A patient who needs emergent surgery says” I

I know that you are concerned about the medical

can not afford the cost of staying in the hospital. I

cost, but your life will be in danger if you don’t

have no insurance, just give me something to

have the surgery. Let our social worker help you

relieve my pain and I will leave.”

with the cost issues.

“should I tell my partner about my venereal

Yes, there’s a chance that you have already


transmitted the disease to your partner, or he
may be the source of your infection. The most
important thing is to have both of you
appropriately tested and treated.

An anxious patient who you suspect has been

I am primarily concerned about your safety. I just

abused asks, ”Why are you ask me these

want to make sure you are in a safe environment


and you are not a victim of abuse.

A patient recently diagnosed with HIV asks “Do I

I know it’s difficult, but doing so allows you and

need to tell my wife?”

your wife take appropriate precautions to treat
and prevent the transmission of the disease.

A doorway information indicates a male patient,

Hi Ms Smith? If the patient respond, “no I’m Ms

Mr. Smith, complaining of dizziness. But when


you enter the room you find a female patient.

wrong chart, Ok Ms Black, how can I help you

Oh the the nurse must give me the

today? Retake the vital sign!!
A female patient seduce her physician ”Do you

Sorry, it’s inappropriate, since you are my

want to have dinner with me at my place

patient, it would not be permissible in the


context of doctor-patient relationship

A old patient says “I think it would be normal to

Not necessarily, age could be one of the reasons

have this at my age” or “I just get old”

for what you are experiencing in sexual
performance. But there’re other possibilities we
need to rule out, such as HTN and DM. We also
have medications that could improve your sexual

attack? Am I going to die?” Do I have cancer? . you may also suffer from some complications of this disease during vacation if we don’t effectively deal with it before you leave I didn’t understand your questions. which can be used to investigate the respiratory tract. my suspicion for heart attack is low. It’s never too late to seek help. And I’m glad you come here to ask for help. Based on your medical history and PE findings. We will do our best to A patient who is late in seeking medical help help you. even some parts of the lung.I read in a journal that the herbals can help with Herbal medicine is suggested for many diseases. can I have the benefit a lot if it can be tested and treated in an test after I come back?” early stage. Is there any specific things you are concerned of? I know that you don’t want to put off your trip. It’s common and I’m afraid of surgery normal to have these feelings before surgery. my condition But their safety and efficacy may not be clear. I want you to feel asks ”Do you think it’s too late for recovery?” comfortable coming to me as soon as you feel you might have a problem. I will check it about its potential role in your condition. Let me know the herbal medicine name. It’s more A patient with pleuritic pain asks ”Is this a heart likely that the inflammation of the membranes. Besides. could you repeat it? It’s kind of a tube with a mini-camera attached to What is bronchoscopy? the end of it. I understand your feelings. But next time. A patient has a serious problem asks ” I want to but you may have a serious disease that may go on a travel with my wife soon..

I’ll order some test to confirm it. A patient with shoulder injury says “I’m afraid of We will do our best to help you recover from losing my job due to shoulder problem. without reviewing your history better understand your need for the medicine. Also. asks”Can I go back to work?” better to stay at home to rest for now. That’s only one of the possibilities. With your permission. Smoking will increase your cancer risk. but I can’t refill your medicine that’s why I come to you to refill my medicines. We will keep you informed as soon as we get any information. I started to get weight. My friend told me you are a very good doctor. I need to do some physical exams and probably order some test for you. I will communicate your situation with your employer. Will my insurance cover the cost of this test? I’m not sure. such as want to go back to smoke in order to lose weight.make the final diagnosis. I can write to your employer to explain your conditions. You’d effect on his health. But if you r really concerned about this. I There are healthier way to lose weight . diet and exercise. I’m flattered. work can worsen your condition.” your shoulder problems. but we have social workers who can provide that information. but there’re other explanations we need to exclude before Will I ever feel better. doc? . A patient with going back to work can have bad Actually. Since I stopped smoking. Do you think the tumor I have can be malignant? It’s hard to say right now until we removed the tumor and get pathology report. heart problem and lung disease. I’ll write a letter to the insurance company to indicate the importance of this test. Or It’s unlikely for a patient with your complaint to have this type of cancer. If it’s necessary.

