FIXED OIL Non volatile oil,especially vergetable origin. VOLATILE OIL An essential oil is a concentrated,hydrophobic liquid containing volatile aroma compounds from plants.essential oil are also known as volatile or etheral oils or simply as the oil of the plant from which they were extracted such as oil of clove.. a fatty oil of

Mucilage is a polar glycoprotein; an exopolysaccharide; a polymer produce by the most plants and some microorganisms..

ORGANIC ACID Terpenes are a large and varried class of hydrocarbons produced primarily by a wide variety of plants,particularly conifers . They are major components of resin and of turpentine produced from resins. GLYCOSIDE In chemistry glycoside are molecules in which sugar is boung to a non-carbohydrate moeity,usually a small organic molecule, GALACTAGOUGE A glactogouge is used to stimulate milk production in mammals including humans. The word production itself means:to stimulate milk


Emmenagouge are herbs which stimulate blood flow in the pelvic area and uterus,some stimulate menstruation.

Psoralea corilifolia
FLAVONOIDS Flavonoids or bio-flavonoids are class of plant secondary metabolites. Flavonoids(specifically
the most common group of polyphenolic compounds in the human diet and are found ubiquitously in plants.



ISOFLAVONOIDS Isoflavones comprise a class of organic compounds,often naturally occuring,related to the flavonoids.many act as phytoestrogen in mammals.being polyphenols they are antioxidant. Some isoflavones and isoflavone-rich food posses activity against cancer,including certain types of breast and prostrate cancer. Isoflavones produced almost exculisively by the members of fabaceae /leguminosae family. GENISTEIN Genistein is isoflavones, one of everal unknown

The genistein and daidzein,are found in a number of plants with soyabeans and soy products like tofu and textured vegetable protein being the primary food source.

Strychnous nuxvomica

ALKALOIDS They are naturally occuring chemical compounds ontainig basic nitrogen atoms. The name derives from the word alkaline and was used to describe any nitrogen-containg base. They are produced by large variety of organisms.including bacteria,fungi,plants and animals and are part of group of natural products.(secondary metabolites) STRYCHNINE It is a vey toxic colorless,crystalline alkaloid used as a pesticide. It causes muscular convulsions.the most common source is from seeds of strychnous nuxvomica tree.. BRUCINE It is a bitter alkaloid closely related to strychnine. It occurs in several plant species.the most well known being is the strychnous nuxvomica

TRYPTAMINE It is a monoamine alkaloid found in plants, fungi, animals. It is based aroung the indole ring structure and is chemically related to the aminoacid tryptophan, from which its name is derived..

Datura stramonium
ORNITHINE It is an aminoacid manufactured by the body when other aminoacid arginine is metabolized during the production of urea.

HYOSCYAMINE It is used to treat many intestinal and stomach disorders,such as
Irritable bowel syndrome Colitis Peptic ulcers Diarrhea Pancreatitis

It can also be used for control of
Bed wetting Urination Motion sickness Parkinson’s disease Alcohol withdrawl symptoms Poisoning from certain insecticides and plants

HYSOCINE Drugs that act on autonomic prevents muscle spasm. It is also used to treat
nervous system


Ulcers Relax wombs in labour Travel sickness Dilate pupil

Its an alkaloid.

ANTISPASMODIC It is a drug or herb that sppresses spasms. These are usually caused by smooth muscle contraction,especially in tubular organs. The effect is to prevent spasms of stomach, intestine,
urninary bladder.

Cannabis sativa
CANNABINOL It is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in the plant like cannabis sativa and cannabis indica

It is an oxiadtion product of


CANNABIGEROL It is a non-psychotic cannabinoid found in cannabis strains of plants. It is fund in higher concentrations in indian hemp plant rather than THC-centered varities of cannabis. CANNABIDIOL It is also known as CBD,is a cannabinoid found in Cannabis. It is a major constituent of the plant,representing upto 40% in its extracts, SEDATIVE A sedative is a substance that induces sedation by reducing irritability or excitement. HALLUCINOGENIC A drug that makes you see things in a way you may not have seen it before. Or makes

your mind moving. APHRODISIAC





It is a substance which is used in the belief that it increases sexual desire, HYSTERIA In its colloquial use,describes a state of unmanageable fear or emotional excesses.

Hyoscymus niger
ANTICHOLINERGIC It is an agent that blocks the neurotransmitter ACETYLCHOLINE in the central and peripheal nervous system. DECOCTION It is a method of extraction by boiling of dissolved chemicals,or herbal or palnt material,which may include STEMS,BARKS,ROOTS and RHIZOMES.

