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To Almighty Allah The Most merciful The Most beneficent Who enabled us the ability to understand and comprehend things around us.


We would like to thank our professor “SIR AMJAD HUSSAIN JUNJUA” who was always there to help and guide us when we needed help. His perceptive criticism kept us working to make this project more full proof. We are thankful to him for his encouraging and valuable support. Working under him was an extremely knowledgeable and enriching experience for us. We are very thankful to him for all the value addition and enhancement done to us.

No words can adequately express my overriding debt of gratitude to my parents whose support helps me in all the way. Above all I shall thank my friends who constantly encouraged and blessed me so as to enable me to do this work successfully.


First of all we would like to thank that great entity that helped us to get through this report safely, the one who was always there when no one was!

Would that we have words to pay tribute to our loving parents and teachers whose invaluable prays salutary admire and embodying attitude kept our spirit alive to strive for knowledge and integrity which enable us to reach milestone. We would also like to express enormous gratitude to our respectable teacher “SIR AMJAD HUSSAIN JUNJUA” for providing the direction for this project and for helping us in refining our effort and ideas. We also acknowledge the help and pleasant gathering of all our class fellows. We are also thankful to all of those people who helped us in accomplishing our project.


Abstract………………………………………………….01 1.0 Introduction…………………………………………02
History of Telenor……………………………… … 02 Brief Introduction… … … … … … … … … … … 04 Telenor in Pakistan… … … …. … … … … … … 05 Mission Statement … … .. ...…… … … … … ... 06

Vision & Core Values… … … … … … … … … 06 Goals of Telenor … … … … … … … … … … .. 08 Market Share … … … … … … … … … … …… 09 Strategy of Telenor … … … … … … … … … … 10

2.0 Findings & Communication Ways..........................12
Purpose of Project……………………………… … 12 Telenor Team Strategy… … ………………… … 13 Internal & External Communication …… … … 15 Upward Communication … …… … … … 16 Downward Communication … … … … …15

Horizontal Communication … … … … … … … 17 External Communication … … … … … … ……18 Type of communication in Telenor… … … … ..19

3.0 Communication Skills…………………………….20
Basic Communication Skills…………………….. 20 Writing Skills … … … … … … … … … … …… 22 Attitude Building Skills… … … … ………………23 Communication with customers………………… 26 Communication with employees……………… ...28 Barriers to communication … … … … … … … 32 Feedback from customer… … … … … … … …33

4.0 Decision Making Styles…………………………..35
Chain of command of Telenor… … … … … … 35 Telenor human resource … … … … … … … 39

5.0 Conclusion……………………………………….3.0




his report is about role which communication plays in Telenor. Telenor has the distinction of being largest in innovations strategies. They are mainly focusing on innovation techniques and leading in that field. They are adopting new techniques in all

the fields by giving different services. “Telenor is pio neer of mo bile co mmunicat ion because t hey st art ed t heir ser vice fro m 1855. Manual mo bile co mmunicat io n s yst em was int roduced b y t hem in Norway in 1966.T hey posit io ned t he co mpany in Pakist an by mainl y t arget ing rural areas and t hose areas wher e co mpet it ors are fewer.” We have adopt ed t wo ways t o finalize our search. We made a co mplet e for mal int er view wit h Telenor branch manager and t heir cust omer ser vice officer (CSO) and ask about all t he communicat ion syst em in t heir

organizat io n and t he channels t hey are adopt ing t o co mmunicat e wit h t heir emplo yees and cust omer s. Also we have discussed where t heir decis io n making power lies. We have used int er net ser vice t o collect t he hist or y of t he Telenor and about t heir ways o f co mmunicat ion wit h cust omers. We concluded fro m all our discussio n t hat t heir decisio n makin g st ruct ure is t ot ally cent ralized. CEO o f t he co mpany ho lds all t he powers t o make any decis io n. The y int er nally co mmunicat e wit h t heir emp lo yees by let t ers, mails, memos and by CEO`s message. They co mmunicat e wit h t heir cust o mers by annual r eport which g ives report on all financial aspect s of t he co mpany. Also by giving ser vices such as Telenor doctor ser vice and Telenor Pakwan house. Peoples remain connect ed wit h t hem all t he t ime. T hey mainly aim on t hat ; “ Our main focus is to satisfy our customers”



Telenor is the fastest growing telecommunication company in Pakistan. It has a great market share in Pakistan telecom sector. Now it is leading with services it is providing other than any company of that sector. Telenor position their company by mainly targeting on the rural areas. He captures the market of the rural areas and started by capturing the vacant market of the Pakistan. And now it is growing on a large scale.

History of Telenor
For over 150 years, telecommunications has played a vital part in the development of modern Norwegian society. As the incumbent provider, Telenor has been the driving force in the development of a highly sophisticated home market and is now one of the largest mobile operators worldwide.

The introduction of the telephone

The years of 1855 to 1920 was a pioneering period in the history of Norwegian telecommunications. During two generations, the Norwegian society experienced the introduction of three new means of communications: the telegraph in the years of 1850, the telephone around 1880 and wireless telegraphy – radiotelegraphy – at the turn of the century.


