpreting!!!
By: Lisa M. Kohut
I hope you enjoy this newsletter and the information is helpful. Feedback is
always appreciated. Thank you for subscribing to Godly dreamers.

Happy Interpreting!!!
By: Lisa M. Kohut
8 Steps to Journaling your dreams
By: Lisa M. Kohut of

Recording your dreams in a dream journal is a very critical and

important step because if you don't remember your dream you have nothing
to interpret. The Bible, states in the book of Daniel 7:1 that Daniel wrote
down his dream telling the main facts.
The first step to recording your dreams in a journal is to identify a
journal that you will only use to record the main facts of your dreams.
The second step is to put the dream journal and a pen next to your
dresser and keep it there each night before going to bed.
Third, before going to sleep each night, ask the Lord to speak to you
in your dreams and ask the Holy Spirit to help you to remember the dreams
that He gives you when you wake up. These three steps will prompt the
Holy Spirit to register in your Spirit that you are ready to engage in dialogue
with God through your dreams and you will take them seriously. I keep a
dream journal and a pen on my dresser next to my bed to be prepared to
write down the main facts of my dreams as soon as I wake up. This does
two things; when you keep a pen and a dream journal next to your bed.
One, it puts you in the mindset of expectation. When I have this journal and
pen next to my bed, before I go to bed at night I'm basically saying that I'm
expecting to have a dream and I'm expecting to have a dream that I will
wake up and remember to write down. Two, by writing the dream down as
soon as I awake, I am increasing the likelihood of remembering the main
facts or important components of my dreams. Typically, the more time that
passes after having a dream, the more difficult it is to remember the dream.
As time passes by specific details begin to fade. Although it is not always
important to record all of the details, it is important to record the significant
information while it’s fresh. Typically, the significant information is more
vivid than other information upon waking up. These are faith actions and
coupled with your prayer asking for more dreams, this will activate your
spiritual dream life.
The fourth key to journaling your dreams involves how to record your
dreams to make it easier for you or the interpreter to explain the meaning
and examine the significance of your dreams. After writing down the main
facts of your dream, it is important to note your feelings during the dream
and upon waking up. Often feelings are an important component in the
interpretation of the dream and the feelings connected to the dream are
easier to capture immediately following the dream.
Fifth, you want to break the dream into the symbolic parts and
identify the setting of the dream or the location-where did the dream take
place; the people in the dream- who was in the dream, what is their
relationship to you and what do they represent to you; the activities in the
dream- what type of activities were present, were you engaged and what do
these activities represent to you, finally, any other symbols including
objects, colors, numbers, animals etc…
Sixth, what is the overall theme of the dream, in other words, if you
had to name it using one to three words, what would you name it and why?
This will help to summarize the dream and later on when you’re going
through your journal, it will be easier for you to connect what was going on
at that point in your life, or what God was communicating to you at that
point in your life.
Seventh, categorize the dream. Identify the purpose that you believe
is being communicated through this dream. If you believe the dream is from
God, is it for warning, encouragement, intercessory etc… Even if you aren’t
sure about the interpretation, often you can discern the intended purpose of
the communication. If not, ask the Holy Spirit.
Finally, the eighth step is make sure that each dream is dated. This
will be beneficial as time passes and you decide to look back to remember
specific dreams or periods in your life. Many times dates are significant,
because they represent different seasons in our lives.

I hope you enjoy this newsletter and the information is helpful. Feedback is
always appreciated. Thank you for subscribing to Godly dreamers.

Happy Interpreting!!!
By: Lisa M. Kohut