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Opening: What a ‘mind-field’ of intelligence to be found.
Seg#1: ((Beach Boy Music: Catch a Wave, on top of the World.))
You know what happened. We’ll cut to the chase, and details. Alaskan Dan Sullivan wins with all
precincts reporting. The Democrat won’t concede. It stands at PLUS EIGHT Senate seats.
Results are exactly what I said it would be: a BIG ‘Mandate’.
Individual candidates ran against Obama and ObamaEconomy and ObamaCare. There was no
NATIONAL Republican message—they stood silent. Their ‘mandate’ is not to STOP Obama, who is
The Republican Party was not elected to sit with, and work with, Obama. They were elected to stop
before we get to the cliff. STOP the drive to Amnesty; STOP national security policies; STOP the run-up
of the National Debt. STOP using IRS from attacking political opponents.
Republicans were elected yesterday to stop this [stupid] War on Women. Losers expect the Winners to
work with them? They were not elected ‘fix’ [the Democrat mess.] Whether Republicans want to
accept the Mandate, that is a different question.
Wizards of Smart are not seeing the SKUNKING OF THE DEMOCRAT PARTY. This was the electorate
standing up and yelling, “STOP”. They were not elected to end ‘gridlock’. They were elected to stop the
policies of Barack Obama. Too many jobs went from fulltime to halftime. They didn’t like their
insurance policies going south.
There is no legitimate alternative analysis. How do you come up with, “They want Republicans to work
with Democrats”? If they wanted that, they would have elected Democrats.
How do you stop Obama? Listen to Ted Cruz [ED: He was excellent!] ((Clip-Cruz: It is incumbent for
Republicans to stand up and lead with a positive message. We must address issues, one by one. . . .
With Obamacare, we should start with parts of Obamacare; if Obama vetoes it, force the president to
face single-shot bills. We might get the votes to override those vetoes.))
>>> The message was clear: The American people want it stopped!
[ED: Six minutes of excellence!]
Seg#2: The WAVE could all be for naught if RINOs ruin the Mandate!
If the Republican Party does not admit why they were voted in, this will all be for naught. The
Republican Party has not become loved overnight. There was no other place for voters to turn. If they
think their purpose is to make media like them by compromising principles, they will move into
permanent Minority.

This was a rejection of Democrats and Democrat policies!
>>> The American people are ‘fed up’ and want it all stopped NOW!
ED: To see expectations, watch the Ted Cruz video, it is soooo excellent!
From the Rush Limbaugh Morning Update: "Job Security"
Kenneth Tate spent his life in the background, not as a public figure. That is, until the drive-by
media… drove by.
Mr. Tate was a security guard for Professional Security Corporation, which provides security for the
Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta. He was licensed to carry a handgun, which was issued to him
daily by his company.
In September, President Obama visited the CDC; trying to convince people he had a handle on the Ebola
threat. The President rode an elevator with Kenneth Tate. The two exchanged pleasantries. The Secret
Service didn’t know Tate had a gun. That was one of the security breaches that lead to the resignation of
Secret Service Director Julia Pierson.
The Washington Post reported Mr. Tate had been convicted of crimes. So the story was that an armed
convict was side-by-side with Obama. Sensational! Outrageous!
And false. Mr. Tate hadn’t been convicted of anything. His work history is lengthy. The Washington Post
got it wrong. After the inaccurate report spread all over the country, the CDC asked that Mr. Tate be
“reassigned” by the security company.
Instead, the security company fired Mr. Tate, supposedly because he snapped a photo of the
presidential motorcade to show his mom. By the way: Mr. Tate happens to be African-American. Which
should raise questions about how the Post mangled the facts so badly, destroying a man’s reputation
and livelihood.
But the biggest lesson? Mr. Tate is more proof: Obama is terrible for job security especially for AfricanAmericans. Poor guy.
Read the Background Material on the Morning Update...
The W-Post: Guard Fired After Obama Visit: I'm Not a Convict [[Heard AM on radio across America]]
Quote Gems from Rush Limbaugh dot com:
"I do not think that it's the end of the Tea Party, by the way, if the Republicans win today. I know a lot of
people do. I can't tell you why. It's just a gut feeling. I don't have any brilliant on-site analysis as to why
it's not the end of the Tea Party, but I don't think it is. The Tea Party's comprised of too many people
who care too much."