The spread and use of telecommunication was modest compared to later periods, but as entirely new features they received a fair amount of attention. Pioneer in mobile communications Telenor is a pioneer in mobile communications. Manual mobile telephony services were introduced in Norway in 1966, as a forerunner to the automatic NMT system, which appeared in 1981. Its digital successor, GSM, was introduced in 1993, and third generation mobile network, UMTS, was launched for commercial use in 2004. Norwegian telecom becomes a public corporation

In 1994, Norwegian Telecom was established as a public corporation. One year later, it changed its name to Telenor. In December 2000, Telenor was partly privatized and listed on the stock exchange. Telenor has undergone momentous change as a group – from being a strong national operator with significant international holdings to be coming an international, world-class provider of mobile communications services. Telenor now has mobile operations in 12 markets around the world, many of which are seeing high growth. In each of these markets we will drive towards greater competitiveness, building on the much strength we have forged during our more than 150 years of history and on our international experience. Telenor is emerging as one of the fastest growing providers of mobile communications services worldwide. Telenor is also the largest provider of TV services in the Nordic region.


Brief Introduction of Telenor
Telenor is organized into three business areas; Mobile operations covering 12 countries, and Fixed-line and Broadcast services covering the Nordic region. Telenor Group More than 150 million mobile subscribers worldwide Strong subscription growth, particularly in our Asian operations 8Listed as No.1 on Dow Jones Sustainability Index 2008 Ranked as the world‟s seventh largest mobile operator Revenues 2007: NOK 105 billion Workforce 2007: 35 800 man-years Listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange, with headquarters in Norway

Mobile operations Telenor has ownership interests in 12 mobile operators across Europe and Asia. Our international mobile footprint covers more than 650 million people. It is taking its business on large scale and their business level starts growing at a very fast speed. They are the pioneers of new technology providers. Now they have set their business on a large scale.


Telenor in Pakistan
After Telenor Pakistan launched its GSM mobile network in 2005, it quickly became the fastest growing mobile network in the country. As the number of mobile phone users is growing, from around 15 per cent in 2005 to close to 50 per cent in 2007, the number of Telenor subscribers is growing even faster. Telenor Pakistan is now acquiring more than 20,000 new subscribers every day! With coverage reaching deep into many of the remotest areas of Pakistan, Telenor Pakistan is, in some places, the only operator connecting the previously unconnected. Licenses and network Telenor Pakistan currently holds nationwide GSM 900/1800 licenses. In addition the company holds a license to build and operate a mobile network in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) and the Northern Areas. Telenor Pakistan also holds a Long Distance and International (LDI) license under which it provides nationwide and international call services. After launching EDGE in August 2006, Telenor Pakistan has the country's widest EDGE coverage, allowing access to high-speed Internet and data services.

Services and innovation Telenor Pakistan offers a wide array of private and corporate services, prepaid and contract mobile telephony. Some examples of the services are: The Telenor Cricket Companion, a GPRS based application allowing you to get updates and watch games directly on your phone. The Tele Doctor Service answers medical questions from customers via SMS. Food recipe services, Bollywood downloads, etc. Apna PCO ("Our Public Call Office"), allowing people in rural areas to share a mobile phone. In 2008 Telenor Pakistan launched solar-powered base stations to increase network coverage. Solar-powered base stations are energy-efficient and eco-friendly.


Telenor aim on,

Empowering Customers Local approach - global expertise Working closely with the shareholders

“Our vision and values define a common approach for all our employees setting out how we do business at Telenor. They provide a fundamental guide for taking care of our customers. Together they set the standard for how we work in order to create sustainable value for our shareholders, customers, employees and partners”


 Make it Easy We're practical. We don't complicate things. Everything we produce should be easy to understand and use. Because we never forget we're trying to make customers' lives easier.  Keep Promises Everything we set out to do should work, or if it doesn't, we're here to help. We're about delivery, not over promising, actions not words.  Be Inspiring We are creative. We strive to bring energy to the things we do. Everything we produce should look good, modern and fresh. We are passionate about our business and customers.  Be Respectful We acknowledge and respect local cultures. We do not impose one formula worldwide. We want to be a part of local communities wherever we operate. We believe loyalty has to be earned.

Our values
Our values are a constant reminder to us of how we should serve all our customers around the world. They inspire us to be a driving force in modern communications and customer satisfaction.  Our values in practice We want to make it easy for our customers to get what they want, when they want it. We will keep promises and do what we say we will do. We will innovate to deliver fresh ideas. And, as an international company, we will respect our customer.


Core services of Telenor These are the main services Telenor provide to consumers around the world:

Voice: Talk on the phone. From fixed-line to mobile or IP telephony, Telenor enables people
to talk to each other using fast and reliable networks throughout the world. We sell fixed voice communication services in three Nordic countries and mobile voice in 12 countries across Europe and Asia.

Data: Internet and broadband. We offer fixed-line data services (e.g. ADSL and fiber-optic
communications) in the Nordic countries, and mobile data services (e.g. mobile broadband, GPRS, UMTS) in 12 countries. As of 2008, 3G-based mobile broadband services have been launched in 10 of our operating countries.

Content: TV services and mobile content. Telenor offers TV services via cable, digital
terrestrial and satellite networks in four Nordic markets. In several markets we also offer mobile content services (e.g. ring tones, music, movies, sports, and mobile TV).

Other services: We offer a wide range of telecom-related services, and the service portfolio
varies from country to country. In several markets we provide Net-centric services like IT security to consumers and enterprises and machine-to-machine (M2M) services for enterprises.

Goals of Telenor
Telenor's primary goal is to create greater value for our shareholders, customers, employees and partners, and for society in general. We strive to be a driving force in creating, simplifying and introducing communication and content solutions to the marketplace. For more than 150 years Telenor has pioneered communications technology. Today we are major international telecommunications provider, and all our operations share the same single vision: Helping people to communicate.



It`s market share is increasing day by day. And now it started leading in front of many companies. And the market share is increasing day to day.

