Getting started, Couch, and MongoMapper

Who am I?
• Scott Motte / 25 / Perris, CA • mid-level rubyist that prefers merb • • • •

Leopard Install (0.9.7)
• • • •
mkdir -p /data/db wget sudo tar xvzf mongodb-osx-i386-0.9.7.tgz -C /usr/local sudo cp -R /usr/local/mongodb-osx-i386-0.9.7/bin/ /usr/ local/bin

Linux Install (0.9.7)
• • • • •
mkdir -p /data/db wget sudo tar -zxvf mongodb-linux-x86_64-0.9.7.tgz -C /usr/ local sudo chmod 755 -R /usr/local/mongodb-linuxx86_64-0.9.7 sudo cp -R /usr/local/mongodb-linux-x86_64-0.9.7/bin/* / usr/local/bin

Running it
• •
sudo mongod run & mongo (mysql-like command line)

• • •

use bookstore_development{ title: "Ender's Game", description: 'zero gravity and mind games' }) db.books.findOne()

Mongo or Couch
Mongodb (C++)
drivers bson, document, schema-free Dynamic queries, indexing gridfs (needs an apache/nginx module) RAM Good at the web, faster development time Update in place (good for high update rates) master-master 50s kid

Couchdb (Erlang)
REST json, document, schema-free map/reduce attachments http cache Good at the web, slower development time MVCC (fault tolerant, but requires compacting) replication indy kid


Mongodb orms
Ruby mongo-ruby-driver
sudo gem install mongodb-mongo sudo gem install mongodb-mongo_ext (c extension)

Python mongo-python-driver
easy_install pymongo (c extension autoinstalled)






sudo gem install mongomapper config.gem 'jnunemaker-mongomapper' #rails dependency 'jnunemaker-mongomapper' #merb

class Book include MongoMapper::Document key :title, String key :description, String end

class Books < Application def index @books = Book.all display @books end def show(id) @book = Book.find(id) raise NotFound unless @book display @book end ...

class Book include MongoMapper::Document key :title, String key :description, String validates_presence_of :title #validates_numericality_of #validates_length_of #validates_format_of #more end


class Book .. key :description, String before_save :append_signature def append_signature self.description << " ~Corner Bookstore" end #after_save #before_validation end

class Book include MongoMapper::Document key :title, String key :description, String has_many :reviews end class Review include MongoMapper::Document key :author, String key :review, String belongs_to :book end

Relationships cont.
Finding @book = Book.first @reviews = Displaying @reviews.each do |review| end @reviews[0] # return first review Be careful @user.tweets.size #slow Tweet.count(:user_id => #fast

Embedded Documents
class Review include MongoMapper::EmbeddedDocument key :uuid, String, :default => key :author, String key :review, String key :created_at, Time, :default => before_validation do self.uuid = end end


Embedded Docs cont.
class Reviews < Application .. def create(review) @flight = Flight.find(params['flight_id']) @review = if @review.valid? && << @review && redirect '/wherever’' :message => {:notice => "Review made"} else message[:error] = "Review fail" render :new end end end # in router.rb resources :flights, :identify => :id do resources :reviews, :identify => :uuid end # /flights/:flight_id/comments/new

Additional info
• created_at and updated_at are included
automatically by MongoMapper

• _id cannot currently be set with
like in couchrest.

MongoMapper like it can in Couchrest

• cannot currently do @doc[‘custom_field’] • indexing: @doc.ensure_index :login

Mongodb is a great trade off of speed, features, and schema-less freedom, and it now has its developer friendly orm - mongomapper. Strongly consider using it in a web app you otherwise by default would use mysql. Then put together your models and use script/server or bin/merb -i to test your performance improvements. ~ Scott Motte

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