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5  Introduction  Company profile  Executive summary  Objectives Of Study  Research Methodology  Data Analysis &Interpretation  Findings  Limitations  Suggestions  conclusion  Bibliography  Annexure INTRODUCTION 5 .

PepsiCo was formed in 1965.Pepsico. It generates revenue of more than 180 million dollars. It was this doctor’s potion that was to become Pepsi Cola in 1898.com/.6     Its products are distributed across 190 countries.  1886. 6 . PepsiCo is the second largest food and beverage business in the world. Caleb Bradman.  The company URL is http://www. United States of America. and eventually.  Pepsi is a hundred year old brand loved by over 200 million people worldwide.  Itsheadquarter located in USA New York. got on to formulate a blockbuster digestive drink and decided to call it Brad’s drink. Pepsi in 1903. the man with a plan.


8 Industry FoodNon-alcoholic beverage Founded New Bern N.Aquafina.S. New York. (1890) Founder(s) Caleb Bradham. Slice. Tropicana Products.3 billion Net income ▲ US$6. U. Kurkure. Lays. Uncle Chips Revenue ▲ US$44. Area served Worldwide Key people Indra Nooyi(Chairperson and CEO) Products Pepsi .3 billion Operating income ▲ US$7.8 Billion (FY 2009) Employees 203.7up.000 (2010) Divisions PepsiCo Americas (PepsiCo Ameri Food.C.Mountain Dew . Donald M.8 Billion (FY 2009) Total equity ▲ US$16. U.24 billion Total assets ▲ US$39. PepsiCo Americas Beverages). PepsiCo International Website PepsiCo. Kendall and Herman W.Mirindaa.com 8 .Diet Pepsi .S. Lay Headquarters Purchase.

In 1898.One of Caleb's formulations. One of Caleb's formulations. Washington D. 1898. His most popular beverage was something he called "Brad's drink" made of carbonated water. He applies for a trademark with the U.C. an artist designed the first Pepsi logo and ninety-seven shares of stock for Bradham's new company were issued.9 In 1893. Caleb Bradham. The first Pepsi-Cola newspaper advertisements appeared in the New Bern Weekly Journal. a young pharmacist from New Bern. Bradham's neighbor. was later renamed Pepsi Cola after the Pepsin and cola nuts used in the recipe. 1903. vanilla. that he created himself. is renamed "Pepsi-Cola" on August 28. Caleb Bradham wisely bought the trade name "Pep Cola" for $100 from a competitor from Newark.. known as "Brad's drink". sugar.S. North. rare oils and cola nuts. and forms the first Pepsi-Cola Company. New Jersey that had gone broke. where he served his customers refreshing drinks. Patent Office. 1898. 1902 .The instant popularity of this new drink leads Bradham to devote all of his energy to developing Pepsi-Cola into a full-fledged business. 9 . PepsiCola receives its first logo. known as "Brad's Drink. Pepsin and cola nuts. created in the summer of 1893." a combination of carbonated water. Like many pharmacists at the turn of the century he had a soda fountain in his drugstore. The new name was trademarked on June 16th. begins experimenting with many different soft drink Carolina concoctions. rare oils. vanilla. sugar.

026 gallons. 1905 .Bradham purchases a building in New Bern known as the "Bishop Factory" for $ 5. Two hundred fifty bottlers in 24 states are under contract to make and sell Pepsi-Cola. This forced many soft drink manufacturers. including Coca-Cola..Pepsi-Cola's first bottling franchises are established in Charlotte and Durham. to change their formulas. claimed they already met federal requirements.. Sales increase to 19. invigorating. the third in eight years."Doc" Bradham moves the bottling of Pepsi-Cola from hisdrugstore into a rented warehouse. barium.NorthCarolina. 1906 .Pepsi's theme line is "Exhilarating.605 gallons." 1904 .000 and moves all bottling and syrup operations to this location.The first Pepsi-Cola bottlers' convention is held in New Bern. "The Original Pure Food Drink.Pepsi gets another logo change.000 gallons of syrup. and uranium. Pepsi is sold in six-ounce bottles. the company's bottling network grows to 40 franchises. The modified script logo is created with the slogan.refreshing. its first change since 1898.Pepsi receives its new logo.10 1903 . North Carolina. 1907 . lead. Invigorating. Pepsi bottling plants.Pepsi-Cola becomes one of the first companies to modernize delivery from horse drawn carts to motor vehicles. 1908 . The federal government passes the Pure Food and Drug Act. Pepsi-Cola sells more than 100." 1910 . The Pepsi trademark is registered in Canada.S. Syrup sales rise to 38. from food and beverages. a fine bracer before a race.Automobile race pioneer Barney Oldfield endorses Pepsi-Cola in newspaper ads as "A bully drink.968 gallons of syrup in the first year of operation.848 gallons. 1909 .Pepsi-Cola Company continues to expand. being free of any such impurities." There are 15 U. he sells 7. and Aids Digestion. 10 . banning substances such as arsenic. Syrup sales rise to 104. Pepsi-Cola. Pepsi trademark is registered in Mexico.