Pakistan Mobile Market Share Q1 2008 - Data From PTA
Warid, 17% Paktel, 3%

Mobilink, 38%

Telenor, 20% Ufone, 21%


Strategy of Telenor
Telenor's main strategy is to focus on subscriber growth in our mobile operations and to increase overall profitability by combining Group industrialization with local drive and responsiveness. Further, to develop our leading position in the Nordic region with a broad range of communication services. This strategy implies the following focus areas;

 To strengthen our position as an international mobile operator
We intend to continue to strengthen our mobile industrialization mobile operations by obtaining control over selected mobile companies. Control is essential for us to benefit from cross-borders synergies, such as scale in procurement, to develop new services and implement best practices, to improve operational efficiency and to increase our overall profitability. We intend to manage our non-strategic investments as financial investments and to exit from international mobile operations where we cannot obtain control over time.  To be the leading communications services provider in Pakistan Being the leader in a broad range of services in both the residential and business markets in Norway, we will seek to improve profit performance in the mobile and fixed areas by introducing new services and through a wide range of cost-cutting initiatives.

 Global coordination achieving local competitiveness
Telenor's global coordination programme has a single goal: To increase the local competitiveness of our mobile operations by taking advantage of our global joint competence and scale.


 General guidelines Telenor's guidelines for corporate ethics apply to members of the board of directors, managers and other employees of Telenor as well as others acting on behalf of Telenor. It is the line managers' responsibility to make sure everybody is aware of, and complies with, these guidelines. As a Telenor employee, it is your duty to read and follow the guidelines. Those who infringe Telenor's rules and guidelines must be prepared to face the consequences that are in line with the infringement's type and scope.  Working environment Telenor shall be a professional and positive workplace with an inclusive working environment. Therefore, you shall behave with respect and integrity towards anyone you come into contact with through your work. You shall help create an environment free from any discrimination, be it due to religion, skin color, gender, sexual orientation, age, nationality, race or disability and free from bullying, harassment or similar.

 Loyalty, impartiality, conflict of interests
Telenor respects the individual employee's right to a private life and private interests, but demands openness and loyalty to the group and the group's interests. You shall not take actions or have interests that make it difficult to perform your work objectively and effectively. Conflicts of interest should, wherever possible, be avoided. You shall never take part in or attempt to influence a decision or settlement if there is a conflict of interest or other circumstances exist, which could give grounds to question one's impartiality.

Information, communication and contact with the media

All information from Telenor shall be reliable and correct, and maintain high professional and ethical standards. All of those who, through their work, deal with information are responsible for meeting these standards. Communication with the media, the public and the financial markets shall take place in accordance with established guidelines and routines and satisfy the regulations and practice applicable to publicly listed companies.


Purpose of the project
The purpose of the project is to find out the role of communication in the success of any business organization. So, we have chosen Telenor because it is also the leading cellular service provider in the region.

Methods used
Uses two methods for this purpose,

Primary Data Collection
 Formal Interviews  Informal Interviews We have conducted a formal interview with the area manager of Telenor sale centre Sargodha. And we have discussed many aspects with him those are discussed here as under.

Secondary Data Collection

 Internet search ( )  Newspapers  References books and other literature  Annual reports of the organizations We have tried to attain the maximum authentic and complete information regarding both Telenor. And try it to hard to obtain data from other sources.


Telenor Team Strategy
The Telenor Team has a strong track record of delivering on ambitious goals. By 2011, we aim to be one of the fastest growing mobile operators in the world, with a strong broadband position in all markets, successfully developing new services and adopting new and responsible business models. The Telenor Team has defined six strategic ambitions which it aims to achieve by 2011. These are: 1. To deliver increased profitable growth The Telenor Team aims to achieve a substantial revenue increase in the years to come. This growth will mainly come from existing businesses. We will seek to increase our core mobile and fixed voice revenues and explore broadband opportunities in our emerging markets. 2. To strengthen our performance culture across the Team In all our operating companies, we will continue the successful practice of combining a local approach with global expertise. This means that the local management teams will build a unique performance culture based on their own initiatives and in line with the Telenor governance model, Codes of Conduct, vision and values, our people policy and the way we work across borders. 3. To make responsible business a competitive advantage Corporate responsibility at Telenor will be part of managing risk and linked to our core business. For example, the measures we have taken to fight climate change are motivated both by our commitment to corporate responsibility and by an enlightened view of associated business benefits and opportunities: 4. To provide a superior customer experience Faced with an increasingly competitive environment, Telenor needs to differentiate itself by providing a superior customer experience. In our vision – we‟re here to help – and core values (make it easy, keep promises, be inspiring, be respectful), we put customer experience at the top of the agenda throughout the Telenor Team.

5. To ensure best practice benchmarking across the Team

Telenor will undertake benchmarking and best practice sharing across the Team. A global objective is to achieve a higher reduction in the average operational cost per minute than the expected decline in average price per minute. The Telenor Team aims to achieve considerable continued growth in operating cash flow from all of its operations.
6. To drive change and constant renewal

To secure a strong industry position, we need to innovate in everything we do. To get the most out of our efforts, we have prioritized five team-wide innovation areas:
 Broadband outside the Nordic countries. Our long-term ambition is to achieve the 

same position in broadband (mobile and fixed) as we have in mobile voice today. Connected objects / M2M. The “Internet of things.” The Telenor Team is working to establish itself as a global player within this rapidly growing and potentially huge market. The Telenor Team aims to establish itself as a significant player in parts of the financial services industry in select under-serviced markets, establishing a platform for long-term growth. The Telenor Team controls many valuable assets that can be further developed together with partners. Partner-driven innovation is a cost-effective way to create many new revenue-generating services. Climate change. Our number one priority is to reduce CO2 emissions. The Telenor Team aims to be part of the climate solution by de-carbonizing business processes and reducing physical travel and transport

Improving our performance management The Telenor Team aims to create a stronger link between the strategy process and performance monitoring. All operating companies will implement a new and improved management model where strategic objectives and ambitions are monitored closely at both the company level and the lower department level. Challenges ahead The global telecom industry is still growing and generating large profits. Looking ahead, we expect usage of mobile and fixed voice communications to grow significantly. Broadband also represents a huge growth opportunity.


