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Somewhere in the ouler

reaches ol space was a
lremendous light and
power source cornposed of
ihree distinct persona ities.
The Bible claims each
Person lo be lhe only true
and lving God. lt was here
this plan originated.

B ble says: "ln the beg nning

was the Word. and ihe Word was
with God. and the Word was God-


Th6 Holy Scnptures callihese lhree

pGonahies the Father.lhe Word,
and the Holy Ghost {God, the Holy

The same was n the beg nnlng with

God. All things were made by him;
and withoul him was not any thlng
made lhat was made." John 1:r 3

Spirii). This is known as the Godhead.

'1 John 5:7..-'Forihere areihree that

bear record in heaven, the Father, the
word, and the Holy Ghost and these

This lremendous power source later comes to

our planel as a man, You'Ll be shocked to lind
"He was in ihe world, and ihe word was made
by hlm, and the word knew him not." John 1 10

An amazing thing happened in heaven thai had

never happened belore... Luciler became

jealous. He wanted to be like God. He wanted
all oi lhe angels lo worshlp him instead of God.
Lucifer was tilled with pide,'wh ch God spotted
'saah 14:r2.14 Ezekel2s:r7

What a come-down... Luc feas name was

Lucller worked out an evil plan in his head. He
slartsd lalking angels into ioining him in
-One ihird oi the
throwiog God olf His ihrone.
him. Lucifer became powermad
He declared war on


'Fovelaion 12:4

changed to Satan. He ls also known by many

other names ir lhe Bibe such asi the devL the
dragon, a roaring ion, ihe prince ol demons,
the w cked one, the o d serpenl, murderer,
-ihe angel of lghl.
faiher ol llars and
'see crusadeE


rg AngelolLqhi'

Salan's beaten

Nol long aflerwards. the I rsi man

appears on th s p anet... and saian
was waiting for him.

The pianei earrh becomes the mair stage for the nrost amaz ng and dramatc batte oi at


Gen 3 r5

Satan is furious







[ .(ffi-dffiL*L;
.^-. * )"

Satan and h s demons are p,rshed out of

p cture complete y. 'Jesus creates the
planis. tish and anlmals, and ihe Lord sad


I was





Notice how rhe Lord crealed the iirct man. tt wasn,t through evo ut on as they ieach us in our schoots
Satan wants everybody io betieve we came lrom monkeys [,s alt part of his bi'g iie.

Adam was perfecl. He

was programmed
The Bib e says Chrsi
formed man out of

"innocefl belore cod.

"And ihe Lord God

lormed man of the

dust ol the ground,

"And God saw every

th nq that he had made,
and behod it was very
Gen I 3i

and brealhed lnio his

noslils the breath of

lifei and man became



thoughls.. he

ihe 'dusl of ihe eadh.

a living


lorever His rnind was

pure. He had no ev I

Gen 27

'Theiolowrg eiemenls

are iound lo be the same n the human body and in

so]L whch

backs uD the


sodJl..!lo,rp.,dl.,,- plo-prorrs oo.dq-.- <.p-... od ra.oppe rol .oO"

/, .. _o. bdpl-m d-d : 01 e.s, . i. a.e tora. 0.6. de,, eo. .o r, seen rm ann,i
Nut/tioi for'rod.y



S ater and

Aileroood pub shed


Wm C Brown


Dubuque. tA

The knowlodge oJ good and

evil was sirictly forbidden.

Eliher you musi llve with

good or wilh evil. You cannot
Jive with bo1h.

God demanded toial

separation. God did
this to prolecl Adam.

The Lord Jesus crealed Eve.

He pui Adam nlo a deep

sleep and lormed Eve Irom

one oi his ribs. Genesls 2:22

She, 1oo, was perfect. Boih

g owed from God's glorY.
Adanr loved Eve. God was

God's hearl was broken.. God had aways

been lhe r kiend but now it was a new ba
game He had lo keep Nis promise.

Suddenly, in lroni ol Adam and Eve siood a

holy, righteous God. Now He was iheir judge
and He lradalready sentenced lhm lo cleaih.-

When Eve stood before the Lord she

blamed the serpent. She had no dea ihe
teirible crime that she was nvotved n..

lrer a.t alfected the trfe of every man

woman and ch ld thal ever ved thereafler.


Children were born to Adam and Eve. lt was a lotally

"Romans 5:12

new environment... lnnocerce was gone.. ihe

firstborn was Cain, lhen came Abel and then Seth.

