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Version: 4.5.

1 Release date: 2 July, 2007


Bug Fixes:
> One Juktakkhor fixed in phonetic.

Version: 4.5.0 Release date: 30 June, 2007


Bug Fixes:
> Top Bar double click bug fixed.
> Focus and some problem in Windows Vista are fixed
> Now works perfectly in Windows 2000 and 2003 Server
(Portable Edition)
> Quick typing bug in Windows Vista
fixed (Portable Edition)

Web Buddy:
> Web Buddy renamed to "Automatic Update Check"
+ Added privacy statement.

Avro Phonetic:
+ Added "J+Nukta" in capital J
> Modified "Ch" and "Chh" mapping. "Ch" remapped to "C"
and "Chh" remaped to "Ch" for less typing.
See phonetic help file for details.

Internal Changes:
+ Virtual Bangla Font installer included with Avro Keyboard
now installs font for Internet Explorer also (Portable Edition)
Users can now run Avro Phonetic and use IE to browse Bangla
sites even no Bangla font is installed in the system!
+ Added Indic Support Check
+ Added iComplex new release for Windows 2000, 2003, Xp
+ Configuration Wizard added.
> Portable Edition is now runs more efficiently.

- Removed some system configuration related Help Files
to reduce package size as iComplex is added.

Version: 4.1.0 Release date: 8 June, 2007


Bug Fixes:
> Old Style Typing problem fixed.
> Focus loosing bug fixed in Avro Phonetic.

Web Buddy:
- RSS Feed feature removed.
Internal Changes:
> A lot of internal behaviour changes to work as portable
+ Virtual Bangla Font installer included with Avro Keyboard
Portable Edition.

> Now installs fixed version of Siyam Ruplai Font.
- Removed some web related Help Files to reduce package
size. When clicked on the menu, those help files will be
accessed directly from server.

Version: 4.0.2 Release date: 28t March, 2007


Bug Fixes:
> Startup bug fixed.

Web Buddy:
> RSS Feed Updating interval is now "Manual" by default.

> Don't install any RSS Feed now.

Version: 4.0.1 Release date: 27 March, 2007


Bug Fixes:
> Fixed UniBijoy keyboard layout
> Fixed Skin Designer Bug

Version: 4.0.0 Release date: 26 March, 2007

+ Windows Vista (32 Bit) support added.

+ Full Skin Support added
+ Magnetic docking added in Top Bar.
+ Unicode support added in menu system
+ Option for changing menu font added
+ Skin Editor added
+ New splash screen added
+ 'System Default keyboard mode' term is changed to
'English Keyboard Mode'. Users understand it quickly.
+ Startup dialog added as reminder to Configure
user's system for complex language support.
+ Few menu items renamed for better realization and
+ Option dialog is much more lightweight now.
+ Setup behaviour changed a lot.
Typing System:
+ Full OLD STYLE Typing support added (like Bijoy)
+ AltGr and Shift+AltGr Keyboard layers added.
+ Jatiya Keyboard layout updated.
+ Fixed keyboard layouts are no more hard coded. They
can be edited via Layout Editor.
+ Layout Editor added.
+ New typing automation: Automacally Fix Chandra
position added
+ Double pressing link key now automatically add ZWNJ
- Option Global Key Generation Method Removed.
- Option Key Generation Level removed.
> Fixed Ra-Ja Fola Bug

Input Locale:
+ Option added for Locale in English Keyboard mode
- Automatically restoring previous locale removed, it
was proved buggy.

Layout Viewer:
+ Imporved interface
+ Use much less memory
> To & fro motion bug fixed
- Removed feature of automatically showing in
Bangla keyboard mode

Avro Phonetic:
+ Preview window updated for better positioning and
easy viewing
- Word based parsing mode removed
> Fixed Bracket typing bug.

NEW - Web Buddy:

+ RSS Feed support (all versions) added
+ Automatically checking for new version added

Bangla Fonts:
- Removed all Bangla font from setup package,
except Siyam Rupali

+ Font Embedding guide added.

Internal APP changes:

- Dll dependency for keyboard hooking removed.
+ Avro keyboard now maintain keyboard hook more
+ Top Bar remains always on top more "aggresively"
+ A lot of tweaking has been done.

Version: 3.1.0 Release date: 21 February, 2006

BUG Fixes:
Setting save Bug: Avro Keyboard didn't save some usage
settings when Windows shut down or restart.
This bug is fixed.

Avro Phonetic related Bugs: Avro Phonetic had wrong key

mapped on 7 key (Keyboard area, not numpad). This bug is

Minor problems in the auto-correct dictionary are fixed.

Installer Bug: The installer didn't actually OFF automatically

input locale changing if no locale is selected. This bug is
Version: 3.0.0 Release date: 9 February, 2006
New Additions:
English To Bangla Phonetic Typing Method: Avro Keyboard now
supports English to Bangla phonetic typing. Features we implement for
this typing method are Word based parsing support,
Continuous parsing support, Floating Preview Window,
Editable Dictionary support etc.

