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How do you read these things? Write SC (scan), SK (skim) or I (intensively)

after each item.
a list of films in the newspaper, to find what time a film starts

your end of term exam marks


a long email from your aunt about her new house _______________

a party invitation from a good friend _______________

an article from a teen magazine about boys fashion _______________

a recipe for a birthday cake you want to make

the weekend TV guide, to see what time the football match starts



Match the pictures with the titles.







Macmillan Publishers Limited, 2011

Scan the text below in 30 seconds and complete the fact file.

Hi! My names Joanna, but my nickname is Jo. Im 13

years old and my birthday is 19th April. My Mums
name is Karen and shes 42. Were from Australia, but
now we live in England. My aunt, Rosie lives in the
same street with my cousin, Maggie. Shes 15, and
shes my favourite cousin. Shes really cool.

Joannas birthday

19th April

her mothers age


her nationality


her aunts name


her cousins age


Skim the text below and underline the most important words. Then choose
the best title.

My little sister

My favourite pet

c My hamster

Her name is Mitzy, and shes four years old. Shes got big, brown eyes, long ears
and a short tail. She likes going for walks in the park and playing ball. She can
run very fast after rabbits. She doesnt like cats and she hates staying alone in the
house. Shes very friendly and she never bites.

Read the invitation below and circle the important information.

Jane Smith wrote:
Hi everyone
Im having a party on Saturday at my house. The address is 14,
Park Street. The party starts at 6 oclock and ends at 10 oclock.
Theres a disco, and food and drink. Dont be late!
See you then,

Macmillan Publishers Limited, 2011