Aller lhls, many more children were born to Adam
and Eve.'Adam liveclto be 930 beiore he died.
"Genesis 5:4

!,r Romans, chaplers 1 and 3, the Bible

describes olr condiiion like lhis: (And it's

very uipopular to us so-called good

There is none riqhteous.

There is none that doeth good-.

Thele is no iearoi God beiore their eyes.
Thelr rnouths are Jull ol culsinq and
bitterness (to menlon only a few).

3:44 "Jeremiah


The Blble has given Him over


Here are a few ol them.

The Lamb oi God (John 1:29)
Son of God (John 3:16)
The Lord of hosts (rsaiah 6:3)

crealor (Ecclesiasles


The mighty God (lsaiah 9:6)

The everlasling Falher or
Father of elemity itsatah 9:6)
The Prlnce ol Peace (tsalah 9:6)
The Rock (l cornlhians 1Or4)
Klnq ol g]ory (Psatm 24:7, io)
Our Lawgiver (tsaiah 33:22)
Jehovah (Psatm 83:18)
The Lord Jehovah (lsaiah 26:4)
The everlasting God (tsaiah 4o:2s)
The God olihe whole earth (tsaiah 54:5)
fhe Redeemer (tsa ah 59:20)
l,tressiah lDan el s:26)

The Prince of princes (Daniel sr25)

Emmanuel (\4atrhewT:23)
The Ch st (Madhew 16:16)
Jesus ihe Christ (Mathew 16:20)
The Holy One ol God ([,tark ]:24)
Son oi lhe mosi high cod (\4ark5:7)
Christ ihe Lord (Luke 2:11)
The salvation of God (Luke 2r3O)
I Am (John 8:s8) (Exodus3114 15)
The Judge of quick and dead (ads 10:42)
Jesus Chrisl our Lord l8omans s:21)
The l\,4edialor ( Timothy 2:5)
God manifested,n ihe fesh (tTrmorhy 3 16)
The fighleous Judge (iTinrolhy 4 el
God ourSaviour (Tiius 3:4)
The greal hlgh Priesl (Hebrews 4:14)
Our lntercessor (Hebrews 7:25)
The Advocate (rJohn 2:1)
The Son ( John 4:14)
The true God (l John 5:20)
The Son oi lhe Father (rJohn 3)
The Alpha and Omega (Hvetarion 1:8)
The Alnrighty (Revetation 1rB)
Lord of lords (Bevetauon 17:14)
King ot kings (Revetalon 17:14)
The Word of God (Revetarion 19:13)
The Saviour ol the world (tJohn 4:14)


We wlt now strow you Ure tr*r'enOous struggte man w;{t go thr.rugh lo deode who he will
eitlY Chrl+ ol 9at rn. add tha lenible pflce man musl pay ,t he makes tn; \rrorg




When He blasted the selpenl fortricking Eve into eating the Jobldden lru t in the garden God
said to Salan.....
.And I wil put enmity (war) bel\deen lhee and the woman and behveen thy seed (ihat's a I ol
Salan s followers) and her seedi (lulure... lsrael/Jeslls) and lt (Jesus) shall brulse thy head,
and tho! shali bruise hls heel."

As you gothrcugh lhis bookyou will understand whal that means.

Hls kid brolher, Abel. came betore the Lord.._

he wanted lo please cod and do right, even ii
ll meant Cain belng mad ai him. Abet teared
God rnore lhan he feared his brother. Catn.

The Lord in Hls love and mercy, put up

wlh Cain's reb6lllon
Whal hast thou done?


ood crelh unlo

And now arl ihou cursed lrom

the earrh, which halh opened
her moulh to receve thy
brothers blood lrom thy hand

When thou iilesr lhe

ground. I sha not
henceforth yre d" unlo

il]gilve"" and a

vagabond sha lthou be

n the earlh Gen 4 o-12
'PLow "Produce '*Alwavs on
the run rwanderer'

Satan hated

\oah becalrse

he was righieous. Satan

lound out that Noah's son,
Ham, was weak. This is the
one he worked through.

Ham had anolher son named

Cush. Cush became lhe blg
man in po tics He maried a

Ham ooked upon his jatheas

nakedness. and Noah put a
of Harr s sons
whose name was Canaan.
(Ge.esis 9r24,25)

beaulllul woman named


who became the

Queen oJ Babylon. (see



LLghi" Crusaders

He iooh hs wife, Sarai, and his nephew, Lor,

and som olhers- From ihen on he ivd in

ienis and rnoved torn place to place.

'Sodomy comes jrom ths word.



(Bomans r:28)

The Lord Jesus'seni

iwo ar'rgels lo pull Lol
and his iamily oui of ihe
city belore blasting i1 ofl
ihe face ol the earth.