1936 . Megargel. giving himself 91% ownership of Pepsi.W. turns Pepsi into a modern marketing company.P. 1931 .After five continuous losing years..I. 1928 . buys the Pepsi trademark. and sets up national territorial boundries for the Pepsi bottler franchise system.000. Craven Holding Corporation for $30. Megargel reorganizes his company as the National Pepsi-Cola Company. franchises and year-end profits reach $2. V. District Court for Eastern District Virginia declares the National Pepsi-Cola Company bankrupt. Guth who reformulated the popular soft drink. The drink is a hit and to attract even more sales. 1935 .000. Pepsi Cola was bought by the Loft Candy Company Loft president. forming the Pepsi-Cola Corporation.11 1920 . Charles G Guth. the company begins selling its 12-ounce drink for five cents (the same cost as six ounces of competitive colas). a Wall Street broker.Pepsi grants 94 new U. 1938 . He3 commanded the reformulation of the Pepsi syrup formula." After seventeen years of success.Walter S. Charles G.By the end of the year. of Phoenix Securities Corporation is elected President of the Pepsi-Cola Company. Mack. Roy C. Mack. Guth's new Pepsi-Cola Company is insolvent.The "Pepsi& Pete" comic strip introduces the "Twice as much for a nickel" theme in newspapers. becoming the fourth parent company to own the Pepsi trademark.100. In a series of moves. it will satisfy you.000.S. 1939 . the second bankruptcy in Pepsi-Cola history. Pepsi Cola went bankrupt in 1923 and its assets were sold to a North Carolina concern. who considers advertising the keystone of the soft drink business. Caleb Bradham lost Pepsi Cola.S. The 12-ounce bottle debuts in Baltimore.Guth moves the entire Pepsi-Cola operation to Long Island City. business and good will from Craven Holding Corporation for $35. 1933 . 11 . 1934 . The cost savings proves irresistible to Depression-worn Americans and sales skyrocket nationally.Pepsi theme line speaks to the consumer with "Drink Pepsi-Cola. Jr. where it is an instant success. In 1931. believing that sugar prices would continue to rise but they fell instead leaving Caleb Bradham with an overpriced sugar inventory. who refused to offer a bid. He had gambled on the fluctuations of sugar prices during W.A landmark year for Pepsi-Cola. president of the Loft Company struggled to make a success of Pepsi. he acquires Megargel's interest in the company. and even offered to sell Pepsi to the Coca-Colacompany.U. New York.

" dies at 66 (May 27th. 1941 .The New York Stock Exchange trades Pepsi's stock for the first time." 1948 . New York. Better Taste. 1942 . 1867February 19th. This record was made in New York City but often booths would be set up with mobile recording equipment that was bought to where the soldiers were. 1934). 12 . 78 rpm.12 Pepsi-Cola Company names Mack as CEO. The jingle was "Nickel Nickel" an advertisement for Pepsi Cola that referred to the price of Pepsi and the quantity for that price "Nickel Nickel" became a hit record and was recorded into fifty-five languages. to midtown Manhattan.Corporate headquarters moves from Long Island City. 1943 . In 1940. The Board of Directors removes Guth from the Pepsi payroll after he plans to personally acquire a competing cola. the Pepsi Cola Company made history when the first advertising jingle was broadcast nationally on the radio. In support of the war effort. Shell material on solid core.One on many company sponsored efforts to allow soldiers to communicate with friends or family. Pepsi's bottle crown colors change to red.Pepsi's theme line becomes "Bigger Drink. Caleb Bradham. the founder of Pepsi-Cola and "Brad's Drink. and blue. white.