Telenor uses two ways of communication. They are as fallows,

There is the network of communication links within organization, to achieve the goals as well as institutional objectives. Depending upon the above condition, communication in an organization may take broadly three levels as given below in detail.

 Downward communication
In Telenor message which is sent to workers by top authority is called downward communication. It is the is deliberate creation of communication channels by the top authorities on formal lines to inform, instruct, direct, suggest and evaluate employees in the process of coordinating individuals efforts towards organization goal. Purpose of downward communication:  Downward communication takes place when managers like to inform or educate the employees.  In case of alteration in task, managers inform their employees about the latest updates of their operation.  Performance appraisal is an important managerial function; whish depends upon communication from superior to subordinate.  Sometimes top authorities ask for explanation for a mistake, error or any such negative actions, may be in simple way or legal form.  Downward communication is also utilized by the managers to send feedback to the subordinates as a response to the upward communication. Media for oral downward communication     Telephone message Face to face meetings Interviews Giving a speech

Media for written downward communication


   

Letters, memos, circulars, notices etc Reports Books or Booklets Company periodical journals

 Upward communication
The message or any other data which is sent to authorities by the employees is called upward communication. Through this, top management can maintain continuous touch with the low levels. In absence of this communication top level will be isolated and in the long run managers will be totally fail to manage people and work.
Purpose of upward communication:

Sometimes the superiors or policy matters or work environment provokes the workers to communicate with the higher authorities. Telenor example  Conflict with colleagues with any rules etc.  Complaints about working conditions or about any other negligent employee.  An employee likes to bring more innovation in his assigned task, so in order to take prior permission from his employer he may commence upward communication.  Feedback is also upward communication which is response to the message or inquiries. Media for oral upward communication
    Face to face talking Use of middleman to communicate Telephone Protest/ rising of slogans

Media for written upward communication
    Letters/ application/ reports E mail Telegram Prescribed forms

Horizontal/ lateral communication
Horizontal communication is a process of interaction between two or more individuals positioned at the same hierarchical levels of the same franchise


Telenor example A supervisor of production franchise talking to supervisor of marketing franchise or a worker in a section of sales franchise is communicating to worker of B section of the same franchise.  Crosswise or diagonal communication Flow of communication does not follow a particular direction. Telenor example A manager of some franchise may discuss the matters might discuss for any matters with each other. Purpose of horizontal communication  It provides an opportunity to share organizational matters with the people of equal level for avoiding any future mishap.  It provides a platform where people can talk informally.  When some managers is in fix in his franchise, he may get a solution of the problem by discussing the same problem with the manager of other franchise.  It is a natural desire of a man to have very good relations, so to increase the range of good relations, Horizontal communication is made.

Media for horizontal communication Large share of this communication is made generally oral. And less percentage of this form is of written communication. It may be face to face oral communication, small group interaction, simple conversation, speech in a group, discussion in a meeting, a telephone call etc.



In TELENOR the external communication means sending messages to persons outside the company. Just as internal communication carries information up, down and across the organization, external communication messages out side the organization. External communication establishes a link between the organization and customers. The sources used by Telenor for its external communication are as fallows,

      

By Annual Report Media Advertisement Print media advertisement By giving packages Through services Through Presidents message Commercials breaks


Types of communication in the Telenor
Telenor use different types of communication: oral, written, oral and written, visual, and nonverbal. Examples of the kinds of communication in each of these categories include the following: Oral Communication Conferences, Interviews, Orientation sessions, Sales presentations, Staff meetings, Task assignments, Training sessions etc, Written Communication Advertisements, Bulletins, Electronic mail, Letters, Magazine and newspaper articles, Manuals, Memoranda, Newsletters, Policy statements, Reports Oral and Written Communication Closed circuit television, Film presentations, Slide-tape presentations, Television presentations, Videotape presentations Visual Communication Building design, Clothing, Drawings, Illustrations, Office design, Photographs, Signs Nonverbal Communication Body movement, Facial expressions, Gestures, Odors, Space utilization, Time Each of these types of communication media is effective because each is capable of conveying a message. The ability to write an effective message, deliver an effective presentation, prepare effective illustrations, or use gestures consistent with the spoken message significantly impact on a person's job effectiveness.



Basic Communication Skills Nearly every aspect of planning requires that a planner come in contact with the public -- through group meetings and review sessions, as well as one-on-one office appointments, writing, and telephone conversations. Though most of these contacts are positive interactions, each has the potential to become adversarial if handled inappropriately. While interpersonal communication skills are rarely part of professional curricula, they are so fundamental to public participation in planning that we begin the description of participation tools with some communication "tricks of the trade".