RICINOLEIC ACID It is an unstaurated OMEGA-9-FATTYACID that naturally occur in mature Castor plant,seeds or in sclerotium of ergot. About 90% of the fattyacid content in castor seed is triglyceride formed from ricinoleic acid, RICIN It is a protein toxin that is extracted from the castor bean (Ricinus communis) It can be a white powder or a liquid in crystalline form. It can cause severe allergic reactions and exposure to small quantities can be fatal. ABRIN It is a natural poison that is found in the seeds of a plant called the rosary pea or jequitry pea . It is similar to ricin. CATHARTIC

It is a substance that accelerates defecation usually by softening the stool. EMOLLIENT It is a substance that soften and soothe the skin. They are used to treat dryness and scaling of skin

Trigoella foenum graceum TRIGONELLINE
It is an alkaloid with chemical formula . it is an inner salt formed by the addition of metyl group to the nitrogen atom of niacin.

Plantago ovata
DIARRHOEA It is an intestinal disorder characterized by abnormal fluidity and frequently of feccal

evacuations,generally the result of increased motility in colon. DYSENTRY It is formly known as flux or bloody flux , is a disorder of the digestive system that results in severe diarrhea containing mucus and/or blood in the feces.

it is an inflammation of bronchi or bronchial tubes,that bring air into the lungs.

Papaver somnoferum
MORPHINE It is a highly potent opiate analgesic psychoactive drug,is the principal active drug. It is a pain killing drug and is one of the most effective drug in pain relief,

CODEINE It is an opiate analgesic.antitussive properties, PAPAVERINE It is an opium alaloid used primarily in the treatment of visceral spasm, vasospasm (especially those involving brain and heart) HYPNOTIC A drug capable of inducing a hypnotic state. HYPNOTIC AGENT A state of hightened awareness that can be used to modulate the perception of pain. is used for its and antidiarrheal

Cichorium intybus

It is a white crystalline diprotic organic occurs naturally in many plants particularly Grapes,Bananas,Tamarinds and is one of the main acid found in wines

FABRIFUGE An antipyretic medication.


It consist of 3 isoterpenes units and have the molecular formula . they may be acyclic or

contain rings,including combinations.



Biochemical modifications such as oxidation or rearrangement produce the related sesquiterpenoids.

Sapindus trifoliatus
SAPONIN They are class of chemical compounds,one of many secondary metaboites found in natural sources,with saponin found in particular abundance in various plant species.

PECTIN Any of various water soluble colloidal carbohydrates that occur in ripe fruit and vegetables,used in making fruit jellies and jams. COUMARIN

It is a chemical compound(benzopyrone),a toxin found in many plants. It has a sweet,readily recognized as the scent of newly-mown hay

CHOLERA It is a serious infectious disease caused by the bacteria VIBRIO CHOLERA , Which affects the intestinal syestem of the body. An infected person experience vomitting,explosive diarrhea and severe dehydration. DYSPEPSIA It is a pain or uncomfortable feeling in the upper middle part of your stomach. The pain may maight come and go,but its usually there most of the time

Embelica officinalis

ALANINE It is an alpha-aminoacid with the chemical formula The l-isomer is one the 20 proteinogenic amoniacid ie the building block of the protein. ASPARTIC ACID Aspartic acid or asparagine is an alpha aminoacid with the chemical fornula LYCINE It has the chemical formula It is an essential aminoacid which means humans can’t synthesize. PROLINE It is one the 20 DNA-encoded aminoacid. NIACIN It is also known as vitaminB3 or nicotinic ia water soluble vitamin which is a vital component of human diet.

TANNINS They are astringent,bitter plant polyphenols that either bind and precipitate or shrinks protein. The astringeniciy from tannins is what causes the dry and puckery feelings in the mouth following the consumption of unripened fruit or red white. SORES Sores is a term for any situation when a person feel,scratchy,tender and possibly painful at particular area. SCURVY It is nothing more than a sreious deficiency of VitaminC and leads to the formation of livod spots on the skin.spongy gums and bleeding from almost all mucous membranes.

Ficus carica

The common fig is a large,decidious shrub or small trees native to southwest Asia and the eastern Mediterranean regoin. RESINS It is a natural or synthetic compound which begins in a highly viscous state and bardens with treatment GUMS They are primarily formed from the breakdown of cellulose and hemicellulose both of which are polysaccharides,located in the cell walls of palnt. Polysaccharide are primary metabolic compiunds, MUCILAGE It is a polar glycoprotein,an exopolysaccharide,a polymer produced by most f the plants and some microorganisms.