Pepsi-Cola continues to lead the soft drink industry in packaging innovations. Vice President Nixon share a Pepsi.Pepsi debuts at the Moscow Fair. Inc. Soviet Premier Khrushchev and U. 1960 ."The Light Refreshment" campaign capitalizes on a change in the product's formula that reduces caloric content.Expansion outside the soft drink industry begins. 1964 .Young adults become the target consumers and Pepsi's advertising keeps pace with "Now it's Pepsi. Pepsi receives its new logo. Kendall is named CEO of Pepsi-Cola Company. Mr. Frito-Lay of Dallas.13 1950 .Alfred N. Texas. accompanying the brand's groundbreaking "Pepsi Generation" ad campaign. for those who think young. is instrumental in promoting the company's product line. Military 12-ounce cans are such a success that full-scale commercial distribution begins. and PepsiCola merge. forming PepsiCo. the sixth in Pepsi history. 1959 .Pepsi receives its new logo. 1965 . iintroduced as America's first national diet soft drink. 13 . when the 12-ounce bottle gives way to the 16-ounce size.Herbert Barnet is named President of Pepsi-Cola. Steele becomes President and CEO of Pepsi-Cola. Steele's wife. 1963 .After climbing the Pepsi ladder from fountain syrup salesman. 1953 . The new logo is the fifth in Pepsi history. Twelve-ounce Pepsi cans are first introduced to the military to transport soft drinks all over the world." 1962 .Diet Pepsi. The 'serrated' bottle cap logo debuts. Donald M. Hollywood movie star Joan Crawford. 1955 .S. Pepsi-Cola acquires Mountain Dew from the Tip Corporation. which incorporates the "bottle cap" look.

"Hello." 1970 . Television ads introduce the new theme line. 1982 . "Yahoo Mountain Dew. Pepsi is also the first company to respond to consumer preference with light-weight.Pepsi Free. 1980 .PepsiCo and China reach agreement to manufacture soft drinks. 1983 . marketing genius John Sculley is named President of Pepsi-Cola. The campaign is "Have a Pepsi Day!" and a classic commercial.The company experiments with new flavors. As people get back to basics. recyclable.R. Twelve-pack cans are introduced. Sunshine. a caffeine-free cola. 1978 . 14 .It'll tickle your innards..Mountain Dew launches the "Dew it to it" theme. 1977 .Pepsi becomes number one in sales in the take home market.S.Pepsi leads the way into metrics by introducing the industry's first two-liter bottles." 1976 .S. The Pepsi World Headquarters moves from Manhattan to Purchase. NY. 1981 . with production beginning next year. "Puppies." becomes one of America's best-loved ads.At 37. Vic Bonomo is named President of Pepsi-Cola. plastic bottles.S. Hello Mountain Dew.14 Mountain Dew launches its first campaign. market.First Pepsi plant opens in the U. 1974 . is introduced nationwide.Pepsi becomes the single largest soft drink brand sold in American supermarkets.. Pepsi is there as one of the simple things in life. Pepsi Challenge activity has penetrated 75% of the U.

Pepsi's campaign featuring Lional Richie is the most remembered in the country. Have Fun.S.Chairman Donald M. creating a new soft drink category." Pepsi-Cola profits surpass $1 billion. the new formula is met with widespread consumer rejection." In subsequent line of extensions. Diet Pepsi is reformulated with NutraSweet (aspertame) brand sweetener. Crystal Pepsi: a refreshing. 1987 . 1985 . no preservatives and is low in sodium.Pepsi-Cola President Roger Enrico is named President/CEO of PepsiCo Worldwide Beverages. is introduced. Wayne Calloway.15 1984 . Ray Charles joins the Pepsi family by endorsing Diet Pepsi. "Get Vertical. Pepsi introduces an innovative 24-can multipack that satisfies 15 . 1988 .After responding to years of decline. the New Generation campaign earns more than 58 major advertising and film-related awards. Pepsi-Cola acquires Mug Root Beer. 1986 . However. By the end of 1985. Weather up is named CEO of Pepsi-Cola North America. Pepsi-Cola introduces an exciting new flavor. 1992--Pepsi-Cola launches the "Gotta Have It" theme which supplants the longstanding "Choice of a New Generation. Pepsi introduces the first beverage bottles containing recycled polyethylene tere phthalate (or PET) into the marketplace." The cola war takes "one giant sip for mankind." 1991 . according to consumer preference polls." 1993 . The slogan is "You Got The Right One Baby. "Be Young. Pepsi returns to Broadway with the lighting of a spectacular new neon sign in Times Square.Pepsi lunges into the next decade by declaring Pepsi lovers "A Generation Ahead." when a Pepsi "space can" is successfully tested aboard the space shuttle. Wild Cherry Pepsi." Pepsi-Cola and Lipton Tea Partnership is formed.Craig E. Coke loses to Pepsi in preference tests by reformulating. New York. Drink Pepsi. The development marks the first time recycled plastic is used in direct contact with food in packaging. Kendall retires and is succeeded by D. Mandarin Orange Slice goes on to become the number one orange soft drink in the U." Chris Sinclair is named President of Pepsi-Cola International. as Canada becomes part of the company's North American operations. 1989 . goes national.American Music Award and Grammy winner rap artist Young MC writes and performs songs exclusively for national radio ads for Pepsi.Pepsi advertising takes a dramatic turn as Pepsi becomes "the choice of a New Generation. 7-Up international is acquired in Canada. Mountain Dew introduces the popular theme line. the first major soft drink with real fruit juice. Pepsi will destribute single serve Lipton Original and Lipton Brisk products." Lemon Lime Slice. 1990 . Pepsi-Cola World Headquarters moves from Purchase to Somers. forcing the re-introduction of the original formulation as "Coca-Cola Classic. has 100% natural flavors.Craig Weatherup is appointed President/CEO of Pepsi-Cola Company. clear soda that is caffine free.Brand Pepsi introduces its slogan. "juice added. After a 27 year absence.

