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Narr: Jesus Christ the son of God became man so that he could show us by
example the way to his Father. Jesus did not just preach, but practiced love
for neighbour, forgiveness and compassion for the poor and forgotten.
Christmas celebrates the birth of this great person whose life continues to
inspire many even two thousand years later. Let us listen to the story of
Christmas .
Carol: Marys Boy Child (Long time ago)..
Narr: God chose Mary a simple village maiden whose life was one of obedience
and commitment to be his mother , and Joseph a hardworking , honest and
committed carpenter to be his foster father.
Narr:Mary and Joseph set out for Jerusalem to register themselves for the census
as ordered for by Herod the ruler of that time.
The hotels and guests houses were full and Mary and Joseph were turned
away at every door they knocked .Jesus Christs true example of humility
was that, despite being the Son of God he was born in a stable.
Carol: Away in the Manger no Crib for a bed , the little boy Jesus laid down his
sweet head . The cattle are lowing .
Carol: Silent Night.
Narr: The Son of God chose to bring the good news of his birth to common , simple
folks like you and me . Most of the people 2000 years ago were shepherds.
friends, it was shepherds who were minding their flock, that
first learnt of the
birth of Jesus.
Carol : Hark the herald angels sing
Narr: The angels herald in the birth of Jesus Christ bringing the good news of the
birth of the Saviour to the world.
Narr:They hurried off to pay their homage to the King of Kings- Jesus Christ
Narr: Even the 3 Kings from the East saw the sign in the sky and came to pay their
Respects to the son of God.
Carol : We three kings of Orient are..
Carol :Joy To The World

Susan Lobo
Written by Susan Lobo

Narr: So friends Christmas is celebration Time. Time, to celebrate goodwill,

friendship, brotherhood, love. Its a time to remind ourselves that we all
have a responsibility too, in our own small way to practice the values that
Jesus practiced.
Carol :We wish you a Merry Christmas
Narr:-Its Christmas time once again and we look forward to it with enthusiasm and
hope. Christmas is that special time of the year that brings with it the
traditional signs and symbols which bring joy to our lives. Now let us see what
they mean:

The Christmas Candle:

It reminds us of the brightness Lord Jesus has brought into our lives. As
long as the light of our love burns in our hearts, we will always remain one
with Christ, because Christ is the light of the world.

The Star
The Three Wise Men came from the East and wanted to worship Jesus born
in Bethlehem. It was the star which showed them the way to the place where
the Child Jesus lay. Christians all over the world put up a star in front of their
homes as a reminder of the star which led the Three Kings to Jesus.

The Christmas Crib:

It tells us of the virtues of Jesus Christ the new born King, his humility,
poverty and charity.

The Wreathe
It is to remind us that God is the Alpha, the beginning and the
Omega, the
end. He is everlasting and His kingdom knows no beginning and no end.

The Christmas Tree:

It symbolizes the great family tree of Christ, of which we too are a part of.
The gifts on the tree remind us of the priceless gifts of grace and eternal life.

Santa Claus is a very familiar face at Christmas. Many of you may not
know but he is none other than St. Nicholas who lived in the 4th century.
His acts of kindness and generosity to children are well known. Children
look forward to meet Santa for their favourite sweets and gifts from him.
He symbolizes the greatest gift to mankind Jesus Christ who was born on
Christmas day and gave His life to save the world.
Jingle Bells

Susan Lobo
Written by Susan Lobo