One-on-one (interpersonal) skills
Success in most professions, including planning, depends on effective one-on-one interaction. While there is an entire industry dedicated to interpersonal communication (e.g., Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People"), here we simply outline some fairly obvious objectives. The challenge is to apply these skills, especially when confronted with anxious, impatient, or confrontational clients.  Be responsive The first order of business is to be available, accessible, and responsive. While this is often difficult with busy schedules, it is important to serve the client: make time in your schedule to be available, respond to phone calls, e-mails, and other inquiries in a timely manner, and develop back-up mechanisms for responding when you are unavailable.

 Be engaging “Be alive!” “Look the client squarely in the eyes!” “Be an active listener.” Connecting with the client often takes some work, and it is important to make the effort to focus attention on the request or issues at hand. Paraphrasing and other methods are helpful to assure clients that you hear and are interested in what they say. Most often this approach leads to the most effective and efficient outcome.  Be pleasant Work should be fun! A smile and some humor go a long way toward breaking the ice, easing anxiety, defusing conflict, and thereby increasingly the channels of communication.  Be patient “Treat impatient people with patience” is one of the most difficult skills in interpersonal communication, but one of the most important for public officials. Often times it is important to give clients the opportunity to vent before trying to get to the root of the problem and find solutions.  Be clear Clarity of communication is critical. Active listening and paraphrasing are a critical first step. It is also important to leave the client with a clear idea of where your stand, what to expect, and what next steps to take.  Be positive It is easy to look at the “dark side” of any situation. One of the important skills of interpersonal communication is to look at a situation in a positive light, to empathize with the client, and to seek solutions.


Writing Skills
Writing skills are critical to many aspects of planning, since decision making processes generally involve a variety of reporting methods, and both internal and external forms of correspondence. While writing techniques vary slightly by the type of document produced, the following hints will generally apply:  Be concise Make sure the reader understands the purpose of and the message in the correspondence right away. When possible, keep letters and memos to a single page, and make email messages short (since longer messages will have to be printed).  Be professional Focus on “action” rather than “information”, and avoid first person and passive tense in your writing. Revise, rewrite and proof-read to be certain your message is clear, factually accurate and grammatically correct. Use humor when appropriate, especially for less formal communications such as email.


Attitude is what you show when u come across different type of situations. Some have positive attitude who always try to look at the positive aspect of the picture and keep their nerves calms under problematic situations. Whereas, on the other hand a person may of negative attitude who always considers negative aspect of the picture and cannot remain cool and calm and present minded when confronted by adverse circumstance. “The importance of attitude of employees is obviously very important with respect to a business as it is the employees who work for an organization and earn revenue and goodwill for them.” Telenor is fully aware of this fact. Telenor regularly conducts training session for the purpose of building positive attitude among the employees so that they may be more productive for the organization. Keeping in view its importance Telenor‟s training session for the attitude building normally base on the following points, Positive Attitude: Building Confidence How is this for a powerful statement? Attitudes are the emotional underpinnings of motivation. So, how do we utilize and tap into what this has to give when it comes to performance and excellence in life, personally, professionally, in all areas and aspects of the here and now and years to come? Attitude, confidence, practice and aptitude are good companions to have on this journey we call life. How we perceive and judge what we see, experience and live through come together, synergize and combine to form our life attitudes (positive, negative, ambivalent, ever-changing, set in stone, it all depends). Predisposition, affinity, approval, respect are all things that come to life through a positive attitude. Take interest and feel engaged, involved and hands-on with life is what it is all about.


1. When you hear yourself say you can't do something, stop! Resist going down this path – it's a one way street to lowered confidence and demonization. Just telling yourself loudly to stop can work wonders. Remember, it's a habit – and it can be broken. 2. Develop a problem solving mind-set Look beyond the "can't" to the reason “why, I can” To adopt a can attitude is always very important. If employees are able adopt this attitude, the performance of the organization can be increased manifold because employees are in a better position to cope with any kind of situation.

3. With the problem in mind, focus on what you can do about it Find ways to use what you‟re good at to solve the problem. Whenever you have a problem, ask yourself what can you do best to solve this problem? What tactics can be useful in handling over the situation etc? Never show any useless aggression and haste, rather try remaining calm as much as possible. 4. Be open to trying a different approach Telenor encourages initiative a great deal. If you think the problem can be solved better with the method that has come into mind, just do it. However, one should have confidence enough to justify his/her decision, whether proved right or wrong afterwards. 5. Do it your way Never try to change your personal style of dealing with things so much that you look artificial. Do not act falsely. Just do the things in the ways you are. But having confidence in one‟s own style is obviously, an essential part.

Empathy, Trust, Diffusing conflict and handling complaints


Empathy skills - for relationships, communications, complaints, customer retention, conflict and levels of listening types, Empathy and trust are a platform for effective understanding, communication and relationships. Empathy and trust are essential to develop solutions, win and retain business, and avoiding or diffusing conflict. Empathy and trust are essential for handling complaints and retaining customers. These days we need to be more effective communicators to be successful in business - and in life. The 'steps of the sale', persuasion, closing techniques, features and benefits do not build rapport or relationships - empathy, trust, understanding and sympathetic communications do. A certain legacy of the days of the hard-sell is that many consumers and business people are more reluctant to expose themselves to situations where they may be asked to make a decision. This places extra pressure on the process of arriving at a deal, and very special skills are now needed to manage the situations in which business is done. Most modern gurus in the areas of communications, management and selfdevelopment refer in one way or another to the importance of empathy - really understanding the other person's position and feelings. Being able to 'step back', and achieve a detachment from our own emotions, is essential for effective, constructive relationships. Whether for selling, customer retention, handling complaints, diffusing conflict, empathy helps. Trust - and understanding the other person's standpoint Part of the 'empathy process' is establishing trust and rapport. Creating trust and rapport helps us to have sensible 'adult' discussions (see Transitional Analysis, which is another useful model for understanding more about empathy).

