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Assignment Title :Why do NTIC students want to
study Marketing?

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the Web sites we click on. Moreover. Marketing is everywhere. delivering. it created knockdown furniture. Therefore. and processes for creating. Effective marketing has become an increasingly vital ingredient for business success. meanwhile acquiring profit. And marketing profoundly affects our day-to-day lives. it created an online auction clearinghouse. the importance of marketing also should be known. For example. accounting and other business functions will not really matter if there is not sufficient demand for products and services so the company can make a profit (Kotler. 2008: pp44). Literature Review Marketing is identifying and satisfying needs of people. operations. and society at large. communicating. people and organisations engage in a vast number of activities that we could call marketing. set of institutions. partners. when IKEA noticed that people wanted good furniture at a substantially lower price. and exchanging offerings that have value for customers. Then. It is not only good . However. That is because finance. Formally or informally. the advertisement we see (Kotler & Keller 2008: p. The American Marketing Association (2008) unveiled a new definition of marketing that is marketing is the activity. thus it can be seen that marketing has already involved almost every aspect of our daily life.2. It is embedded in everything we do such as the clothes we wear. clients. When eBay recognised that people were unable to locate some of the items they desired most. These examples illustrated marketing savvy and turned a private or social need into a profitable business opportunity. financial success often depends on marketing ability. 43).

which means graduated marketing students have more option for their job. That is not hard to understand why marketing so popular today. No matter what the major. it can be known marketing is one of ten most popular major in America. nowadays. students who studied human resource might only good on personnel department. students can understand more consumer behaviour and strategies of company. According to Erwin (2008) research. Through study marketing. It means people who studied marketing could be competent in more departments in companies. Because students will develop their commercial awareness and . so that sometimes. no matter what the future job. On the other hand. but it also improved state economy with the success of firms. It means through study marketing. almost every company need marketing department in modern society. students can learn knowledge that could be applied in different fields.8) point out that marketing course can be an integral part of any student’s education. studying marketing will change student’s ideology in commercial field. Hence marketing can be regard as an analytical subject in business and help graduated students get a wide variety of jobs across different sectors. understanding marketing practices and their role in a modern economy can be useful for any educated person.for business. Consequently. However. Rotfeld (1995: p. which is an important reason that marketing became popular. people who are finding work are much more than positions. As is well-known that most students choose their subjects and courses they think will help them get ideal job. He also point out that the demand for marketing jobs can vary by industry and geography and can be very lucrative (ibid). people will have to choose a job that is not related to their major in university. For example.

through study marketing courses.(John and Henke.instincts in marketing courses. importance and usefulness of marketing they must see the knowledge they accumulate in the classroom applied in the business world. place. 1985: p59). skilful student with a better understanding of the role and function of marketing within the firm. about working of marketing. students could be instilled an appreciation of the complexities of marketing decision making. almost every introductory marketing textbook mentions the 4P’s as a means of understanding the various marketing decision areas or is organised in a manner that is consistent with this approach. and they will think business behaviour reasoning and professionally when they be a business person. price and promotion approach in conjunction with the target market concept could be easily applied by students to understanding how . To reach this goal. interviewing. For example. there is no question that these approaches will benefit the student. On the other hand. in analysing a company’s marketing strategies and using case study. firsthand. they also indicated that the product. this is also an excellent time to expose the students to other learning opportunities that will enhance their business skills. such as making presentations. In addition. working on a team and writing reports and the result will be a more enlightened. Specifically. In addition. Exposure to the application of the basic concepts of marketing will reinforce the students’ classroom learning and help them realise. However. if the students are to realise fully and appreciate the value. at this fundamental level a simplistic straightforward approach in which the student relates the basic marketing concepts learned in the classroom to an organisation’s marketing activities may be more appropriate. the students must understand the basic marketing concepts. However.

some students especially business students deciding their subject are affected by their parents’ occupation and socioeconomic status (Leppel. they choose a major might also because parental pressure and recommendations of friends or relatives and even only a matter of personal interest. Research Methodology Quantitative research method is normally employed in academic researches to perform date collection and analysis (Blumberg. there are some students who choose their subject just because their personal reasons such as “I dislike examinations and marketing do not have it”. Hence. 3. in appropriate positivist paradigm of this study. This method is suitable for present research as it had facilitated the pragmatic analysis of students choice of marketing as a subject. Moreover. 2001). That is possible. quantitative approaches are more suitable. However. 1985: pp59). Williams and Waldauer. as the basis for an introductory course project which involves the students in the basic marketing decision areas which confront every business (John and Henke. “I hate math and marketing do not need understand math too much”. For the past four years this approach has been used successfully. answers in form of suggestions and preferences need to be taken from potential customers. et al 2011). around 50 questionnaires were distributed to students in the range of age group 18 to 30 years. This selection of research design is suitable for the objectives of current study. Students and youth were covered . Deductive approach has been used for data collection using survey method. Cross-sectional Time frame is targeted with mono method of data collection with the help of close ended questionnaires. For research based on survey. works in the real world.

there . Information generated as a feedback from them is not only important for this thesis. but cal also help curriculum development in universities and academia to factors affected students choice of marketing as a professional field of study. The anonymity and confidentiality of participants’ identity and provided information was assured before requesting them to fill the questionnaire in researcher presence. However. In close ended quantitative questionnaire. The average GPA of these targeted participants was 2. and hence they are likely to have ample time to decide for their future professional functional area in business administration courses. 50% partially employed. questionnaires were personally administered in respective departments of university after assuring the field of study. Also. 12 questions were included in total in the questionnaire. These students belong to leading universities in UK and are students of Bachelors or Masters Programs. The questions are all connected to the purpose of the research and their details have been included at the end of the study in Appendix A. . The demographics of the sample population were based mostly of females (60%) and males (40%). The 30% sample was fully employed. 7 of them were made on 5-point Likert scale and rest were multiple choice questions related to demographics and subject choice criteria.9 and each one of them has taken marketing at least as a core this sample studying in various disciplines of business administration especially with major in marketing. For greater validity of the information. students and the youth are likely to be more open-minded and ready to accept changes in field of choice. taking the diversity of people in to consideration. University freshmen were mostly of the 18 years of age. and 10% were full time students only. The participants were initially given a detailed briefing about the research topics and important considerations.

Data analysis bought together the practical information and theories to fix with each other and this helps in forming the study’s conclusion. The study’s conceptual framework was kept in mind when implementing analysis on secondary data. For guarantee of data and information’s accuracy and a possibility that the results are different at each time if various participants are targeted. Data and information which is secondary was searched mainly from the database resources available openly such as through the University’s library or other resources available outside. Survey results are direct and clear to read so that presentation of the accurate information along with the current situation can be presented. Data analysis was classified according to data types into two categories. and database sites like EBSCO and JStor. published time. The aim of this is to make sure that data made use of in this thesis is authentic and reliable. published column. quality of the previous articles and so on. majority of the articles and journals will be taken from search engines which are credible in nature such as Emerald. Springer linker. Only the results from the first time send questionnaires are included in this thesis. . Figures were shown to represent the primary data collected from questionnaires. Evaluation of empirical data gathered from websites is also done before its acceptance by the potential purpose.

4. Data Analysis and Discussion .

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