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: Music styles: From rock n roll

to pop and rap

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1. Greeting

Good afternoon! Today we have guests at our lesson. Suppose theyll have
good impression of you and your knowledge of English.
Before starting our lesson, I want to ask you who is absent? What is the matter?
And about you? Are you fine?

2. Warm-up
You know our general theme is Music.
Lets talk about your preferences.
1) What do you like more? (opera, ballet, folk, pop, )
2) Have you ever seen/heard ?
3) How often do you go to different performances (concerts, operas,
4) Who do you prefer to go there with?
5) What music style do you like most of all?
6) Is there anybody who you are crazy about?
7) What kind of music are you interested in?
Write down what you think about music, your attitude to it.

II. The main part

1. Check on homework
You had several types of homework, hadnt you?
Some of work well checkup just now, and some of it while our lesson.
Hans up who had to write exercises into the copybooks?
Lets see what have you done.

2. Theme and aim of the lesson

Theme of our lesson is on the blackboard Music styles: From rock n roll to
pop and rap.
Quotes of the lesson:
Music is expression of harmony in sound. Love is the expression of
harmony in life. (Author: Stephen F. Gaskin)
Music is well said to be the speech of angels (Author: Thomas Carlyle)
Without music, life is a journey through a desert. (Author: Pat Conroy)
Aim of the lesson:
to listen to the text and do the tasks to it;

to read the text and discuss it;

speak on our topic of the lesson;
recognize grammar tips Conditionals
finish the checking of homework.

3. Listening of the text

Pre-listening activities
Answer the questions
o What is your favourite singing group?
o What do the people in a group have to be good at?
o What is more important:
- appearance?
- singing?
- dancing?
- personality?
While-listening activities


Listen, think and be ready to match the names with the types of
The Beetles
a) Disco
Bob Marley
b) Rock
Chuck Berry
c) Punk
Elvis Presley
d) Rock n roll
Elton John
e) Reggae
Jimi Hendrix
f) Rhythm n blues
The Sex Pistols
g) Pop
After-listening activities
Say if it TRUE or FALSE
1) Sweet Little Sixteen didnt do very well.
2) Elvis Presley played only black music.
3) The rhythm n blues musicians were unknown in Britain.
4) Long hair and hippie clothes arrived in the early fifties.
5) Abba was a punk group.

Answer the questions

1) When did hairstyles change a lot.
2) Why is Chuck Berry important in rock history?
3) What sort of music did Bob Marley play?
4) In which country did rock n roll start?
5) Punk means two separate things. What are they?

4. The second part of homework singing a SONG

Who has prepared a song? Welcome! Well listen to you with a great pleasure!
By the way I know you have a presentation about your favourite singer,
havent you?
We are ready to listen to you. Please!

5. Reading of the text

Pre-reading activities
Answer the questions
1) Do you like folk music?
2) Is it popular with young people in your country?
3) Do you know any folk songs? What are they about?
4) Do you think that the music people like influence the way they dress?
After-reading activities
Answer the questions
1) Do think that folk songs are the base for contemporary songs?
2) Can you give any examples for using folk songs by Ukrainian singers or
bands in their works or performances?
3) Do you think that bandura players were popular in their time? Why?

6. Checking up the homework the second song

Some of you have another song, and a placard to it. You may present your works.

7. Group and pair work

Work on grammar Conditionals cards.

1) You ____________ (to feel) relaxed as soon as ____________ (to listen) to

this music.
2) If he ___________ (to make) such a noise, we _________________ (to call)
the police.
3) She ______________ (to join) us when she ______________ (to get) free.
4) They _______________ (to organize) this concert after you _____________
(to agree) to take part in it.
5) Lora _______________ (to practice until she ______________ (to have) good
6) After the rain ______________ (to stop) we _________________ (to
continue) our competition.
Make up dialogues or polilogues and act them out.

III. Conclusion
1. Summary
Did you like our lesson?
What was the most interesting for you?
What was the most difficult thing?
I want to present you this crossword! Here you are!

2. Marks
You worked hard so your marks are And you get such certificates for But
some pupils have to work more and try to do their best to get better marks.

3. Homework

ex. 1 p. 21 match
ex. 2 p. 21 fill in;
ex. 1 p. 22 put together
Tell about your favourite singer.