The lwo angels stayed

all night in Lot's holse.

As soon as I was dark, the

streeis were ed w lh ihose
homosexua s demafd ng

that Lot send oui the vsiiors

so they cou d rape thera.

The angels blinded the

mob, so they ilnaly gave

R ght ajter that, the city

was !f ped out wth 1re afd

brimstone f orn heaven'

Onty three peope rnade 1
oLrt to saf1y. (A pcilrre of
the U S. n the lut!re?) 11 is
esli,naled thal o\rer '1000 0f
our pop! ai on are homo-

sexuas . and


of i

God help usl




).u 'i


':e. ,r.d i!i",.



8ui the Lod dldn't lorget His promise... when Abram s wlle was g0 yearc old she conceived and God gave
her a baby. li was a miraclel Abram becamelhe proud daddy oI a baby boywhom ihey named lsaac.'
Hagar &

God than re-named Abram and calied him Abraham" and Sarai was re named Sarah."' From ihose
lwo children, lsaac and lsh mael, came nat ons and k ngs, and many wars even u nti today.

'lsaac means "laughtel'because Abram and Sarai both aughed when God tod
them a baby was cominq at their old age

-'Abraharn nreans lalher of



"'Sarah means'princess

"l wlll
ih.l bless lheer and
curse him that curseih lhee'
God sa d 10 Abraharn.

12 lribes ot


-Gen.49r1 28


b ess ih.,am

(Gen 12:3) Thls was repealed io

Jacob.1cen.27 29b)





Tr s rlas iheir big

T!E! a.eady had t

o:dest brother la ked



Joseph nto

Soon, Joseph
revealed h mseLl to his

-Now therelore be noi grieved, nor angry wlh

h the. for God did send
me belore you to preserve llfe

yoursevs, thai ye so d me

For these lwo years halh ih

fam ne been n the land: afd
yet there are five years, n the
wh ch lhere sha neither be
ear nq nor harvest. and God
sent me belore you to Preserve
you a poslerry n the earlh, and
to save your ves by a greal

So now ll was



serl me h,iher but God: and

Joseph became a savior for his peoplejusl like Jesus would

become the Savior oi the world.

he halh nrade rne a lather lo

Pharaoh, and ord of a lh s
house, and a rulerihrough'
ou1 a ihe and ol Egypl "
(Gen 15 5-8)

Now et's walch an arnazlng Bibe prcphecy be fulilled.

Bemember Abraham? He was Joseph's great-grandfather. (See pages 20-24) The B be lels us that God
gave Abraham a vson (a prophecy) lhat sa;di ... know oi a surety thal ihy seed shall be a slranger in a
and that is noi the rs and slra serve themi and they shallaliict them four hundred yeals (Geness15:13)
(Now we

see holv t came to

Pass iust exacty as God said t

wo'r d.)

Joseph had long since died. The

chi dren oi israe (the Jews) had
mulip ed nio about 3 m lion peope.
Egypt was worred about lhls
exploding populalion. The new
Pharaoh ca ed it hls Jew sh problem'
and Pharaoh was takrg orders lrom
Satan. The ch dren ol srae were
made slaves of lhe Eqyptans.

, f,

Satan was no dummy. He knew ihat

at some point in tme his dead iest

ener.y, Jesus would leave heaven
and come lo lhls panet and become
a man. Satan knew thai Jesus wo!ld
be born in a Jewish home. So the
only answer was loi Satan io knock
oll lhe ent re lsraeli race.. wh ch he
kid io do in Egypl.

,, p:


When lt4oses was a baby, h s moiher

pLt h nr n a ltt e ark (or basket) covered
w th lar and h d him n the N e River
arnong lhe waler


Exodls 2:3

Moses grew up to be a big

wheel ln Egyptan polil cs

He was

member oi

He was in charge oJ bri ding

ciiles using Jewlsh slaves

'Exodus2:11,12 "Exodus

2 l5

God kepl f/loses there lor 10 moreyearc. . I was a hard

t nre for [,4oses. God showed h m thal h s co ege degree
lrom the Egypt an sclroo s was worth ess God wou d

ln Egypi it was a no-no for afy Egyptian to be a

shepherd... l\4oses ended up taking care of a ilock ol
sheep lor his iather'n-law. God broke him. Only now
could the Lord Jesus use hlm.