In the early part of the year. Pepsi World eventually surpasses all expectations.In February of this year. 1997 . HISTORY OF PEPSICO INDIA        PepsiCo established its business operations in India in the year 1989 It is now the 4th largest consumer products company in India PepsiCo has invested more than USD 1 billion in India since its establishment PepsiCo has a diverse range of products from Tasty Treats to Healthy Eats It provides direct and indirect employment to 150.com. Pepsi introduces Pepsi One . Chairman and CEO Roger A. firmly establishing Pepsi's presence on the Internet. Taco Bell. "The Cube" is easier to carry than the traditional 24-pack and it fits in the refrigerator. at every step of the way.Pepsi. choose a search engine and search for 'Pepsi' or visit www.com or www. 2005 .Although Pepsi is a great place to work.Pepsi invited to introduce new brand cola to celebrate the launch of Solar Navigator. PepsiCo.In a new campaign. & KFC. it will be the largest restaurant company in the world in units and second-largest in sales. therefore putting an end to his Pepsi page! For more information about Pepsi. Enrico donates his salary to provide scholarships for children of PepsiCo employees. the company declares "Nothing else is a Pepsi" and takes top honors in the year's national advertising championship. 1994 .the first one calorie drink without that diet taste! 2000 . Generation Next is about everything that is young and fresh. Pepsi Foods International and Pepsi-Cola International merge. 1996 . PepsiCo. It is about the kind of attitude that challenges the norm with new ideas. Including Pizza Hut. creating the PepsiCo Foods and Beverages Company. it will spin off its restaurant division to form Tricon Global Restaurants. and becomes one of the most landed. Pepsi makes history once again. by launching one of the most ambitious entertainment sites on the World Wide Web. 1998 . sites in this new media.Pepsi celebrates its 100th anniversary. announces that. and copied. 1995 .16 growing consumer demand for convenient large-size soft drink packaging.Pepsico. Inc.New advertising introducing Diet Pepsi's freshness dating initiative features Pepsi CEO Craig Weatherup explaining the relationship between freshness and superior taste to consumers. Steven Truitt (aka 'struitt') takes his skills and hard work elsewhere (for more money of course!). a celebration of the creative spirit. effective October 6th.000 people in India It has more than 36 bottling plants including 13 Company & 23 Franchise owned ones It has 3 state-of-the-art food plants in Punjab. Pepsi pushes into a new era with the unveiling of the Generation Next campaign. Maharashtra and West Bengal About PepsiCo India 16 .

