Mariano Antonio Cienfuegos Stephens

School: Academy for Global Studies at Stephen F. Austin High
School – Austin, Texas
School Affiliation: The Academy for Global Studies is a member of
the International Studies Schools Network
Graduation: May 2015
Ethnicity: Chicano/Mexican-American (Hispanic/Latino)
Nationality & Citizenship: United States

Language Fluency: English and Spanish

Academic Information:

GPA: 4.4321
Class Rank: 10 of 511 (Top 2%)
SAT: 2230
o Writing Skills:
750 (98th Percentile)
o Critical Reading:
740 (98th Percentile)
o Mathematics:
740 (96th Percentile)
SAT Subject Tests:
o U.S. History – 790
o Mathematics Level 2 – 770
AP Scores:
o U.S. History – 5
o Statistics – 5
o English Language and Composition – 4
o Spanish Language and Culture – 4
o Human Geography – 4

Honors and Achievements:

National Hispanic Scholar (College Board – National Hispanic Recognition Program)

AP Scholar with Distinction (12)

National Honor Society Member (11, 12)

Austin ISD Trustees’ Scholar Award for academic top ten percent of class (9, 10, 11,

Best Courtroom Demeanor Award for Mock Trial – Future Latino Leaders’ Law Camp
(Washington, D.C.), sponsored by Hispanic National Bar Foundation (12)

2nd Place in District Academic Tournament (UIL) – Lincoln-Douglas Debate (10, 11)

National Spanish Exam Honorable Mention Award (9)

Founding Member of Mathematics National Honor Society Mu Alpha Theta (10, 11,

Staff Dedication Award — Austin High School The Maroon Newspaper (11)

Leadership and Extra-Curricular Activities:

Austin High Student Council (9, 10, 11, 12)
o Senior Year: Student Council President for Austin High School.
o Junior Year: Executive Treasurer.
o Sophomore Year: Cabinet Member – Teacher Appreciation Committee.
o Freshman Year: Sergeant-at-Arms & Class General Assembly Representative.

Varsity Debate Team (9, 10, 11, 12)
o Leadership Position: Treasurer (11, 12)
o Active competitor in Policy, Lincoln-Douglas, Public Forum, and Congressional
o Organize, operate, and serve as judge for campus-hosted debate tournament
o Manager and content provider for team Twitter account

Newspaper (10, 11, 12)
o Commentary Editor (12)
o Social Media Coordinator (12)
o Staff Writer (10, 11)
o UIL Competitor – Editorial Writing (11)

Latino Partnership (12)
o Founding Member
o Community Service and Latino Culture Promotion

Mathematics National Honor Society (Mu Alpha Theta)
o Historian (12)
o Founding Member (10)
o Mathematics discussion and activity group

Garden Club (10, 11, 12)
o Practicing sustainable agriculture on Austin High campus

Hall of Honor Leaders’ Council (11, 12)
o Senior Leader of Operations (12)
o Junior Class Leader of Correspondence (11)

Link Crew

(11, 12)

(10, 11, 12)

o Year-long freshmen-mentor program
o Hosts campus-support activities

Austin High School Representative to The Texas Conference for Women (11, 12)

Key Club (11, 12)
o Volunteer organization

Volunteer Service

Summer Camp Counselor for Elementary School Children – Community Drama Theater
— Zach Scott Theatre, Austin, Texas (2012, 2013, 2014 — 200 Hours)

Founder of Keeping Us Eating Local – Public-Service Organization to Promote Local
Farmers’ Markets –

San José Catholic Church Youth Ministry
o Narrator for Palm Sunday Passion Play (2012, 2013 — 32 Hours)
o Fundraising (2013)

Operation Blue Santa (2011, 2012)

Community Service in Bribri Indigenous Reserve, Costa Rica – Painting Local Church,
Planting Trees, and General Community Clean-Up (January 19, 2013)

Contributor to Austin High School Project Holiday Help Program – Homeless Youth

Skills Development Programs

Full Scholarship to Future Latino Leaders’ Law Camp in Washington, D.C. – Sponsored by
the National Hispanic Bar Foundation. Provides selected Latino high school students
with the opportunity to learn more about the legal profession (July 12-20, 2014).

University of Michigan Seven-Week Juniors Debate Program – Debate Institute for highperforming rising Juniors to improve skills – held at the University of Michigan in Ann
Arbor (June 23-August 10, 2013)

University of Texas National Institute of Forensics Sophomore Select Debate Program –
Debate Institute for rising Sophomores – held at the University of Texas at Austin (June
22-July 12, 2012)