"For those of you who think that Republicans winning is not going to help because the guys are
worthless, I want you to do something. If you purchase your own health insurance, I want you to call
your insurance company today, and I want you to ask them what your premium will be next year."
"So here you have a system, communism, and other related forms of government all over the world
which routinely do more than just discriminate against homosexuals, and the left embraces them. And
then you have conservatives who don't do anything of the sort but yet it is perceived that they do, and
conservatives end up being a greater enemy to the left than communists."
"To the people at CNN, Republicans winning is about the same as a bunch of people from Mars landing
here and taking over the political system. It's got 'em bamboozled. It's got 'em hyperventilating. It has
them scared and in shock already, and in some cases, paranoia. And it's funny to watch this."
"We had eight years of what many of us believe was the greatest lesson citizens could have about
conservatism versus liberalism. The eighties and Reagan."
"The Republicans, we have to admit, they don't have an agenda. They haven't told people what they're
going to do in a national message of any kind, so the vote is totally anti today. It's a protest vote."
"I don't think people who are engaged and paying attention had the slightest desire for any more of this
to happen, and they're going to be doing the only thing they know how to do to stop it, and that's vote
against who's in power."
"I think the American people are telling everybody and are going to tell everybody at the end of the day
what they want. That's what elections do."
"If I thought there were no difference in Republicans and Democrats, I'd be the first to tell you. If I
thought that, I'd tell you, furthermore, I don't think it matters whether you vote, if that's what I really
believed, that's what I would tell you. But I don't think that at all. "
"I'm not even sure the Republicans want to win control of Congress because that carries with it a
responsibility they may not want with an African-American president in office."
"If you think this election's not about Obama, why are so many Democrats running as far away from the
guy as they can?"
"The mess this country in is tied directly to the Democrat Party and its policies, pure and simple. People
want it to stop. People don't want any more of this. People are not comfortable with the direction of the
"Whether the Republicans even realize it, whether they want to realize it or not, they have a mandate:
Stop what Obama is doing. That's why they're going to win."
"The voters just don't want a change in terms of people in office. They want that change in office to
mean something and what they want it to mean is for Obama to be stopped. That's a huge mandate."
"The theory holds that this is a giant, a giant trap that has been set so that Republicans and
commentators and conservatives run around in the days leading up to the election talking about the
massive victory for the Republicans, the catastrophic defeat for the Democrats, but that isn't really going
to happen.

"One of the big questions is, will we know tonight if the Republicans have taken control of the Senate, or
will we have to wait for runoff elections? That'll be one of the big indicators."
"This is the most listened to radio talk show in the country. Massive expectations accompany that, and
we meet them and surpass them each day."
"If this is a big Republican wave, the media will say, 'This election really wasn't about Obama. There is no
Republican mandate. This was an anti-incumbent election.' Look for that tomorrow. Maybe even
tonight, if you're watching election returns, you will hear, I predict, that this is not an anti-Obama vote
at all."
"One note on these exit polls: I want you to remember, they have been wrong. The exit polls are used by
Democrats and the pollsters to shape turnout later in the day. For example, a lot of important polls like
the one in Iowa don't close until 10 p.m. Here's CNN at five o'clock talking about exit polls and if they're
bad for the Democrats, they'll start trying to depress Republican turnout. So whatever they tell you the
exit polls say, just ignore it. They're used to shape turnout later in the day. Ignore them."
Segment#1: Obama is arrogant, cares about himself and Agenda
The New York Times now consider ‘Rush Revere’ books as a series, which happened with Harry Potter
books. All three Revere books open at #1.
What I said about the VOTE being against Obama is now debated all over cable news, “Will nothing
get done!” YES, you have to stop the steamship before you can turn it around.
The notion “We have to work together” is BIG out there, and it is not what voters demanded on
Tuesday. Only two incumbent Republican House seats were lost, so how can you say it was ‘antiincumbent’?
Brian Williams was on with F.Chuck Todd ((Clip: We will pivot very quickly to the 2016 presidential
elections and people are begging the Clintons to take over the Democrat[ic] Party.)) Interesting. The
defeat for Democrats was HUGE!
I was happy on Wednesday, but not as joyful as in 1994. There is some doubt about what Republicans
In media, they all say, “Rush is right, BUT…” Then they throw their own theories. Did they ever hear of
the Limbaugh Theorem? It is never Obama’s fault.
Everywhere Slick Willy and Hillary Rodham went, Democrats received a spanking. The defeat of
Democrats was deep and wide, and I knew it was coming when Henry Waxman resign. They all knew it
was coming.
On CNN, they were using Microsoft Surface Pads in front of their iPads they were using, to prop them
up. Jack Tapper was called on it.

