Pope at Santa Marta: God goes to the limit so no one should be lost

Pope at Santa Marta: God
goes to the limit so no one
should be lost
2014-11-06 Vatican Radio
(Vatican Radio) The true Christian is not
afraid to get his hands dirty by reaching
out to sinners, even at the risk of losing his
reputation, because as the parable of the
Good Shepherd teaches us, no one should
be lost, said Pope Francis at Mass on
Thursday morning.

Emer McCarthy reports, Listen:


Pope Francis based his homily on the two parables of the lost sheep and the lost
coin. The Pharisees and scribes were scandalized because Jesus "welcomes
sinners and eats with them". "It was quite a scandal at the time, for these people,"
observed the Pope. "Just imagine if there had been press at that time!”. "But Jesus
came for this very reason: to look for those who had strayed from the Lord”. These
two parables - he said - "allow us to see what the heart of God is like. God does
not stop, God does not go up to a certain point, God goes all the way, to the very
limit, He always goes to the limit; He does not stop at the half way point on the
journey of Salvation, as if to say 'I did all I could, it’s their problem. He always
goes, moves out, takes to the field".
The Pharisees and the scribes, however, stop "half-way. They were only
concerned about balancing their profits and losses and were quite content with
this. 'Yes, it's true, I've lost three coins, I lost ten sheep, but I earned a lot more”.


to the limit. the good Christian .11/7/2014 Pope at Santa Marta: God goes to the limit so no one should be lost This does not even enter God’s mind. if he were a prophet. the Pharisees did not know. He risks his life. but he is the Good Shepherd. he risks losing his comforts. 'Well. is always outward bound: he is moves out of himself. This is God’s love.Pope Francis said . then they despised them". And this is why they are not afraid to get his hands dirty. go to the very limit" because he does not want anyone to be lost: "The true shepherd. the need to go to tell others that the Lord is good. "Being a half-way shepherd . It is so easy to condemn others. God is a Father and He goes to the very end to save us.it's so easy. but it is not Christian! It is not [the attitude of] the children of God. as Jesus gave his for others. his status. God is not a moneymaker. his peace of mind. like these scribes.said the Pope – is outward bound. Let us recall what they thought. the giver of life. these Pharisees. The good shepherd and the good Christian know what tenderness is: "These scribes. the need. he moves out towards others to bring them the message of salvation”. It’s sad that the Christian does not feel within. He is not afraid. The contempt. "It is sad to see a shepherd open the doors of the church and just stand there waiting. as they [the Pharisees] did . Half-way shepherds are so sad”. he moves toward God in prayer. He cannot be content. even lose his ecclesiastical career as well.va/en/news/pope-at-santa-marta-god-goes-to-the-limit-so-no-on 2/3 . "A shepherd must have the heart of God. did not know what it means to set the http://www. How much perversion there is in the hearts of those who think they are righteous. in worship. in his heart. They used people. his reputation. never! That’s what Jesus did". Even Christians have to be this way. never! No half-way Christians. Well. they do not want to dirty their hands with sinners. He goes where he needs to go. Remember this: no half-way shepherds.is a defeat". keeping to himself: his comfort. The Son of God goes to the very limit. he would know that she is a sinner'.news. the true Christian has this zeal within: no one should be lost.the tax collectors and sinners . "The good shepherd. he risks his reputation.

news.va & all Vatican media sources | Legal Terms & Conditions | Contact | About http://www. the joy that comes from God. The half-way Christian and shepherd knows perhaps know some fun. the joy that comes from the heart of a father who saves! 'I have heard the cries of the Israelites and I took to the field’! This is so beautiful. and bring it back to its place. but joy. the Holy Church.11/7/2014 Pope at Santa Marta: God goes to the limit so no one should be lost sheep on his shoulders. a certain peace. the joy there is in heaven. do not be afraid that they badmouth us because we go to visit our brothers and sisters who are distant from the Lord.va/en/news/pope-at-santa-marta-god-goes-to-the-limit-so-no-on 3/3 . These people do not know what joy is. " 3:05 (from Vatican Radio) NEWS. Let us ask this grace for each of us and for our Mother.VA | © Copyright News. with tenderness. calm.