The whole of the work and material shall be in accordance with the appropriate
current Malaysian or British Standard. In the case where the requirements of the
Malaysian/British Standard are in conflict with this specification, then this
specification shall take precedence.


The reinforcement unit for the bored pile is normally made up of reinforcement
steel bar. Design must be made to check the structural capacity of the pile with
relevant factor of safety as specified in B.S. 4449 or CP 114. The bored pile shall
be designed such that the entire working load is resisted by the steel
reinforcement with a minimum factor of safety of 2.0 with respect to yield stress
of steel.
Unless otherwise specified, the minimum safety factor of two (2) shall be used in
designing the bond between the cement grout and the reinforcement unit.
Unless otherwise specified, the following factor of safety shall be used in
designing the bond length of bored pile:Safety factor

in sand and gravel



in clay



in rock or decomposed rock


The specialist contractor shall be responsible for designing the bond length for the
bored pile in accordance with the soil strata and the required load of the bored
pile. The specialist sub-contractor is required to provide a design submission
certified by a Professional Engineer, registered with the Board of Engineers,
Malaysian giving a rational supporting the founding depth of each bored pile.

DRILLING FLUID Where borehole is susceptible to collapse. For the zone where bored pile is subjected to atmosghere conditions or where ground water level fluctuates. The Contractor has to ascertain for himself the accuracy and relevance of the soil data or depths of bored piles assumed with respect to the work. the reinforcement unit of the bored pile in this zone shall be protected by a layer of approved grease. In the first stage. The grease to be used shall be made up of Denso Tape or any other equivalent materials. BORED PILE CORROSION PROTECTION Corrosion resisting materials shall be used where there is any possibility of sulphate attack or aggressive chemical attack from the ground. grouting shall be carried out with a suitable tremie tube or using a API tube (if the reinforcement unit is made up of API tube) placed so that grout is injected from the bottom of the hole upwords and the quantity of grout injected shall be recorded. London (Drilling Fluid MaterialsBentonite). drilling fluid used can be in the form of water. Normally it is sufficient to extend 3m below the cut off of the pile for corrosion protection. the grout will be injected by using single . bentonite solution or cement/bentonite with suitable admixtures. In the second stage grouting. GROUTING The grouting shall be carried out in two stage operations. DF CP 4 of the Pil Companies Materials Association. Bentonite or bentonite/cement shall be mixed thoroughly with clean fresh water to make the suspension which will maintain stability of the drilled hold including placing of the reinforcement unit and grouting at the subsequent stage.Borelogs and soil data may be carried out by the Contractor before construction work begins to ascertain for himself the nature of the subsurface condition. bentonite shall comply with Specification No. When bentonite is used. 3 INSTALLATION OF BORED PILE EQUIPMENT Drilling equipment shall be suitable for the strata encountered and to install the bored pile to the correct depth.

BORED PILE GROUT Unless otherwise specified. the grout is of ordinary Portland cement grout. temporary casing shall be used or drilling with bentonite slurry or as specified.5. then sulphur resistance grout shall be used. The minimum cube crushing strength for a 50mm x 50mm cube shall be:7 days after mixing : 28 days after mixing : 18 N/mm2 26 N/mm2 TRANSPORTING GROUT Grout shall be pumped using high pressure pump. Adequate precaution shall be taken to see that the holes do not collapse. CONNECTION BETWEEN PILE REINFORCEMENT ELEMENTS The pile elements shall be connected on site using couplers. If necessary. unless otherwise double packer and the grout is injected through a one way valve known as “Tube a Manchette” or through PVC pipe placed with the reinforcement steel bar. In the case where there is sulphate attack from the ground. LOAD TESTS . The quantity of grout injected and the grouting pressure shall be recorded. The connection shall be capable of safety transferring all temporary installation load and tensile design loads as stated on the pile schedule. The mixing of the grout shall be carried out using high speed mixers. so as not to unduly affect/uplift the existing road. The Specialist sub-contractor is to submit a rational for the grouting pressure he propose to use. temporary. DRILLING The proposed method of drilling shall guarantee the absence of vibration near the existing road and the absence of decompressure of the soils below the existing foundations. The water cement ratio of the grout shall be 0.

Should the pile tested failed to pass the load test as specified. The apparatus shall have a working capacity of threee times the design load on the Drawings for the pile being tested. such as deflection gauges and shall be checked by means of an Engineer’s level. shall be utilised in the structure if found by the Engineer to be satisfactory for such purpose. The apparatus shall be so constructed as to allow the various increments of load to be placed gradually without any shock loading to the piles. Reference points for measuring pile settlement shall be sufficiently removed from the test pile to preclude all possibility of disturbance. or shall be cut off below the groud line and footings. The load on the pile shall be increased to twice the design load by applying additional loads in three equal increments. such tension piles shall be of the same type and size as the permanebt piles and shall be driven in the location of permanent piles. The pile may be considered to have failed when the total settlement under load exceeds 25mm or the permanent settlement exceeds 6mm. If there is a question as to whether the test pile will support the test load.When piles are shown in the appropriate Bill of Quantities to be test loaded in accordance with CP 2004 issued by the British Standards Institution. The Contractor shall submit to the Engineer for approval detailed drawings of the loading apparatus he intends to use. the load increments shall be reduced by 50 percent with the approval of the Engineer in order that a more closely controlled failure curve may be plotted. the Contractor shall at his own cost replace or correct the defective pile to the satisfaction of the Engineer. If any pile is found unsatisfactory for utilisation in the structure. If the approved method required the use of tension piles. . The test load shall be twice the design load on the Drawings. BORED PILE LOAD TESTS (Cont’d) Suitable approved apparatus for determining accurately the load on the pile and the settlement of the pile under each increment of load shall be supplied by the Contractor. A minimum period of 2 hours shall intervene between the application of each load increment except that no increment shall be added until a settlement of less than 0. including tension piles. load tests shall be carried out on pile selected by the Engineer. The first increment of load to be applied to the test pile shall be the pile design load.2mm is observed for a one hour period under the previously applied increment. All pile load settlements shall be measured by adequate devices. After the completion of loading tests. The full test load shall be maintained and the settlement continously monitered for 48 hours. the testing equipment used shall be removed from the site st the Contractor’s expense. it shall be removed is so ordered by the Engineer. and the piles. The load shall then be removed and the permanent settlement read immediately and 12 hours thereafter in order to record the final recovery.

Rates shall be entered against the billed items specified.The installation of working piles shall not be allowed to commence until all the pile tests have been successfully completed. and these rates projected to the final Tender Sum. ALTERNATIVE PILES Tenders must be submitted on the basis of conforming to the Contract Documents without alteration. .