Two dimensional graphs.

Elementary X-Y graphs.

- Linear plot.

loglog - Log-log scale plot.
semilogx - Semi-log scale plot.
semilogy - Semi-log scale plot.

- Polar coordinate plot.

plotyy - Graphs with y tick labels on the left and right.

Axis control.

- Control axis scaling and appearance.
- Zoom in and out on a 2-D plot.


- Grid lines.


- Axis box.


- Rubberband box.


- Hold current graph.


- Create axes in arbitrary positions.

subplot - Create axes in tiled positions.

Graph annotation.
plotedit - Tools for editing and annotating plots.

- Graph title.

xlabel - X-axis label.
ylabel - Y-axis label.
texlabel - Produces the TeX format from a character string.

- Text annotation.


- Place text with mouse.

Hardcopy and printing.

- Print graph or Simulink system; or save graph to MATLAB file.

surf . surfnorm . orient . surfl .Rearrange colors in colormap. specular .3-D mesh surface.Material reflectance mode.Diffuse reflectance. caxis . See also graph3d. shading . brighten .Approximate indexed image by one with fewer colors. .printopt . fill3 . graymon .Plot lines and points in 3-D space.Lighting mode. specgraph. imapprox .Brighten or darken color map. cmpermute .Surface normals. cmunique . mesh .Set color defaults.Set graphics defaults for gray-scale monitors.Mesh hidden line removal mode. material .Eliminate unneeded colors in colormap of indexed image. lighting . diffuse .Set paper orientation. colormap .3-D colored surface.3-D shaded surface with lighting.Color shading mode. plot3 .Filled 3-D polygons. Three dimensional graphs. colordef . Color control.Printer defaults.Pseudocolor axis scaling.Color look-up table. Elementary 3-D plots. Lighting. hidden .Specular reflectance.

cool . copper .Grid lines. . colorcube .Linear gray-scale color map.Shades of red and yellow color map. Transparency.Color map with the line colors. blue. alim . white .Control axis scaling and appearance. white.Linear copper-tone color map.Shades of magenta and yellow color map.Windows colormap for 16 colors. axis zoom .Gray-scale with tinge of blue color map.Transparency (alpha) mode. box . lines .Zoom in and out on a 2-D plot. . winter .Color maps.Shades of blue and green color map. summer .Transparency (alpha) scaling Axis control.Transparency (alpha) look-up table.All white color map. hsv . bone .Hue-saturation-value color map. pink . alphamap .Shades of green and yellow color map. prism .Pastel shades of pink color map. grid . vga jet . and black color map. hot .Axis box. spring . alpha .Shades of cyan and magenta color map.Variant of HSV.Prism color map.Enhanced color-cube color map. autumn .Black-red-yellow-white color map. flag .Alternating red. gray . .

Create axes in arbitrary positions.3-D graph viewpoint specification. Camera control. ylim . daspect . axes .Roll camera.Camera projection. camup .Create axes in tiled positions. rotate3d .Plot box aspect ratio. camva .X limits. camzoom . camorbit . High level camera control. campan . camdolly . xlim .Y limits.Dolly camera. .Camera position.Z limits. subplot .Orbit camera. view .Interactively manipulate camera.Hold current graph. zlim .View transformation matrix. camtarget .Pan camera. High level light control. Viewpoint control.hold . pbaspect . camroll .Data aspect ratio. camproj .Camera target.Camera view angle. cameratoolbar .Zoom camera.Interactively rotate view of 3-D plot. camlookat .Camera up vector.Move camera and target to view specified objects. viewmtx . campos .

lightangle .Save graphics to VRML 2.camlight .Print graph or Simulink system. vrml . gtext .Printer defaults. See also graph2d. zlabel . .Y-axis label. printopt . Hardcopy and printing.Spherical position of a light.Creates or sets position of a light. xlabel . print . Graph annotation.Experimental graph editing and annotation tools.Graph title.Set paper orientation.0 file. title .X-axis label.Text annotation. text . specgraph.Z-axis label. or save graph to MATLAB file. ylabel . plotedit .Mouse placement of text. orient .