consumers and farmers. of which 13 are company owned and 23 are franchisee owned. Frito Lay’s core products. In addition to this. PepsiCo India’s expansive portfolio includes iconic refreshment beverages Pepsi. Kurkure. PepsiCo nourishes consumers with a range of products from treats to healthy eats that deliver joy as well as nutrition and always. non-carbonated beverage and a new innovation Nimbooz by 7Up. and juice based drinks – Tropicana Nectars. and low fat and roasted snack options enhance the healthful choices available to consumers. PepsiCo has established a business which aims to serve the long term dynamic Investment Employment PepsiCo India and its partners PepsiCo India provides direct have invested more than USD1 and indirect employment to billion since the company was 150. One of the largest multinational investors in the country. 7 UP. To support its operations. The group has built an expansive beverage and foods business.17 PepsiCo entered India in 1989 and has grown to become the country’s largest selling food and Beverage Company. One of the largest multinational investors in the country. Establishment PepsiCo established it's business operations in India in 1989 and has grown to become one of the country’s leading food and beverage companies. hydrating and nutritional beverages such as Aquafina drinking water. Quaker Oats. PepsiCo has established a business which aims to serve the long term dynamic needs of consumers in India. Tropicana Twister and Slice. Frito-Lay. in addition to low calorie options such as Diet Pepsi.000 people including established in the country. PepsiCo’s Frito Lay foods division has 3 state-of-the-art plants. suppliers and distributors. Lay’s. Cheetos extruded snacks. Dukes Lemonade and Mangola add to the diverse range of brands. Local brands – Lehar Evervess Soda. is the leader in the branded salty snack market and all Frito Lay products are free of trans-fat and MSG. isotonic sports drinks . Uncle Chipps and traditional snacks under the Kurkure and Lehar brands and the recently launched ‘Aliva’ savoury crackers.Gatorade. Uncle Chipps and Cheetos are cooked in Rice Bran Oil to significantly reduce saturated fats and all of its products contain voluntary nutritional labeling on their packets. Mirinda and Mountain Dew. It manufactures Lay’s Potato Chips. 17 . PepsiCo has 36 bottling plants in India. good taste. Tropicana 100% fruit juices. The company’s high fibre breakfast cereal. PepsiCo’s foods company. PepsiCo’s commitment to living by this vision every day is visible in its contribution to the country. PepsiCo’s business is based on its sustainability vision of making tomorrow better than today.

Brand Facts PepsiCo nourishes consumers with a range of products from tasty treats to healthy eats that deliver enjoyment. For more information. reducing our environmental impact. Tropicana Twister and Slice. PepsiCo Boilerplate PepsiCo is one of the world’s largest food and beverage companies. Local brands – Lehar Evervess Soda.Pepsico. called Performance with Purpose. Our main business .18 needs of consumers in India. Pepsi-Cola. Tropicana and Gatorade – also make hundreds of other nourishing. Dukes Lemonade and Mangola add to the diverse range of brands. Tropicana100% fruit juices. PepsiCo offers the world’s largest portfolio of billion-dollar food and beverage brands. including 19 different product lines that each generates more than $1 billion in annual retail sales. 7 UP. in addition to low calorie options such as Diet Pepsi. and fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace culture. and juice based drinks – Tropicana Nectars. nutrition. Foods 18 . hydrating and nutritional beverages such as Aquafina drinking water. with revenues of nearly $60 billion. PepsiCo balances strong financial returns with giving back to our communities worldwide. tasty foods and drinks that bring joy to our consumers in more than 200 countries. Nimbooz. convenient and fun nourishment. isotonic sports drinks Gatorade.Frito-Lay. convenience as well as affordability Beverages PepsiCo India’s expansive portfolio includes iconic refreshment beverages Pepsi. PepsiCo’s people are united by our unique commitment to sustainable growth. Quaker. Mirinda and Mountain Dew. By dedicating ourselves to offering a broad array of choices for healthy. please visit www.com.

Uncle Chipps and Cheetos are cooked in Rice Bran Oil to significantly reduce saturated fats and all of its products contain voluntary nutritional labeling on their packets. It manufactures Lay’s Potato Chips . PEPSI SLOGAN                  1939–1950: "Twice as Much for a Nickel" 1950: "More Bounce to the Ounce" 1950–1957: "Any Weather is Pepsi Weather" 1957–1958: "Say Pepsi. Frito-Lay. The Choice of a New Generation" 19 . featuring Pepsi version of Billie Jean) 1984-1988: "Diet Pepsi.19 PepsiCo’s food division. Kurkure. Please" 1958–1961: "Be Sociable. is the leader in the branded salty snack market and all Frito Lay products are free of trans-fat and MSG. Uncle Chipps and traditional snacks under the Kurkure and Lehar brands. composer] 1981–1983: "Pepsi's got your taste for life" 1983: "It's cheaper than Coke!" 1983–1984: "Pepsi Now! Take the Challenge!" 1984–1991: "Pepsi. Lay’s. and low fat and roasted snack options enhance the healthful choices available to consumers. You're in the Pepsi Generation" (jingle sung by Joanie Sommers) 1967–1969: "(Taste that beats the others cold) Pepsi Pours It On". Frito Lay’s core products. Have a Pepsi" 1961-1963: "Now It's Pepsi for Those Who Think Young" (jingle sung by Joanie Sommers) 1963–1967: "Come Alive. The Choice of a New Generation" (commercial with Michael Jackson and The Jacksons. Cheetos extruded snacks. 1969–1975: "You've Got a Lot to Live. Quaker Oats. and Pepsi's Got a Lot to Give" 1975–1977: "Have a Pepsi Day" 1977–1980: "Join the Pepsi People (Feeling Free)" 1980–1981: "Catch That Pepsi Spirit" [David Lucas. The company’s high fibre breakfast cereal.