'Fx..lLrs 3

r/L "

F 5n

Bul in ihe area oi Egypi lhat lhe

lsraeliles lved (the land ot

Goshen) there were no Ilies

Every Jewish house

lamb is pui inlo a

Then trre hyssop was slruck aqainsl

the liniel and lhe lwo sideposts oJ

ihedoorleaving the blood on them.

of hyssop was dipped

And lhe blood shall be io you for a
token uponthe houseswhere ye are.
and sha k I il - it shall
be the Passover lamb.

And when I see the blood, I will pass

oler you, and the plague shall noi be
upon you io destroy you, when lsmite
the land of Egypr. Exodls 12J3




Under orders irom Pharaoh. ihe ch ldren

oi lsrae departed from Egypt aiter selv ng
them for 400 years. . thus lu fil ng ihe
prophecy God gave Abraham


'Genesis 15 13



is a nLght to be much observed unto the Lord for

nging them oll from the land ol Egypt. This js thai
night o{ihe Lord lo be observed olallthe children of


in ihelr generalions."

Satan d recled Pharaoh lo change his m nd again and send hls army againsl
L]^e rsraeLires ro desl'oy rher a ir rrre wide



God had ca Led His chosen people out o1 Egypt .. they were lo be a light

to lheword. Remember the who e wor d was ln sp

rituaL darkness

except Ior ihe lsrae ites. The evil religious system sel up by N mrod back
in Babylon was now wo d-wde. Every naton or tr be on ea,1h was irio
a form oi dev I worship as iheir organ zed re g on. (Just ike today.)


l/oses came off ihe r.ountain and was outraged al ihe]r rebelllon The Lord was fed !p wilh lhe people.
He was ready to desiroy lsrael, but [.4oses begged God nor 1o kll lhenr, and G od he d back His anger.

The Lord was angry becaLrse the people relused to go in

and take the land. He sad thal none oi that generauon
wolld go inlo ihe Promised Land except those lwo men

who were obed enl io God: Josh!a and Caleb ' Because
ol ther lnbellel, God never allowed the olhers to eave
'Numbers r4r29 30

ll God s so mercifu ...

why do we have to go
through a lth s?


God doesn

shLI up .. don r you see

Im praying lo God?..
you foo

Grandma .. read my


pa m and
rne ,,l/ho 'm
go ng lo marry.

Note: We have seen a p ciure of God's people in the Otd Teslament, blt they were atso a
snapshot of God's people loday. I am not latking about unbetieving and rebeljols people who
donl believe the Bible, or so.called Chrlstian churches tike Fome.'Bui Bibte-betieving, saved,
born-again believers in Chrsl who ar6 sending peopte to hetljust by the hypocritical, two-iaced
way ihey are ilving, We are as bad a wtness lo lhe world lodav, as the rebellious Jews were in
I1e deson... lhere is Ilo di'le ence. Very seloon oo yoL sFe a b1r.stia1 \ ho
ooey God a10

be sold oul 10 Chrisi. God forgtvo usl We wil stand bslore Chr]si io
rebsllious \ryay we've iived."
'S6e'Albedo " crusad6rs *12

ve an answer ior the



I Cor


Cor. 3i11-15t Heb. 4


The ch dren of srae didn'i \,!anl

God to rule lhem but denranded
a king like a the other natons.
So God gave them kings.
Througlrout iheir hisiory only a
very {ew of therr eaders rea y
obeyed God.

Our few king ls

David was ihe greatest ol a

lhelr klngs, and Satan almosl
desiroyed Davld wlh a woman
famed Bathsheba.' B!1 Dav d
broke belore the Lord rpenled,
and was Iorgiven. The history of
ihe kings of lslaeland Judah ls
one ol almost lotaldlsasler.
"l Samuelchaptersrl E 12

Out ol the greai numbers ol Jews, God always had a small remnanf who
loved and obeyed Him-.. lt was lhrough ce(ain loyal ones thal God d rected
'Smalln!mber oi popie
ihe wriino of the bo6ks ol ihe Bible.




Satan was so powerJu thal f

es of Sodorn and Gomorrah.



d had

Thank God ior lhe smallnumber ol believers that are

God s awlu udqnrent. (Jr.rsl ke today.)

s way, lsrae wou d have become ke

lailrful That

is the only ih ng thai ho ds back

God made ceriain condiiions in His laws... He

said He lr'ould bless lsrael if they obeyed

Hlrn... if not, they would suller_ (Fead
Lev licus, Chapier 26. Yo! can almost see
Hitlels Hoocaust in lhai chapter.)

God I nally gave

carried to Baby on

This closes lhe OId Tstament portion ofthe Bibte.

From the tirne ol Adam u nii the close oi the Old Tesiamenr. milions had died. Where is rheir Jinal
deslinalion? lt's a terrible piciure.

