A Practical Guide to Polymeric Compatibilizers for Polymer Blends

Composites and Laminates.

hence. Compatibility Capability of the individual component substances in either an immiscible polymer blend or a polymer composite to exhibit interfacial adhesion. crucial in enabling the polymer industry to reap the full benefits of such approaches to obtaining materials with optimum performance and cost characteristics. or to adhere layers of polymers to each other or to other substrates (such as glass or metals) in laminates. Most pairs of polymers are immiscible with each other. Even worse is the fact that they also have less compatibility than would be required in order to obtain the desired level of properties and performance from their blends. Adhesion promoter See Coupling agent. Chemical adhesion Adhesion in which two bodies are held together at an interface by ionic or covalent bonding between molecules on either side of the interface. composites and laminates is a very active area of science and technology. Compatibilization Process of modification of the interfacial properties in an immiscible polymer blend that results in formation of the interphases and stabilization of the morphology. it is often challenging to disperse fillers effectively in the matrix polymer of a composite. Similarly. when added to an immiscible polymer blend. modifies its interfacial character and stabilizes its morphology. Adhesion Holding together of two bodies by interfacial forces or mechanical interlocking on a scale of micrometers or less. Continued progress in the development of compatibilization technologies is. leading to the creation of a polymer alloy. Ph. Introduction Fundamental Considerations Overveiw of Available Compatibilization Technologies Representative Examples of Vendors and their Technologies Technology Outlook Introduction The development of polymer blends.D. Compatibilizers are often used as additives to improve the compatibility of immiscible polymers and thus improve the morphology and resulting properties of the blend. Compatibilizer Polymer or copolymer that.Jozef Bicerano. Compatible polymer blend Immiscible polymer blend that exhibits macroscopically uniform physical properties throughout its whole volume. Term Definition Additive Substance added to a polymer. of great economic importance not only for the plastics industry but also for many other industries where the use of such products is becoming increasingly more common. Composite Multicomponent material comprising multiple different (nongaseous) .