((Clip-Gergen: His party has lost over the last six years. He was dismissive and did not take
responsibility.)) Why should Obama—he doesn’t think he is doing anything wrong; plus, he is getting
what he wants. He gets 90% of his Agenda, against the will of the people. ((Clip-on-Rodham.Gergen:
Some thought there would be a course correction.)) He doesn’t care; look how he was raised; he gets
anything he wants; he got the Nobel Peace Prize without doing anything except being a Liberal. [Sick,
Liberals have outbursts and wring their hands: what would it do for them if Obama said he would make
corrections in his course? He wouldn’t do it anyway. Two-thirds of the voters didn’t vote and Obama
heard about it and commented in arrogance. Did they whisper in his ear?
Did they say, “Give me my doctor back”? or “Stop Amnesty”?
>>> And did Obama hear what Obama said.
Seg#2: Religion is bigger than Culture which is bigger than Politics
BTW, we have not lost the Pop Culture. We still have a toehold. Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood
spoke: “That is why the Democrats lost the Senate.”, and the crowd erupted in applause. Their loss in
2014 is on top of what they lost in 2010.
IDEA FOR THE SPEAKER: Hold a press conference before they send legislation to Obama’s desk, and
attach a letter about public opinion.
>>> Let everyone know that the people overwhelmingly support it.
ED: Rush mentions a few items, such as Amnesty/borders.
From the Rush Limbaugh Morning Update: "This Time"
For eight years, Harry Reid ruled the Senate with an iron fist. One of his all-time lows was April 20th,
2007. American troops still fighting in Iraq, and Harry Reid, the Senate Minority Leader, said, (imitating
Reid) “This war is lost, and the surge is not accomplishing anything.”
Harry Reid was, of course, wrong. The war was not lost. America’s military had not failed and neither
had the surge. We won that war and won the surge. That is, until Obama decided to withdraw and allow
ISIS, an Al Qaeda offshoot, to run amok in Iraq and Syria despite warnings that’s exactly what would
November 2013. Harry Reid presided over one the most egregious acts in Senate history. The so-called
“nuclear option.” Harry Reid and the Democrats unilaterally terminated Senate rules in place since
Thomas Jefferson’s era, requiring a super-majority to confirm most federal judges.
Almost immediately, Democrats began to stack the courts with Obama’s radical judges who never would
have made it on the bench otherwise. These filibuster rules were put in place to protect the rights of the
minority-party Senators over 200 years ago.

Now in January, if Democrats will have him, Harry Reid will find himself the leader of the minority party
without filibuster rules. Ironic, isn’t it? Last time Democrats were in the minority, Republicans stupidly
agreed to share power with them. This time, boy, that had better not happen. It had just better not. Oh,
my God.
[ED: The last sentence, “It’s a prayer—not a swear!”]
Read the Background Material on the Morning Update...
Washington Examiner: Mitch McConnell: GOP Majority Won't Change Filibuster Rules
Quote Gems from Rush Limbaugh dot com:
"If voters wanted Republicans to work with Democrats, they wouldn't have seen to it that so many
Democrats got creamed last night."
"It seems that the Democrat Party's more interested in the Hispanic minority than they are in the black
minority, and I've been waiting for somebody to make this connection."
"It's funny how we never hear of any extremists in the Democrat Party. We only hear of extremists in
the Republican Party, acknowledged by other Republicans!"
"This election was about a total rejection of liberalism, policies, and governance. It was a total rejection
of Barack Obama and Obamaism. The media, however, will continue to do everything they can to
persuade you it was about something else entirely."
"If Barack Obama had been honest about his policies, he would never have been elected in the first
place and we wouldn't be here. Liberal Democrats have to constantly mask who they are and what they
believe in."
"We've got Tim Scott in South Carolina who is the first black elected to the Senate since Reconstruction.
He was serving out an appointed term, and he was elected for the first time. He's a Republican in South
Carolina and he was elected by Republicans and Democrats, thereby nuking one of the cliched talking
points that the Democrats have popularized about Republicans: racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe, you
name it."
"There were Republican governors, women, reelected in droves last night. The War on Women meme
was shot through the heart in Colorado and all over the country, although it won't go away, by the way."
"I'm unlike you. I have never had the thrill of listening to this program like you do. And the reason for
that is that I'm hosting it, and I don't listen to myself after the fact. I've never liked it. I've never watched
myself on TV. I hated it. I was never satisfied. I don't listen to myself on tape, on radio. So I don't hear
myself like you do. I have missed that thrill."
"The Republicans are going to have the greatest number of members in the House of Representatives
since 1946, as they pick up net 10. Every member of Congress from Arkansas is a Republican. This
sweep, this wave, this landslide was thorough, top to bottom, dramatic. It was heart stopping, and it
was genuinely catastrophic for the Democrat Party."

