What is your system all about?
What makes your system unique? What are the salient features?
What are the tangible and intangible benefits the organization might get?
What can your system do and what can your system can not do?
Why should the organization implement your system?
Present CLD, DFD,ERD.
Divide the task to the different members


Time, the most valuable asset that all man has. This can level the plain field of the rich and the poor
for no one can buy time. We can be paid by the time we spend in our work place. This precious time
we toiled must be well compensated fair and square. Through this contention we made this state of
the art Attendance Monitoring System.
Before we discuss the perplexity of our system, please allow me to give you a bird’s eye view of
what our system is all about by dissecting each and every word that composes our title.

Attendance- from classroom to senate hearing attendance is always a priority. Why is this word
given much importance? Because simple it is a proof that someone is physical present in the vicinity
of a certain premise. Just like in our organization Lallo National High School, teacher’s attendance is
given much emphasis for it is needed to carry the basic function of the school that is to educate. If
teachers are not present, being the purveyor of knowledge and facilitator, the educative process is
also absent.
Monitoring- this is observing through a period of time. When we add the word “Monitoring” to
“Attendance” this simply means checking of attendance for a particular period of time. This is just
compared to teachers like you checking attendance and keeping a record of it through class card. In
our adopted organization, checking of attendance is quite similar the only difference is instead of
using class card they are using logbook to keep the daily time record.

Computerized System- this is a set of elements that work together to achieve a common goal. For
our case computerizing the manual attendance monitoring final goal is to generate an honest DTR.
This is what our Attendance Monitoring is all about. For you our dear panelist to learn more about
our system my group mate _______________ will discuss the salient features of our system.

One of the selling points of any item is its uniqueness. Consumers tend to patronize products with
value added features through its peculiarity. Example of which are Siri for IPhone, Gugo na nasa
Sunsilk, Chicharon ni Mang Juan na Gulay, Napkin na may menthol. Di syempre magpapahuli ang
system na aming ginawa at pinagpaguran. Allow me discuss some of the unique and salient features
of our system.
1. It is Costumed- Tailored- Para lang pong uniform niyo sukat sa inyo para komportable pag
inyong sinuot. Our attendance monitoring is patterned from the very business process of the
manual attendace checking of Lallo National High School. It is not generic hence it is the only
Attendance Monitoring System created for that purpose. The organization need not to adjust
just to implement the system coz the system fits to their needs.
2. Database like a PRO- We assume that we need more storage than MS Access can offer. That is
number of employees times number of working days times 4 times of checking of attendance a
day times the entire fiscal year is equal to gargantuan amount of data that this cute little MS
Access may fail to handle. SQL Server is our answer. Asking for the maximum capacity? It
depends on the hard drive.
3. Log in like it’s never been- Biometric device utilization maximized. No more old school
username and password for administrator to access the system. With just a press of an
authorized finger print and system administrators can now access the system.
4. It will remind you like your MAMA- Tired of blank entries because you failed to read the prompt
“FINGER SCANNING FAILED”? Then let the lovable voice of our system remind you of the
scanning status. Surely you’ll not walk away from the system without being notified.

These are the things why we are a little bit proud to present to you today our system. It is
humble yet unique. Want to love our system more? Well lets listen to the next presenter
__________________ as he will tell you greater things about our system.

If we are going to invest into something we make sure we will be benefited by it. Sa madaling sabi
di ka bibili ng bagay na wala naman kwenta di ba? So speaking of these benefits, maybe your next
question is “what are the benefits that the organization will get upon implementation of our
system?” Let me explain it to you in an appealing way. Let set aside technicalities and focus on the
real world scenario.
1. “Late Naman Si Maam Kaya Magpapalate Din Ako” Habit- Ever wondered why your students are
always absent or late? Do you believe in the tagalog saying, “Ang ginagawa ng matanda ay laging
tama sa mata ng bata?” What do I intend to deliver? Well it’s simple. If elementary and high