Mouse Based Typing Method: The 1st full featured Unicode

Compliant Bangla Onscreen Keyboard is now with Avro Keyboard.
Let your mouse write for you... :)

New Keyboard Layouts: For traditional keyboard layout based

Bangla (and Assamese) typing 2 new keyboard layouts
are added: National (Jatiya) from Bangladesh Computer
Council and Bornona from The Safeworks.

Input Language/Input Locale Support: Whether or not

your Windows supports Bangla, Bangla (Bangladesh) or
Assamese language, with Avro Keyboard now you can
use them while typing in Bangla Keyboard mode!

Full Bangla Documentation in PDF format: For the first time,

we have managed to write full Bangla documentation for
Avro Keyboard and "How To" articles.

Option for Bangla Typing from Numpad: Users can now

turn on/off Bangla number typing from Numpad. Extremely
useful for Spreadsheet or Database management.

Unicode 4.1 Compliant: Avro Keyboard now follows
latest Unicode 4.1 standard for Bangla. The change is -
we have got "Khanda ta" as an individual character in Bangla!

New Fonts: New Avro Keyboard comes with new Unicode 4.1
compatible fonts. Thanks goes to all font developers...:)

Enhanced Top Bar: The Enhanced Top Bar now supports

transparency. It can appear as semi-transparent when inactive
so that you can freely see behind it.
This option can also be turned off from the Configuration window
of Avro Keyboard.

Enhanced About Dialog Box: Now Avro Keyboard can

play mp3s! In the About Dialog Box you can hear a nice
background music in mp3 format.
We have added version history and credits info, too.

Enhanced Option Dialog Box: Feel the difference in

the option dialog box. New sleek look and
improved flexibility is added.
New Icons And Splash Screen: New Splash Screen
shows Fade-in, Fade-out effect while loading!
Splash image is redesigned. Better icons for
Avro Keyboard are added too.

Automated R+Z-fola issue: Another typing automation -

Now you don't have to manually type ZWNJ between
"R" and "Z-fola"! It is done automatically by Avro Keyboard.

Problem Fixes:
Problem Fixed for Font Changing in MS Word:
A great leap for Avro Keyboard, users now can easily change
Bangla fonts formatting in MS Word. It is done by implementing
input language feature. No more annoying "default Vrinda font"!!!!

Khandatta problem fixed: As "Khanda ta" is an individual

character now, users will never face any problem
with typing this character.

Bug Fixes:
All Bugs in Avro Easy Keyboard Layout:
"Z", "Sh", "R-fola", "Z-fola" now don't activate
"Automatic Vowel Forming" feature.
Again, Link key is shown at the correct position
in Layout Viewer.

Reph Bug: Reph creating bug fixed.

All Helper.exe related Bugs: That buggy Helper.exe

is removed! No more external process dependencies.

Key Repeat Bug: Low Level Key repeat bug fixed.

Layout Viewer Bug: Avro Keyboard now never crashes

when Layout Viewer is minimized and user tries to
change Keyboard Layout.

Others: Minor tweaks for speedy start-up and quick operation.

Version: 2.2.0 Release date: 6 June, 2004


1) Bug fixed in Character Code mode: In Windows Xp (not in Windows

2000), some characters has wrong character codes in Avro
This bug is fixed in this version.

Version: 2.1.0 Release date: 15 April, 2004


1) Stable Keyboard Macro: The Keyboard Macro feature of version 2.0.0

had a lot of bugs and disabilities, you couldn't use too long text with the
Macro, and if you tried to use some special characters like
{ ( [ ] } ) ^ + etc, Avro Keyboard crashed.
This Keyboard Macro is totally stable now, you can use as much as
65,535 characters (almost 30 pages of text!) in each Macro position.
No more crashing....

2) Bug fixed in "Character Code" mode: Halant dead key didn't worked in
"Character Code" mode in version 2.0.0. This bug is fixed.

3) Problem solved in "Through Clipboard" mode: the Shift key didn't work
in some application under "Through Clipboard" mode in version 2.0.0.
This bug is fixed.

Version 2.0.0 Release date: 26 March, 2004


1) Totally customizable: Users have different choices and needs.

Avro Keyboard is built for all of them. From version 2.0.0 behavior of
Avro Keyboard can be customized.

2) New Sleek & Powerful Layout Viewer: Layout Viewer now occupies
less area than ever before. A new option of bringing Layout Viewer
automatically in Bangla mode has been added.

3) Keyboard Macro: Do you have to type your email signature, office

address, current date/time etc. every time you need? Avro Keyboard
comes to make you relieved!
Assign these texts at 12 key positions in Avro Keyboard (F1 to F12,
any of these keys can be enabled/disabled) and Avro Keyboard will
do the typing for you. This intelligent Keyboard Macro can also enter
dynamic text items such as current date, time, date & time, day,
moth, year etc. information.

