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2010 National Plumbing Code Explanatory Drawings
(Montreal, May 29th 2012) In light of the success of its illustrated
version of the Quebec Plumbing Code, the Corporation of
Master Pipe-Mechanics of Québec (CMMTQ) offers its expertise
to Canadian plumbing contractors and industry professionals
with the publication of the 2010 National Plumbing Code
Explanatory Drawings.
The clear and simple illustrations in this guide will help users
visualize and understand the obligations contained in the key
articles of the 2010 edition of the National Plumbing Code, as
well as understand the additional explanations related to
plumbing systems described in the 2010 edition of the National
Building Code.
Size: 8 ½ x 11 in
109 pages, more than 400 illustrations
Since some of the installation requirements included in these
Non-member price: 45 $
codes may be included in conditions described through several
paragraphs and subparagraphs, the CMMTQ believes that representing the bulk of these
conditions in a simple drawing substantially simplifies their understanding and helps meet the
purpose of these codes. The guide also provides examples of practices which should be

These illustrations represent solely the CMMTQ’s Technical Services interpretation of these
codes’ articles. Their intent is only to graphically depict the content of the articles and in no
circumstances do they replace the official documents published by the National Research
Council of Canada (NRCC) and
adopted by regulatory authorities.
This document should always be
consulted along with the official
codes of the NRCC.
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Explanatory Drawings, please
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