Trachyspermum ammi

It is a monoterpene phenol derivative of cymene,isomeric with carvacrol,found in oil of thyme,and extracted as a hite crystalline substance of a pleasant aromatic odor and antiseptic property.

RHEUMATISM Any painful disorder of the joint or muscles or connective tissue, APPETITE It is the desire to eat food,felt as serves to regulate energy intake to maintain metabolic needs. It is regulated by close interplay between digestive tract,adipose tissue and brain. ANTISEPTIC

They are antimicrobial substance that are applied to living tissue or skin to reduce possibility of infection,sepsis or purefaction.

Terminalia chebula
CHEBULIC ACID A hepatoprotective compund was isolated from the thanolic extract of the fruits of Terminalia chebula,followed by silica gel and sephadex. The purified compound was idebtified as a mixture of chebulic acid. GALLIC ACID It is an organic acid,found in gall nuts,sumac,witch hazel,tea leaves, oak,bark and other plants. The chemical formula is It can foind in both free and as a part of tannins. TANNIC ACID It is a specific commercial form of a polyphenol

ANTHRAQUINONES It is an aomatic organic compound. It ia derivative of anthracene. It has the appearance of yellow or light gray to gray green solid crysalline powders. B-SITO STEROL It is one of several phytoesterols with chemical structure similar to that of cholesterol. It is white in colour and waxy in nature. It reduces blood levels of cholesterol and sometimes used to treat hypercholesterolemia. PALMITIC ACID It is one th most common saturated fattyacid found in animals and plants. OLEIC ACID It is monounsaturated omega9 fattyacid, found in various animal and vegetable sources..

Cuminum cyminum
CUMIN ALDEHYDE It’s a natural organic compound with the molecular formula It is the constituent of the ssential oil of
eucalyptus, myrrh, cassia, cumin,

MORNING SICKNESS Its also called as nausea gravidarum, vomiting of pregnancyor pregnancy sickness It’s a condition that affects all pregnant womens as well as some women who uses hormonal contraception or hormone replacement therapy.

Pimpenella anisum

CAMPHOR It’s a waxy white transparent solid with a strong, aromatic odor. It’s a terpenoid

DIAPHORETIC It’s the state of perspiring profusely or something that has the powe to cause increased perspiration.DIAPHORESIS ids excessive sweating commonly associated with shock and other medical emergency conditions

DIOSGENIN It’s a steroid sapodenin,is the product of hydrolysis by acids. Strong bases or enzymes of saponins.extracted from the tubers of Dioscorea wild yam. LINOLEIC ACID

It is an unsaturated omega6 fatty aciad. It’s a colourless liquid CHRONIC ULCERS A long standing ulcer with fibrous scar tissue at its base, SCALES A thin flake of dead epidermis shed from the surface of skin GARGLES A medicated solution used for gargling and rinsing the mouth.
CARDIO TONIC Relating to or having favorable effect on heart

Casapenia bonduce
CEREBRAL HEMORRHAGE It’s a subtype of intracranial hemorrhage that occurs within brain tisue itself. Intracerebral hemorrhage can be caused by brain trauma or itcanoccur spontaneously in hemorrhagiz

stroke. Non-traumatic haemorrhage is spontaneous bleeding into brain tissue..


Wrightia tinctoria
FLATULENCE It’s the expulsion through rectum of a mixture of gases that are byproducts of the digestion process of mammals another animals.

Aegle marmelos
PALPITATION It’s the abnormal awareness of the beating of heart whether its too slow or fast, irregular or at its noraml frequency. It can b caused by ectopic beat which is more specific diagnosis.

Foeniculum vulgare

Its an aromatic compound that occurs widely in nature, in essential oil. It contibutes a large component of the distinctive flavours of anise and fennel

FENCHONE It’s a natural organic compound classified as a monoterpenes and a ketone. It’s a colorless oily liquid. It’s a constituent of absinthe and the essential oil of fennel. It is used as a flavour in food and in perfumery. ANISALDEHYDE Anisaldehyde or anisic aldehyde is an organic compound that consists of a benzene ring abusituted with an aldehyde and a methaoxy group. It’s a clear colorless liquid with a strong aroma.

VARNISHING polishing the material ANTACID gnerally a base or basic salt.whioch counteracts stomach acidity. They are stomach nutralizers ASTRINGENT

it tends to shrink or constrict

body tissue Leukorrhea a medical term that denotes thick whitish discharge of vagina TYROSINE is one of the 20aminoacid that are used by cells to synthesize proteins SERINE an formula organic compound with the

FIBROIN Type of protein created by bombyx mori in production of silk

MALTOSE a dissacharide formed from two units od glucose joined with an alpha1-4 linkage

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