"I don't think people -- and you can't blame 'em -- I don't think very many people stop to think about
how precariously balanced America is every day."
"We were founded over 200-plus years ago, and when you get down to brass tacks, this is the first man
who has attempted to pretend the Constitution isn't there."
"Other than Hollywood and Silicon Valley, you would be hard-pressed -- and Wall Street, of course -you'd be hard-pressed to find unbridled, never ending prosperity and abundance. Most every place in
this country is undergoing economic doldrums."
"Politics is a business. It's a cutthroat business and the people that win know that business. And it's not
mine, by the way, I will be the first to admit I'm not in that business. Getting votes is a much different
proposition than getting an audience. I'm not trying to be falsely humble. I'm just trying to be realistic
"Scott Walker, has, by virtue of his work, created a blueprint that is there for anybody in the Republican
Party to follow if they want to experience the same results he has. So I just want to take a few minutes
here to congratulate him on his big win."
"Scott Walker defeated every national labor union. Scott Walker defeated Bill and Hillary Clinton. Scott
Walker defeated Barack and Michelle Obama. In other words, Scott Walker defeated the A team, not
once, not twice, but three times. And he did it with a conservative agenda."
"Ladies and gentlemen, the Republican Party has a genuine star. The Republican Party has a
demonstrated, genuine hero and potential star in its ranks, and he is the governor the Wisconsin. His
name is Scott Walker."
"The polls got a lot of races wrong. It's stunning how much was missed. And why was it missed? It was
missed because of a built in media bias on the part of the pollsters who themselves are all liberal
"All last night, no matter where you turned, on cable news or broadcast news, you found a resistance to
the notion that this was a wave election. You found resistance to the notion that this was a huge and
dominant, not just Republican win, because that it was, but this was a smack down of the Democrat
"It is rare that a political party running for office in a midterm election not standing for anything ends up
with a mandate, and they have one, and it is the biggest and perhaps the most important mandate a
political party has had in the recent era, and it is very simple what that mandate is. It is to stop Barack
Obama. It is to stop the Democrats. There is no other reason why Republicans were elected yesterday.
Republicans were not elected to govern."
"The result yesterday is exactly what I said it would be. The Republican Party now has one of the most
important and unquestionable mandates a political party has ever had at its junction with American
history, especially a political party which did not run on a national agenda. The Republican Party
purposely stood mute nationally."
"Individual Republican candidates won, and they won big. They won in a wave landslide running against
Obamacare. The national Republican brand or image didn't say a word, which makes the mandate that
they have all the more incredible."

"If you go into the races, the House and Senate raises all over the country, you will find that many
Republican candidates ran specifically against Obamacare, and that is an important note to make and an
important thing for you to remember."
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Morning Jolt . . . with Jim Geraghty
November 6, 2014