I can try to contact the social worker to arrange you child care with your permission. my child is alone at home. but this kind of fracture usually heal well.” . most patient has a complete recovery from A malingering patient says ”Doc. still talk with you. A patient needs hospitalization says “I need to I know you are worried about your child. But we get a lot of terms for controlling your symptoms and improve the quality of your life.It’s hard to cure in this advanced stage. but this rash could due to HIV?” many other causes.” staying in the hospital is at your best interest right now. why do we have to Life can certainly be challenging. Is there any live? thing specific that is bothering you? Have you ever thought to end your life? A young man with many sexual partners recently Having multiple sexual partners does put you at has a skin rash appears asks ”am I infected with risk of infected by HIV. After I’m done with the evaluation. I need one week this disease. Do you have any thing to make me feel better? I know you are in great discomfort. I’m sorry to I’m in great pain. And with physical therapy. you should regain the normal range of motion of your arm. I agree with you we should add HIV test in the list. Or off work. But I have to determine the causes of your pain in order to give you the most efficient treatment. I think life is full of misery. Yes. we can decide the best way to manage your pain. my back pains a lot. but leave now. Do you think I can move my arm like before? It’s hard to say right now.

you from work. I have a religious in objecting blood product! permission. Do you think I need surgery? I’ll try to manage your condition by medicine. 2.My brother is died from blood transfusion! I’m sorry about your loss. Death is a very rare complication during transfusion. We can see how things goes and make that decision together in the future. And I will make sure to take all the necessary precautions before giving you transfusions. I find nothing is significant enough to keep and doesn’t listen to what you said. I will try to determine the cause of that reaction and treat it before I give you any transfusion. A patient with only one sexual partners You most likely contracted it from your sexual diagnosed with STD asks “could he cheat on partner. and most of your recovery process will involve continuing your normal daily life. but after examining A patient is wandering in the room. So what’s the plan? Doc. You’d better to talk with him to clear me?” things up. explains its benefits and obtained your 1. After we get the results of your test. I know you are discomfort. . ignoring you you. A bleeding patient becomes very angry when you mention that she may need blood I respect your opinion and will make sure you don’t get any blood product until we have transfusion. But if it doesn’t work. surgery may be needed. 3. we’ll meet again. I plan to prescribe some pain medications and exercises. At that time I’ll try to any Q you may have. I have a serious reaction last time I get blood. He needs to be tested and treated. or you may risk becoming reinfected. Thank you for telling me this.

want you to know that I’m also a very well-qualified doctor and can help you if you allow me to address your concerns. A patient with auditory hallucinations ask you if There’s no such diagnosis in medicine. suggest him to seek medical help. If you still have other opinion. I journal that hormonal replacement therapy . A patient asks you if his previous doctor makes Although your previous doctor may have a mistake in his treatment. It might you think he is crazy? be some physiological or psychological problems. But if you don’t speak with me. I’m sorry it may be frustrating for you. it’s your right to choose a doctor. we have to make decisions based on what we have discovered today. different treatment plan. I will be happy to help you to find another doctor who might be a better fit. orientation. During an encounter. So. please take a seat and help me to determine what’s going on.can not help you. washing your hands Establish eye contact. I can only imagine how you feel as patient in An educated 58 yo F asks ”I read in a scientific your situation. but I doctor. But we want to receive the treatment that we think is most efficient and safe for you. A patient is asking if she can take a bathroom break? A patient requires to be examined by another Of course. If yes. A patient asks you a question while you are Tell them you’d like to give him the full attention. A patient wants to know how to deal with son Ask if son has any confusing about sexual who is a gay. And there’s a good chance we can address it.