Communication with customer

There are many channels being adopted by Telenor to communicate with its customers. They literally communicate with their customers through media and by offering new packages and also by providing many services to its customers.

Welcome Advertisements
”Telenor Pakistan’s VP Human Capital Division, Nayab Baig said, “The mobile industry has a significant role to play in improving Pakistan’s competitiveness in the international market, not just by improving technology readiness but also through human resource development.” Telenor is keen about its employees, as their employees are one of their sources to create competitive edge in the market. Employees join Telenor in Every quarter of the year, names of those employees who have passed the time duration of one quarter in Telenor are being printed in the newspaper in respect to provide them a Welcome in a company. This increases the motivational level of employees to be given importance and having name in newspaper. Moreover it‟s an appealing factor for the other jobseekers as well. Employment opportunities increase by each step taken by the Telenor.

Media Advertisement
They communicate with their customers through media advertisement. Media play a vital role in their communication process. This takes place by these ways

Communicate through packages

Packages are the main sources through which a company can communicate by its customers. That‟s made the relationship between the customer and company and enhances its goodwill.

 Telenor doctor service
These are the kind of services they are providing to their customers and their customer remains connected with them. They are facilitating their customer in every aspect and want to make long term relations with their customer. You can simply dial 1911 for that service.

 Telenor Pakwan service
For the meal requirements of their customers they are giving service like that customer can connect with them by simply dialing 1310 for their Telenor number. And avail any kind of service from the nutrition‟s.

 Free Minutes Packages
They are offering many kind of service packages to their customers that‟s brings their goodwill with the customers.

Exceptional Service
 There are certain areas of Pakistan where PTCL connections are not available; the PTCL cables have not reached yet, but Telenor has its service in those areas.  Providing services in 348 cities  Best customer service in the cellular market: Biggest Call Center in Pakistan, which is there to assist the customers 24 hours. Only cellular service in Pakistan to provide coverage on the M2 motorway

Human Resource Management
 Both low cost and differentiation strategy


 Because they hire highly skilled personnel, train them, develop innovative training programs and have reward system to motivate the employees and in this way control the turnover and absenteeism rate  Telenor has consistent policies and practices in training and developing staff and involving them as „partners‟ in the business rather than as functionaries whose roles are restricted to obeying instructions.

Sales and Marketing
 Differentiation Advantage:  Because they target the customer groups they offer tariff plans that are exclusively designed to cater to the communication needs of a diverse group of people, taking into account occasional users to businessmen. To achieve this objective, they offer both postpaid (persona) and the prepaid (Talkshak) solutions to their customers  The marketing department immediately identifies and responds to the customer needs Comes up with interesting marketing strategies which include advertising,

Communication with Employees
Establishing and maintaining effective communications with each Employee not only requires good oral and written communications Skills, but it also includes the ability to establish good working Relationships. To communicate effectively with employees, Supervisors must establish an environment that promotes an open Door atmosphere, the sharing of ideas, and employee involvement in decision making processes.


Effective Performance Management
Performance management is one of the most important parts of a Supervisor‟s or team leader‟s job. Developing skills in performance Management is wise investments that will help Telenor achieve its Goals. Managing employee performance includes: Planning work and setting expectations Monitoring and measuring performance Developing the capacity to perform Periodically rating performance in a summary fashion Recognizing and rewarding good performance









competencies. Competencies are observable, measurable Patterns of skills, knowledge, abilities, behaviors and other Characteristics that an individual needs to perform work roles or Occupational functions successfully.

Employee Relations
It is the company policy to ensure that the required standards of performance and conduct are maintained. The disciplinary procedure is intended only as a statement of Company policy and management guidelines. It does not form part of the contract of employment or otherwise have contractual effect.

Discipline Procedure
Warning may be addressed to the employees verbally and in written through their immediate supervisor. The warning shall refer to the contraventions committed by the employee and will serve to remind the employees the he/she abide by the company rules and regulations in performing his/her work, and that this contravention should not be repeated in future.


A written letter may be addressed to the employee describing the contravention committed. The employee will also be notified that a higher penalty may be inflicted on him in the contravention is repeated in future. Deduction from the salary will be an amount of employee salary depending on the type offence and decision taken accordingly. The employee may be suspended from performing his or her duties for a period of time as conveyed in written. Unauthorized absence of more then two times in Six month can result in termination of employment.

Reward System
Telenor considers its employees not just as a cost but also as a resource in which the company has invested from which it expects valuable returns. Pay policies and programs are one of the most important human resource tools for encouraging desired employee behaviors. The advantage of paying above the market average is the ability to attract and retain the top talent available, which can translate into highly effective and productive work force. The incentive schemes and incentive objective have been clearly communicated to all individuals and weekly progress report is also communicated to all concerned.

Compensation and benefit plans
Telenor has a separate department for compensation. That department deals in staffing and compensation planning. First of all this department has all the information regarding who is being employed and how it is performing. What so ever promises are made to the employees, they know that. So it‟s easy for them to design compensation plans because they know every employee which is being hired. Compensation and benefit plans are particularly based on performance. If performance is up to the standards of Telenor and the employee has good conducts he is rewarded. After performance evaluation, results are rechecked and matched with the standards. Based on that, proper compensation plans are designed.