Get Stuff. featuring Pepsi version of Bad) 1990–1991: "You got the right one Baby UH HUH" (sung by Ray Charles for Diet Pepsi) 1990–1991: "Yehi hai right choice Baby UH HUH" (Hindi . The Taste That's Generations Ahead" 1989-1990: "Diet Pepsi.meaning "This heart asks for more") (India) 2003: "It's the Cola"/"Dare for More" (Pepsi Commercial) 2006–2007: "Why You Doggin' Me"/"Taste the one that's forever young" Commercial featuring Mary J.meaning "This is the right choice Baby UH HUH") (India) 1991–1992: "Gotta Have It"/"Chill Out" 1992–1993: "Be Young. The Taste That Beats Diet Coke" 1986–1987: "We've Got The Taste" (commercial with Tina Turner) 1987–1990: "Pepsi's Cool" (commercial with Michael Jackson. 1994–1995: "Double Dutch Bus" (Pepsi song sung by Brad Bentz) 1995: "Nothing Else is a Pepsi" 1995–1996: "Drink Pepsi.20                              1988-1989: "Diet Pepsi. Have Fun.meaning "Refresh your world") (Spanish Spoken countries in Latin America) 2010–present "Pepsi.meaning "This is our young country my baby") (India) 2009–present: "My Pepsi My Way"(India) 2009–present: "Refresca tu Mundo" (Spanish . Blige) 1999-2006: "Yeh dil maange more" (Hindi . Drink Pepsi" 1993–1994: "Right Now" Van Halen song for the Crystal Pepsi advertisement. Sarap Magbago.) 20 ." (India) ORGANISATION CHART OF SMBEVERAGE (JAMSHEDPUR) (A UNIT OF SMV AGENCIES (P) LTD.with the Spice Girls. The Right One" 1989-1992: "Diet Pepsi. Blige 2007–2008: "More Happy"/"Taste the once that's forever young" (Michael Alexander) 2008-present: Pepsi ye pyaas heh bari (urdu)meaning: it killed my thirst (pakistan) 2008: "Pepsi Stuff" Super Bowl Commercial (Justin Timberlake) 2008: "Рepsi is #1" Тv commercial (Luke Rosin) 2009–present: "Yeh hai youngistaan meri jaan" (Hindi ." (Philippines) 2010–present "Youngistan ka wow. 1998–1999: "It's the cola" (100th anniversary commercial) 1999–2000: "For Those Who Think Young"/"The Joy of Pepsi-Cola" (commercial with Britney Spears/commercial with Mary J." Pepsi Stuff campaign 1996–1997: "Pepsi:There's nothing official about it" (During the Wills World Cup (cricket) held in India/Pakistan/Sri Lanka) 1997–1998: "Generation Next" .

Plant Manager Purchase Dept.C) Chemist Asst. Chemist BOTTLING PLANTS OF PEPSI IN INDIA 21 . Laboratory Store Supervisor Staff Asst. PMT/Sivi Cooler Finance Dept. Manager Shipping in Charge Shipper Staff Personnel Officer Staff Security Dept. Logistic Manager Shipping Dept. Account Officer Accountant Jr. Dept. Executive Manager (Q.21 DIRECTOR Personnel Dept. Maintenance Engineer Blow Moulder (O & M) Engg. Account Executive Cashier Electrical Engg. Purchase Staff Account Officer Asst. Personnel Manager Production Manager Purchase Manager (Equip) Finance Mng.

A systematic as well as designed approach has been adopted while conducting research about market characteristics. 22 .22 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Theory is important because it enhance our understanding of business phenomena and helps managers to think about what they should do. Summer training or internship training provides opportunities to apply this theory into the real business. In the project the nature of research is exploratory and conclusive research whereby the efforts have been made by executing the research in BHAGALPUR REGIONS .

