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FOCUS ON Children’s Nutrition

GNLD helps build

Based in Nature, Backed by Science!
the foundation for
good health
When you build your dream home, you begin
with a strong foundation, using only the finest
materials. Constructing your child’s founda-

GNLD’s Scientific Advisory Board members are

CHILDREN’S tion for a lifetime of good health requires the
same commitment to quality materials: good
whole foods and good whole-food supple-
recognized around the world for their leading-edge
research. The SAB Seal guarantees you the finest, safest, NUTRITION ments from GNLD.
Together, good whole-food choices plus
most effective products in the world! GNLD supplements:
Feed, Renew & Protect ■ Provide the nutritional building blocks to develop
healthy bodies and minds
Their Young Cells ■ Supply key nutrients that research has shown play
a role in promoting emotional well-being and
cognitive skills development
■ Support a strong, healthy immune system, which in
childhood faces some of its greatest challenges
■ Provide antioxidants to support the body’s defense
against oxidation of cells caused by exposure to
pollutants like smog and cigarette smoke (Young
Contact your independent GNLD Distributor: bodies undergo the same oxidative challenges as
adult bodies!)
“Precisely at the time when young bodies’ nutritional
■ Contribute to optimal development of tissues and requirements are greatest, many fail to obtain all the nutri-
organ systems ents they need each day. Deficiencies of vital nutrients can
A Child’s Head Start ■ Support the exceptional growth demands of child- inhibit not only physical growth, but internal development,
hood, when more than a billion new cells are created mental performance, and repair and maintenance of devel-
for a Healthy each day oping tissues. Immune systems can be depressed, as well,
leaving the child more vulnerable to infection and disease.”
■ Help meet children’s high energy demands and
Mind and Body! special metabolic needs – Dr. Arthur Furst, Founding Member Emeritus
Scientific Advisory Board
■ Bridge vital nutritional gaps and imbalances created
© 10/05 GNLD International, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Printed in U.S.A. by children’s food choices.
1. Feed their cells GNLD’s Energy
Lipids and sterols, missing from processed foods, are criti- Program for children
cal for cells to function efficiently. GNLD’s unique Tre-en-
en® Grain Concentrates deliver these nutrients — to keep
cells and bodies healthy.*

Liqui-Vite® (liquid) Stage 1

■ Contains GNLD’s exclusive Tre-en-en® Grain When a child is comfortable drinking from a cup
Concentrates to promote optimal cellular health. (over age one).

■ Delivers a full day’s supply of 11 Liqui-Vite®:

vitamins, plus choline, inositol, and the • Age one to four years: one teaspoon
amino acid carnitine. • Over four years: two teaspoons

Vita-Squares® (chewable) NouriShake®: one serving

■ Two grams of fiber per serving, plus more than one- Try adding phytonutrient-rich fruits, such as berries,
■ Complete formula contains GNLD’s exclusive third the protein and calcium children need each day. mangoes, or peaches.
Tre-en-en® Grain Concentrates to help cells
■ Low lactose, low cholesterol, low fat.
utilize nutrients efficiently.* Stage 2
■ Includes choline and inositol to support cog- 3. Protect their cells When a child can safely and confidently chew a tablet
nitive functions such as learning and memory.* (Although most children have acquired a full set of teeth
Antioxidant nutrients help support strong immune sys-
Formula IV® (capsule) tems, promoting good health — especially during winter by age two, they may not be ready for chewable tablets
months when the body’s defenses are more apt to be chal- until later. When your child can eat a raw carrot, he or she
■ Delivers the cornerstone of optimum cellular lenged. Good nutrition early in life also lays a foundation is probably also ready for chewable tablets.)
nutrition, exclusive Tre-en-en® Grain for continued good health through adulthood.
Concentrates, putting back what food Vita-Squares®: three squares a day
processing takes away. Vita-Gard™ (chewable)
Vita-Gard™: two per day
Three Steps ■ A unique, multi-factor, whole-food supple-
ment with vitamins, minerals, lipids/sterols, and enzymes.
■ Formulated by the same outstanding scien-
tists and researchers who brought you NouriShake®: one serving
broad-spectrum Carotenoid Complex™ and
to Optimum 2. Renew and repair their cells Flavonoid Complex™, this supplement
delivers important whole-food antioxidant
Try adding phytonutrient-rich fruits.

Stage 3
Children’s bodies cannot manufacture 10 of the 22 amino nutrients in a great-tasting chewable!
Cellular Health acids required to renew old cells and repair damaged ones,
so these essential amino acids must be supplied in their diet. ■ Includes vitamins C and E, and key minerals
When a child can safely and confidently swallow whole
tablets and capsules (Discuss this stage with the child and
zinc and selenium.
NouriShake® (delicious drink) let him or her decide when to begin.)
GNLD’s exclusive Energy Program for children, pat-
Daily Carotenoid Complex (capsule) Formula IV®:
■ Supplies all 22
terned after our highly acclaimed Energy Program for
amino acids ■ Researchers from the USDA showed supple- • Up to 10 years: one capsule per day
adults, delivers optimal nutrition to help assure develop- involved in human mentation with Carotenoid Complex can: • Age 11 and up: two capsules per day
nutrition. Exclusive • Boost the immune system
ing bodies the healthy cells, strong immune systems, and Protogard Process • Protect the heart
NouriShake®: one serving
enhances protein • Defend the cells.* Try adding phytonutrient-rich fruits.
considerable energy children need during their critical digestibility.
■ Each capsule delivers an optimal serving of carotenoids Carotenoid Complex™: one to three capsules per day
growing years. ■ Unique blend of simple and complex carbohydrates from carotenoid-rich foods including tomatoes, carrots,
from whole foods provides both quick and spinach, red bell peppers, strawberries, apricots, Other choices for kids:
sustained energy.* and peaches. All-C™, GR2eat Bar™, Neo-Cal™, and Vitamin E Plus™
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.