When Satan was thrown out of heaven, cod prepareat hell for lhe devit and his fallen angeis....
and all those who rcbelled against Godr*
'l4aithew25:41 "Psalm9:]7

\/\.$'rr'flil'\'r' /l
On y those lew who obeyed God wou d miss ii.

The numberiwo Person nthe Godhead... the LordJesus was now rady to leave heaven and cometo
this planetlo be sacrillced ior lhe s ns of the wortd.

The thing Satan most dreaded was about to happen.

New Testament
Everyone was ataid ol Roman soldierc. Jerusalem was underihet abso,uie aontrcl. lsrael was a
beat6n nalion, Trodden down under lhe Sreeks, the Persians, and now Bome. The amis ol
Bome were eveiwhere.

Boman sold ers siaiioned n the Ho y Land haied the Jews and the r sirange custonrs
Like ioday je was cheap. . those were dark days.

'Unoers Bbe Diclonary Moody Press page 471

The angel, Gabriel, leaves heaven on his biggesl assignmenl, heading io. ihe ptanei, earth...
imnedialely 1l^e ror.Fs ol da .ress 5pol I a cor ng 1_o lrF, e,irory. Sard. s a.e,ieo. . 1e lrows
it means lrouble. Th s could only mean one thing. The Lord Jesus Chr st was readv
ard beco-e d o.oy'.

lo eave heaven

ll's Gabr el, lvlaster


Because Satan read the


res and he


prophecy even though he doesn t

wani io beleve I because of h s

prlde, biiterness and rebellion

(llrst ke most peop e today).

'Teacher oiJe v Eh re q ous a\!

for that wlrich

And she shalbring forth
a son. and tholrsha I
cal h s name JESUS lor
he sha save h s people



hinr ln a dream lo maffy her be.ause

her baby is ihe Saviour So he d d B ble

prophecy said thal ihe Messah wou d be born
in Belhlehem,

There was no place for Joseph and

Bethlehem was lammed
wlh people, including lhe
lnns (like motels)
EveMlr ng was lilied !p...

Mary so they stayed ln a smetly

stable. lt was here lhat cod Almighty,
the Creator ol the universe. became
flesh as a Itlie baby boy


Shepherds were walch ng

the r sheep late one n ght'
when ange s appeared. almosl

scar ng ihem to death An

ange said, "ljnto you s born
lh s day in the clty l]1 Dav d a

Saviour wh ch s Christ the

Lord." (Luke 2:rr) The ange
iold ther. lhey wou d lind the
baby lyng n a manger. They
hurried to Belh ehem and
were the very ilrst vsiors lo
see ihe K ng of klngs.

'December s loo wei for the

sheep, and the grass s lusl
starting to grow n the HolY
Land. So ri mlst have been n

lhe slrmmer or fal when ihe

Mary and
Joseph go to
the greal


clty ol

Mary Iu f Lls a Jew sh law by offer ng two

lurtedoves for a s n ofieing' (Lev 12:2-8)
I\,4ary knew she

!!as a sinner, even

though God had chosen her for lhls high

honor She knew thal Jesus would be her

's-aeThe Crusaders volum.

he Gii' "



Note: Salan made Mary nio a goddess in 1854 when Pope P us lX procla med thal lvlary was born wllh_
oul sin. The pope claimed the Holy Spir I came Lrpon l\lary s moiher, and Mary was born witholt sln...


Kins Herod was bo ino rnad. He thoLrohl

someonewould rale h s rirone away rrom iim.

Herod surnmoned h s
relgious Bib e leachers
and demanded to know
where Chr st wou d be


9) "{Mat1.

4:]0, 1r)

Note:The fi6lthing Jesus says in Hls nrlnistryr

Repenl'for ihe kingdom

ol h-.aven is at hand.
Almosl nowhere ls
repentance preached
ioday. All you hear s
"God loves you and I love
you." so now we are
stuck wllh church
members who are su l
rebellious and ioially
useless because lhere is
no change ln their Lives

"Repent rneans

sor./ soo


$op ru.ning yourown iie. Ask God to iorglve the wav vou've messed up bv sinnlng Belruly

i.g dnd slan obelr.o God.