Yes. do you think I if there’s more polyps or not. What do you think of that?” and estrogen for more than 4 years. There’re other risk factors need to be considered. Did I have a stroke? We don’t know yet.” by virus. we can need colonoscopy this time? prevent the colon cancer. A patient with symptoms of common cold I think you have a common cold which is caused said”Doc. but I have to ask anemia says ”please doc. I’m in great pain. So we can find and they remove a small polyp. Studies do show increased risk of breast cancer A patient with headache and confusion asks. what is the chance You are at increased risk.causes breast cancer. “am in women who take combination of progesterone I having Alzheimer disease?” . I think I need some antibiotics. but it doesn’t mean you I will have it too?” will get it. A 55yo M said “I have a colonoscopy 6 yr ago. But we still need to wait for the result to confirm the diagnosis Do I have lung caner? We’re still not sure at this moment. the current recommendation is to use hormonal replacement only for a short period to treat hot flashes. And antibiotic can not fix it. Your symptoms could be explained by a small stroke. I need you some questions first to better understand some Demerol or I’ll die from pain” your pain. we need to focus on relieve your symptoms. Now. In this way. while it may cause some side effects to make you feel worse. And annual screen is a very important screening method. “my mother has breast cancer. An Africa American patient with sickle cell I know you are in great pain. we need to do the procedure. Then I will give you some pain medicine to ease your pain. We need to wait for the additional test results to confirm it.

lower that 1%. But there’re other explanations for it that we’d like to investigate. We can order A patient with possible appendicitis ask for a cup some test to investigate. but life why I’m over weight? style. A patient with palpitation said” my mother has a There’s one possibilities. A young man with dysuria asks “do you think I It’s one of the possibilities. It could be one of the possibilities. We usually check the thyroid problem . And why do you think of water to drink.you may have Alzheimer disease? Can I get pregnant even my tubes is ligated? There’s no single method of contraceptive could be 100%. Obesity runs in my family. it can decrease the risk of lung cancer in the future. so I’d like to order some urine test to confirm it. what’s my chance Some type of colon cancer could be hereditary. It’s rare to be pregnant after the tube is ligated. we can work out a plan in controlling your weight. A woman in 1 trimester with vaginal bleeding Bleeding can increase the possibility of losing it. of having it? but it doesn’t mean you will get it for sure. I would like to ask more information of your health to better determine your risk level. . do you think it could be it?” thyroid function in patient with palpitation. My brother has colon cancer . said ”will I lose my baby?” But at the same time. diet. daily activities are also factors can influence you weight. Do you think that’s Genes play an important role in obesity. But there’s other have STD?” explanations for your symptoms such as UTI. many women have bleeding carry their baby to term without any problems. If it does happen. Also. it has a high possibility to be ectopic pregnancy. A patient with copd asks “will I get better if I quit Most patients in your condition improves smoke?” gradually after they stop smoking. Through these.

and anesthesia will be much safer if your stomach is completely empty. But I want you to stay away from strenuous exercise or any contact sports. indicate a larger movement disorder called Parkinson’s disease.” I think your tremor will improve with medications. We need to do some tests to explore this possibility. Because your symptoms Parkinson’s Disease. his yellow pigment levels. This type of physiologic this?” jaundice will resolve and rarely poses a threat to the baby. may rise too high and cause damage to his brain. or you may risk rupturing your spleen. I can go back to school? you can back to school. I’m sorry. To determine the severity of your child’s illness. known as bilirubin levels. But I don’t know how long will the Do you think I will get better? Asked from improvement last. if your newborn has a more severe type of jaundice. A patient with infectious mononucleuosis asks if you have recovered from acute stage of this stage. After seeing him. I should be able to give you a more accurate assessment of his condition. but I can not give you anything to eat or drink. “Newborns often develop a mild case of natural “Can this jaundice hurt my baby? Why is he like jaundice after birth. I must examine him in the office and obtain some blood tests. Because you may need an emergency .surgery later. However.