A (20 m)

1.which statement is false about english
A.belongs to west germanic group brnch of the indo-european fmily
B.sound change dring the mid-english eroded inflection
C.historically eng. has been enriched by loan words French n latin
D.descended frm latin which both latin n english r members of the indo-euro

2.A speech community consists of people who in the same area or district. in same area and use the same linguistic code.
C.use different linguistic codes and live in the same area.
D.use the linguistic code regardless of where they stay.

3.The following are a number of facts pertaining to language except
A.As time changes, all languages would also go through changes in one aspect or another.
B.Language though they are equally complex, some are just “primitive” as compared to some others.
C.All human languages utilize a finite set of discrete sounds that are combined to form meaningful
D.The relationship between the sounds and meanings of spoken languages and between the gestures
and meanings of sign languages are for the most part arbitrary.

4.Which word contains the CCVC[C-consonant,V-vowel] syllable

Which of the following explains the concept of displacement? A.IV C.bridge 5.The lack of natural or intrinsic relationship between the way a word is pronounced [or signed] and its meaning.Ideas are formulated spontaneously and simultaneously.I. B. C.III.II.It is less organized and more casual.Obviously one can be lying down .II.The ability to produce a sentence which has never been heard before.The ability to communicate about things which are removed in time or place.III D.It is acquired naturally and automatically. III.IV 7.I. .II.Which of the statements below describe features of speech? I. D. II.It is very organized and tends to be more formal.C. 6. 1V.seated . A.III.IV B. Are we stouched or straight up ? Are our legs crossed our arm folded? Are we leaning against the wall or a table nearby? Such positions convey a degree of formality and the degree of relaxation in the communication exchange.Sounds take on meaning only when they are combined in certain ways.I.know D. or standing up to convey messages.

the sounds/a/ and/ as/ are .The word ‘dance’ can be pronounced as either (da:ns/or/daena/. Swap C.Productivity C.Which of the non-verbal communication elements describes the above situation? A.Physical Contact DFacial Expression 8. Clean D.Arbitrariness D.Postures C.The word which contains diphthong is A.Gestures B. …………………… allows the speaker to combine sounds to produce new words.Duality B.Discreteness 9.Therefore. A. Glow B. Brought 10.

Allophones C.Decrystalized D.Entertainment 13.Which of the following is generated by the phrase structure rule VP—V+NP+PP A.Allomorphs D.Dependable C.Legibility B.Supportive C.Was a terrible accident C.Phonemes B.Which of the following word contains a free morpheme and two bound morphemes? A.Misinterpretation 12.Unbelievably D.Feel free to give your comments .A.Which of the following words contains four morphemes? A.Men’s B.Cut the vegetable with a knife D.Rolled down the hill B.Morphemes 11.

syntax is independent of meaning C. Which of these syntactic rules does the above sentence conform to? A. the linear order of the words C. syntax accounts for the ambiguity of meaning in sentence 16. Which of these is a compound sentence? A. the grouping of the words into structural constituent D. constituent structure trees would reveal three aspects of the syntatic knowledge of sentence structures except for A.lunch and dinner everyday 17. the syntactic category of each structural constituent The moon is bigger than the sun 15. the ambiguity of a sentence B. Read the pair of the sentences provided below. Jack and Jill went up the hill B. . Bond aimed and fired a shot at the robber C.syntax accounts for the grammaticality of sentence D.14. syntax is independent of truth B. She is late to work because of the heavy traffic jam D. Mother cooks breakfast.

quality B. Polysemy D. Ashley is at the present time not married D. Rahman is violating maxim of A. Ashley is available for a steady relationship 19. Ashley is a male B. Hyponymy 18.relevance . synonymy B. Ashley is a bachelor With reference to the statement above.Antonymy C. Ashley is a widower C.the following are true EXCEPT A.manner C. Tiara : Have you taken your dinner? Rahman: I think Juliet is hungry In the above conversation.Sentence 1: The nurse treated Johan's wound with great care Sentence 2: The teacher treated her pupils to a grand dinner Indentify the meaning relationship between the word treated in sentence 1 and sentence 2 A.quantity D.

identify which of the following sentences contains all the three deictic expressions.20.(ANSWER PAGE 14) . I saw a big sale B. B (60 m) answer all questions. A. briefly explain the statements . There was a really big sale there yesterday ----------------------DONE---------------------------------- sec. Deixis refers to words and expression whose references rely solely on the circumstance of the utterance and can be only be understood in the light of these circumstances(Fromkin. There was a big sale yesterday C. 1. He saw a big sale there yesterday D. a) Language is a set of arbiatrary symbols(ANSWER PAGE 14) exp: eg: b) Language operates in a speech community or culture.2011) Based on the definition given.