4) Easy Developing Bangla web pages: Microsoft FrontPage Xp

has full support of UNICODE. But what if you are familiar with
some other HTML editor or like to code HTML directly? Every time
you want to enter Bangla "KA", you have to enter its character
code - ক in HTML! Why worrying when Avro Keyboard
is at hand? When typing in "Character Code" mode,
these character codes will be entered automatically!

5) Larger field of compatibility: There are still a lot of applications

which have partial support for UNICODE (such as, "any"
application created in Visual basic 6, MS Internet Explorer 5,
Adobe Photoshop, Robo Help etc). These applications can
display UNICODE characters, but as they cannot read UNICODE
keystrokes, you cannot directly type Bangla on them.
Avro Keyboard 2.0.0 comes with an elegant solution - just type in
"Through Clipboard" mode and you can see a miracle, Bangla can be
typed on them!!!

6) Customizable Mode Switching (Single key/Key combination):

Now you can use "Single Key Mode Switching" by using any one
key from F1 to F12.
And for old Bijoy users we have also added the Ctrl+Alt+B key
combination to switch between Bangla and System
Keyboard mode.

7) Updated Fonts: New version of Avro Keyboard is bundled

with updated Bangla fonts those support UNICODE 4.0

8) Old Style Reph: Now Old Style Reph can be

enabled/disabled from the Configuration dialog box.

9) Automatic Vowel Forming: Now Automatic Vowel Forming

can be enabled/disabled from the Configuration dialog box.

10) Enhanced Interface: Helpful and nice balloon tool tips

has been added in Top Bar.

11) Bug Fixes: All old known bugs are fixed.

Version 1.1.2 Release date: 15 September, 2003


1) New UI (User Interface): Along with the icon on the system tray,
a new application Top Bar on the Desktop is added. All the
necessary controls now become close at hand.

2) Enhanced Interface: The award winning Windows Xp and

office Xp like menus, buttons, check boxes, option buttons,
combo lists etc are imitated and used with Avro Keyboard!!
Good news for windows 2000 users, this good looking
interface also works on this operating system. :)

3) New Keyboard Layout: We have done some experimental operations

on the present layouts and here we present a new and Easy to
memorize keyboard layout named Avro Easy.

4) Updated Keyboard Layout: UniBijoy keyboard layout is upgraded to

version 2. Two necessary Assamees characters are added.

5) Updated “Khandatta”: The character coding of “Khandatta” has

been changed from ta+Halant to ta+Halant+ZWJ.
This is updated in this version.

6) More Powerful Layout Viewer: It is now possible to resize the

layout image, know description about the layout.

7) Automatic Vowel Forming: Automatic Vowel Forming is added

for the first time!!!

8) Old Style “Reph”: Old Style “Reph” is added!!!

9) Bug Fixes: Menu on the system tray did not disappear until
you click on a item. This bug is fixed.

10) Updated Installer: The enhanced installer will turn on auto

start of Avro Keyboard with windows.

11) Multiple User Support: All the user data are now stored uniquely.

12) Automatic Keyboard Mode Tracking: Automatic Keyboard Mode

Tracking is added!!!

13) Subscription Wizard: For novice computer users, we introduce

a wizard based subscription form for Avro Keyboard.

14) Minor Changes: All the instance of “Bengali” are changed to

“Bangla” :)

Version 0.9.0 Release date: 21 April, 2003


1) Product renamed: Product renamed from UniBijoy to "Avro Keyboard".

The name UniBijoy is kept to use only in the keyboard layout name.

2) Improved feature: The keyboard layout viewer is designed to

dynamically show the correct size of the keyboard layout picture
based on the screen resolution.

3) Screen Color Check: The keyboard layout viewer is designed to

automatically check the system color depth.

4) Improved UI: Windows Xp small icon bug fixed. Splash screen is


Version 0.8.6 Release date: 16 April, 2003


1) Bug Fixed: Splash screen bug is fixed.

Version 0.8.5 Release date: 15 April, 2003


1) All Dependencies with Microsoft .Net Framework removed:

Good By To .Net!! Now there is no need to have MS .Net Framework
installed on the pc.
2) Installer Added: A installer is added to provide an easy installing.

3) Bug Fixed: UniBijoy is much crash-proof now.

A lot of bugs were fixed.

4) Fonts Added: Fonts is added with the installer package.

5) Documentations Added: A short guide for typing Bengali in UniBijoy

is added.

6) Trouble Shooting Guide Added: A trouble shooting guide is added

with this version of UniBijoy describing the common problems
and their solutions.

7) Improved Interface: UniBijoy has a new look now.

Splash screen is added.

1st version Release date: 26 March, 2003


UniBijoy is created to run using MS .NET framework.

It is the 1st version, everything, new!!!