Jesus healed the sick, cast out demons and rased
,rom ihe dead. He lalghl the peopte a new way lo live.
Love thy reighbor


Jesrrs'cosesi enemy was His lriend,, Judas. . a very retgjous fo ower of

Christ, appo nted an aposle. Judas prayed he preached ihe Gospel,, heated

the slck and cast out denrons"" in the name oi Jesus,, and he preached ihal
men shoud repeni. He was lhe word's greaiest rrattor at ihrough hs ministrv
, He <Fr a pcrrer. .or . .e -. .. tsare js itF pahe.. . or the
dsciples was a lrator.. I betieve that raro 11 iraior io 12 Chrstians) coud
apply to the church today. nc uding church members. pasiors. evangetsrsj elc.
The whole word is n rebe ion againsr cod, and Satan ts laking lhem a to he[.
So Satan's main targel s Btbte-betevng Chrisrans. (Thai s whythere are so


many Bibre_berievins Judases with us


:ffiir?r.i:. .J.,lrrl!i:i

Thals \,!hy Christians should check out (in tove)whar they are totd by compa ng
ii wilh the



'carhoLc Mass nslituln in

12 pages 6ano2s )



A.D lsee

b.r.o ' Crusadrs

''lCoinrh a.s I l:21



Garden ol

O my Falher f
t be poss ble et thrs
cup pass Irom me ..

Pray.. iheyalfaLl


ng do,,!n

Tnis s known n med cal ierms as

hemalldros s (bleed ng sweat). Th s slrange
ll's not so much dying that boihered Him... bui
Jesus "who kneh, no sin"' was aboul to become
a sln ollerlng and the s ns of the world were
aboul io be placed on Him. 'll Corlnlhlans 5:21

effect somel mes happens r,!ren emotiona

pressures are so great that llny b ood vessels
burst n the srreat g ands and riix the b ood
w th the sweat .. caus ng great weakness '
'Gerad H. Bradley. [4.D

Jesus s taken from

p ace to p ace for
quest oning .. rh ey

n ghi

Death to the

The Jewlsh suprerne courl

(Sanhedrin) linds Hm guilty
even before ihe

iria... t's a

His flesh ls hangng n rbbons as He is ordered to

carry a cross weigh ng over 100 pounds. 650 yards to
the pace of execltion. (Golgolha) the rough wood
gouged r.1o H s torn ba.L. b/ .ow He was alreadv
dph,dared The m ra. e was tlrat He was sb lv nq

qave my back io ihe smters, ard my cheeks

to lhem thai plucked ofi ihe halr: L hid noi my


face from shame and


lsaiah 50:6

Saian summons hls army of demons


Jerusalem.. all of hls evil power is unleashed

aqalnst Jesus through the insane mob. The
angels ln heaven stand by lvalting for Jesus'
order to attack. . . blri His love for us held back



John 1129

The sky is da*ened ior 3 hours as every lilihy aoi ever

oore by rna,1 ir heapFd -oo1 ..le o'ecioJs S8vior.

It is finished!
The He saldl
nto thy hands


and having said

ihus, he gave up lhe


Luke 23:46

This is lhe only iime ln etemliy lhat therc is a split ben^/een God
the Faiher. God ihe Son and God i]e Hov Spidt . because God
the Son became a sin ofleing. . . and be ng holy, They could not
allow sin ln Thelr presence

Saran believes he did this w lh his power! He is

overjoyed... his haied enemy is deadl
CrusaderVol.I TheGiil iora medicalvew oflhe cruci,ixion.


jea ol Po.-re ,ra< oaceo o. rJoe slolF b.oc\19

_-e g'a\e F-_:.ue 'aryo.eo.o.e
1or ieat t1e coran
F.B.l. and C.l.A. would hunt for them and rhen crucjfy them

No prob em w th the d sc p es .. they were scared to

r eader was deacl. the ast thing rhe
relig oLrs Jewlsh leaders wanted. was lo hear ot Jesus,

death . the

On ihe first day ol the week. there was a great

earihquake and an angel descended lrom heaven and
rolled the one ton' stone away _. the Roman sojdiers
re'F so gl_rerao. rher oa.3r"e as oFao


Ja(L( a.o)e



was defeatecl

oeao.. e roro sd: erory..

-ape,.P O Bo 60r!'.boo(..
Jesus was seen by over 500

18 And Jesus came and spake

lnto them. sayng, Ai povrer s
givn unlo me n heaven and n
19 Go ye therefo.e and teach al
nai ons bapl z fg ihem ln ihe
name of lhe Father, and of the
Son and oflhe Hoy Ghost
t"4att. 28

'From a hislorlcar


t8, t9


Perspecl ve, rllhere are enough

peope a ve when rhe fa.ts are

pubhshed about an event a.d

these people have eilher been
eyewtnesses oi it or had
padlcpared n t, t can be fairy
wel eslabhed ihe vatrdty oi a
When His cower.g drsciptes saw
Him they were transformed into
vibranl. aggressive men who were

days ater Jesus ureil up

healen bui frst. He tod
Hs dscpes that He s com ng
aga n Wh le He Was teach ng
lhem He lola lhem what vr'ord
cordrlons wolid be rrke at Fls


'Maliher' .hapl.r2.l



ol .o. i VrDo^et -,b.iaro.