2. a detailed interpretation about the company has been given there. To study the various facilities and services provided by company to the retailers 23 . the product profile is defined covering the types and different flavors of the PEPSI CSDs. BHAGALPUR to facilitate the research work on questionnaire method and observation procedure was adopted for the collection of the data as a primary research whereas the secondary data was collected from different books and company library. To study the satisfaction level of retailers of PepsiCo.23 It is followed by the research methodology which is adopted has been defined with the collected data. Objectives 1. The next steps were defining the sampling design where by the sample size was taken for the dealers and the target area was .

24 24 .

Descriptive Research Research Type 1) Sample size 1) 100 2) Sampling unit 2) Retailer of PepsiCo 3) Sampling area 3) Bhagalpur 4) Sampling technique 4) Convenience 5) Data collection instruments 5) Questionnaire 6) Data collection 6) Primary & secondary Data Analysis & Interpretation 25 .25 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY.

d. 0 to 2 years 2 to 4 years 4 to 6 years 6 to 8 years 8 to above No.of Options respondents A B C D E 26 5 10 20 25 40 No of percentage 5% 10% 20% 25% 40% . a. b.26 1. For how many years are you dealing in Pepsi? a. c.

0-3 b.7 No. of retailer is 8-above years which is 40% of the total retailers from the 100.of Options respondents A B C 27 No of percentage 20% 20 30% 30 50% 50 . How many products of PepsiCo are you dealing with? a. 4-6 years 20% and 6-8 . 2. 24 years 10%. The rest are 0-2 years 5%.27 From the above diagram it concludes that the maximum no. 3-5 c.25%. 5 .

3.roduct of the Pepsico. Payoff provided No.of Options respondents A B 28 No of percentage 30% 30 50% 50 . Better delivery b. The others 30% of the retailer are dealing in 3.7 product of the Pepsico .3 p. What facilities and services of PepsiCo attract you ? a.28 From the figure we can see that about 50% of the retailers are dealing in 5.5 product of the Pepsico and the 20% of the retailer are dealing in 0. Consumer preference c.

b. Is the company providing you any product scheme? a. Yes No No.of No of Options respondents percentage 100% A 100 0% B 0 29 . 4. 50% said consumer preference.29 C 20 20% From the above said here we can come to know that the facilities and services which are made to choose the retailer ship because of better delivery 30%. and 20% saidpayoff provided.

All of the Above No.30 The above diagram shows that the 100% of the retailer says that the company is providing product scheme. Seasonal schemes e.of Options respondents A B C D E 30 25 10 20 30 15 No of percentage 25% 10% 20% 30% 15% . Purchasing scheme d. Which type of scheme attracts you more? a. Festival scheme c. Target scheme b. 5.

Pepsi 7 up Slice Mirinda Mountain dew A B C D E 25 10 33 5 27 31 25% 10% 33% 5% 27% . Which is the most preferred product of Pepsico? a. 10% of the retailer says that they have been provided with festival scheme. d. 20% of the retailer says that they have been provided with purchasing scheme and 15% of the retailer says that they have provide above all the scheme and30% seasonal scheme by the company. 6 .31 From the figure we can conclude that 25% of the retailer says that they have been provided with target scheme. e. c. b.

5% mirinda and 27% says that it is mountain dew.of Options respondents A B 32 No of percentage 70% 70 30% 30 . No No.Is the delivery of the product by the distributor are made on time? a.32 \ This figure shows that preferred of the product in the Pepsico which said by the retailer are 25% of the retailer says that it’s Pepsi which preferred the most. 10% of the retailer says that it is 7up. 33% says that it is slice. yes b. 7 .

8. Agents option No of respondent a.33 From the above figure we can conclude that about 70% of the retailer says that the product delivery is on time and the 30% of them says that it is not. Print media 20% c. Agents 30% 33 No of percentage . Which media Pepsico is used for its promotion? a. Electronic media 50% b. Print media c. Electronic media b.

of Options respondents A B No of percentage 90% 90 10% 10 34 . Are you satisfied with service provided by PEPSICO? a. No No.34 From the above figure we can say that promotional media used by the company is through electronic media which is said by 50% of the retailer. yes b. 9. 20% says through it is print media and 30% says it is through agents.

Gift pack on bulk purchase c. Incentive on sales b. Brouchure with every product. No. Discount on bulk purchase d. 10.35 This figure shows the 90% of the retailer says that Thay are satisfied and the 10% of the reatiler says that they are not satisfied. What are the promotional activities done by the company? a.of Options respondents a B No of percentage 30% 30 20% 20 35 .