Election 2014: Maybe the Kids Are Alright After All
In 2012, voters from 18 to 29 made up 20 percent of the electorate in Colorado. That year, Colorado
voters legalized marijuana through a popular initiative.
In 2014, voters from 18 to 29 made up 14 percent of the electorate in Colorado.
Hm. Once you legalize marijuana, the youth vote drops. Perhaps I have been completely off base in my
wariness about legalizing weed. Heck, give it away for free on college campuses in early November!
Another point about the Millennials — Republicans do badly among the older half, somewhat better
among the younger half. Apparently it makes a big difference whether you politically came of age during
the era of “Hope and Change” from 2007 to 2009, say, or the rest of the Obama presidency. This analysis
of the exit-poll data tells the familiar story:
Overall, young voters were more likely to show up at the polls and more likely to cast
their ballots for Republicans than they were in 2010.
With the exception of Arkansas, where the GOP nominated a likeable 37 year-old
candidate, the youngest voters within our demographic (18-24) were more likely to vote
Republican than the older ones (25-29). This confirms a trend we observed in 2012 and
2013: first-time voters who supported Barack Obama in 2008 have been somewhat loyal
to his party, while their younger siblings and those who came of voting age during the

Obama presidency have largely turned away from Democrats in the face of crippling
student loan debt and the highest sustained youth unemployment levels since World
War II.
Stop Kidding Yourselves, Media. The Midterms Are Not Good News for Hillary Clinton.
Remember how the media often covers major events through the lens of, “but what does this mean for
Obama?” Out of all the possible angles or ways to frame a story, national press habitually views major
events, legislative fights, foreign-policy crises, and national controversies as if they’re as plot twists in an
episode of The West Wing and particularly good or bad turns of fortune for the president — as opposed
to how these events impact the nation as a whole.
Get ready for two years of, “But what does this mean for Hillary?”
The Washington Post: “Why the Senate GOP takeover might actually help Hillary Clinton”
Yahoo: “How Hillary Clinton Won the 2014 Midterms”
Part of that Yahoo piece:
In the last six elections, 18 states (plus Washington, D.C.) have voted for the Democratic
candidate every single time.
This means that Clinton, assuming she’s the nominee, will start out with 242 electoral
votes in 2016; she’ll need only 28 of the remaining 183 tossups to win the election.
Yes, but that was every bit as true before the midterm elections as it is today. That doesn’t make her the
winner, as the headline asserts.
Let’s get something clear: Watching your party get stomped like a narc at a biker rally* in a midterm
election is not something that helps a party’s presidential front-runner. In theory, the Republicans bellyflopping in the 1998 midterms helped convince a lot of GOP thinkers that the next nominee had to have
no tie to Washington or Congress, which helped set the stage for George W. Bush. But it’s not like a
good midterm election for the GOP that year would have ruined Bush’s odds of winning the nomination
or the presidency.
America is not happy with Washington, and particularly furious with the Obama administration and
Democratic-party governance as a whole. Republicans are now governors of 31 states. There really isn’t
a way to interpret that as a vast, national yearning for “President Hillary Clinton.”
Looking back at the past four cycles — 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014 — we see a coalition of African
Americans, Hispanics, young voters, gays, and single women that come out in droves in the years Obama
is atop the ticket . . . and doesn’t come out in any other circumstance so far. Will those groups come out
in huge numbers for Hillary Clinton? It’s an open question. Maybe the single women and gays do, but
not the African Americans and Hispanics. The Millennials seem pretty iffy.
Does that coalition come out just in presidential years? Or just in presidential years with a rock-star,
pop-culture celebrity candidate like Obama? Or just for Obama himself? If you know the answer to that
question, you know who will win in 2016.