Salary policy
The company will pay salaries of the employees as fallows  All new employees have to open bank accounts in specified banks prescribed by the company so that their salary will be credited at the end of each month.  After opening account with the bank employees should forward his account number to HR.  Upon termination of services the employee will receive his salary within 15 days up to the time of date of his last working day.  Upon resignation the employee will be paid his dues during a maximum period of 15 days from the date he left the job.

Promotions are also reward management technique to motivate employees. In Telenor promotions are based on the merit and seniority (experience) basis. The one who performs well consistently over time gets reward in the form of promotion.

The employee may receive 1 to 3 month bonus subject to evaluation of accomplished objectives. In Telenor the reward system is based on the individual performance and individual employee performance is judged for the reward. The manager of respective departments recommends a candidate from his section for the reward purpose to HR.


Reward Categories at Telenor
Intrinsic and Extrinsic rewards include;

 Smart/Quality work  Exceptional performance in a project  Targets achievements  Special assignments  Medical care  Life insurance  Recreation  Club Policy Travel  Education assistance policy  Mobile phone  Business mobile phone policy  Official Blackberry Policy  Life insurance  Medical entitlement


Barriers to Communication in Telenor
The problems those are faced b Telenor are as fallows,  Cultural Difference Since Telenor is a multinational company having thousands of employees from different areas and having entirely different culture, it faces a great problem in its day to day business activities.

 Emotional Interference Telenor has a huge area all over the world. And operate this huge mob employees is not a easy task. There are many reasons in which the employees become anger and which may cause of barriers.

 Information overload and message competition Telenor in Karachi Pakistan the land office in Pakistan which deal to the whole Pakistan. There are million of message which come from customer and they have not enough time to read and reply, so this is an other barriers in TELENOR.

 Incorrect Filling The head office of Telenor in Pakistan is an example of incorrect filtering in head office. There are many offices by through message process to employees .the as it was should be do not reach to the employees, so they can not act upon the order effectively.

 Language Telenor is a multinational company. It has thousands of employees from all over the world who deal to the customers. Customers have not knowledge about language of employees. So, this is another barrier in communication of Telenor.


Many communication problems can directly be attributed to misunderstanding and inaccuracies. These problems are less likely to occur if the message uses the feedback loop in the communication process, either verbally or non-verbally. Telenor has a proper system of getting feedback from the customers. That‟s why a customer can communicate with Telenor higher authorities. There is complete process of sending messages to the higher level authorities. It uses two ways to get feedback from customers.

 Feedback Cards
Telenor uses feedback card to get response from its customers. The give ways to us that a customer can communicate to us. They use the sense “share your smart thoughts!” Feedback cards are available at all the sale centers and franchises and customer can demand for it any time. That‟s the way they remained connected with their customers.

 Online Feedback
They have also the system for its long range customers those who cannot reach their sale centers and outlets. Peoples can communicate through their website and give their suggestions to the higher authorities. And there is proper check system of all the feedbacks they collect from their clients.


Our departmental style or our management structure is totally centralized .all the control lies in the hands of top level authorities. They have full control on all the affairs of the company.














This structure as shows that Telenor structure has totally centralized all the authorities and decision making powers lie in the hands of higher authorities. The management has the sole right to make decisions related to customers or their offerings. The authority in this overall centralized but the middle and lower level managers are allowed to make important decisions and the employees are provided with a broad framework within which they are free to make their own decisions and take risks, as long as they are consistent with the company‟s mission and goals. The regional managers are free to make decisions but the final authority to approve those decisions or suggestions rests with the top management.

Decision Making Styles
The styles can be “loosely” grouped as follows:

Intuitive Style
Some times Telenor uses this intuitive style. This style says that Some people are spontaneous by nature and like to decide “on the spot”. Experience and circumstances may sometimes support this type of problem solving approach. However, those who consistently use this style are – admittedly – comfortable with the “trial and error”, or “hit and miss” approach.

Limited Procrastination Style
Not to be confused with never wanting to make a decision, P&G uses this style involves the delaying of a decision until enough factors have been evaluated and/or enough time has gone by for the situation to stabilize.


Systematic Style
Some times the management of P&G Involves identifying and evaluating each possible course of action. Of all the decision making styles, this is obviously the most likely candidate for computer based decision making tools.

Individualistic Style
Some individuals prefer to research and arrive at a decision on their own, without any active input from others.

By Consensus Style
Applies to decisions that have to, or should preferably, be arrived at as a group. All, except the more “spontaneous” decision making styles, can advantageously make use of time tested decision making techniques and tools.


Telenor customer service policy
Telenor employees serving customers have all the essential skills for maintaining strong and profitable relationship with customers. Telenor is striving for following aspects to maintain cordial relationship with clients.

Quality service Communication skills in customer service Advertisement and promotions
1. Quality Service Telenor is offering its service according to wants and demands of customer; what does customer want.  Customer Wants A call with out attention, without network problem instant connection with others without Network problem; there is no response from network; service limited; and sms; with utmost fast delivery without failure delivery report.  Customer demands All these wants should be fulfilling under his affordability. Thus Telenor is offering reasonable call charges. Customer wants bundle of new service. Telenor is offering innovative and amusing servicing by keeping in view their customers.  Location If you don‟t know where you are while travelling in Pakistan then Telenor is here for your rescue. GPRS activated in your mobile tell you, your location where you are standing while you traveling your location is on your mobile screen.

