First Semester

M.E., - Engineering Design

Time: Three hours

12ED14 – Advanced Mechanics of Materials
(Approved Data book is permitted inside the exam hall)
(Regulation 2012)
Maximum Marks: 100
Answer ALL Questions
PART A – (10 X 2 = 20 Marks)

1. Draw the free body diagram of box shaped volume element and indicate all components of
stresses at a point in a loaded body.
2. The state of stress at a point is given by:
σx = x2y+20;
τxy = 3 x2y;
σy = x3z+ y2; τyz = yz;
σz = yz2+ 10; τxz=xz
Determine the body forces distribution at the point (1,2,3) so that the stresses are in equilibrium.
3. Compute Lame’s constant λ and G for steel having E= 210 X 106 kPa. And ν = 0.285
4. Distinguish stress distribution between curved and straight beams.
5. Write the assumptions made in evaluating stress in rotating members.
6. Define neutral axis of a cross section subjected to unsymmetrical bending
7. Define shear centre why it is important for thin unsymmetrical sections.
8. Write down the expression for a solid circular plate, uniformly loaded, edge freely supported.
9. What are the assumptions made in the finding the solutions of contact stresses?
10. Give any two examples for contact stresses.
PART B – (5 X 16 = 80 Marks)
11. a) Derive the equilibrium equations of a deformed body in polar coordinates system
11. b) Derive the Navier’s equations in rectangular co-ordinate system
12. a)Prove that the position of the shear center for the section shown in Fig. 12a is given by


e  b

4 b 
  1
2b1 3  h 
1 h b 2b1 
2b 
 
 1 1 
6 b1 b1
h 
3 h

13. Estimate the extreme intensities if stress when the hook carries a load being 30kN. Also plot the stress distribution across the section. The inner width being 60mm and the outer being 30mm.b.4 meter long is subjected to a load of 200N at the free end as shown in Fig. 2.5kN. on the fixed sectin of the cantilever. Determine the resulting bending stresses at corners A and B.b) A cantilever of I-section. .a)A central horizontal section of hooks is a symmetrical trapezium 60mm deep.13b is made of round steel rod of 15mm diameter. the load line passing 40mm form the inside edge of the section and the centre of curvature being in the load line. (OR) 13.(OR) 12. Determine the maximum compressive stress in the link and tensile stress at the same section.b) A chain link as shown in Fig. 12. If R=45mm l = 75mm and load applied is 1.

and maximum octahedral shear stress in the disks and state the location of the point where each of these stress occur. Determine the stress variations along the radius of the disc.m about its axis. R2’ = 260mm. a) An aluminium box section has been designed as shown in Fig. (OR) 15. Take C = 27GN/m2. a) A disc of uniform thickness having inner and outer diameters 100mm and 400mm respectively is rotating at 5000r. The density of the materials of the disk is 7800kg/cubic meter and Poisson’s ratio is 0. 14a for the maximum shear stress of 33MN/m2. one compartment is slit open it is subjected to a twisting moment T. determine the maximum principal stress. R2 = 100mm. If the load P = 7. b) Let the two semicircular disks in Fig 15.28). find i) Torque shared by each cell. 15. The radii of curvature of the two surfaces at the point of contact are R1 = 80mm R1’ = 170mm. maximum shear stress. If C is the shear modulus of the section. Shear stress in the both the cells and iii) Angular twist per unit length.p. Neglecting stress concentration find (i) the twisting moment which can be taken by the section and (ii)The twist per meter length.b be made of steel (E1 = E2 = 200GPa and ν1 = ν2 = 0. b) A thin walled bar section shown in Fig 14. The angle α between the planes of minimum curvature is π/3 rad.14.5 kN. Determine the approach δ for the two disks because of Load P.b has a constant wall thickness t.28. . (OR) 14. ii) Max.

Fig. 15.b .