Whether she likes it or not, Hillary’s odds of election are tied greatly to how the country feels about the
current president. If he’s thriving — with a Republican Congress — maybe she’ll be able to run as the
natural successor. But, more likely, if there’s gridlock, she’ll have to either explicitly run against his
vetoes, creating more tension within the parties, or agree with them and become a vote to continue the
status quo of gridlock.
GOP adviser Stuart Stevens, the chief strategist for Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential
campaign, said the notion that an all-Republican Congress is good for Clinton will not
bear out.
“I don’t buy it,” he said, because Congress will pass legislation that Obama will then
veto, and that will not leave Clinton much running room. “What’s she going to say? ‘I
would have vetoed it, too, so I’m going to be the third term of Barack Obama’?”
It’s possible — in fact, pretty likely — that two years from now, voters are disappointed, frustrated, or
angry with the results of a government run by President Obama, Senate majority leader Mitch
McConnell, and House speaker John Boehner. How that translates to a national appetite for Hillary
Clinton isn’t quite clear. She’s old, a Washington fixture since 1993, a thoroughly uncreative policy
thinker, closely tied to both the D.C. establishment and Wall Street, and a key player in an
administration foreign policy in a world on fire.
In other words, there’s an excellent chance that 2016 is yet another year where the American electorate
wants change — and it’s going to be exceptionally difficult for her to position herself as the candidate of
She did benefit from 2014 in one way, however.
Maryland electing Larry Hogan their next governor — by five points! — ruins the presidential ambitions
of Martin O’Malley. But you know what had already ruined the presidential ambitions of Martin
O’Malley? Martin O’Malley.
*Thank you, Dennis Miller.
Face It, Washington Media. We Have a Petulant Narcissist in the Oval Office.
Ace, with some truth-bombs:
Whenever [the media] need to complain about [Obama’s] failure, they will only do so on
two grounds.
The first ground, which we saw in that Politico piece the other day, the big one about
Obama's "detachment" and "depression," is that Obama, nobly, despises the
"Theatrical" aspects of his job.
That is, he won't play the Actor, oozing false sentiment.
This is as complimentary a "criticism" as one could hope to bestow -- he's too honest to
be a great leader!!!
The second ground — which the New York Times spends the entire rest of the article
fleshing out — is that Obama doesn't care to "schmooze" with his allies in Congress.

Again, this "criticism" is pretty much a compliment. Again, the criticism directed at
Obama is that he is too honest and can't abide the bull****.
The actual truth is that Obama simply doesn't do his job, because he is lazy, and he
refuses to do the non-glamorous, non-"fun" parts of his job such as compromising,
horse-trading, or working out the details, because he is a committed die-hard ideologue
who also suffers from an intense Messianic complex in which he can only be the
conquering hero.
And also, he seems to be lethargic because he is psychologically a depressive, whose
mood is only elevated by hero worship -- something he hasn't gotten in a while, because
he's a miserable failure.
These are the real truths of the matter, but of course the New York Times and Politico
can only bring themselves to criticize Obama for disdaining phony theatrics or phony
"schmoozing" with the horrible phonies that make up the Democratic congressional

BOTTOM LINE: The rejection of Black Liberation Theology Communism as personified by Reverend
Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Van Jones, Eric Holder, Valarie Jarrett and Barack Obama is what the
election was really about.
The Libertarian Voters in Virginia cost Patriots a seat in Senate and no doubt in other races. They are as
bad as the Communists and deserve to be held in the highest contempt by any freedom loving
American. Selfish MF’s in my opinion.
Obama is the political equivalent of Captain Queeg in the film “The Caine Mutiny” … and we all know
how that turned out. Soon he will be looking for strawberries stolen from the WH Kitchen and fidgeting
with marbles in the Oval Office.
If he were a horse – a vet would come and put him down
Seems sane Americans have finally rejected the Black Liberation Theology Communist approach to
governing personified by the Jimmy Swaggert of politics …. Barry Soetero
Are you convinced yet that Obama is a very sick man ?
I am not looking to get along with the Progressives. I am looking to wipe them out at every turn.
Obama is Ebola personified for the Democrats aka Communists
I don’t think Mitch McConnell should be anointed Majority Leader. The Country did not elect him
majority leader. We must have a vote of the Senate Majority Members !!!
Maybe now someone will ask the Empty Suit about his sealed records ?

Now it’s time to play hardball re the IRS ….. Subpoena the telephone and email records of Cumminings
and Shaheen;
It is also time to arrest Eric Holder for Contempt of Congress along with Lois Lerner
Don’t forget we can beat Landrieu in Louisiana and Begich in Alaska
Those damn White Racist Bigots in the Tea Party elected Tim Scott and Mia Love. Pox on them !
Harry Reid’s instructions from the new Neo-Communist Regime after taking over in 2009 was: Not let
any Bill come to the floor that would give the Opposition any political points … and Reid has been a
pretty good Capo for the Regime in keeping the voices of Patriot Americans politically silent.
The Democratic Party must be viewed not as the “loyal opposition” but as “the enemy.”
For Obama …. Bibi is White – Smarter – Jewish. A trifecta that gnaws at Obama’s gut
I said almost 7 years ago that Obama was/is a dangerous sociopath. I stick by those words. …