The Law on Violence against Women and their Children which was enacted in
2004 was a legal remedy to provide protective measures for victims of violence
and it is a law that protects the rights of women and their children. In line with
this, the Women and Children Protection Desk of the Philippine National Police
was created to act as a response team to reports or complaints on violence
towards women and children. The WCPD acts on complaints, they assists the
victim in filing the appropriate case and makes follow-ups on cases they file. They
also assist and coordinates with the City Social Welfare and Development Office in
dealing with reported cases of abuses.
VAWC defines four (4) acts which constitutes Violence against Women and their
Children. First, Physical Violence which is inflicted to the victim through bodily
harm or physical harm. Second is called Sexual Violence, which is done through
Rape or Sexual Assault. Third is Psychological Violence which is done by causing
mental or emotional suffering to the victim such as intimidation, stalking or
marital infidelity. And fourth is called Economic Violence, which are acts that
make the woman financially dependent, such as withdrawal on financial support
and/or destroying household property.
Our interview with the WCPD Head of PNP Tabaco where we focused our study
would show us that violence against women and children is wide spread and is
likely to happen in all women, although, according to the WCPD head not all cases
are being reported to them, especially when it comes with sexual abuse. The
reason for this,according to them, is the nature of silence among victims, wherein
they fear humiliation and public ridicule. According to a survey, women who
suffered sexual violence is likely to engage in prostitution or would become
sexually addict. This psychological study showed the reason why some teens
becomes flirtatious as they age.
Among the four acts which constitute violence, Emotional abuse is on top of it all.
This is also the most common type of spousal violence. Next in line is physical
abuse and the least reported is economic abuse. Sexual abuse is not a big issue
when it comes to violence which transpired during marital relations or with

which may be prosecuted upon the filing of a complaint by any citizen having personal knowledge of the circumstances involving the commission of the crime. This provision of law answers the problem established by the WCPD. according the WCPD officer. which happens most in rape cases. If the VAWC law is a public crime then it should be easier to prosecute crimes involving violence against women.Common-law spouses as it is just normal for spouses to engage in sexual congress. although. which are also reasons why there is failure to prosecute. despite the fact that the crime was already made a public crime. led to pardon by the offended party or the victim opt to move to another place and just let go of what happened hoping to find peace. Data from their Office showed that from year 2010 up to the mid year of 2014. Out of this 713 cases. Some. Several victims would retract their statements and declare in open Court that no violence had transpired and . the Supreme Court has also made a ruling about marital rape. And some choose to pardon the perpetrator hoping to have a happy family despite what happened. there is a total number of 713 reported cases of violation on the VAWC law. Mostly. Section 25 of RA 9262 or the VAWC Law provides that Violence against women shall be considered a public offense. this happens in violence committed by the husband to his wife or his common-law spouse. But why does the 666 reports remained to be reports?and was not filed in Court? According the Desk Officer. In an interview with PO3 Suellen Ditalo of WCPD-Tabaco. what usually happens is that they just receive reports from victims that they have been abused but these victims would often regret filing the appropriate charges. There is still hesitation on their part to file these cases because several Police Officers were being questioned in Court for filing cases wherein the victim has already showed disinterest on the case. lost interest in filing complaints because of possible public ridicule they might face in the course of the trial. 47 of which was successfully filed and the culprit was prosecuted while 666 cases out of the 713 reports was not filed in Court because complainants doesn’t want to pursue their complaints and are not anymore interested to file a case. These are just some of the reasons cited by the victims.

To help lessen crimes involving violations of rights of women and to disseminate information regarding the rights of women.that they have already pardoned the perpetrator. WCPD-Tabaco conducts “Barangay Pulong-pulong “ an information dissemination campaign to eradicate violence on women and to make women know their rights according to the law. . the filing of complaint still lies with the victim and not with them alone. So.