exp: eg: 2. breath =/ brɛθ/ 3. pill = /pIl/ i. spend =/spɛnd/ iii. break the sentence into the morphological elements L=lexical F= functional I=Inflectional D=derivational eg: "they love the compilations" = they=F (ANSWER REFER PAGE 46/47 IN THE MODULE) .| sing | /ŋ/ | velar | nasal i| numb | /m/ | BILABIAL | nasal ii| bath | /ːθ/ | dental | b) transcribe to phonetic script eg. a) give the symbol n description of the final sound. fame = /feɪm/ ii.(in the tables given) | word | symbol | place of articulation | manner of articulation| eg.

| the payment must be made at the counter NOUN /PAY//MENT /DERIVATIONAL/ CHANGING VERB TO . | the boys were excited to go on the school trip/ EXCITE/D / INFLECTIONAL/CHANGING ADJECYIVE TO VERB 3. | sentence / (a) / (b) / (c) 0. do the following: a) identify the suffix by breaking the word into parts using a slash (+) the=F compile=L -tion= D -s=I question: The silly joker died ? ? ? ? 4. | mahmud likes watching tv during his fee time/ LIKE/S SINGULAR /derivational /change noun to adj /INFLECTIONAL/ INDICATE 3RD PERSON 2. b)state whether the suffix is derivational or inflectional c) briefly justify your decision by explaining how the suffix works. | eg: | that is the most foolish thing i've ever done / fool + lish 1. no.for each of the underlined words shown below.

5. The rich usually do not understand the hardship of the poor.-SYNONYMY 3. Paraphrase the following sentences in two different ways to show that you understand ambiguity involved: Example: Smoking grass can be nauseating.-ANTONYM Q. It is not fair to charge a higher fare for a short distance." a) b) Q. Example: You have to be cruel to be kind. I was trembling when the ground started shaking.-HOMOPHONE 4.Identify the semantic relationship of the word pairs ( in bold) in the sentences below. At present .7.-POLYSEMY 5. 1. users s/times experience difficulty in understanding sntences utterd by their interiocutors. she will present her paper only to the board.lang. describe lexical ambiguity and give 2 examples to illustrate.-HOMOGRAPHS 2.draw 2 tree diagrams to show the ambiguity of the structure: " They put the box on the table by the window. 6. one reason for this occurrence is due to ambiguity. . The cold –hearted stepmother chased Hansel and Gretel out in the cold. 8.

i.JOE DECIDED ON THE BOAT Question 9. B) Fumes from the smoldering grass can make you sick. Word 0 hate i time ii tour Symbol /et/ iii joy iv fear Q. Joe finally decided on the boat.10.A) Putting grass in a pipe and smoking it can make you sick. Write the phonetic symbols for the sound underlined in each of the following words. This month marks the start of the rabbit year in the Chinese zodiac Those people born in the year of the rabbit -the fourth position in the zodiac –are thought to be articulate talented and ambitious.JOE FINALLY DECIDED WHICH BOAT TO BUY ii. This year . List and label the deictic expressions in the text.

c= essay(20m) -choose 1- 1. That creates an atmosphere of gaiety.language is also not spared. . In conjunction with the lunar new year celebration. feb 2011) Types of deixis / phrases 0. TEXTUAL DEIXIS / THIS YEAR ------------------------------------------------- sec. (adapted from reader’s digest.language has change considerably in terms of vocabulary.discuss n illustrate 5 ways in which new words are formed n in which existing words take on new meanings. culture encompasses language. as culture changes along with time. PERSON DEIXIS / THOSE PEOPLE BORN ii. TIME DEIXIS / THIS MONTH place deixis / those special spots perceived to be a lucky year especially for these advancement and globalization. particularly those special spots like entrances and main halls have been decorated based on the ‘rabbit’theme. most shopping complexes.

A: Is there any genre that she likes? B: I think she would love chic lit. A: Shall we buy our niece this novel? B: Yes. next to the novels on romance and sci-fi thriller . your sister told me.where can we find chic lit? B: they are over there. that's a good idea. teacher to have a sound knowledge of syntax? support your answer with relevant examples based on at least 3 aspects of syntax.finish ~diana .I saw them in her room other day. the books are arranged according to the authors' last name.2. especially Cecelia Ahern's.. analyse the dialogue based on Grice's cooperative prinsiples.. 3. explain n support with examples frm the dialogue. I love this book store. why is it important for an english lang. they are arranged neatly on the bookshelf. she loves reading. now. A: Have you found it? B: Her it is! ok. I know she has a collection of those. A:Let's go and find if there is any latest title by her favourite author.