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oB.Tech (EC/CS Engg.

VII Semester Final Examination 2014-2015

Time: 02:30 hrs

Max. Marks: 60

Note: Attempt any four questions. Each question carries equal marks.
1. Define the scope of e- commerce. Explain in detail the drivers that promote ecommerce.
15 Marks
2. What are the various mobile information access devices? Discuss some of them in
15 Marks
3. What is meant by electronic assurance? What is meant by electronic testing and
evidence gathering?
15 Marks
4. Explain the basic stages in the e- commerce model for commercial firm.
15 Marks
5. What is meant by digital signature? What is the purpose of signature?
15 Marks
6. What do you understand by security of information system and cryptography?
15 Marks
7. Write short notes on any two:
a. WAP
b. CRM
c. EDI
d. Advanced home banking services

15 Marks

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B.Tech (EC/CS Engg.)

VII Semester Final Examination 2014-2015

Time: 02:30 hrs

Max. Marks: 60

Note: Attempt all the questions. Each question carries equal marks. Cutting
and overwriting not allowed.
A. Fill in the blanks with appropriate words.


1 The general premise of __ Supply chain management________ is to effectively manage the

flow of product, information, and finances between all trading partners.
2 ______EDI ____ is the electronic transmission of business transaction documents
directly between the computers of trading partners in a standard message format.
3 _____shopping bots_____ are used by consumers to locate the best price for a desired
4 _____CRM_____ includes software and integration efforts intended to increase
customer satisfaction and loyalty.
5 To the ____e tailer______, physical location does not matter because the Internet
allows anyone to link to any Web site no matter where in the world that site might

Perhaps a potential customers most common path to a previously unknown

website is through a(n) ________search engine__.

The development of __intra business e commerce_______ has been more

evolutionary than revolutionary.

A(n) __intranet________ is a private corporate network that uses standard Internet


and interfaces.

Intra-business e-commerce is sometimes called __B2E________ e-commerce.


In a client/server application, the _______presentation___ logic provides the user


B. Write True and False against each


Purchasing new computers or technologies generally leads to a competitive

advantage for a company.



( t

Islands of automation do not allow for productivity of individual functional groups.

( f )


We can directly connect information systems with increased firm performance

( t


A law was passed to require e-commerce sites to use encryption for credit card


( f )

Unencrypted data sent over the Internet cannot be read by anyone along the way.

f )


Multimedia contents are not important to e-business applications

( f


Home Banking is not an example of consumer oriented applications

( f )


Electronic checks are another form of electronic tokens.

( t



While making payment using electronic check, credit and debit cards, and the server
authenticates the customers and verifies with the bank that funds are adequate
before purchase.


( t

One disadvantage to online buyers is lack of trust when dealing with unfamiliar


C. Encircle the most appropriate answer of the following multiple choice



The internet is
(A) Network of networks (B) Web site. (C) Host (D)Server


2. An e-business that allows consumer to name their own price for products and
services is following which e-business model?
a. B2B
b. B2G
c. C2C
d. C2B


The method(s) of payment for online consumers are

a. Electronic cash
b. Credit/debit
c. Electronic checks
d. All of the above


A firewall is
a. An established network performance reference point.
b. Software or hardware used to isolate a private network from a public
c. A virus that infects macros.
d. A predefined encryption key used to encrypt and decrypt data transmissions.


E-Commerce is not suitable for

a. Sale/Purchase of expensive jewellery and antiques.
b. Sale/Purchase of mobile phones.

c. Sale/Purchase of branded clothes.

d. Online job searching.

Electronic Data Interchange is necessary in

a. B2C e-Commerce
b. C2C e-Commerce
c. B2B e-Commerce
d. Commerce using internet


The best products to sell in B2C ecommerce are:

a. Small products
b. Digital products
c. Specialty products
d. Fresh products


A router
a. Screens incoming information.
b. Distributes information between networks
c. Clears all viruses from a computer system
d. Is a work virus.


Digital Signature is
a. Scanned Signature on Computer
b. Code number of the sender.
c. Public Key Encryption.
d. Software to recognize signature


Most common uses of the Internet and the Web include communicating, shopping,
a. searching, entertainment, and education
b. e-commerce, e-mail, and searching
c. e-mail, entertainment, and education
d. e-commerce, e-mail, and education

D. Match the Item of Column A with suitable ones Column B


Column A

Column B

31. B2G

a) To change the data in different format 33

32. LAN

b) It is a planner the resource for any enterprise 34

33. Cryptography

c) The website for online shopping 35

34. ERP

d) Business to Government 31

35. Flipkart

e) The system connected in office 32

36. Router

f) Remote program 38

37. JDBC

g) Private encryption 39

38. TELNET is service that runs

h) To interconnect the LAN with WAN 40

39. Secret Key Encryption

i) is used in Network Layer 36

40. Hub are present in the Network

j) Used in JAVA connection 37