Today ihe wor d cannot iel lhe irue irom ihe fa se..
Saian has done his lob vre I

- e -o / So'.', ob < o qo r, _o rp Je_->'bolo'e

ir d'o .ld.. .oda,/ ,la l
rnewo!ro.. bur 10^ sajr_ nd: ,;rc.Fd
o' rfQ Lord
chLrc_-ooFrs are ,' Lp rr e Jo y Sp'r t r1c'edd _o
-eEds. r'wo ?erv hev.ieas sa'al 'imovnq 1. 'r
oo$,n as onlv i nir eq-,a i! 14 Soc a!a:. \1o_a- ' 6cl I'he
orooneu. Mo(es co. J(i.s Bdodl.a "1.. a.o () ro pry do!',1
ine'oooo o.C-risl sreoo'11-coss.. a1o oe.! God's o-aLe
.na \ I 'o .ce ll-e lera-oou: po/er o' raI p,e(io " blood

loday lo save to hea, and to sei lree hom a L demon c powers.

Moses i,4olrarimed Buddha Co


lian. a y. ducalonal r and re g ously

Now we see the worlcl ls laling apad mora y. 5p,itua
r;mines afclwa;s. The t ue B b e be ev ng Ch slrans a e cry ng lor ihe
"n qu"i*ets.
ckly, vhich He willdo.
Lord Jsus
io come



For the Lord himse f

sha descenclllom heaven

With ashout,

v/ih the vo.e of the archangel. and with lhe trurnp oj God and

dea.lh christ shallrise lnst

lTThen \i/e lihch are alive and rema-r sha be calght

ood..4.^.r.-s;shal we e\er be wtl the Lo o

l8 \ryhereiore conrJori o.e anolher vlh




these words


Th s is called the blessed hope (the nreet ng in lhe air) when He lakes H s true follolvers io heaven'
God, the Ho y Sprl!t,- \iril lhen stef rside ;nd lel wlckedfess rur free wlthoul reslraini' The wond
w,l' Ir- rrro a r ql_I' a'a ' Lh Saraa '-1' -rq lhe " ow





loof o e.o! o' o ei.rF-o\So''(i\ao'os'e0el5 {ro

I a!'2?
oa." a, er ro.ob,..r ." 'e i14 or 5p':ro. . 6 re ...

Tl e B ole

lfaaold .r.o.1c.

'ooeller .1de

I be d ,Loe.-ch .r.-.. ur" .

", oe.o-,-al.o1,;L

rne Anl
unrsf or1.
se prophet.

"Revealon r3r1l

Behold ..
lhe woidl

This will be Salan's maslerpece. Soon a man

arise on rhe wortd scene who wi[ lse this supetr lo push himself nro a posil on as rhe potitcal teader oj lhe worid. H" 1""*"
ile A*"t.
5alan ' Lle tFa tsocst to ty ald /v pe rha Jeas 01.te dce ot,re ecnn



A greai mage is nrade of ihe Beasr

ior ilre world to worsh



folowers receve hs mark Anyofe

God sends devastating ptagues upon the earth. Jesus, in

lMatthew 24. warned of great tributation that was lo come.



ihere canre out

'lr!': ilwr()

'... and tlre lhird n:rr

of the sea bec;me

bloodi and lhe thir.i
pari ol lhe creatures
which were in the sea,
and had l1e, died; and

Satan enters the Beast and

demands ihe rebellious wo d
to worship h rn as God, and it


li s aiinilyol

of God, which hath

shrps were desiroyed."

