RH is a sin (?)
By Danica Barcebal

Well, is it really?
I have been a member of the Roman Catholic Church as long as I can remember. I still am. I have
chosen to continue to be one.
I am (was) also a healthcare professional. I gained a lot of interest in Reproductive Health and
Contraceptives when I was still a sapling in Nursing School. I saw the pros and cons of the different
methods of contraception and it made me wonder, if these ‘wonders’ should be considered immoral,
wicked or lewd.
The Church sees the Reproductive Health Law as such and I still cannot fathom that such
marvelous legislation is being questioned and is being considered as morally wrong. I am not trying to be
against the Church, who I so love, but I am quite ambivalent in connection to this issue.
In a recent interview with a Senior Vatican Prelate, he said “ Well, the Church is not against birth
control at all. It’s about the methods of birth control. I do not want to enter into this characteristic, how
they have to do it. It’s their personal conscience and their personal responsibility.”
To simplify, the Church approves natural birth control but not the artificial method.
The Catholic Church believes that the artificial method is decadent. That the use of such method
can hinder the plan of God to bring new life into the world and may frustrate His divine plan The church
believes that condom, IUD, pills and other methods of non-natural birth control, act as a barrier to bring
another human being to life and an obstacle to prevent what God plans or intends to happen.
The Bible has only condemned one form of contraception, and that is coitus interruptus or
withdrawal method. The method was damned in the story of Onan to avoid his duty to father the
children of his dead brother. The story can be found in the book of Genesis. And that’s it. No other
artificial method of contraception was mentioned or rebuked in the Bible.
Several Encyclicals or writings of the past Popes have reviled contraception. The church has
affirmed that their views regarding contraception is want of error. It is infallible.
But, is it really God’s plan to bring another human being to life? Is it really a sin to use condom
because it will prevent another creation to have an earthly existence?
What if God really plans not to send another creation to this planet and He really intends that
those creations, currently living, experience heaven on earth by making them able to afford food, to eat

there are 5 children. . Who they believe they can manage. to meet the expense of decent clothing and shelter. that is what I reckon not to be a sin. to be here. How can a mother tolerate the cries of her children whose stomachs are grumbling for being unable to eat anything for the past 24 hours? How can she bear to see her children wear tattered garments that have been handed down to them by strangers? How can she swallow the fact that only 1 out of her 5 children can go to school? How can she put up with the reality that they are cramped in tiny space? How can she endure the fact that she is unable to give her children a dashing future. experiencing all of these. But he needs bread (rice for us Asians) to continue living here and continue to have an earthly experience. provide necessities. God intended for his creation to be sent here. emotionally and mentally? That if she had knowledge of the methods. wicked or lewd if its primal purpose is to promote the life of women and her family? The RH law calls for a change in the thinking that it is merrier if there is more. I believe that if the mother has planned her family. to survive here and for man to enjoy His other creations. to be an erudite. A family cannot be joyous if their stomachs are empty. unable to go to school. she will not suffer seeing her children with empty stomach. but from every word that comes from the word of God. wear ripped clothes and live in a matchbox like house that they cannot even call home. she could have had planned her family well. to have the funds for education. and I wonder how can all of us fit in a tiny archipelago with a land area smaller than Californnia. because on the first place. care.three times a day. but there are already quite a lot of us. next to Mexico and Ethiopia. How can a legislation be called immoral. Now. nurture. feeling all of these. I know that not all Filipinos are all under the same map. who can give him the love that he deserves.000 (1 million) Filipinos. There are more than 100. give a bright future and to confer love. if all she has to worry from her day to day existence is to how to feed each of their mouths? Thinking all these. In a family of 7. to have a respectable life? It is true that Man does not live by bread alone. I believe that it is not God’s plan to send and send as many of His creations to this planet and allow them to suffer. Philippines is the 12th most populated country in the world.000. I do not see any evil or sin in the objective of the law to allow couples to determine and plan how many children they want to be brought in this world. Can these be not considered as torture to her or as violence to her. I think that it is his plan for His creation to be in a well planned family.