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1. The problems faced by bank central asia

The Problems
1. Of the total 21.013 the number of
employees in bank central asia bca in
2013, the number of employee who '
s over 50 years were 5.807 people,
with the number of the percentage of
an employee who works more than
20 years ranged from 40 % of the
total number of employees. With the
situation if the employees senior
pension so bca would lose employees
equivalent to three generations
2. In fact, although the BCA already has
many international awards, but only
made it to 16 companies that appeal
to fresh graduated in Indonesia. Far
below rival BCA as fellow banks,
namely Bank Mandiri which is ranked

The Reason
As a result of the economic crisis in 1998,
BCA do very limited employee Recruitment.
New BCA employee recruiting again in 2010.

In fact, a system of recruiting bca done very

tight to seek the best talent which will make
the accession of the first success of the
bank, but most job seekers choose state
companies or corporation in sectors of
mining and oil or foreign companies as PT.
Astra internasional tbk. , unilever indonesia
and others.

2. Root cause
Due to the economic crisis in 1998, recruitment new employees in the company of bca it ' s
very limited, but after 2010 recruiting employee was ordered. As a result there were a
distance of the generation that too far between employees who want their retirement
period for its employees young is on the bottom. With this situation bca badly in need of
many new employees that have competency best and qualified with a standard owned bca.
But in fact, many people who have competence choose state companies, the best oil and
mining, and foreign companies have been having the name in indonesia. It occurs due to the
private sector is not perceived as career choices that is ideal for a majority of job seekers in
3. Theoretical
Basically the management is the science and art of planning, organizing, coiled, preparation
of personnel and directional control is through the utilization of resources owned in
achieving goals.
According to Ivancevich, human resource planning includes 4 phases of effective stages,
a. Analysis of the situation and the environment
In performing an planning, will be incredibly important if the management do
observation and analyzes the state of now, restore the fortunes of internal from the
company or external conditions that exist outside of the company.
b. Predict the demand for human resources
The next stage of the human resources planning activities are conducted, not only the
estimation based on the number, but also the type and the characteristics of employees
who are required by the company in the future.

c. The analysis offers from human resources

This step focuses on the availability of human resources, either from internal sources
within the company, through mutation, promotion or demosi, and from external sources
from outside the company, through the process of recruitment and selection, or
outsourcing to labor.
d. Development of a plan for application
Good planning is in the planning of the human resource needs are feasible, it can be
done for real.
Recruitment is a decision of planning human resources management regarding the number of
employees needed, when needed, as well as what criteria are needed in an organization.
According to Mathis and Jackson employee Withdrawal aims to provide sufficient personnel so that
the Manager can select the employees who meet the qualifications they need.
Nawawi said there were four ( 4 ) a posture different in environmental organization / company in
doing recruitment.
a. The attitude of passive existence without discrimination, this attitude is the attitude of
executives at environmental organization / companies to nullify the distinction and apply
equally in hoisting, hire and give a promotion for the candidates and the workers.
b. Recruitment based on differences, recruitment is carried out actively to classify the
applicants, by accepting only certain groups.
c. Recruitment based on priority, this is done by giving priority to recruitment or prioritize
certain groups.
d. Recruitment with rationing, this recruitment is done by specifying the rations to certain

4. Suggestion
With the case above, the BCA should give a good image in the minds of potential applicants
by giving them an excellent career path for their future, whether on-site, and a flexible work
environment, the most important thing not only care about the job but well balanced with
some fun activities. In fact, the BCA is an incredible place to work and excited and satisfied
employees. However, this has not been clearly visible to the public eye.