school students are being exposed to late comer and absentee teachers then they might
develop the same mentality. This is being explained in the study of Ivan Pavlov “Classical
Conditioning”. If and only if our system was implemented decades ago, maybe lahat po kami ay
laging on time kasi nasanay kami kay maam at sir na maagang pumasok, di nag aabsent at sakto
ang paguwi. Yet it is not too late for the next generation. Kaya alam niyo na po ang sisishin pag
kami ay nalalate. Sorry po.
2. The little act of corruption- I don’t mean to offend teachers, and I don’t generalize that all
teachers cheat manual attendance monitoring. But being just a person everyone is tempted.
Who wants to have deductions? A minute paid through a dishonest entry is mean act of
corruption. Imagine if you have 20 employees with dishonest 3 hours entries per cutoff and they
will be paid 174 per hour? That’s roughly 125 thousand per year. Enough to build a descent
classroom. Imagine if this is happening nationwide? This is enough to send Filipino students to
the moon.
3. Bawat Teacher, Bayani at Marangal- By using a system that can’t be hocus pocus, teachers will
slowly but surely learn the value of honesty, love of work, and dedication to the profession.
They will have a sense of trust that no one from their coworker will have the change to take
advantage of a defective time monitoring. Surely their students will salute them for their
dedication by consistently coming to school early and going home on time.
4. Faster than ever- Computerized system is now the trend, for it generate information real time.
Our system can generate DTR with computed time of hours worked, number of hours late or
under time and days absent. This is just seconds after clicking buttons; faster than manual taking
down logbook entries and manual computing DTR. DTR in an instant, this is our promise to the
With all these benefits surely our system will be a great help to our organization and in our
Capstone grade. But before we unravel the beauty of our system let me call my group mate
_______ to set your expectation about the things our system can perform and its limitation.

This is what you should expect my dear panelist in our system. It might not satisfy you
discriminating taste, but let your expertise guide our making our system better. So far we have
listed some of the features expected to our system. These are:
1. Integrated Biometric Capturing- We thought of a way of how are we going to secure our
system to its best and we stumbled upon the idea of using a device that will capture the
unique identity of every individual in this planet. Teachers need to let their own finger be
scanned in order to record their attendance. This will surely eliminate tampered logbook
records, squeaky bandy clock erroneous inputs, and fabricated DTRs.

2. Client Server- The system is composed of two subsystems: The administrator side/ server
side who is responsible for printing DTR’s, adding employee records and many more; and
the simple interface of the client for capturing valid finger print for time keeping. Distance
also is not an issue because the system can be installed remotely as it supports a client
server set-up.
3. Dynamic and Flexible- Dynamic and flexible in the sense that you don’t need to manually
create DTR. Our system can generate DTR as the month changes. All you have to do is to
click a button to generate all the DTR of employees for a particular cut off. Better because
we already computed the summary.
4. Adjust Problematic Entries- Hesitant because you are afraid that reading your fingerprint
might fail? Well we have device a way to solve this unavoidable circumstance. This is the
adjust DTR. This is only intended for problematic entries like failure to recognize finger print.
The abuse of this feature is outside the control of the developer of the system. It is not
already the weakness of the process but the weakness of the values of the culprit who will
commit unnecessary adjustments.
5. Automated DTR Computation- Free your finger and save your pencil for the system will
automatically generate DTR with suppose summary per cutoff. All you have to do is scribble
your signature to make the DTR official and valid.
Also I’m so sorry to tell you my dear panelist that our system can’t do the following:
1. Track dishonest employee- We mean that upon registration the administrator should make
sure that the finger print being registered belongs to the real person who owns it. It is just
impossible to eliminate the possibility of registering fingers owned by others. Remember we
have 10 fingers multiplied to the number of employees and statistics would tell us that the
number of combination is just impossible.
2. Compute for the Salary- As specified on our title it is only made for attendance monitoring
and not for payroll generation. Well, let’s leave some work to the school accountant.
3. More than one client- This system can handle multiple clients, but the number of our
biometric capturing device limits us to having only one client. Rest assured, if implemented
with more than one client, the system can function as what it is intended to do.
I hope that the capabilities of our system outweigh its limitations.

Thank you for listening actively in our talk, after discussing things like what our system is, the
benefits you might get, its salient features, the things it can do and many more. But the ultimate
question remains unanswered, that is “why should our organization implement our system?”
Well we will leave that question hanging. Why? Because, it is only you my dear panelist who can
answer the question being raised. After, this defense it is in your discretion if you think our

system is worthy of implementation. Help us refine this and give us a kind rating and surely CICS
will be significant in changing the future of our nation. This simple attendance monitoring
system will curb in one way or another basic problem of our institutions.
Let us not keep you waiting for too long for our system demonstration. Let’s move in the brief
discussion of some important figures. Let me call my group mate ____________ to proceed with
the discussion.

Discuss CLD, DFD, ERD
Demonstrate the system through role playing.
Relax when answering questions.
When the system experience bugs just tell: “Well our dear panelist, we can not go away
with bugs. As you know we are in the stage we call in Software Engineering as Alpha Testing.
I would like to thank you for bringing up that error for we may have overlooked that one.
Rest assured we will address that issue and you may add that in our recommendation or
give us ample time to fix it. Thank you!”
Listen intently when panelists are giving recommendations. Do not contradict them. Just say
“Suggestion well taken.” Jot down comments and suggestions.
Whatever may be the outcome, don’t forget to thank them before leaving the room.
CLAYGO (Clean as you go)