Fevelarion B 4.0


Plague alier p ague sirikes rebellous man. ancl sii he wi not

repenl By now 2/3'ol allthe true Jews are dead and the army oi the
world moves to k ll ihose sti liv ng That s when JesL,s. therr


Nlesslah." w I retLrrn to save

:And I saw heaven opened, and behotd a white

re lhar sal -po- -:n wa< cEired
Fd.|.I,r "no
cno r're. a.d -r ',o. .ao .sre)> j a oolr,
..dqF a'd nata sar Hrc ^y;s \ e e a,
iire, and on his head were many crowns
and he
had a name wriilen, lhat no man knew. bui he
h,n sell A-d l-e {as ctoraeo r.- d\6cL.a ojppeo

1bood:"rd l.: rdre,s l".'Fo I-eWorootGod

And the armles which were in heaven toltowed

him upon white horses, clothed in ftne linen. whjie


Bevelat on 9r3

the third Dart ot the

Fte/era on



.zeci.13:8 -Dane


'And lsaw lhe beast. and ihe Linqs o he eadh, and

tnetr armles, oaLhered loaeiher to mak-A wa. a.: nrr
him thal sat on the horsei and aoarnst trs armvl mA
the beast was lalen and wrh him the iatse oiooher
lhai wrouqhl mrracles before him wth whL.h hr
deceived lhem that had recelved the mark oi ihe
beag, and lhem llrat worshrooed hls maoe. These
both were casta]lve nlo a take of ike b;nino wth


B.vcir,6n ra






'Behold, he cometh wlh coudsi

and every eye shali see htm, and
they aso \,r/hich pierced h nr and
a k ndreds of the earlh shar w.l
because of


Revetaiion r:7

''And the remnant were sain \rith the sword oJ

h m thai sat upon lhe horse. lrhich swo.d

proceeded out ol his mouth: and a[ ihe fowis
were liled with iheir Jlesh." Feveralon i9 2i

Thal great and ieffble day tinally comes...

ihe day when all lhose rebellious ones who

died in iheir sins wlll be judged by ih-'ir

Oreator.'lhe Lord Jesus.
Do thelr narnes

appeaf n lhe
Book of Llfe?

"And I saw ihe dead, sma I and great stand

beiore God: and lhe books wele opened:
and a.olher book was openeri, wh ch s ihe
book of lifer and ihe dead were iudqed oui of
ihose th ngs ldhlch rrere wrilten in the books,

accordifo to thelr works. And whosoever

was nol f;und wrlten in the book o,lle was
casi inio the lake oi



Did you know that everything you've ever said, or done, or

thought has been recorded?




Luke 12:2. 3

The Bible says, "For all have sinned, and come shor't of the gloN of
God.' (His glory is His cxccllcncc or perfection)

That means your good wotks* don't count.

-Ephesians 2:8,

10 and


AWFUL DAY OF JUDGI\ilENT. ll you have rece ved Jesus into your
heari and beleve thal He d ed lor you on the cross, shedd rg His b ood
to wash away your sins il you rea y beleve thal... ther that bood
covers youT sns lorever and washes you cean. And God sees that
bood' coverng you and He passes over you on the day of judgment,
and you are saved from be ng casl nto lhe lake ol lire - Peter 1 18, 19

How do you get that protection of the blood of Christ?

It doesn't come by leading a good lfe, or being kind, or go ng to church, or
ovng your mother, or country.... or by long prayers, or praying to saints,
etc. lf you are counting on that, then you wil end up as another religious
- saiah 64 6
sinner in he with


The Bible shows us there is only ONE way

into heaven... and rebels lttil! not accept it.
Only those who repent, surrender their llves and their will to
Chrlst wll reiqn with Him in glory.
Jesus sad.



tlre $ay, tlre truth, and the



"lhdr il Lhou sh lcorle!!!ilhIh! nn'th dre Lord


rnd nrah b.lL.rc in drin. h.rn lhrt Cod hrlh

. rhoushxllhe" r
I Adm i you are a s nner See Rornans 3110
2 Be wl ng lo turn from s n (repenl) See Acts r7 30
3 Be eve thal Jesus Chrsl d ed loryou was buried
and rose lronr the dead. See Fom 10 9 10
4 Through prayer, nvle Jesus n1o yoL.rr lile io
become your persona Savolr See Bonr 1013

ki\cd hnniromthcde


G.d am a s nfer and forg,reress

iesrs Chr st sled H s precious blood
and d..l l.rmysf anr,r'r ngtoturnircmsf.


e\rE rhar

my pe,sona Sa,i oLr'

man concih

lnto th.lialher, brt b!



lf you ttusted Jesus as your Saviout,

you have just begun a wonderlul
new lite with Him. Now:
l. Bead your Bib e every day to gei lo know
Jeslrs Chrisl belter
2.Ta k lo God n prayer every day

3.Be baptzed, worshlp,le lo\i/sh p. and serue

wth other Christans n a

church where Ch st s
preached and ihe B ble is
the I nal authorly.

.1.Te others about Jesus Christ.

Here's help to !ro\,/ as a ne\r
Chr stan Read The Next Slep
ava lable at Christan bookstores
orlrorn Ch ck Pub catons.

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