35% preferred discount on bulk purchases and 15% with brouchure with every product.36 c D 35 15 35% 15% In this figure we see that there are 30% on incentives on sales. 10. 20 % preferred gift pack on bulk purchases. Summer b. Which seasons shows more fluctuation? a. Winter No.of Options respondents A B No of percentage 70% 63 30% 27 36 .

and 30% of the retailers says it is in winter. Findings Retailers are mostly selling the Pepsi.37 In this figure we see that there is a greater fluctauation in selling and it is high in summer season which is 70%. 7Up. mountain dew and  slice. 37 . Most of the retailers are satisfied by the services of  distributers.

 Mostly retailers are fully satisfied with the Pepsi company the few retailers are not satisfied .38  The distribution-network of Pepsi Company is very good in the Bhagalpur but few area’s retailers told me here some problem related to delivery. LIMITATION OF THE STUDY The survey suffers from following limitation: 38 .

a sample size of 100 respondents was too small for it. SUGESSTIONS:  Young generation is the potential consumer so companies should more focus on them.  It is very difficult to influence and get right answer from old mentality retailers.  Duration of study also limited for further intensive study. 39 .  There were some transportation problems.  Mostly stress was given on primary data it was difficult to collect from retailers. But time and money did not allow researcher to have a large sample would also be difficult by researcher alone.39  The study of retailers satisfaction which requires a large sample to have a correct study.

 Delivery of goods and services should be in proper manner and at the schedule time. Conclusion From this survey we conclude that the retailers has chosen the retailer ship of PepsiCo due to its customer preference. Retailersand Customers feedback should be time-to-time for the actual performance of the company in the market.40  Distributors. Most of the retailer use 5 product of the PepsiCo and the retailers are also given by the company with scheme for making the better performance in selling.  No. machhipurpur . of routes for the deliery of goods and services should be better such as kachahri. 40 . Tilkamajhi. barari. City of Bhagalpur.

org/wiki/PepsiCo 41 .wikipedia. BIBLIOGRAPHY http://en. We have also found that the retailers are more satisfied with service and scheme that has been provided by the company to the retailers.41 The company also provide the festival offer scheme to boast up the sell and they also use many promotional tools to make awareness about the product to the general public.

0 to 2 years b.Pepsiindia.in/Brands/Beverage/Tropicana.aspx Annexure 1.in/Brands/Beverage/MountainDew.in/Brands/Beverage/Gatorade.Pepsiindia.aspx http://www.solarnavigator.5 c. 3 .co.co.Pepsiindia.co.Pepsiindia. Howmany products ofPepsiCo are you dealing with? a.aspx http://www.scribd.Pepsiindia.aspx http://www.co.in/Company/ourcorporateprofile.com/doc/27446364/Project-Report-on-Pepsico-in-Varun-Beverage http://www.co.co.aspx http://www.co.Pepsiindia.Pepsiindia.co. 5 -7 42 .42 http://www.in/Brands/Beverage/Slice.Pepsiindia.net/sponsorship/Pepsi_cola. For how many years are you dealing in Pepsi? a.8 to 10 years 2. 4 to 6 years d.Pepsiindia.aspx http://www.Pepsiindia.1 -3 b.aspx http://www.aspx http://www.co.in/Brands/Beverage/mirinda.htm http://www.in/Brands/Beverage/7up.in/Brands/Beverage/Aquafina. 2 to 4 years c.in/Brands/Beverage/Nimbooz.6 to 8 years e.co.in/Brands/Beverage/Pepsi.aspx http://www.aspx http://www.

Electronic media b. No 8. Target scheme b. All of the above e. c. Which is the most preferred product of PepsiCo? a. b. Pepsi 7 up Slice Miranda e. d. What facilitiesof Pepsico attract you? a. Festival scheme c. Yes b. No 5. Print media 43 . Purchasing scheme d.seasonal scheme 6. Consumer preference c. Payoff provided 4. Yes b. Is the company providing you any product scheme? a.43 3. Mountain dew 7. Better delivery b.What are the promotional activities done by the company? a. Is the delivery of the product by the distributor are made on time? a. Which types of scheme attract you more? a.

winter 44 . Which season shows more fluctuation? a. No 10. 11. What are the promotional activities done by the company? a. Discount on bulk purchase d. Brouchure with every product. Do you find fluctuations in sells on season basis? a. Gift pack on bulk purchase c. yes b.44 9. summer b. Incentive on sales b.