 Telenor mobile News Paper


Now n newspaper is on your mobile you can read BBC Urdu news paper wherever, anywhere you want just dialing. All these alternative services are offered for our customers. Telenor is adopting customer oriented service.  Capturing rural area Telenor is not forgetting rural area in Pakistan. Efficient network service of Telenor capturing rural area and customer locality. Telenor has wide network spread in rural area.  Change network through existing number No need to come Telenor customer service or franchise to convert your network. Just dial-------for conversion.  Smart share We can share our balance. A balance can be transferred from one mobile to another easily.  GPRS Telenor is providing the service of internet. We can access to use internet on our mobile as well as on computer. So it is also a good service. Other services which Telenor is providing are,        Balance check Voice Mail Djuice Promotions Entertainment Dial in Services Sport update: Telenor mobile TV


All the operations to take place and providing the best quality to its subscribers would not have possible without competent and committed employees. Telenor is offering exciting and challenging jobs with competitive pay, excellent benefits and exceptional advancement opportunities. They consider their employees as the assets of the company, and are providing them with relaxed and enriching work environment. They are not hiring competent workforce but they are also developing the employees through training and further educational programs, which ensure a high professional standard amongst their employees. Telenor believes that a talented and loyal workforce plays a crucial role in the organization‟s ongoing business success. And Telenor ensures the candidates that by being inducted in Telenor they will become an enthusiastic and valuable member of TELENOR FAMILY.

Telenor Pakistan recruitment

Recruitment is the one of the Human Resource Functions, which is having a perspective of marketing in its operations. Teleport Recruitment Manager, Faraz Shahid said, “Telenor is Great Place to work for”. For Telenor, their Human Resource is a Brand. To advertise the equity of their brand, they adopt number of ways according to the Hiring. Telenor HR makes a use of several Marketing strategies to attract the potential group of candidates. Telenor Hire people Internal recruitment Telenor Recruitment Manager Faraz Shahid said,”it’s not the policy of the Telenor that they are bound to hire employees from within the organization according to the rules, but we call it as our Preference”. They prefer the employee to be recruited from within the company, otherwise they opt the alternative method for hiring. Internal Recruitment is based of hiring people from within the organization for the position to be vacant.


Telenor Portals The portal mentions the vacancy for the position, in order to alert those employees who fulfill the criteria for the particular job duties. With the help of portals, in which Vacancy is displayed, it becomes easy for employees to evaluate their specifications for higher posts. Flyers and Broachers Reinforcing the equity of brand is done for the existing employees, in order to make them connected towards the company. Flyers and broachers are being printed in a colorful manner about the allowances they are getting from Telenor; it includes health care programs, medical allowances, mobile connection financing and others. All these activities are done for the existing employees to make attracted towards the organization. Telenor Pakistan’s CEO Tore Johnson said, "We are succeeding because of the faith the Telenor Pakistan team members have put in one another and the strong sense of purpose they continue to display. We genuinely believe that mobile telephony is the best way of breaking socio-economic barriers, and trickling down wealth and information to the bottom of the pyramid. It helps businesses, communities, and the country.”

External recruitment
Telenor is providing opportunities to their target market i.e. candidates to benefit Telenor with their capabilities and skills. There is recruitment process of Telenor, through which they hire their employees. But before recruitment process, there is a lot more. Telenor Recruitment Manager Faraz Shahid said, “Attracting the candidates is one of interesting and challenging tasks for the recruitment team.”

Telenor attract the employees externally through.
Job Ads Job Fairs Welcome Ads Online Recruitment University Visits Sponsoring Talent Shows


Job Advertisements
Telenor offers employment opportunities for those who are seeking great place to work. Telenor make their target market of candidates to be attentive, by providing job advertisements through print media. This is the first method Telenor select to create an opportunistic market. The company‟s Advertisements get printed in two English newspapers, Dawn and The News and in one Urdu newspaper, Jang. These job ads provide opening alert for the vacancy at the Telenor.

Job Fairs
Telenor participates in job fairs very actively in order to advertise the HR brand. Participation is not restricted to professional Job fairs, which are conducted for the Pakistan‟s candidates at large, but also in the university‟s job fares conducted at their own schedules.

Rozee Job Fair
Telenor participates in Rozee Job Fair very actively. Recently Telenor participated at Rozee Job fair conducted in Lahore on March 2 at Pearl Continental Hotel, then Islamabad on March 9 at the Convention Center, and Karachi on March 30 at the Expo Center. “Telenor Pakistan’s VP Human Capital Division, Nayab Baig said, Telenor Pakistan, in particular, aims to engage and develop young talent in order to drive the fastest growing network in one of the fastest growing mobile markets in the world. The ROZEE.PK Job Fair provides us a platform to connect with the brightest and the most talented in the lot.”

University Job Fairs
Telenor Pakistan welcomes the fresh graduates with immensely unique and new talent. Innovation and distinctiveness is created mostly by the newly graduated job seekers. Telenor energetically participate in University‟s Fairs as well. Telenor Stall at university job fairs, provides and opportunity for the students to interact with the HR personnel.


We conclude from above all discussion the communication plays a vital role in any organization as well as in Telenor . It is a life blood of Telenor we visit website of Telenor as well as Telenor sale center, which is situated in Sargodha, we talked with its representatives in detail and we come to know about the importance of internal and external communication, communications flows, chain of command, attitude building processes, departmentalization, human resources department We got this information with the help of following methodology  Direct Question  Visiting After going through above all discussion we have reached at this conclusion that communication is most important factor of Telenor even it relates to aspect of the organization. Telenor by being a foreign company face many hurdles because they are coming from a different culture. After all we come on solution that Telenor has adopted email, memo`s, letters and online conversation system to communicate with their employees.


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